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Summer 2021 Hottest Bikinis for All Body Types: Two-Piece Swimsuits for Women

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Summer is here, and if you’re hoping to rock bikinis at the beach or pool, then we’re here to help! Summer is the perfect season to show off a bit more skin than usual, and two-piece swimsuits can really help with that. Bikinis are also great to wear when tanning (safely and with sunscreen), because they make sure more of your body gets that gorgeous glow.

Best Bikinis for Body Types: Two-Piece Swimsuits for Women
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In this article, we’ve gathered all of the best bikinis to wear this summer, with reviews that explain how each of these bikinis impacts the figure. I’ve also written a comprehensive guide for how to choose the best bikinis for each body type, with the caveat that at the end of the day you should just wear whatever makes you feel awesome.

I finish things off with a styling guide so you can take your bikinis from the poolside to the streets with the addition of a few simple touches.

Hottest Bikinis for All Body Types: Contents

23 Hottest Bikinis for Summer 2021

From cute off-the-shoulder designs to gingham and floral patterned options, here we bring you the hottest bikinis to get this summer!

1. Ruffle-Trimmed Bandeau Bikini

This tiny take on two-piece swimsuits is a great way to show off some skin on the beach this summer! The navy ribbed bandeau top in this piece helps to elongate a narrow torso, while the boning inside means that it’ll give support even to women with a larger bust. The high-cut leg makes your legs look impossibly long and sexy. You can buy it from Net-a-Porter.

Best Bikinis for Women: Hunza G Two-Piece Swimsuit

2. Retro Chic Poppy Bikini

If you like a retro feel with a modern silhouette, this is one of the best bikinis for you. The polka-dot print and the ribbon at the center of the bandeau top are all about that old-school cute, while the angular cut of the bottom shows some skin in a modern way that creates the illusion of a curvier lower half. This swimsuit is sold online through Revolve.

Best Bikinis for Women: Zimmermann Two-Piece Swimsuit

3. Limoncello Bandeau Bikini

Combining a bandeau design with lemon prints here has led to one of the best bikinis for those who want just a hint of femininity. This supportive bandeau top is excellent for elongating the torso, while the bright print and slinky design of the bottoms make the behind look full and the legs elongated. It is available for sale exclusively at Shopbop.

Best Bikinis for Women: Palmacea Two-Piece Swimsuit

4. Floral Bombshell Bikini

We’ll admit that this is one of the more daring two-piece swimsuits we’ve seen, less so because of the cut, and more so because of the design, which evokes lingerie. The delicate material and scalloped lace enhance the bust, so they’re an excellent choice for women with a small chest or a more athletic frame. You can find it at Net-a-Porter.

Best Bikinis for Women: Zimmermann Two-Piece Swimsuit

5. Off-the-Shoulder Gingham Bikini

The off-the-shoulder trend is still going strong during this summer, so you can’t go wrong with this fun yellow swimsuit. The ruffled design is great for emphasizing the bust, while the sleeves are very forgiving for the arms. The bottoms give the hips a rounder shape, so they are great for women wanting to emphasize an hourglass figure. You can order it from Net-a-Porter.

Best Bikinis for Women: Caroline Constas Two-Piece Swimsuit

6. Sporty Black Two-Piece Swimsuit

Break all of the rules, and get in the water with this unique black two-piece! The one-shoulder top gives amazing support with its sporty cut, while the slinky bottoms help elongate the torso and flatter your curves. The top and bottom pieces are both available through Forward.

Best Bikinis for Women: Off-White Two-Piece Swimsuit

7. Check Print One-Shoulder Bikini Set

This bikini set is made for those princesses at heart that are looking for the ultimate swimsuit to show off their nature while in the water. The check print in the black and white coloring is just super trendy, while the one-shoulder design and the ruffle details make it ballerina-ready. Buy it for yourself through Farfetch!

Best Bikinis for Women: Ganni Two-Piece Swimsuit

8. Modern Amazonian Bikini

This printed bikini will make you feel like an Amazonian princess, with its dark green and red shade and foliage print reflecting the lush nature of Brazil. The triangle bikini top will emphasize the bust, while the high-rise bottom ties on the front, creating interest and flattering an athletic physique. It is sold online via Revolve.

Best Bikinis for Women: Adriana Degreas Two-Piece Swimsuit

9. Retro Striped Bikini

We love a retro vibe with a modern twist, and this is one of those two-piece swimsuits that certainly fit the bill. The thin red stripes paired with the ruffled bottoms remind us of a ‘50s swimsuit, while the scoop-neckline top with shoulder ruffles keeps things unique and modern. The top and bottom halves of the swimsuit are sold both at My Theresa.

Best Bikinis for Women: Fendi Two-Piece Swimsuit

10. Seer-Sucker Bandeau Bikini

This is one of the best bandeau bikinis for women who want to emphasize their curves. The seer-sucker fabric gives extra volume in all the right places, while being stretchy enough to accommodate many sizes. You can choose a delicate cream shade or a rich chocolate brown. Order it through Net-a-Porter!

Best Bikinis for Women: Hunza G Two-Piece Swimsuit

11. Sporty Polka-Dot Two-Piece Swimsuit

This adorable swimsuit is made for you to feel comfortable. The lovely polka dots are cute and flirty with the added effect of a ribbon tied on the back. Despite being a two-piece, the cut is minimalist, with a low-rise tiny bottoms, and a straight-neck top that holds everything in. You can buy it directly from Net-a-Porter.

Best Bikinis for Women: Faithful The Brand Two-Piece Swimsuit

12. Forest Green Halter Scalloped Bikini

This flattering dark green shade will get you feeling cool even on the hottest days. The scalloped design along the ends is timeless and natural. This is a semi high-waisted cut that draws attention to the hips and butt, so it’s great if you want to give balance to a top heavy figure. It is available for sale at Net-a-Porter.

Best Bikinis for Women: Marysia Two-Piece Swimsuit

13. Colorful Crochet-Trimmed Triangle Bikini

This fun two-piece swimsuit is trimmed with a multi-color crochet for a boho chic vibe. Despite that, it is a tiny bikini that will look great on a confident figure. The bottoms sit in a place that emphasizes the hips, while the top holds everything in tightly. You can find it at Matches Fashion.

Best Bikinis for Women: Kiini Two-Piece Swimsuit

14. Mustard Sporty Bikini

This is the perfect bikini for a day when you just want to swim and play. The mustard color is summer-y and oh-so-flattering to bronzed skin. The cut is sporty, with a supportive scoop-neck top and high-cut leg holes on the bottom to make the legs look impossibly long. Both the top and bottom pieces are available at Net-a-Porter.

Best Bikinis for Women: Fella Two-Piece Swimsuit

15. Polka-Dot Ruffled Bandeau Bikini

Cute is the first word that will come to mind when people see you in this polka-dot swimsuit! The ruffled bandeau top is totes adorbs, but it will also help add volume if you have a smaller bust. The classic low-rise bikini bottoms are simple, with a cut that doesn’t have a great impact on the figure. You can order this two-piece from My Theresa.

Best Bikinis for Women: Lisa Marie Fernandez Two-Piece Swimsuit

16. Floral Print Boho Femme Bikini

This two-piece swimsuit has a great bohemian twist on what would otherwise be a painfully feminine design, with the removable tie used up on the front and as a tie element on the bottoms. This swimsuit top beautifully elongates the torso, while the low-rise bottom makes the hips look super femme. You can buy the top and bottom halves of this bikini at Shopbop.

Best Bikinis for Women: Loveshackfancy Two-Piece Swimsuit

17. Bright Floral Bralette Bikini

It’s hard to go wrong with this two-piece swimsuit design. The bralette top holds everything in, but flatters both smaller and larger chests. The low-rise bottoms might feel a little small for some, but their high-cut leg does a world of good to the behind. The top and bottom parts are sold at Net-a-Porter.

Best Bikinis for Women: Faithful The Brand Two-Piece Swimsuit

18. Seersucker Retro Bikini with Buttons

Opt for ‘50s demure sweetness with this two-piece swimsuit. This conservative cut is flattering to apple and hourglass body shapes, by bringing out the curves, de-emphasizing the chest, and hiding the belly. The pink seersucker fabric, when combined with the big orange buttons, really recalls tweed. Order this set online from Net-a-Porter!

Best Bikinis for Women: Lisa Marie Fernandez Two-Piece Swimsuit

19. Summer-y Striped Bikini

This bright halter-top is one of the best bikinis if you’d like to show off this summer. The bright colors get all of the attention, while the design itself shows a lot of skin. You can find it at Shopbop.

Best Bikinis for Women: Tory Praver Two-Piece Swimsuit

20. Hawaiian Summer Floral Bikini

This bikini comes in an enchanting and feminine deep orange, with a delicate floral print. The flattering design includes a solid swimsuit top with a cute ribbon and lots of support, while the bottoms are slinky yet flattering, since the side straps go up a little bit, streamlining the overall shape. You can find the top and bottom halves at Urban Outfitters.

Best Bikinis for Women: Urban Outfitters Two-Piece Swimsuit

21. Printed Sleek Bikini

This is a bikini you can feel comfortable and sexy in. The sleek design is timeless, while the cut is all about creating a flattering silhouette. The top flatters and keeps in place a larger chest without flattening it down, while the side-tie bottoms create a gorgeous hourglass feel. The top and bottom are available for sale at Revolve.

Best Bikinis for Women: Salinas Two-Piece Swimsuit

22. Palm Trees Bikini Set

The colorful palm tree print in this bikini has clean Hawaiian aesthetic that really stands out. The design itself is slinky yet flattering, with a supportive tie-back top and low-rise bottoms that elongate the figure beautifully. Get it for yourself at Farfetch!

Best Bikinis for Women: Onia Two-Piece Swimsuit

23. Buckle Printed Bikini

This feminine floral print top pairs perfectly with this high-waist bikini bottom, for a style that combines a cheeky print with a more elegant touch. The triangle bikini top is supportive and flattering, with a tiny print that pairs well with the buckle details, while the bottom is interesting with a small side cut-out. The top and bottom halves are sold separately at Topshop.

Best Bikinis for Women: For Love & Lemons Two-Piece Swimsuit

How to Choose the Best Bikinis for Your Body Type

Whether you feel like your body type fits into some predetermined, fruit-based shape or whether you have specific parts of your body that you’d like to hide or emphasize, I’ve aimed to make a guide that you can sort through easily and that covers all the bases.

I think all body types are beautiful, and you should never feel pressured to make your body look like anything other than what you want it to look like. However, I also know that our bodies don’t exist in a vacuum, and most of us are heavily influenced by the media to look a certain way.

I’ve made the guide with some assumptions about what most of us want to look like in a swimsuit, but my only real goal is that you feel beautiful and comfortable on the beach or at the poolside this summer. After all, all it takes to get a perfect beach body is to take your body and put it on a beach.

If the suggestions I give don’t seem like they’ll, or if they’re not geared towards what you want your body to look like, then ignore them and wear whatever two-piece swimsuits you like – more power to you!

Best Bikinis for Apple Body Shape

Women are not fruit, but unfortunately the “apple body shape” is a very entrenched term. It refers to a women with a larger bust and smaller hips or butt. As a result of the smaller hips, the waist often appears less defined.

How to Choose the Best Bikinis for Your Body Type

The goal when choosing the best bikinis for this body type is to try to find a top that will support the chest well (and perhaps to make it appear smaller) and to make the hips and butt seem a little larger and more present. Additionally, two-piece swimsuits that cinch in the waist can also flatter.

• Look for a swimsuit top that will give your chest great support, either with bottoms or through a sturdy design.

• Avoid bandeaus without straps and very small triangle tops, as it is very easy to fall out of them.

• If you’re looking to make your chest look smaller, opt for bikini tops in solid colors or with a small and clean print. Scoop-neck tops will also help to pull everything in.

• Swimsuit bottoms with a high-cut leg hole will help to elongate the look of your legs from the front, while from the back they will make your behind seem rounded and fuller.

• Don’t be afraid of bright and eye-catching colors or prints on your bottom half!

• For that cinched-in waist effect, find bikini bottoms that are high-waisted. As a bonus, they’ll also have a really cute retro vibe!

Best Bikinis for Pear Body Shape

The “pear” body shape is having a resurgence, and I am completely here for it. People use the word pear to talk about a body shape where the hips, thighs, and bottom are fuller, while the bust is usually smaller and the shoulders are narrow.

Women with this body type may choose to emphasize what their mama gave them, or they might want to wear bikinis that will balance out their figure instead.

• With your body shape you might want to concentrate on bottoms that will elongate your legs. This means you should look for bikini bottoms with high-cut leg holes, as these will make your legs appear longer and leaner.

• Another way to elongate and streamline your hips would be to choose bikini bottoms with darker paneling along the sides, and a different color in the center.

• For more coverage and de-emphasis on the butt, look for bikini bottoms where the back part is cut low. On the other hand, if you embrace your curves, look for a backside that is cut higher, as that will emphasize the roundness.

• To draw a bit more attention to your chest, opt for bust-emphasizing swimsuit tops. These can be bra-style tops, halter tops with a low-plunging neckline, or any tops with an added ruffle to increase volume. Loud prints, bright colors, and horizontal designs will also do the trick.

• Avoid skirted bottoms, as these will simultaneously hide your curves while not actually making your lower half appear any smaller.

How to Choose the Best Two-Piece Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Best Bikinis for Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass is the shape almost all women want for their bodies, as it refers to a balanced body shape with a large bust, large hips, and a narrow waist in the middle. It’s hard to find bikinis that won’t flatter this body type, but I still have a few suggestions.

• Have fun and feel free to experiment with different prints, designs, and even with mixing and matching different tops and bottoms.

• Opt for swimsuit tops that will support your chest well. Avoid flimsy tops, and instead try bra-style tops or scoop-neck tops that will give great support.

• If you want to emphasize your narrow waist with a more retro look, feel free to wear high-waisted bottoms.

• For a more elongated leg, opt for bikini bottoms with high-cut leg holes.

• If you would actually like to achieve a more sporty look, try out two-piece swimsuits in solid colors.

Best Bikinis for Rectangle or Athletic Body

A powerful body is worth showing off, and two-piece swimsuits are a great way to do that. However, some women with a “rectangle” body shape where the legs are powerful, and the chest, waist, and hips all have an approximately similar diameter, actually find that they’d like to appear curvier when wearing bikinis.

• Avoid bandeau tops with a straight cut both across the top and bottom, as these will take away any natural curve your chest might have, and make your body appear straighter.

• Look for bikini tops that will make your chest appear larger and more shapely. You can achieve this through loud prints or with the three-dimensional help of ruffles or even padding. A bra-style top will also have a shape that will give the breasts more roundness.

• Similarly, look for horizontal prints for your bottoms, along with ruching and ruffles, as these will add volume and make the hips look wider.

• High-cut bikini bottoms at the back will add roundness to your butt.

How to Buy the Best Bikinis for Your Body Type

Best Bikinis for Triangle Body Shape or Athletic Body

A powerful body is worth showing off, and two-piece swimsuits are a great way to do that. However, some women, especially those who work out a lot, can end up feeling as though their shoulders are too broad, and would prefer bikinis that will minimize that and overall give their body a shape that is more reminiscent of hourglass. This is especially true for those with a triangular body shape, where the shoulders are broad and everything else is narrow.

I give advice based on the assumption that you’ll want two-piece swimsuits that will make your body appear curvier, but if that’s not what you’re into, then embrace whatever swimsuits you like.

• Avoid bandeau tops with a straight cut both across the top and bottom, as these will emphasize the broadness of your shoulders and make you feel less curvy.

• Two-piece swimsuits with bottoms that will draw all the attention will also help balance out your figure. Look for bright colors, horizontal prints, and ribbons or ties at the sides.

• Larger and high-waisted bottoms will help to cinch in your waist, although they will also hide your stomach. If you like that retro look then definitely go for them!

Best Bikinis for Short Torso

• A well-structured bikini can do wonders for lengthening your torso and overall figure.

• Opt of a bikini with bottoms that are low-rise, as these will add extra length to your torso and make you look taller.

• Opt for a bikini top that will lengthen your figure by starting high at the bustline. This can also be achieved with a high-neck halter.

Best Bikinis for Short Legs

• The secret to longer legs with the help of a bikini is simple. Look for a bikini with high-cut leg holes that will elongate the leg.

• Having the top strap of your bikini bottoms sit higher on the hips will also help create more of a V-shape, and will elongate your whole look.

• Another way to elongate the legs is by having a vertical design of some sort along the sides of the legs, and having the center part of your bikini bottoms be in a solid color.

Best Two-Piece Swimsuits for Body Types

Best Bikinis for Small Chest

A small chest is never a bad thing! Don’t feel like you have to wear bikini tops that will make your chest look larger. However, if you feel like you would like that effect, here is some advice.

• It is perfectly okay to add more volume to the chest with the help of a padded bikini top, or through voluminous design elements like ruching, floral appliques, or ruffles.

• If you’re not a fan of embellishments, a halter top with a plunging neckline can be extremely flattering without feeling heavy. You can also opt for bra-style tops, which will add a bit of roundness.

• Lastly, prints and colors can also go a long way towards making the chest appear larger. Opt for larger prints, bold colors, and horizontal designs.

Best Bikinis for Large Chest

• Bikini tops with a scoop neck will allow you to feel properly secure and held in place. These kinds of tops will still show a bit of cleavage, without having you feel like you’re about to pop out. They’re a great choice for slightly de-emphasizing the chest.

• You don’t have to hide a large chest! You can wear a bra top, especially with underwire, as it will give you a lot of support but it won’t make your chest seem any smaller.

• Halter tops with thicker bands can allow you to adjust how high or low your bikini top sits. Make sure the strap around your back is wide, however, as you don’t want all of that weight sitting on your neck.

Best Bikinis for a Narrow Torso

• A bandeau top gives the illusion of a longer neck and beautifully shows off the clavicle, giving the illusion that the torso is longer.

• If you’re comfortable with something a little more revealing, definitely opt for bikinis with low-cut bottoms. While low-cut bottoms might make your hips look a little wide, they will also elongate your torso and make you look leaner.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bikinis for Your Body Type

Best Bikinis for a Larger Booty

• There is no shame in showing off your natural blessings, with high-cut bikini bottoms that make the butt appear round and full.

• If you do want to wear something more modest, that’s fine too. You can rock boyshort bikini bottoms, or simply bikini bottoms that provide fuller coverage with lower leg holes.

• It’s up to you if you want to draw attention away from your behind by wearing solid bottoms, or if you’d like to do the opposite with bright colors and fun prints.

Best Bikinis for Wide Hips

• If you would prefer to take attention away from your child-bearing hips, make sure your bikini bottoms come in a solid color. Pairing this with a loud bikini top will certainly keep the eyes upwards.

• Low-cut bikini bottoms usually sit right at the widest part of the hip, so they create a horizontal line that emphasizes the hips. You may want to avoid those kinds of bikini bottoms. On the other hand, high-waisted bikini bottoms are also not going to help, since they take up a lot of space and tend to draw attention to the hips.

• Bikini bottoms with straps that sit just above the hip will help to streamline your overall look and make your hips appear feminine and yet not too wide.

• Bikini bottoms with solid colors along the sides will also create the effect as though the hips were narrower.

Tips for Choosing the Best Two-Piece Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Best Bikinis for a Flat Butt

• The right two-piece swimsuit bottoms can do wonders for your figure. Look for swimsuits that show off more cheek in the back, as this sort of high cut will give the feeling that your behind is rounder.

• Larger prints can also have a great effect, as they can make your butt appear a little larger and fuller.

• Ruched bikini bottoms do a great job of adding a bit of extra dimension in a shape that makes the butt look full yet tight.

Best Bikinis for Narrow Hips

• If you’d like your hips to look a little wider, look for two-piece swimsuits with attention-grabbing prints and bright colors on the bottom. They will draw attention and make everything appear a touch larger.

• Lower-cut bikini bottoms that sit right at the hip will create a horizontal line that will also make the hips appear wider and more shapely.

• On the opposite side of things, high-waisted bikini bottoms will simply take up a lot of space and take attention away from your top half.

Best Bikinis for Broad Shoulders

• Look for bikini tops with a more feminine style, including bra tops and triangle halter tops.

• Avoid bandeaus that are cut straight across, as they have the effect of making the shoulders and clavicle area look wide.

• Asymmetrical necklines on bikini tops can work wonderfully to distract from the shoulders and draw the attention to across the chest.

How to Buy Two-Piece Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Best Bikinis for Hiding Cellulite

• If you are fully looking to hide any cellulite, then skirted bikini bottoms should certainly do the trick.

• However, just as effective would be choosing to distract from the cellulite with leg-lengthening high-cut bottoms, or with a top that has a loud and attention-grabbing print.

Best Bikinis for Hiding a Belly

• High-waisted bikinis will probably have the best ability to keep you feeling truly comfortable. They will pull in and hide your mid-section and cinch in your waist, giving you more of an hourglass shape.

• If you prefer, you can opt for a tankini, that will fully cover your mid-section. Make sure your tankini is tight, and without any additional material that will make the belly look larger.

Best Bikinis for Dealing with Back Fat

• You might find that string bikinis tend to dig into your skin and give you unflattering bulges, so definitely make sure to avoid them.

• Bikinis with thicker straps will overall hold you in better, but they will also do a great job of smoothing down your skin and keeping you looking trim.

Best Two-Piece Swimsuits for Women

Tips for Styling Your Bikinis This Summer

You can dress up bikinis in all kinds of cool ways over the summer, whether you need to cover up a little when you’re under the sun, or whether you need to take your bikini from the beach to the street or restaurant. I have some cute outfit suggestions that range from more casual to more elegant, along with a few other bikini tips and tricks!

• To just add a bit more of modesty, wrap a sarong or scarf around your waist when you get out of the water.

• To cover yourself up from the sun’s harsh rays, try layering a linen tunic over your swimsuit. The effect will be summer-y and boho-chic.

• A loose button-up top can look gorgeous draped open over a bikini, and it will have the added bonus of protecting your skin.

• Pair a high waisted skirt or pants with a sheer-top to show off your bathing suit top in a way that is suitable for restaurants or other public areas.

Tips for Styling Your Bikinis This Summer

• Another cool way to show off just a hint of swimsuit is by wearing a loose tank-top with large armholes. A hint of your bikini will be visible from the sides. This cool girl look can be made cooler with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans.

• Buy a few different bikini tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched together. This way you will never get bored of your two-piece swimsuits, and you will end up with a few cool combinations.

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