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How to Choose the Best Bras for Large Breasts

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Bras for large breasts are often lacking – lacking comfort, lacking aesthetics in the ‘va-va-voom’ department, and lacking a comprehensive understanding of the type of support truly needed. No matter how often larger breasts are given sexier status, they are still another part of the body that should be cared for appropriately.

How to Choose the Best Bras for Large Breasts

Sure, the silhouette may be more voluptuous, but lots of us with bigger busts want the sexy lingerie we see but can never find in our size. All of us want comfort and support, and we all have to fight and search and scrounge to meet our needs.

Some of us are willing to deal with an option that is ill-fitting for the prettiness of a particular style, the comfort of a particular material or the silhouette we are given. A perfect example is the very on-trend bralette. They are meant to be quick and comfy with an extra dose of cuteness, but they are not well known for offering support for someone looking for bras for large busts.

For many, anything over a D cup is considered a larger bust. Designs get less racy, prices climb much higher and in a lot of cases, the fit is too generic to be truly comfortable. At the end of a shopping trip a few so-so looking bras, hundreds of dollars spent and a decent enough fit is the best a lot of shoppers for bras for big busts can look forward to.

But the truth is that there are options; beautiful options that lift and separate, support and enhance as needed or wanted!

If you are looking for a perfect fitting bra you have to first evaluate the bras you have. A good bra with the correct fit should never be uncomfortable. Do you like any particular type of bra? There is a good dozen or more options out there, from push-up bras to seamless yoga bras and all of these options come as bras for large breasts as well.

It takes a bit of searching and research, but you can get the bra you want. We’ve done the research for you, so let’s take a look at how to find the best bras for large breasts and get you comfortable and supported.

Best Bras for Large Breasts: Contents

First: Are You Wearing the Right Size of Bra?

The number one tip I can give you is to evaluate your current bras. Is your bra comfortable? If not, can you pinpoint why?

Anything outside of the correct fit for your bra will lead to discomfort. If your bra is not working the way it should, it is time to get fitted and find your correct current size.

Your bra size can change and it can be gradual or unexpected. This sort of change can happen anytime in your life – fluctuations in bra size can be due to many things, including normal weight fluctuations. The right bra will not be uncomfortable, but getting a bra for big breasts can be a daunting task regardless of the necessity of it.

A perfectly fitting bra will have the gore (weird name I know, but this is the front center piece of your bra that connects the cups) lay flat on the skin of your breastbone. This is true regardless of the size of your cups.

Straps that slip down your shoulders are the least awful, but definitely a signifier that your bra is not the right size. If your bra has underwire in it, the underwire should offer full support by sitting beneath or behind your breasts rather than floating around near the bottom.

Your band actually supplies the greater amount of support, so it should not slip or ride up. The band should even lie across the back, lined up with the bottom of the front of your bra.

Properly fitting bras for large breasts will not have any of the infamous spillage, everything should be supported and contained within the cups.

Choosing the Best Bras for Big Busts

Quick Bra Fit Tips

• Going up or down a band size is the number (i.e. 40D, 40DD, 40DDD, 40E, etc.).

• Going up or down is the letter in your bra size (i.e. 40D, 40DD, 40DDD, 40E, etc.).

• If your bra has too much uplift, your bra as a whole is likely too small.

• If the back of your bra is riding up, it is too big, go down a band size.

• If you have spillage over the sides of your cups or excessive ‘side boob’ then you need to go up a cup size.

• If your cleavage is split in each cup creating the ‘Quadraboob’, then your cup size is too small.

• If the cups feel comfortable, but appear to sag, you need to tighten your band and straps; they are too loose.

• If you feel your bra is making your breasts look flat, try going up a cup size.

Consider the Natural Shape of Your Breasts

Most breasts are different, and these differences have to be considered. Bras for larger busts are designed to work for the shapes that larger breasts come in. As with uneven breasts, it is easy to identify the type of breasts you have by looking at them, most of them are self-explanatory.

Uneven Breasts: Best supported by T-shirt bras and push-up bras.

So many women also have different sized breasts where one is significantly larger than the other. To account for this, measure with a silicone ‘cutlet’ or an insert so that you are filled out evenly and comfortably.

Conical Breasts: Best supported by full coverage wireless, strapless, and plunge bras.

The cone-shaped breasts are called conical, and they have a tendency to sag, either just a bit or significantly depending on the individual.

Fuller Self Supported and Semi Supported Breasts: Nearly any style of bra will work for self-supported and semi supported breasts if the bra is the right size.

Fuller breasts that are self-supported and semi-supported are more evenly weighted, rather than being top or bottom heavy. They are not gravity resistant of course, but they do not appear to sag significantly in any way. Semi-supported breasts may sit just a bit lower than self-supported but are not long or sagging.

Fuller, Unsupported or Settled Breasts: Best supported by push-up and plunge bras.

Larger breasts that appear settled have the appearance of less lift and a bit more sagging. These types of breasts do not appear in any way deflated but maintain their full appearance.

Deeper Cleavage: Depending on the natural support of the breasts, T-shirt, strapless, full coverage wireless and plunge bras will work well.

Those ladies who have cleavage without even trying have deeper cleavage. This usually means that the breasts are very close together, and can happen with both fuller supported and unsupported breasts.

Wide Set or Splayed Breasts: Best supported by push-up and full coverage wireless bras.

Wide-set, splayed breasts have a significant space between them.

Pendulous Breasts: Best supported by full coverage wireless bras, push-up bras and demi bras for shaping and support.

Pendulous breasts, especially larger pendulous breasts appear to be long. These breasts benefit most from support.

Choosing the Best Bras for Large Breasts

Getting Fitted for Your Bra

Make an appointment with a lingerie atelier or lingerie specialist, and get fitted for your bra. A good one will have you try on a few bras as well as to make sure they fit well and are comfortable with the fit and style of the bras for large breasts they suggest.

It is not uncommon for the bra-fitting expert to adjust the sizing after seeing how your body fits in the bras you choose. Remember, the real difference is the capacity of the cups from A to D. Many women can have the same band size but require different cup sizes, so getting your measurements done well is key.

First, they will measure you to find the size of your bra band, which is done by measuring around the ribcage and back. Next, they will measure to find your bust size by measuring across the fullest part of your bust.

Finally, they will help you find your bra cup size by subtracting your band size from your bust size. Once you are measured, they will tell you your size, and if necessary, your sister sizes as well.

Sister sizes can mean the difference in comfort on a bloated day vs a normal day. Additionally, the use of sister sizes can cover the difference in fit from one brand to another.

It’s important to try on the bras when you can to ensure comfort and supportive fit, but you save time knowing what size to pick up off the rack. Checking out your bra options online is even an option when you have the right sizes in mind.

Best Bras for Large Breasts

The overall silhouette is very important with bras for large breasts as well. The lift and shape created by a great bra will make the torso appear to be longer and provide a shapelier look overall.

The goal to be supported and comfortable with a bit of beauty thrown in is easy to pull off with the right options below. Use the style tips from the article overall and your personal preferences to pick the bra that is ideal for you.


Bralettes are the current trend, with a comfy sexy vibe that doesn’t promise on site to be supportive. As it turns out, with the right amount support and the best materials, this is a great option for even the ladies shopping for bralette bras for larger busts.

Longline Bras

Longline bras are sexy and ultra supportive. These come in styles that make the bras seem like miniature versions of corsets. Most longline bras for large breasts are also lightly boned and can even be ordered in custom sizes that will enhance in more ways than one and can also be worn strapless.

Underwire Bras

Underwire can and does provide a good deal of reliable support, but the wrong size is easier to get than the right one in a lot of cases. This makes the level of comfort drop tremendously. With the right bra however, you get sexy comfort that looks amazing from all angles while providing support.

Wireless Bras

Bras without underwire are much more comfortable to wear. The urge to take them off the moment you are safely in for the night is greatly minimized. No-wire bras for large breasts use strong, flexible fabric and special construction to provide lift and support.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bras for Big Breasts

Full Cup Bras

A full cup bra is supportive, comfortable and when you get the right one it can be very sexy. Carefully designed and created for sizes 32D up to 46H, a full cup bra comes in an excellent range.

Strapless Bras

A strapless bra for larger breasts is very nearly a myth. Strapless bras need to be supportive, sturdy and have a reliable fit without slipping. Multiple hooks in the back and a wide enough band will also help make certain that a good strapless bra will stay in place.

Sticky Bras

Sticky bras for large breasts are a great option to use in place of a strapless bra. These are ideal for backless and similar tops, dresses and gowns that would ordinarily still show the band of a strapless bra. These come in a variety of styles, so it is best to check reviews and try one that has a supportive cup for a bit of lift and shaping as well.

Sports Bras

Sports bras are notorious for lacking support for those needing a bra for bigger breasts, who like to be active. You can find them; they do exist! Just search for a sports bra designed for your chosen activity.

You cannot go wrong with a high-impact sports bra. There are even some high-impact sports bras for large breasts that also have underwire in it for extra support. This type of sports bra can also help you avoid the dreaded uni-boob.

Push-up Bras

Although push-up options are some of the best bras for small breasts, as their main function is to lift the bust and make it appear bigger, there are options great for bigger breasts as well, since you still want a great lift and support. Simply give your preference to push-up bras with less padding, which will not make your big breasts look even bigger, but will still provide the right lift and support needed.

Full Coverage Bras

Full coverage bras for large breasts are designed to support and shape in a way that looks and feels good. Bending over in a full coverage bra means no need to adjust yourself or worry about falling out of your bra.

Plunge Bras

A plunge bra will look great on a low-cut top. There are plunge bras for large breasts that offer security from spillage and a bit of shapeliness as well. A plunge bra will keep your breasts in place while still providing a sexy overall look, even in a larger cup size.

Minimizer Bras

A minimizer bra is designed to redistribute breast tissue evenly and comfortably in order to visibly take a few inches off your bust line. Minimizers do not flatten the breasts; they just reduce the girth of your bust. A minimizer, for example, can help you wear a button-up shirt without gaps or visible pulling between the buttons.

T-Shirt Bras

T-shirt bras for large breasts are the bread and butter for some – a T-shirt bra is easy to wear and provides a smooth reliable structure that sits under any and every type of shirt and top comfortably. T-shirt bras smooth and reshape the breasts comfortably for a full-day wear. One of the better options is a perfect nude for your skin tone.

Chest Binders

A chest binder is not designed similarly to a bra, but for someone with breasts who wishes to limit their appearance and movement, a binder is a necessity. Always choose a binder in the right size to avoid damage and keep track of how many hours a day you wear your binder.

Measure your chest first at the part that goes out the furthest and then match up with the correct size when purchasing. A binder will already be tight, going smaller than you need can be risky health-wise.

Wear it for a max of 10 hours per day and make certain to cough once removing it in order to clear any fluid in the lungs – this is a real concern, so be careful. There are full-length (chest and tummy) binders and tri-top binders (these stop right beneath the breasts).

If you are not looking for a full binder and are not working toward a flat silhouette, consider compression bras and sports bras for large breasts, sometimes combined.

Big Breast Bra Tips and Styling Hacks

Construction: Pick a bra with at least three hooks to provide the right level of support. If you want an unlined bra or even a halter style bralette, there are options as long as the material is sturdy with just the right amount of giving.

Bras for Large Breasts Tips

Wearing Your Bra: Lean forward when putting on your bra, making certain you are filling the cups comfortably before ‘strapping in’ via the hooks in the back or front as applicable.

Scoop and Swoop! Repositioning your breasts in your bra is something everyone does, but using your opposite hand to ‘scoop’ your breast forward and into the cup fully gives you the best, most supported fit. Add blister pads to your bra straps for comfort and relief from straps that dig into your shoulders.

Wear and Tear: Replace your bras every 9 months if you can. This is around the time that the elasticity will begin to wear out and the fit will become less supportive.

Don’t put your bras in the dryer! The heat will break down the strength and elasticity of the material and bands, which can lead to sagging. Stacking your bras, with each cup supporting the other (like in the Victoria’s Secret display cases) is a great way to help them hold their shape longer.

Visibility: When you are going for a low plunging neckline that is currently on trend again, gaffers tape is a great way to lift and separate while supporting your breasts perfectly. It takes a bit of creativity to apply the tape without causing rippling, but it is confirmed that celebrities use this on the red carpet for that perfect lifted look.

Racerback Hack: When you need to, just use a paperclip or a bra clip that is designed to join the straps between the shoulder blades for a quick racerback bra.

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