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How to Choose the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

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Choosing the best swimwear for your body type can be an arduous process for women of every size and shape. The perfect swimsuit can make you feel invincible on the beach, in a photoshoot, at the pool and lounging around at home.

How to Choose the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

On the flip side, a swimsuit that doesn’t inspire confidence can create a sad memory and a feeling of self-consciousness that will take a long time to go away, if it ever does. So, we as women just should take a few proactive steps to make certain that we are comfortable and stunning while soaking up the sun and enjoying the water. Let’s jump right into it!

Choosing Swimwear for Your Body Type: Contents

Identifying Your Body Shape to Choose the Best Swimsuit

Swimwear that flatters your body shape is easier to find when you know what your body shape is and how to dress for your shape. The point is to make your choice of swimsuit easier, your strut in your swimsuit more confident and to make it easier to shop in the future. Choosing the right swimsuit based on your body shape will translate into confidence boosting compliments by showing off your best assets rather than covering up features you are less secure about.

Your body shape will help you find pieces that are designed to complement you optimally for comfort and style, not necessarily to give you the appearance of another body type. For those unaware, ‘body shape’ is a term for the front view of a person’s silhouette. Knowing your body shape makes shopping much easier once you know what to look for.

If you would like to assess your body shape by eye, it’s very easy. Stand in front of a mirror in your birthday suit – shapewear and underwear can change your shape as well. Carefully observe your torso and look at the proportions of your torso and find where you fit. It’s that easy!

You can eyeball yourself for a ‘guesstimate’ on your body shape or you can measure your hips, waist and bust in order to figure out definitively which body shape is yours. Remember that by dressing in a way designed to complement how your body is shaped, you are more likely to find swimsuits that won’t make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable in any way.

Below are the different body types and their characteristics, but first, see the instructions on how to measure yourself here:

1. Measure your:

a. Shoulders: You’ll need someone to help you measure high around your shoulders (all the way around) so that the measuring tape meets. The measuring tape should be loose, just sitting around your shoulders rather than pulled tight. Write that number down.

b. Bust: Measure all the way around across the fullest part of your bust and around your back. Here the tape should be taut, but not pressing into the skin for the most accurate reading. Write that number down as well.

c. Waist: The measuring tape should be pulled around the smallest section of your natural waist. Your natural waist can usually be found a few inches above your belly button. Here the measuring tape should not be pulled tight as well. Write the number down.

d. Hips: Starting below the hip bone, wrap the tape to measure around the largest part of your butt. The tape should only be loose enough not to slip, but definitely not tight. Write this number down as well.

2. Match your measurements to your body shape! This is most often done by ratio.

Identifying Your Body Shape to Choose the Best Swimsuit

Swimwear for Curvy or Hourglass Body Shape

Curvy or hourglass body shapes are identified by a well-defined waist, and bust and hips that are essentially the same size. Shoulders have a tendency to be more rounded as well as the booty, and the appearance is well balanced, with a waist that is clearly defined to mimic the shape of an hourglass.

The difference between your top and bottom measurements should be less than 5%. The bust and hip measurements should be the same or very close to the same with a noticeably smaller number for the waist. The waist measurement is typically 8 to 12 inches smaller than the bust and the hips.

• Choose bathing suits that will accentuate your shape as you are well balanced. Any bathing suit type will work, but consider what feature you want to put emphasis on.

• Wear things that will accentuate your waist.

• Highlight your shape with color-blocked swimsuits, like retro options that look adorable.

• A monochrome one-piece swimsuit will look exceptionally elegant on you, and you can have fun choosing styles with a deep V-neckline as well.

• Avoid wearing swimsuits with boy shorts that tend to make curvy women look boxy and heavy.

• High-cut bottoms will elongate your figure, making it look even more perfect.

• Avoid wearing bottoms with frills, ruffles and details that will add extra weight to your curvy bottom.

Swimwear for Pear or Triangle Body Shape

Pear shapes are identified by a waist that is obviously defined, and hips that are larger than your bust. Pear shapes typically have a beautifully elegant neck, slim shoulders and arms.

• Try picking swimsuits with a top detail that accentuates movement, like a ruffle, fringe, a plunging neckline or eye-catching colorful designs or jewelry.

• Give your preference to clean-skirted bottoms, and avoid options that feature extra fabric on the bottom, drawing attention to the part you want to mask.

• Avoid wearing skimpy bikini tops, which will emphasize your bottom part even more.

• Swimsuits with horizontal stripes across the chest or waist can make your bust look fuller, while also balancing out your bottom part.

• Triangle and halter bikini tops draw the eye upwards, which is what you want to do.

Swimwear for Apple Body Shape

Apple body shapes have a rounder physique. There is typically a lack of definition in the waist with measurements that can be heavier around the waist and very close in measurements.

The rounder shape can mean a fuller and wider hip and butt area, which is not negative! The rib cage or shoulders may appear wide, and the visual is more accentuated by slimmer limbs.

• Apple shapes may be tempted to hide their mid section with any material, which can add bulk. The best thing to do here is to choose bathing suits that skim over your midsection rather than pressing into it or adding bulk. Looking for optical-styled bathing suits can also help lengthen your torso.

• Look at lightweight fluttery cover-ups like deep V-necked kaftans or long sarongs that are wrapped around the neck or into the top of the swimsuit. The concept is to create a shape that emphasizes the bust or the hips and legs, leading the eye to travel the body rather than getting stuck midway.

One-piece swimsuits with side prints or shirring down the sides and the waist will balance out your body shape.

How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Body Types

Swimwear for Rectangle or Straight Body Shape

This body type has a minimal difference between measurements. The difference should be 5% or less between each number. Because of the static nature of the measurement, people with this body type can often appear shorter or bulkier than they truthfully are.

• Whether you go for a two-piece or one-piece swimsuit, look for voluminous details like ruffles or similar embellishments on the top or the bottom.

• Bikini bottoms with ties on the sides can give more shape to your waist.

• When looking for a cover-up, consider wearing a sarong as well, preferably wrapped loosely around the waist to accentuate your hips.

• Avoid bandeau tops, which make the chest look wider.

• Bottoms with high cuts will make you look taller, at the same time giving a nice shape to your bottom area.

• One-piece swimsuits look super-feminine on straight body shapes, giving the illusion of a smaller waist. You can experiment with designs with side cutouts to call attention to the waist.

Swimwear for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle body type has slim hips and legs with proportionately wider shoulders and bust. Inverted triangles are obviously top heavy, and typically with a sporty or athletic physique with little to no definition in the waist.

• Again, ruffles and fringe are very popular features on swimsuits right now. Halter tops are also perfect for this body shape.

• Consider wearing lighter colored bottoms, volume and movement on the bottom of your suits as well. This will help balance the look of your silhouette out by tricking the eye into believing your hips are fuller.

• You should avoid triangle tops and swimsuits with high necklines, which will make your bust look even bigger.

Swimwear for Large Bust

Almost any body shape can come with a large bust, when you are quite chesty. Although many women would still go for skimpy bikini tops, to add extra support to the top part, you’d better choose the right swimsuit for your large bust.

• Women with a large bust should look for a swimsuit that would give more support to their ample cleavage. Bra-style bikini tops with underwire or molded cups are your best bets in this case.

• Thick straps and high backs can also make you feel more comfortable in your bathing suit.

• Avoid wearing bikini tops that carry extra embellishments, like ruffles, prints or eye-catching colors, as compared to your bikini bottoms.

• Whether you are going for a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini set, make sure to draw attention to the bottom part, picking designs with side cutouts, straps, catchy prints or colors on the bottom.

Swimwear for Small Bust

You may have an ideal body, but still be flat-chested, when you are typically smaller on top, wearing an A or B cup. Unlike women with a larger bust, you don’t need much support on the chest, and can pick styles with minimal coverage on top, like bandeau tops or scoop ones.

• Swimsuit tops with extra embellishments, like ruffles, patterns, bold colors and bows, can create the illusion of a bigger chest.

• Classic triangle tops have the power to make your figure look curvier, and when they carry extra embellishments, the better for you!

• Bra tops and ones with built-in push-up padding can also enhance the size of your bust visually.

• Swimsuits with a deep plunging neckline or a cut-out style on top will look super-adorable on you.

• Halter tops and tie-front bikini top designs also visually make the bust look bigger, while bandeau styles will make your chest look wider.

Tips for Finding the Best Swimsuits for Body Types

Swimwear for Blended Body Shapes

If you cannot pinpoint yourself into one category or you appear to fit into two categories, it’s not a problem! This can be an understandably confusing situation but have no fear, knowing your body shape is about accentuating the positives and boosting your confidence.

Knowing how to proportion your body through your swimsuit to achieve your desired final result is really a matter of defining the most prominent area of your body’s silhouette and choosing what to accentuate.

Add balance where you feel you need to add balance. Avoid creating a ‘heavy spot’ that accentuates an area that you may not want to put emphasis on. For example, if you are uncomfortable with the size of your hips, you don’t want to layer on more and more material in an effort to cover them up, as this can add bulk.

If you find yourself to be a bottom-heavy hourglass or curvy shape, that doesn’t negate the tips on dressing like a pear or an hourglass, just choose the tips that fit you best.

Specialty Sizing and Swimsuits

Specialty sizing and swimsuit add an extra monster to the nightmare of shopping if you are not prepared. For women who are petite, tall and plus size the main body shapes can still apply, but finding a swimsuit to fit that shape on the scale of petite, tall or plus size can be a bit more difficult.

Swimsuits are made for the median range sizes and women outside of that range can feel left out or frustrated with the fit of their swimsuit regardless of size or body shape.

Best Swimsuits for Petite Women

Petite women may have issues finding a swimsuit that will fit appropriately without having it altered. There are two ways around shopping for a bathing suit as a petite person.

• First and easiest, don’t be afraid to shop in the junior’s section! You will find plenty of options that are likely to be better sized for you. The options will always be current but you can find a fair variety to suit any personal style.

• The second option is to embrace tailoring! If you cannot sew, don’t be afraid to take your bathing suit to a seamstress. They will take your measurements and make certain that your swimsuit fits perfectly for your body shape. If you do know how to sew, but don’t know how to get started there are thousands of DIY adjustment walkthroughs on YouTube as well.

• Avoid wearing swimsuits with girly patterns, like florals, polka dots, instead giving preference to vibrant prints and colors that will make you look more feminine.

• When picking swimsuits with embellishments, go for delicate details, as big ruffles and too much fringe will overwhelm your figure.

• Skimpy string bikinis, one-piece designs with high-cut bottoms and interesting cutouts on the waist line will elongate your figure.

Best Swimsuits for Tall Women

Taller women face a unique predicament in finding a swimsuit for a long torso, especially when looking for a one-piece or a tankini. There are options to resolve this, most specifically shopping for tall swimsuits and alterations.

Tall women face issues with bathing suits similar to those of petite women. This problem is solved by two things – specialty shops for tall women and the tailors. Mixing and matching is also a great option, but if you are looking for the best fit, go with the stores that specialize in swimsuits for tall body types.

• Always give your preference to two-piece swimsuits, as one-piece designs will make you look even taller.

• On the other hand, cut-out one-piece swimsuits are the designs you can have much fun with, unlike many other women.

• Swimsuits with horizontal striping will visually make you look shorter, which is what you want to do in case of being too tall.

Tips for Buying the Right Swimsuits for Body Types

Best Swimsuits for Plus-Size Women

One of the most common misconceptions is that plus size is just ‘bigger and wider’ and that is definitely not the case! Another issue is that many recommendations for plus-size women are one-piece swimsuits – also unnecessary.

There are other builds within the plus-size category that should be dressed accordingly. If you are plus size, you can still follow the steps to find your body shape.

There are hourglass, pear, apple, tall and petite plus-size women, so please do not limit yourself to whatever water-appropriate dress you feel was shoved at you. Shop for your shape and pick the swimsuit in your size.

• Swimsuits with shirring and supportive lining will balance out your figure, making your tummy look flatter.

• Although dark colors are slimming, you can have fun choosing printed options as well, but always give your preference to subtle prints instead of big, heavy ones.

One-Size-Fits-All Swimsuits

Surprisingly, there have been plenty of advancements in the one-size-fits-all categories. It’s not complete B.S. anymore – some of them do look good on most, though as history has shown ‘one-size-fits-all’ is a stretch.

If you find your body type to be a combination of two types, this could be a good option for you as well. Most one-size swimsuits are one-pieces, which have also gotten much more flattering and stunning over time. I do recommend exercising caution when purchasing – try them on in stores first if you can, and if you cannot, absolutely pay attention to the reviews from customers.

Shopping for Your Ideal Swimsuit

Set your budget first and foremost. A good suit should be interesting, flattering, fairly priced and color-fast. High on the list of annoyances with a beautiful swimsuit is the fading of the colors due to either sun bleaching or chlorine though sometimes just from wear.

Once you have a few options in your chosen category that is ideal for your body type, it’s time to shop for the perfect swimsuit.

Shopping for Swimsuits Online

Shopping for your swimsuit online can seem very daunting but with the magic of today’s options, it doesn’t have to be. You can go through more options, find the best prices and discover new favorite brands.

• Search for your swimsuit by body type. This is a plus and a minus honestly. Many of the ‘by body type’ swimsuits can be oppressive if they are not to your taste, but you can come across something beautiful or get an idea on the right cut.

• Check reviews! Especially regarding the actual fit of the suit – people will often disclose their body type, shape, weight, measurements and how the material felt, looked and held up to wear and tear.

• Use Pinterest! Finding options on Pinterest is a great help, especially when searching for swimsuits to complement your body shape. Once you choose one, you can scroll down you can find other similar options, then trace the image back to where you can buy.

• Pay attention to the material. When searching online you can see the size options and color options, of course, but the material breakdown can tell you how much stretch you can expect from a swimsuit, how permanent the colors will be and so on.

a. For those concerned about skin chafing, comfort, how the swimsuit will sit and how long it will last should definitely pay attention to the material. Polyester is the typical swimsuit fabric, especially for competitive swimwear, because it is resistant to sun bleaching and chlorine making it ideal for keeping its color.

The material is strong, comfortable and holds its shape well while providing 4 ways stretch. It is easy to wash and resistant to pilling, shrinking and wearing thin.

b. PBT (a polyester blend) has the lightweight, chlorine resistant features of polyester, but stretches like lycra, which means it can be more comfortable. It dries quickly and repels water. Additionally, PBT bathing suits are snag-resistant and have a matte finish.

c. Nylon is another popular swimsuit material that is soft and does not absorb a ton of water. The four-way stretch is fantastic, and these swimsuits are easy to wash in the laundry. Nylon swimsuits are abrasion resistant, but they do not last as long as polyester bathing suits.

d. Elastane (lycra/ spandex) swimsuits are found in the more form-fitting swimsuits, but these will wear out much quicker than nylon and polyester. These are also the most likely swimsuits to end up baggy and difficult to wear and keep for long term.

e. Don’t be afraid of blends. As an example, polyester swimsuits blended with 18% to 20% spandex are ideal, high quality, comfortable and flattering.

Shopping for the Best Swimsuit in Person

If you are going to try on swimsuits at the store, there are a few steps to make your trip ultimately successful. There is no harsher reflection than the one in a dressing room. Perhaps the harsh view is due to the overhead lights, or maybe it’s the impersonal environment. Regardless of why, a lot of discouragement can come from what you see in those full-length mirrors, so be ready!

• Choose the style of swimsuit first and consider doing any hair removal you would to wear your swimsuit out prior to trying it on.

• Wear your skimpiest panties, and try your bathing suit on over it. This way you can focus on the cut of the swimsuit, and still be hygienic – anything is better than trying on a swimsuit bare.

• Make sure to pick suits that are all different from each other to try on, so you have a greater chance of finding the one.

• Take pictures in the dressing room. That way as you narrow down your options, you can see how each suit looks or looked while you try on another. You can make side-by-side comparisons even!

How to Accentuate Your Body Shape with Swimwear

The best swimsuit for your body shape can be expertly chosen by acknowledging a few things:

One-piece swimsuits are really underplayed today. You can find a variety of styles with ruching, sheer and lace panels, and updated and less risqué versions of the as well. There are hundreds of lists that show off the dreamy options you can find in one-pieces. The options are beautiful from strappy backs with cool designs to photo-realistic one-pieces and simple one-color pieces that will look flattering on most figures.

You can choose from features from fringe to prints, ruffles to cut outs, strappy and corseted backs with a variety of necklines to flatter and accent any part of your body you want.

Based on body shape there is a one-piece swimsuit that will work whether you are one of the main body types or a combination of two. It’s all about seeing what intrigues you and really appeals to your sense of style as well as your body shape.

Two-piece bikini sets will always be one of the first swimsuit options people think of as a two-piece design, but there are so many options out there that this would be a close-minded assumption. High-waisted pieces have made a major comeback in styles that are not just retro.

The reimagining of the styles includes everything you could dream of wanting. This is a godsend for anyone who wants a more structured fit with a bit of tummy control in it as well. Darker to lighter colored ombre high-waisted bottoms will minimize the waist and broaden the hips, perfect for anyone looking to accentuate that area.

Getting Your Swimsuit Tailored

Learning a few tips to tailor your swimsuit can be a brilliant skill that will only continue to help you in the future. Say next year, your suit needs to be spruced up, and you aren’t ready to buy a new one; you can tailor it yourself! If you struggle in the area of sewing, don’t worry. Look for a seamstress who is happy to help you with your suit.

Sometimes the fit or shape can be fixed with the addition of strategically sewn-in elastic bands. If you found the perfect top and bottom but want to add a bit of lace or eye-catching details, those are some of the easiest adjustments to make or request.

Nothing is static until you decide that it’s perfect; so don’t worry about making the request. Do what is right for you so that your swimsuit is perfect for your body shape.

Choosing Swimsuits for Body Types

Choosing the Best Beach Cover-Ups

The right beach cover-up is more than a practicality, it can elevate the style and design of the swimsuit you picked. A swimsuit and cover-up are two pieces of the same fashionable, flattering coin for your body shape when you pick them correctly.

Honestly your cover-up can be anything you want, but if you are planning to make an appearance – there is no harm in being prepped from head to toe. Length and material are as important as cut and color with a cover-up. Just because it is called a cover-up does not mean that it should completely occlude the sight of your swimsuit after all.

If you want to show off your legs, go for a shorter-length cover-up or a longer style one with a slit or an open style. If you are concerned about your upper arms, a tunic dress or kaftan-style cover-up in sheer or lace material can be both pragmatic and sexy.

Surprisingly, a maxi-style cover-up can be hit or miss with lengthening your body. This can depend on your choice of fabric and style. As with anything, the best policy is to try things out.

Maxi Style Beach Cover-Ups

Long cover-ups that flutter across the sand and around your feet are dramatic and romantic as well. Choose a lightweight flowy material, if you want an opaque option, which you can wear like a dress or a robe. If you want to use one of your everyday styles, use a maxi tank dress you already have.

There are plenty of crochet, lace and sheer cover-ups as well. Finding the right one is just a matter of shopping around. The bonus with the sheer and lace options is that your swimsuit can still be on display while you wear it.


Everyone has seen a version of the sarong; they are very versatile and come in several different styles. A long or short sarong can be worn draped around the waist for a flattering and easy-to-wear look. A longer sarong can be tied behind the neck halter style.

The sarong can be crossed over the chest and tied behind the neck, or wrapped around your back and tied behind your neck for an open-style, flowy cover-up. One of my personal favorites is to bring the sarong around your back and up to tie in the center of your top, making it seem to be attached to the top of your bathing suit.

Beach Dress

Just about any style of dress can be found as a cover-up but the most popular are the tunic and caftan. Both are oversized with wide sleeves and breezy materials for comfort, and to make them easy to put on and take off.

The spaghetti-strap wrap dress is very popular right now. This type of cover-up is easy to take off and put on, light, airy and comfortable. There are plenty of options for length, cut, material and style.

With a focused search, you can find a flattering swimsuit and dress-style cover-up that you can switch out however you choose. There are literally thousands of styles to choose from. Just remember to accentuate what you really love about your body and your shape.


Choosing a skirt for a cover-up is excellent for anyone looking to accentuate their bottom half. A skater skirt will add volume to your hips while showing off your legs and balancing out the top of your swimsuit for a flirty look with lots of movement with a nice summer breeze.

A long flowy maxi skirt can dress your swimsuit up nicely and lengthen your body as well. Try a skirt with slits from the waistline down for extra movement and to accentuate your legs.

DIY Beach Cover-Up

The DIY cover-up is typically an artfully cut-up t-shirt that is very popular because it is personalized and can be very easy and inexpensive to do. It’s a great way to hang on to an old tee and give it a new life and purpose with your carefully selected swimsuit.

Everyday Style Beach Cover-Up

A cover-up could always be your regular clothes. Lots of people will wear shorts and a cute t-shirt with a hat, sandals and shades to make their way to the beach or pool.

Choosing the Best Beach Cover-Ups

Choosing Beach Accessories for Your Swimsuit

Accessories are designed to accentuate as well, so consider them a great way to balance out your swimsuit. Choosing swimwear for your body shape does not always need to stop at the suit after all. A good look is a complete look.

This can be as simple as wearing your hair up to lengthen your body or showing off the feature that you love most with a metallic temporary tattoo. Generally, wearing beach accessories means taking things with you that can get lost, but it’s really a personal choice. Below are a few recommendations.

Body Chains: Body chains come in a variety of styles and look AMAZING with solid color swimsuits on any body type. Because of the variation of styles available, finding one that sits where you need it to and sparkles where you want it to is super-easy. They look amazing in the sun and add a bit of sparkle.

For those looking to accentuate their hips and lengthen their torso, a long chain that starts as a shorter necklace and leads to a waist chain that sits low on the hips would work beautifully.

Bottomless Sandals: These are a way overlooked accessory options that are stunning. Just a hint of sparkle on the feet, and usually designed like an anklet attached to a toe ring! There are hundreds of styles available that come in metals, crotchets and even tattoos! They are just the right touch for the beach or the pool, and look great in photos.

Bangles and Armbands: If you want to accentuate your arms, bangles and armbands are the way to go. They are interesting, eye-catching and unlikely to just fall off.

Earrings: If you are planning on getting in the water, and you really want to wear earrings, the best recommendation is to go for a set of studs or very small hoops to minimize the likelihood that the earrings will get pulled from your ears or worse, ripped through them.

Temporary Tattoos: Temporary tattoos can pull the eye wherever you like in order to accentuate your body shape and your swimsuit. They are very on trend right now, and can be applied easily for a bit of extra sparkle. Add them wherever you want to draw the eye.

Swimwear Tips and Tricks to Remember

There are a lot of things we overlook once we’ve picked the right swimwear that ends up causing a bit of discomfort. Incorporating these tips and tricks can alleviate that perfectly. All of them are simple and easy and some are DIY ideas designed to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. Enjoy!

• Swimsuits get bigger when they are wet. If you are planning on being in the water, stay as true to size as you can so you don’t end up with soggy diaper syndrome.

• Do the bend and scoop method for swimsuit tops. It fills the cups and ensures a proper and comfortable flattering fit (if you bought the right size).

• Be adventurous! Swimsuit styles change fairly rapidly, so you could find a completely new silhouette that you adore and feel looks amazing on you. If you don’t like it when you tried it on, no harm, no foul!

• Silicone inserts or ‘chicken cutlets’ as they are often called can create a boost of almost a cup size without being noticeable.

• Silicone privacy inserts are thin so they don’t add bulk but can be great in tops. They work like privacy pasties so they are easy to apply, waterproof and won’t slip, so you won’t be unintentionally winking at anyone.

• If you are uncomfortable using silicone inserts, sew an old bra into your bathing suit as needed. The cups will provide lift and comfortable support where you need it.

• Reinforce your ties with hooks. Put a hook and loop wherever you need to in order to prevent slippage. This works especially well for string bikinis with ties on the hips, bust and around the neck. Any slip of the knot on any of these can cause an accidental disaster.

• If you want to choose anything with a color gradient, remember that light colors create a bigger or fuller appearance. No matter what your shape is, choose a gradient or ombre design that is light on top or bottom or both depending on your shape, but stay away from swimsuits that are lighter in the middle. This will create bulk around your waist.

• Keep up with the current trends. A lot of fashion has become more acceptable of other body shapes and new techniques have come about for other body shapes. If you see something that you think could work for you, try it out!

• Keep your goal in mind! What do you want to accentuate? What are you looking to minimize?

• Be a bit sneaky. It is not uncommon for women to wear shapewear under their swimsuits if the design allows. The success of this is built into the cuts chosen and the type of swimsuit, as well as the type of shapewear. High-waisted, one-piece swimsuits and plenty of other styles now come with shapewear built in!

• Buy more than one. Swimsuits face a lot of fading from sun bleaching and the chlorine in pools with more frequent wear. Change it up a bit and get two complementary swimsuits and a few cover-ups. Try mixing and matching pieces as well.

• Use negative space in your design; this will trick the eye into perceiving whatever silhouette you like. This can be done with cut outs or patterns.

• Those with a lighter, pale skin tone can give their preference to deep and dark colors, such as classic black and jewel shades, like emerald green, navy, or purple.

• On the other hand, bright colors look amazing on women with a dark skin tone, so embrace this opportunity!

• Always keep in mind that you can highlight any feature you like with a bright color or print, while solid colors are best for masking any body area you don’t like.

• You can add volume to the part of your body you like going for swimsuits with ruffles and extra embellishments on that part, while shirred and ruched fabrics are great for hiding volume on a certain area.

• One-piece swimsuits are perfect for camouflaging your waistline, so if you have a big tummy, this is your best bet.

• High-waist bikini bottoms also hide the waist, while also elongating the legs.

• On the other hand, tankinis call attention to the waistline, so if this is the feature you are proud of, go for it!

• To make your legs look longer and enviable, give your preference to high-cut swimsuit bottoms.

Swimwear Tips and Tricks to Remember

Quick Recap

• Pear body types (larger hips, smaller bust, defined waist) would want to wear a one-piece that accentuates the bust. A strapless, halter or sweetheart neckline would help, and details on the top would be most advantageous. Color blocking that puts lighter colors up the top is ideal.

• Hourglass body types (mostly matching bust and hips with a defined waist) look amazing even in the swimwear styles that are a single color with straps on the back. As the body is proportionate, there is no need to try to emphasize one portion of the body over another, though you can if you prefer. A thin-belted one-piece would look amazing, as it would accentuate the waist without adding bulk thanks to the size of the belt.

• The inverted triangle body type would look amazing in anything that shows off and adds volume to the hips. Balance is key here, as top-heavy bodies can look even more so in a swimsuit.

• Pear shaped body types should usually look to accentuate the bust and shoulders to even out the silhouette a bit. This is another body type that top-accentuated swimsuits are preferred for. It is also recommended to accentuate your waist with flattering (not bulky) details.

• Rectangle body shape looks best in strappy bathing suits that draw the attention up or down while creating a waist for a balanced, even look.

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