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17 Best Body Oils to Buy for Moisturized, Glowing Skin

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Body oils have many benefits, and you might be missing them. Perhaps you only use body creams and lotions when body oils would have been the best option. Providing perfect nourishment, body oils do help to moisturize the skin to smoothness.

Best Body Oils/ Best Skin Oils to Buy

And if you have a very dry, sensitive skin type, you, too, have been missing on this beneficial body food for your skin. Body oils would have conquered the skin scratches and roughness you worry so much about. It would have made the skin soft and hydrated all the time.

We know you aren’t to blame. Until you know better, you would have continued without them. How do we you know when and how to use body oils?

That’s the purpose of our today’s article: to help you understand how to use skin oils, explain the differences and similarities with other skin care products, and list the best body oils to buy.

Guide to the Best Body Oils for Healthy Skin: Contents

17 Best Body Oils to Buy

First, let’s check out 17 best body oils you can get on the market.

1. L’Occitane Almond Smoothing & Beautifying Supple Skin Oil

This unique body oil is formulated with about 50% almond oils, and almond oil is important to firmer and smooth skin. Depending on the weather, and as long as you use it daily, the skin is hydrated all day long. Get your own top-notch body oil from Sephora!

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: L’Occitane Almond Smoothing & Beautifying Supple Skin Oil

2. Kopari Coconut Melt

If you want organic and unrefined body oils, then this is it – pure, natural coconut melt. The quality speaks for the glowing of your skin after use. It works on everything and everywhere you apply it, brings out the beauty in your skin, nails, and hair. Massage some into damp legs and let it work on your skin to become silky. Get this jar from Sephora!

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Kopari Coconut Melt

3. Eminence Organic Skin Care Apricot Body Oil

This is an anti-aging body oil working for all skin types, from dry to normal, when you can keep your skin nourished and moisturized always. Among the ingredients, apricot kernel is rich in vitamins, and grape seed helps to tackle wrinkles. This is the best body oil to use for a youthful and glowing skin appearance. You can get a bottle from Dermstore.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Eminence Organic Skin Care Apricot Body Oil

4. Caudalie Divine Oil

Do you want a lasting result from the body oils you use? Try this one! It is formulated with grape seed, hibiscus, sesame, and argan oils in a smart combination to give soft, smooth and hydrated skin. And it will envelop the skin with a subtle, floral coat that lasts. One of the best body oils, this modest bottle can be picked up from Sephora.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Caudalie Divine Oil

5. Aveda Moisturizing Oil

This body oil works to moisturize your body and treat your scalp. With organic olive and safflower oils, it helps to soften the skin. And depending on where you apply this skin oil, it helps to moisturize the scalp. Other ingredients include jojoba oil, essences like rosemary and bergamot, all in a bottle to make your skin a glowing sensation. Pick it up from Nordstrom!

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Aveda Moisturizing Oil

6. Kora Organics Noni Glow Body Oil

Miranda Kerr’s skin care line, Kora Organics, like its name, is made of organic ingredients. These include noni extract, rosehip and sunflower seed oils that make up this body oil. This team of ingredients provides the skin with nourishment and glow. If you need multipurpose body oil approved by models, this is it. Get one from Sephora and massage in a circular motion until it is absorbed, leaving the rest to it.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Kora Organics Noni Glow Body Oil

7. Burt’s Bees Lemon and Vitamin E Bath & Body Oil

This fantastic body oil from Burt’s Bees will soothe and condition your skin. It will restore and replenish your skin’s healthy condition. Made of all-natural formula, wheat germ oil and sweet almond oil help to soothe and seal in moisture. Vitamin E nourishes and guards the skin. And your fatigued skin will become soft, smooth and supple after application. This skin oil is available through Dermstore.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Burt's Bees Lemon and Vitamin E Bath & Body Oil

8. Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

This body oil is a super rich product with essential components – vitamins minerals, and nutrients. It helps to tone the skin to a radiant and attractive look. If you call it an age-defying body treatment, you are right. Not because it hydrates the skin alone, but also it nourishes with multiple vitamins, minerals and nutrients to a youthful look. Get one of the best body oils from Sephora!

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

9. Ahava ‘Precious Desert Oils’ Nourishing Body Treatment

While this body oil is a super nourishing product, it is also recommended for you when you are pregnant. It is a product of plant oils that brings quick nourishment, restoring lost moisture quickly. Ahava, the definitive Dead Sea Minerals beauty expert, is fragranced and has a soft formula that soothes the skin. Always! Get your magic bottle from Nordstrom!

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Ahava 'Precious Desert Oils' Nourishing Body Treatment

10. Avene Body Oil

The Avene body oil is a conditioning and soothing lightweight formula that gently replenishes hydration. This product is made of avocado oil, moisturizing thermal spring water and protective vitamin E. It works to revitalize dry or very dry sensitive skin appearance. It won’t feel greasy and is self-emulsifying, which you can use as a softening bath oil. This skin oil is available for purchase at Dermstore.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Avene Body Oil

11. Kiehl’s Since 1851 Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil

For those who love the scent of vanilla and almond, this is for you. With grape seed and squalane, this dry mist oil will keep your skin nourished and hydrated. It absorbs quickly, all the way helping to develop smooth skin. One of the best body oils for all skin types, this bottle can be found online at Sephora.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Kiehl’s Since 1851 Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil

12. Ren Moroccan Rose Ultra-Moisture Body Oil

This luxurious body oil is specially for you – it repairs, increases elasticity and restores skin’s glow. It is made of Moroccan rose otto oil which nourishes and improves the skin’s softness. With a sensual scent of rose, this skin oil leaves you feeling satisfied, perhaps because of its stress-relieving properties. Get your bottle at Nordstrom!

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Ren SPACE.NK.apothecary Moroccan Rose Ultra-Moisture Body Oil

13. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Body Oil

If you want to know, ceramides provide skin with intense hydration. And this body oil from Sephora is formulated with ceramides. It is a lightweight, deep, non-sticky, moisturizing skin oil, which is a combination of 99% naturally extracted oils. It helps to prevent dryness and is perfect for skin that wants nourishing moisture.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Body Oil

14. Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oils

When you get this body oil, it is a blend of pure, natural botanical oils. And this blend will be delivered to your skin, making it glow and always be perfectly hydrated. Camellia flower oil will penetrate into the skin, and the skin’s elasticity will improve naturally. Why? It is rich in skin cell-renewing fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, and linoleic acid. This skin oil can be found at Dermstore.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Glowing Hydration Body Oils

15. Clarins Contour Body Treatment Oil

This one is an energizing body oil with 100% pure plant extracts including broom, geranium, and marjoram. It helps remove toxins and promote healthy, fresher skin. It works for almost all skin types – normal, dry or combination skin. Pick this skin oil from Sephora!

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Clarins Contour Body Treatment Oil

16. Fur Oil

Available at Dermstore, this is a natural body oil that softens skin and prevents ingrown hairs. With this product, you can embrace a natural look. Not only is it one of the best body oils, but also it’s a great treatment for razor bumps, itchy skin, and those unwanted ingrown hairs.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Fur Oil

17. Jack Black Epic Moisture Nourishing Oil

It is an essential multitasking oil that is used for both skin and hair. You can only guess the immense benefits. Why? It is a blend of 10 natural oils. It is an antioxidant, helps prevent aging, and yeah, the skin becomes firmer. This is one of the best body oils to try, available at Sephora.

Best Body Oils/ Skin Oils: Jack Black Epic Moisture Nourishing Oil

What Is Body Oil Good For?

Body oils are worthy of your time and your pennies. These are the reasons:

Body Oils Hydrate the Skin

In simple form, the duty of body oils is to add moisture to your skin. All day long, after application, your skin is moisturized and hydrated. The skin is nourished, and with time, the appearance changes to smooth, supple skin.

Skin Oils Lock Moisture into the Skin

If you have been using body creams or lotions to keep your skin hydrated, then you would have noticed the skin is kept moistened. With body oils, you get an extra edge – they lock the skin’s moisture inside just as they keep the surface hydrated.

They Treat Skin Issues

Body oils will help get rid of stretch marks and some other issues if you might have. Depending on your choice, body oils will help repair and heal scars, soothe irritated skin, and even tackle cellulite. Apart from being a skin nourishment, it helps to reduce the stretch marks on the skin. This will be after some period of use, and you should know, body oil doesn’t remove them totally.

A Little Cheaper Than Other Body Products

When next you get to the beauty store, compare the average cost of body creams and lotions to that of body oils. Body oils are cheaper. With a little to give off, you can choose body oils to save you cost.

Skin Revitalization Through Soaking in the Bath

If you want your skin to come alive, do one of the following – or all of the following:

• Add some body oil to your warm bath.

• Immediately you are out of the bath, apply skin oil to your damp skin.

• Apply a little to your skin’s surface before you go to bed.

This routine will change your skin’s appearance. It will transform dull or rough skin to the skin of a model. And if you feel it’s time to rejuvenate and relax your skin, this routine will work like an aromatherapy session. Try it.

It Works for Your Hair Too

Though there exist special hair oils, of you ever want to make your hair shine, body oils could help, too. Some oils are made for this dual use, and little amounts used on the hair will keep it smooth, sleek and frizz-free.

Adds Scent

Just like women’s perfumes, body oils could give you a beautiful but subtle scent. Many body oils are formulated with quality ingredients that could provide your favorite scent. Choose such products and enjoy a quality, subtle scent just as your skin is hydrated.

Body Oils vs. Other Body Moisturizers

In our guide to body creams or that of body butters, we discussed their benefits. You would have noticed some of the benefits clash with body oils, so what is the difference, you might wonder. Let us detail it down.

Body Oils vs. Body Creams vs. Body Lotions

Body Oils vs. Body Creams

Of course, the two contain oils, and like we said in the previous post, body creams are a mixture of oil, water and other ingredients. The ratio of oil to water in body creams is 50:50, depending on the product manufacturer and the number of other ingredients such as paraffin. They appear to be more viscous and thicker.

When you apply body creams on the skin they feel greasy compared to body oils. They won’t penetrate the skin as oils would, and they do better at locking in the moisture in the skin when applied. Most creams are stored in jars and tubs.

Body oils, however, are essential ‘oils’. Think of them as the natural oils in the body. They are emollient and flow more like they are liquid skin care products – the most volatile of all. They are not water-based like creams and would not be a good choice if you want to prevent a breakout.

Except for acne-prone skin types, where they could clog pores, body oils are the best in terms of high penetration into the skin. For this reason, when you want a massage treatment, of all skin care products, you will use skin oils.

Body Oils vs. Body Butters

Body butter is the thickest of all body moisturizers, by far they are the ones with the least water content. They are usually in three forms, the commonest being the whipped, while waxless and the bar-type are less common. The whipped type is harder to absorb into the skin, but it has the longest effect on the skin after use.

Body butter, out of all body products, is the best in sealing the moisture in the skin. If you have a more delicate skin type that is sensitive, or you live in climates where moisture can escape the skin quickly, body butter is recommended.

They are the most nutritious of all body moisturizers because they contain moisturizers, oils or fatty acids derived from plant sources, such as shea butter all in one product. And they provide deeper hydration.

Body Oils vs. Body Lotions

Like body creams, body lotion contains a ratio of water and oils, but this is more liquid because the amount of water is higher in comparison to its other ingredients.

Therefore, body lotions are only a little thicker than body oils. And like skin oils, they are in form of a liquid and are kept in bottles for easy use.

Lotions are best for skin types that are not too dry, but oilier. They aren’t greasy like creams. If you live in a humid and dry climate, use lotions to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated – they would absorb quickly, contain more nutrients and won’t sit on the skin.

How to Choose Body Oil for Your Skin Type

When you are ready to choose the best body oils that would work well for your skin type, don’t jump in. Remember, all skin types aren’t the same, and what works for Jenny might not work for Lauren, with a different skin concern.

How to Choose the Best Body Oils for Your Skin Type

Here are our tips and suggestions to help you make a good choice:

• Understand your skin type. This is the best thing you could ever do for yourself. Whenever you want to make decisions, like this one, you will be guided and would avoid what is good for all, not best for you. Is your skin dry, oily, normal or a combination of dry and oily at some body parts?

• Study the ingredients of body oils. Go for natural ingredients such as coconut oil for skin, jojoba oil, grape seed oil.

• Run from anything that includes alcohol as its ingredient.

• Consider the unique fatty acid in its ingredients. Study this carefully.

• Oils with strong scents are good but are not so good for sensitive skin because they might cause skin irritation.

Best Body Oils for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

Ladies with oily skin or acne-prone skin should choose skin oils that are high in linoleic acid. Products with this ingredient have a light consistency, will absorb quickly and will not leave the skin tacky. Linoleic acid helps to treat acne and break clogged pores.

However, some products will not mention linoleic acid in their ingredients. In that case, check the ingredients for grape seed, safflower, hemp seed, evening primrose, and watermelon seed oils.

Best Body Oils for Dry and Mature Skin

For ladies with dry skin or mature skin, body oils that are rich in oleic acid are the recommended. Such body oils have rich moisture and a thicker consistency.

Oleic acid is an antioxidant that helps to prevent internal and external inflammation and sun damage. If you are looking for products with this ingredient, look for avocado, camellia seed, apricot kernel, olive and hazelnut oils.

Best Body Oils for Sensitive and Inflamed Skin

The gamma-linoleic acid has been gaining a lot of attention as an ingredient in body oils because of its benefits. This is especially good for sensitive skin, and an inflamed or angry skin type, because GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid that helps to prevent inflammation either externally or internally, depending on the method of use. GLA is found in evening primrose, borage, and blackcurrant.

Best Body Oils for Stretch Marks and Scars

If you have skin issues such as scars or stretch marks, then stay with body oils that have palmitoleic acid. Usually, this acid is produced in the skin through the production of sebum. But as you age, the production of sebum stops.

With body oils that have palmitoleic acid, you have an antimicrobial product that will treat scars, burns and scratches. They help further to prevent aging, softening scars, and improving skin regeneration. Very few products have this acid because they are present in two plant oils – macadamia nut and sea buckthorn berry.

How to Use Body Oil for Every Skin Type

For you to get all the benefits of body oils, there is a required process. If you are still in the family of body butter, willing to switch to skin oils, you could use oils like you use butter, and expect half the benefits. But with the right technique, you maximize the effects of body oils.

Here’s how to use body oil right!

How to Use Body Oil for Every Skin Type

• Take a shower. Body oils will penetrate better into your skin when the skin is free and clean.

• Use an exfoliating scrub and loofah sponge to exfoliate and remove dirt from your skin.

• If you feel the skin is too cool, use a warm towel to warm the skin. You can rub the towel vigorously on the skin to get it warm.

• Body oils are best absorbed into the skin when warm and damp, so, apply oils after a warm bath or shower.

• Apply the oil to your palm and rub generously on your body.

• Remove any excess oils with a towel.

And here are some tips for a better experience:

• Wear a sleeveless gown when applying body oils to the skin to make the skin shimmer.

• At first, apply little to your skin. You can build on it gradually to get a perfect balance.

• Apply body oil multiple times in a day to get the required benefits.

• If you want to apply other products on the skin after exfoliation, use body oils first. Apply others afterwards.

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