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9 Winning Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week

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Milan Fashion Week fall 2018 is officially over, and we cannot wait what PFW has in store for us. As often declared throughout our MFW Diaries, the Italian fashion capital was lit for this fall 2018 season, and many journalists, critics, and enthusiasts are already declaring a new glorious dawn for Milan Fashion Week, mainly thanks to fashion houses Gucci, Versace, Giorgio Armani, and Moschino, who, along with (as for now) less internationally notorious ones, are the yearly fashion trend tiebreakers.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week

All the fall 2018 fashion trends showcased at MFW are undeniably shaping the industry, confirming what’s hot and what’s not, leaving us with a plethora of magical styles and aesthetics to play with in the months to come. Here are 7 (+ 1) of the most outstanding fall 2018 fashion trends from Milan Fashion Week you should know! Enjoy!

#1. MFW and the Geometric Patterns

Geometry has always played an important role at MFW, especially thanks to Missoni’s creative lineups. For this fall 2018 season, geometric patterns were literally all over the place in Milan, being utilized either in the form of subtle touches, or as abundant leitmotifs.

Missoni aside, they were everywhere to be seen from Versace to Etro, with even more fashion designers translating this trend not in patterns but structured lines, such as structured shoulders and layered gowns.

Tartan and checked patterns are, of course, to be included in this category, as they were omnipresent and just ultimately shaped this absolute fall 2018 trend (we are sure PFW will play with tartan prints as well; if not, it was all over the place during NYFW, and LFW anyway).

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Geometric Patterns

#2. Top Retro Styles

Although the fashion decade that was represented the most was the Eighties, all retro styles had their fair amount of representation as one of the best Milan Fashion Week fall 2018 fashion trends.

The Forties were the ones that were revisited the most, mainly thanks to Fendi, but also the Sixties (hello Moschino’s gorgeous aliens-meet-Jackie-Kennedy ensembles!), the Seventies, and the Nineties ruled the shows, with the former being predominantly translated to soft, earth tones, and bell-bottom lines, and the latter being the trendiest epitome of Milan’s glamourous era.

Needless to say, the designer who drew inspiration from the Nineties the most was Donatella Versace.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Retro Styles

#3. MFW, i.e. a Maximalist Fashion Week

What does it mean that the Eighties were this MFW’s ultimate trend? Well, first and foremost, that we shouldn’t be afraid of maximalism in general, especially if it involves whimsical cuts, exaggerated figures, and showy patterns. In this case, the world’s kings of maximalism, Massimo Giorgetti and Alessandro Michele, surely have something to inspire you with.

Secondly, the Eighties were so diverse in terms of style that there’s a suitable trend for anyone. If you like mannish suits, you’ll be flabbergasted by the incredible amount of proposals this MFW featured. If you are into leopard prints, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

And what about cozy sweaters or punk rock aesthetics à la Madonna? You’ll find them, too!

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Maximalism

#4. Trending Long Coats and Maxi Dresses

Who would wear an exaggeratedly long coat with an even longer dress? According to the Milan Fashion Week fall 2018 fashion trends, everybody!

Maxi skirts and dresses, worn under polished straight-cut coats or capes, were presented at many MFW runway shows, leaving us both mesmerized and puzzled. Will such iconic outfits fit me right? Will they accentuate my figure?

While waiting for an answer, we can freshen up our memories with some of the fall 2018 proposals by MSGM, Missoni, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Long Coats with Long Dresses

#5. MFW – Capital of Utilitarianism

If there’s one thing that MFW masters, that is the transmutation of athleisure, sportswear, and utilitarianism into soigné trends.

Unlike NYFW, which is the undeniable capital of athleisure, any time MFW debuts athleisure-inspired trends, those turn out to be closer to haute couture and utilitarianism rather than to pure coziness, as reflected in the astounding amount of cool trench coats, bomber jackets, and collaborations (such as the one between Fendi and Fila).

Long story short, if NYFW-style tracksuits aren’t your cup of tea, check MFW’s top trending utilitarian wear!

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Utilitarianism

#6. Neon Trends

While NYFW was magenta-colored, and LFW was more hot pink-flavored, what about MFW?

Instead of focusing on one major color, MFW’s trending color palette was all about neon hues, whether blue, green, or pink. Bold, fierce and mostly in solid patterns, neon colors for fall 2018 literally lit MFW up, treating us to one of the most unabashed fall 2018 fashion trends that we could ever hope for (added bonus: dressing up in neon colors during winter could be a good way to shoo away any kind of meteoropathy).

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Neon Colors

#7. MFW – Milan (eco)Fur Week

Whenever MFW revives its glorious time, fur is involved.

Often synonymous with luxe and timeless styles, fur was an unapologetically fashionable part of many runway shows, appearing both in the form of little details or as actual coats. Mostly faux (even Giorgio Armani has decided to give up on real ones), furs (and teddy bear coats) will go hand in hand with any of your fall 2018 outfits, especially those linked to the Seventies, Eighties, and Nineties (we bet the iconic slip dress plus fur combination will be ubiquitous on our Instagram feed, starting from October 2018).

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Fur

#8. Accent on The Waist

Accentuating the waistline is one of the common ‘80s aesthetics that are back as a major fall 2018 fashion trend from Milan Fashion Week, especially when it’s a wide belt that steals the spotlight instantly. Worn practically over every type of outfit, be that a nightclub-ready mini dress or a fierce neon vinyl coat, belts were used as standout accessorizing options at almost any runway show, from Versace to Marni to Dolce & Gabbana!

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Belts Enhancing the Waistline

#9. MFW Beauty Trends

Clothing aside, we can’t help mentioning two huge fall 2018 beauty trends from Milan Fashion Week that we are sure will start claiming fashion victims already this spring.

The first one is about hair, as the bob cut is finally back in style, and there’s even a style for everyone. If you love the Sixties aesthetics, well, here you go with a Jackie Kennedy-inspired one. If Clueless and Lizzie McGuire were your style inspiration in the late Nineties, a below-the-neck bob cut will be just perfect.

Whether your hair is naturally straight or wavy/ curly, just rock and have fun with it!

Last but not least, with the Nineties and the geometric, neon patterns being among the MFW fall 2018 fashion trends, many creative directors felt exaggerated cat eyes were the right way to go, and we couldn’t agree more! Have fun playing with glittery or neon eyeliners or eyeshadows, your new solid-colored, Eighties-inspired suits are meant to be paired with!

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Beauty Trends

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