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11 Best Razors for Women for a Clean, Smooth Shave

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Searching high and low for the best razors for women to get silky, smooth legs and avoid skin irritation can be really tough and time-consuming, which is why we decided to do the work for you. Say goodbye to strawberry legs and pesky cuts, since you are sure to pick the ideal blade for a hassle-free hair removal session next time!

Best Razors for Women for a Clean, Smooth Shave

Shaving isn’t exactly an activity that we look forward to doing, but it is something worth doing well. If you’re not the type who’s into potentially painful alternatives like waxing, sugaring, or laser hair removal, shaving is a relatively easy way to keep unwanted body hair at bay and get that smooth effect that we all love.

Whether you’re prepping for an upcoming beach vacation or just prefer to be smooth year-round, you’re going to need the right tools for the job. We’ve rounded up some of the best razors for women, along with shaving tips to improve your technique next time you’re in the shower.

Women’s Guide to the Best Razors: Contents

11 Best Razors for Women for a Clean Shave

Upgrade your shaving experience with one of the best razors for women that are guaranteed to leave you with smooth skin. We have picked the best razors based on the number of blades (from single-blade and bi-directional blades to the most recommended three to five blades), the comfortable handle, and the affordability and availability factor.

1. Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor with Refills

For some people, the multi-step process of lathering up a shaving gel, applying it, rinsing your hands, and then shaving is just too much to bear. And we hear you. The Gilette Venus Spa Breeze razor comes with a built-in shave gel bar to eliminate all of those annoying steps. You’ll appreciate the invigorating white tea scent and the fact that the cartridge features three blades for the closest shave possible. Plus, the two additional refills mean fewer trips to the store. Stock up with one of the best razors for women at Ulta!

Best Razors for Women: Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor with Refills

2. The Billie Razor

If you’re tired of paying the “pink tax” just to get rid of body hair, then you’re going to appreciate Billie. Think of it as Dollar Shave Club with women in mind. This subscription service for the best razors for women allows you to have cutting edge (no pun intended) razors sent to you regularly. You can edit your subscription to send you replacement cartridges monthly, every two months, or every three months.

Each razor features a five-blade cartridge with built-in charcoal shave soap. And your initial subscription comes with a magnetic holder so that you can keep your Billie razor close at hand in the shower. Set up your subscription at!

Best Razors for Women: My Billie Razor

3. Flamingo Razor

If your beau is tired of you stealing his five-blade razor, it’s time to stop being cheap and buy one of your own. One of the best razors for women, the Flamingo razor boasts German engineering and a sleek ergonomic weighted handle for a superior shaving experience. And at a budget-friendly price, you really can’t go wrong here.

You’ll also appreciate the flexible hinge and rounded edges on Flamingo’s blades, making it safer for shaving on curved areas like knees and underarms. Note that you will need shaving gel to use this razor, but Flamingo offers that too! Shop now at!

Best Razors for Women: Flamingo Razor

4. Joy Razor – Handle + Refills

Sometimes online-only buys can be stressful if you’re not sure that what you’re going to get will work. So, being able to drop by a local store is always preferred. The Joy razor set gives you everything you need for a smooth shave. The kit contains a handle plus two refill cartridges. Each cartridge features five blades and a Lubrastrip to prevent irritation, while the handle has a non-slip grip for precision shaving. One of the best razors to get online, it’s available at Walmart.

Best Razors for Women: Joy Razor

5. Schick Hydro Silk Razor

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and Schick has been helping both men and women tame body and facial hair for decades. Their Hydro Silk razor is a fan favorite for a reason – because it works. This American-made razor features a five-blade cartridge and water-activated moisturizing serum to ensure that you not only get a close shave, but also a comfortable one. No doubt this is one of the best razors for women you can find online at Ulta, and Amazon.

Best Razors for Women: Schick Hydro Silk Razor

6. Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor

Sometimes old school methods are the best. And anyone who claims to be a shaving aficionado knows that a classic safety razor offers one of the most precise shaves you can get. The Jack Black double edge safety razor features a German engineered razor. And that means that you’ll have less irritation and drag on your skin while shaving. Shop now at Nordstrom!

Best Razors for Women: Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor

7. Bic Soleil Balance Razor

Bic is another classic American heritage brand that many of us grew up with as the first razor we used. But their Soleil Balance razor has come a long way from the classic disposable versions we all remember from our teen years. This razor features five blades that flex to your curves while you’ll also get a built-in moisturizing bar on the cartridge. One of the best razors for women, it’s made with shea butter and eliminates the need for shaving cream. Buy it at Ulta, or Amazon!

Best Razors for Women: Bic Soleil Balance Razor

8. Schick Intuition f.a.b. Razor

Schick continues to make the list with another popular product offering from their razor profile – the Intuition f.a.b. The “f.a.b.” stands for “forward and back” and means that you can safely shave in a forward and back motion without the risk of cutting yourself. This razor’s cartridges feature bi-directional blades on both sides that allow you to shave in either direction. Plus, the cartridge features two moisture gel strips to help prevent irritation. It’s available at Walmart and Amazon.

Best Razors for Women: Schick Intuition f.a.b. Razor

9. Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Green Disposable Women’s Razors

Venus is another razor brand that features various styles to meet your shaving needs. The Venus Ultra Smooth offers an enhanced shaving experience over the traditional Venus razor thanks to five diamond-like blades that promise a closer and safer shave. Each cartridge also comes with a protective ribbon of moisture to help prevent skin irritation. This is one of the best disposable razors for women, and you can shop it now at Ulta.

Best Razors for Women: Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Green Disposable Women’s Razors

10. Noxzema Bikini Plus Shave and Trim Disposable Shavers

When it comes to shaving the delicate bikini area, the original full-size razors sometimes don’t function very well, as it’s easier to get razor burns and cuts with them. Noxzema’s disposable mini shavers are the best razors for the bikini line, as they are small enough to use on the harder-to-reach areas.

These razors come with a slightly angled easy-grip handles for a better control, and a comb design with protective skin guards to avoid any skin irritation. Additionally, the blades feature built-in shea butter to hydrate and soothe the skin. Get a pack of 3 on Amazon today!

Best Razors for Women: Noxzema Bikini Plus Shave and Trim Disposable Shavers

11. Gillette Venus Snap Razor

Are you a globetrotter investing in practical travel-size beauty products and tools? The Gillette Venus Snap is the most travel-friendly razor to consider for that instant smooth feel on the go. Featuring five blades for a closer shave, a built-in moisture ribbon for a smooth glide and a compact handle, this razor is perfect for carrying in your purse whether you travel a lot or just want to make sure you have a good razor at hand for instant touch-ups before a dip in the pool, for instance. Pick up this bright and colorful skin-saver from Amazon!

Best Razors for Women: Gillette Venus Snap Razor

Types of Razor Blades for Women: Which One to Choose?

So now you know about a few of the best razors for women that you can find in store or online. But how should you pick the right razor? While there are a variety of razor styles on the market, there are some core features that you should look for when shopping for a razor.

Moisturizing: Whether you have dry skin or not, remember that shaving removes a layer of dead skin cells. This is what gives your legs that signature smooth feeling. But it can also leave skin parched. Look for razors that have moisturizers either as a moisturizing strip or built into the solid shave gel on the cartridge to help prevent skin dryness.

Flexible Cartridge Heads: When you’re trying to shave around curvy areas like ankles, knees or your bikini area, you want a shaver that can move and accommodate an awkward angle or shape. Rigid razors for women that don’t flex are more likely to cause nicks.

Blade Count: As you saw from our list of razors, the best razors feature either three or five blades on the cartridge. The general rule of thumb is that more blades will give you a closer, more precise, and safer shave. In terms of which will work best for you, it will depend on your personal experience. Some people still prefer single-blade or safety razors, since these cause less skin irritation because of grazing the skin just once.

Types of Razor Blades for Women

Moisturizers and Shave Gel

Aside from the number of blades on your razor, other options usually center on built-in shaving gel and moisture strips. If you hate having to apply shaving gel or foam, then built-in shaving gel is a great way to save time.

If you have a preferred shaving cream, then moisture strips will just ensure that your skin is less likely to be irritated by providing a lubricant to prevent friction between the blades and your skin. And that translates to fewer chances of razor burn, ingrown hairs and visible irritation on your skin.

Replaceable Cartridges vs. Disposable Razors

This will come down to personal preference, but you can easily find razors that either feature disposable cartridge heads or where the entire razor can be tossed. If you’re traveling or prefer to know that you have a fresh (and sharp) razor with every shave, then a disposable razor is a smart move.

But if you find a razor with a handle that you love and a cartridge that’s perfect for your skin type and needs, then a replaceable cartridge can be more economical – especially since there are convenient subscription services that are now available.

How to Choose the Best Razors for Women

Skin Sensitivity

So, what if I have dry or sensitive skin? If you have dry or sensitive skin, moisture infusion should be at the top of your list when it comes to finding the best razors for women. You already know that your skin is more likely to react adversely to dryness.

Focus on razors that at least feature moisture strips, which will help to prevent initial irritation. Although, you’re better served by a razor featuring cartridges with built-in shaving gels that contain ultra-moisturizing ingredients like shea butter.

Single-blade safety razors are also great options to consider, since those graze the skin only once instead of three or five times, thus causing less skin sensitivity.

How to Shave Correctly

So now you know what kind of razor to get depending on your skin type or needs. But how do you get a perfectly smooth shave without nicks or irritation? Even if you think that you know exactly how to shave because you’ve been shaving since you were a teen, it never hurts to get a refresher course. Make sure you check out these shaving tips.

Exfoliate: Never shave over skin that hasn’t been exfoliated. Whether you’re shaving your legs, bikini area, or underarms, it’s essential to slough off dead skin before you start. Exfoliating ensures that you’re working with the smoothest surface possible. And that translates to fewer nicks and irritation.

Best Razor Blades to Buy

Never Use a Dull Razor: Unless you enjoy nicks and irritation, a dull razor should never be part of your shaving kit. When your razor is dull, it creates more drag on your skin.

Avoid Dry Shaving: No matter how pressed for time you might be, never attempt to shave without using some barriers like a shaving gel, soap, or cream. Dry shaving or only shaving on wet skin with no barrier is a perfect recipe for irritation and increases your risk of nicks. Plus, shaving on dry skin or hair can wear out your blades faster.

Shave Last: As tempting as it might be to shave as soon as you hop in the shower, don’t. Instead, shave after you’ve finished cleansing your body, washing your hair, and doing whatever else you needed to do. At this point, your skin will be softer and more pliable and that means you’re less likely to cut yourself.

Don’t Forget to Moisturize: Even if your shaving gel is moisturizing, you still need to follow up with a hydrating lotion or body oil after you get out of the shower. Dry skin is more prone to irritation. If you have dry or sensitive skin, opt for a moisturizer designed to give you an added boost of hydration.

How to Shave Correctly

How to Shave Your Legs

• Soak your legs in warm water and apply shave gel lathering evenly.

• Go against the direction of hair growth and shave from ankle to hip rather than in the opposite direction. This will help reduce friction and the risk of ingrown hairs or irritation.

• Shave in long, steady strokes and avoid pressing deeply into your skin. Don’t rush through the process as that can lead to accidents!

• To shave your knees, bend your legs for an easier shave, and then straighten them to shave behind.

How to Shave Your Underarms

• Just like with any other area on your body, always wash your underarms before beginning.

• As always, start by soaking your skin and applying shaving gel.

• Unlike other areas of your body, underarm hair grows in all directions. So, you’ll need to shave in all directions to fully shave the area.

• After shaving, don’t immediately apply deodorant or antiperspirant. Instead, give your skin time to dry and rest to avoid irritation.

How to Shave Legs

How to Shave Your Bikini Line

• Depending on the length of your pubic hair, you may need to trim first before you begin shaving. This will help to make the process more effective and prevent clogging up your blades with excess hair.

• Either use a bikini trimmer or scissors, but this is a critical step before you begin with a traditional razor.

• While you should always start by shaving in the direction of your hair growth, you can also shave against the grain if you’re having trouble getting rid of pubic hair. But always shave carefully to avoid nicks.

• Since the skin in the bikini line is the most sensitive, try to keep your razor strokes to a minimum to avoid irritation.

Useful Shaving Tips for Women to Get Silky, Smooth Skin

It never hurts to have a few extra tips to make sure you nail that perfect shave next time that you hop in the shower. Perfect your shaving technique by following these recommendations.

• Don’t be stingy with the shaving gel. You want to make sure that the area you’re shaving is properly moisturized to minimize the risk of irritation or nicks. If you’re concerned about running out of shaving gel or cream, upgrade to a razor with a built-in shaving gel and moisture strips.

• Consider shaving at night. It might not seem like something that needs to be done at night, but there’s evidence that nighttime shaving can yield better results. According to experts, your legs swell a bit when you sleep and that means that hair retreats further into your follicles, for a shave that can last longer.

• Ditch the single-blade disposable razor. Like we mentioned earlier, more blades equals a better, closer shave. If you find that irritation is a common issue when you shave, and you use single-blade disposable razors, it’s time to upgrade to a multi-blade razor.

Useful Shaving Tips for Women to Get Silky, Smooth Skin

• Bar soap is not the same as shaving cream. Bar soaps can be drying. And considering that shaving can already introduce irritation to your skin, this is not a winning combination. At a minimum, use shaving creams and gels or upgrade your razor to one with a built-in shaving gel or moisturizing strips.

• Replace your blades regularly. Ideally, you should be replacing your cartridge (or razor if the cartridge isn’t replaceable) every two weeks if you shave every week. If you’re not getting the best shave and constantly have hairs left behind or irritated skin, it’s time to replace the cartridge or entire razor.

• Don’t over-shave. We know that people like to be hairless. But shaving daily – especially when there’re no visible hairs – can lead to irritation. Experts recommend that you should have at least one day’s worth of new growth or stubble before you shave the area in question.

• Always store your razors in a dry place, away from the heat and steam of your shower, which can lead to razor rust and fungal infection.

• After each shave, thoroughly wash your razors, flushing the back of the head too, which is where tiny hairs get clogged.

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