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How to Choose the Best Bras for Small Breasts

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Bras for small breasts might not be a widely addressed topic, but it should be! Bra shopping can be an exhausting game of hide-and-seek on multiple levels. There are so many questions involved in something that seems like it should be easy.

How to Choose the Best Bras for Small Breasts

For women, this is a universal truth, though for it is different depending on the size. Women trying to find the best bras for larger breasts have to deal with physical pain (in the chest, neck, back and shoulders), while women looking for bras for small breasts have to deal with the overwhelming shopping experience on a lack of information.

There are definitely positives to a smaller bust size, like the millions of cute designs and thousands of dollars saved on chiropractor visits in the corner for the smaller chested women. This does not make the actual experiences of shopping easier.

In many cases a search for choosing the right bra will only include a quick blurb on bras for small busts being optional, a quick note on how many cute options exist or just a reminder to check out the newest brand. This article will fix that; below there is a ton of information on how, where and when to go bra shopping, and how to choose the best bras for small breasts.

Bras are foundation wear, designed to support us in our clothes and throughout our daily activities whatever they may be. Regardless of the size of your bust, large or small breasts can still benefit from proper support. Promoting a certain shape is not truly necessary, but if it is important to you, shaping is easy to consider when armed with the right information.

Best Bras for Small Breasts: Contents

Measuring for Your Correct Bra Size

Although knowing how to measure yourself is a great thing, bra sizing is actually a really important task, so it should be done by a professional when possible. Bra fitting is an art, it takes a lot of practice and recognition of what sort of bras will complement which body types.

When going for a bra fitting, the actual process is not at all uncomfortable, though the person will be close to you. They can find your correct bra size in a flash, just a few quick measurements, and you will not only have your bra size, but the person will likely either steer you to ideal options based on your preferences and size, or they will start pulling options for you to try.

Here is how the bra size measuring process works:

1. They will measure to find the size of your bra band. They will pull the measuring tape snuggly around the ribcage and back, and measure the space directly beneath the bust or the bottom of your bra band (if you are wearing a bra). If you measure at an odd number, they round up to the next even number. This is your band size.

2. They will measure to find your bust size. They will measure loosely with the tape straight across the fullest part of your bust, under the arms and around your back. If you measure at an odd number, they will round up to the next even number.

3. They will help you find your bra cup size. Your band size will be subtracted from your bust size, and the difference will be your actual bra cup size.

After you are measured, your bra stylist will either direct you to where your bra size is or pull options for you.

Knowing how to measure yourself can take some of the anxiety out of the bra shopping process. You should definitely still get professionally sized, but it doesn’t hurt to know how it’s done.

Additionally, you’ll be more comfortable getting measured by a professional, since you will know how they came to the size they did. You can use the same method to measure yourself accurately, so you can be certain to keep up with the right size you should be wearing, but depend on your bra stylist, since they do this all the time.

This is the most accurate way to keep up with the adjustments in size your body is likely to make. On average, people should be measured or fitted for a bra at least once per year. You’ll need a seamstress measuring tape to do so yourself.

According to the statistics, 75% to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. This is considered to be true for women of all bust sizes, and it’s basically an epidemic.

We would all be more comfortable in the right size bra, and that isn’t an exaggeration. The right size bra will lift and support in all the right places, which will help prevent sagging in the future, improve comfort in daily activities and improve the appearance of many different outfits, while also supporting your posture. Proper posture will translate to less back pain and muscle spasms presently and in the future.

Best Bras for Small Breasts

Sister Bra Sizes

Where sister bra sizes truly shine is when dealing with brands whose sizing is slightly off from another brands. Checking the sister size could mean the difference between walking out with the perfect bra or having none at all.

Outside of the sister sizes are bra sizes that can be used as a substitute for one’s true bra size in a pinch or when the right size cannot be found, but the size would not fit true. The idea is that the cup size on a sister size would hold the same volume, with the band being adjustable to suit.

Again it is less comfortable and flattering, but if you are concerned enough to feel that you need a bra, you should have to consider it. It is a plan B option if you should ever need it, and just another reason why knowing your bra size is important to your level of comfort.

Choosing the Best Bras for Small Breasts

Choosing the right bra for small breasts is a lot easier after you are sized, and by answering a few questions. What are you looking for out of a bra? Lift, support, shaping and accentuating options exist, but which do you choose? Should your bra have underwire or not? Do you want padding? What style of bras is best for you?

The whirlwind of questions can go on and on, but honestly, it is about comfort first and then aesthetics. If you want padding, go for it, but please don’t feel pressured to wear it, especially if it makes you uncomfortable.

Choosing a bra that has the fit and feel you want will make all the difference when you wear it. Wearing a bra is a personal choice, so everything involved in choosing your bra is just as personal. If you are not certain what you like, here are a few quick particulars for some of the best bras for small breasts.

Convertible Bras

Convertible bras are typically lightly padded push-up bras that can become racerback, cross backed, halter, single shouldered or even strapless bras as the need arises. Convertible bras for small breasts provide support and shape while being easy to change for any neckline or styled tops.

Full Coverage Bras

Full coverage bras provide the most natural shape and feel in a lightweight bra option. The full coverage bra can be beautiful or subtle, there are plenty of designs available, and these come in absolutely every cup size. They provide a natural feel and accentuate the shape comfortably.

Front Closure Bras

The appeal of a front closure bra is multifaceted. There is the bit of extra boost that you automatically get from a front closure bra, especially if it’s gel padded. The solid stationary straps in the back typically means no slipping off the shoulders and a large variety of designs available.

Front closure bras for small breasts provide convenience and more solid support, and are comfortable to wear.

Bandeau Bras

Bandeau bras suffer from the same issues many strapless bras do, but the issue is addressed best when there is silicone inside the top of the bandeau to prevent slipping. The type of bandeau chosen makes all the difference.

With supportive boning on the sides and stretchy lace, the bra is much more comfortable than most other strapless bras for small breasts. These come in a variety of materials and coverage options, but are pretty much the same in shape.

Bandeau bras for small breasts provide strapless, attractive accentuation.

Best Bras for Small Chest

Wireless Bras

Wireless bras are some of the most comfortable bras for small breasts on the market with a subtle look to overt sex appeal that is amazing. They typically have adjustable straps, provide plenty of support and can even be slept in comfortably. The design and structure of the bra evenly distribute the weight and shape that you want.

Wireless bras for small breasts provide subtle adjustable comfort and shaping with moderate support.

Padded Bras

Padded or lined bras come in a wide range of options to keep you comfortable and provide a bit of extra support, shaping, privacy and a bit of va-va voom volume without looking unnatural. The padding or lining could be foam or gel depending on what you find most comfortable.

There are even some padded bras with liquid lining that are purported to create the most natural look and feel. The difference in appearance between ‘natural everyday shaping’ and the ‘Va-va voom!’ is the placement of the padding.

Light padding or lightly lined bras are lined all over the cup for a natural look. The other type of padding is placed at the bottom for volume, the push-up bras we have all seen. Lighter lined bras are more like T-shirt bras, comfy and perfect for every day.

Padded bras for small breasts provide shape, support, privacy and optionally volume.


Bralettes are incredibly popular right now, and are mostly designed for women with a small bust. They do not offer an incredible amount of support, but they are pretty and do provide shape.

They are often able to beautifully and comfortably create an ideal shape, and function like a light use sports or yoga bra but in a much more beautiful design. Bralettes are all the rage right now because they look like lingerie that you can wear whenever and wherever you like without any discomfort.

Bralettes for small breasts provide shaping, definition and are typically stunning.

Racerback and T-Strap Bras

Racerback and T-strap bras are often some of the most comfortable bras for small breasts that have a sexy appeal and can be very pretty without doing much. They are not only incredibly comfortable, but also very practical. They work with most shirts, and the fact that the straps never slip down makes them a top choice.

Racerback and T-strap bras provide comfortable distribution of weight, lift and support, and the straps stay put.

Underwire Bras

The underwire bra is one of the most worn bras for small breasts, designed for support, and it looks fantastic underneath many different tops. The best of the best in the underwire bra category are the invisible look underwire bras. They are attractive under clothes and alone, and come in an incredible range of durable designs.

Underwire bras for small breasts provide great support, are beautiful and create the ideal shape comfortably.

Choosing Bras for Small Breasts

Sports Bras

It is important to note that sports bras are categorized by the level of support they offer. Light/ yoga, moderate (running jogging) and high impact (martial arts, tumbling, crossfit) are options you can go for.

There are hundreds of different styles of sports bras for small breasts to choose from for each activity. Remember, sports bras are designed to protect against more than just ‘bounce’ but to help resist skin chafing, to allow for ventilation and to provide a bit of privacy as well thanks to better and more comfortable nipple coverage.

Bra Hacks Every Woman Should Know

Everything in life has a hack for easier use, so bras for small breasts should too right?

1. Sew an old bra into the front of a backless dress if you feel that you need one to wear with it.

2. Invest in bra converter clips to turn any comfortable bra into a racerback bra. With bra converter clips, you can also adjust where the straps need converge to fit any top you wear it with. If you’re in a quick pinch, a paperclip works too! And this is not just for pulling straps together in the back; it works just as well in the front.

3. Fix an underwire that is beginning to poke out, and save yourself from having to toss out a bra.

a. Slide the underwire back in, as far as you can.

b. Close the section with a bit of fabric glue. Let the glue dry.

c. Sew the section closed as well, and for added security, stitch just a bit past the hole on both sides.

d. You can top the stitches with a bit of clear nail polish as well or another dab of fabric glue smoothly applied over the top.

4. Do the “scoop” method when putting on your bras to ensure that everything is secure, and your breasts fill the cups comfortably.

a. Lean forward when putting on your bra.

b. Slide the bra up from your ribs in order to fill the cups optimally.

c. Secure the band first, and then adjust the shoulder straps.

Best Bras for Small Breasts

Bra Styling Tips for Women with Small Breasts

An important part of staying in the right bra size is to keep up with your measurements. Be aware of the way your bra is supposed to fit, and take note of how you feel in them.

Change is gradual and before you realize it, your reliable bra is an uncomfortable dud. Bras can wear out quicker than you think, but there are a few style tips and tricks that will keep them fresher, and a lot of them have to do with the fit of the bra.

• Get one or two good convertible bras for small breasts. You can wear them with nearly any type of top, and you won’t end up with a strapless bra that isn’t really good for anything.

• Don’t wear the same bra every day. Swap them out, and that way you can wear them 2 to 3 times each before washing them (as long as they are not sweaty, of course).

• The total number of bras you should have should be between 10 and 12.

• Invest in clear and decorative straps to change out as needed on your bra, and give your wardrobe a bit of a boost.

• If your straps have been slipping, even after being adjusted, it may be time to get sized again. Your band may be too large.

• Don’t just choose your bra based on your size, but consider your body type as well. Choose the bra that again will be the most comfortable all around.

• If you are wearing a bra with significant padding, there will be more support on the sides and in the back, so that the bra sits comfortably and does not ride up. Matching these bras with the right top will allow for a more leaned out look.

Best Companies to Buy Bras for Small Breasts from

When shopping for bras for small breasts, one of the best companies is The Little Bra Company. They offer cup and band sizes under C, rather than just cup sizes.

Adore Me is another very good brand that offers a realistic and wide selection of bras for smaller busts as well.

Calvin Klein is heralded by actual customers (just check the comment section, you’ll see!), and CK offers such a great comfortable variety.

Aerie, Journelle and Lonely are also very good options to check through.

The best choices are those that have been mentioned by women who need them, not necessarily from the company themselves. A quick search will show that the best range of bras for small breasts and the most reliable variety can be found with these brands. Even their strapless options are amazingly supportive.

Check through the options, and do a quick search on the style and name of the bra you are interested in, and see how they rank, how they made other people feel, and the pros and cons. Doing your research will lead you to a better outcome.

Choosing the Best Bras for Small Busts

Quick Recap

It is important to remember that wearing a bra is a choice, especially considering bras for small breasts, and if you choose not to, more power to you! If you are going to wear a bra, even occasionally, just remember that although the experience can be overwhelming, in the end it is worth it. Remember that though the bra may not be an essential, it does have a purpose, and if you do not feel that purpose is served, you may need a different bra.

If you have anxiety issues or feel overwhelmed, measure yourself, and have someone trusted help measure you in your most comfortable and supportive bra. Make certain you have the same numbers and shop from there. That way you can avoid bra stylists if you need to.

If you are okay with receiving help but do not wish to deal with a number of people at once, try a small lingerie boutique. You will likely be able to work with a single person in a space that is not crowded or even moderately full of people.

Most of them have private fitting rooms and the stylists are nearly always nonplussed; they are there to help and are typically much better educated than those who work in larger department stores.

It is also important to remind yourself that you do not have to wear anything that doesn’t make you feel good. Everything you wear should make you feel good.

Just to recap:

• Make certain you have no less than 10 bras. You’ll get the most longevity and comfortable wear out of them if you can switch them out regularly.

• Stay updated on your size, as things can change.

• Wear what makes you feel confident, and share the information with others! It should be easy for women to find bras, and bras for small breasts can be easy to find when you are armed with the right information.

If you find the perfect bra for your own small bust, share your knowledge in the comments section! You never know who you could help, and the benefits of an honest review are invaluable to others shopping looking for a bra for a small bust.

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