Trends » 8 Most Intriguing Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

8 Most Intriguing Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

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Another Fashion Week season is gone, stroking our imagination with trends that will help us get more creative and daring, indeed. Before touchingly leaving the latest runway shows behind, we decided to show you the top 8 most intriguing fall 2018 fashion trends from Paris Fashion Week, which will equally surprise and reassure your upcoming wish list choices. Get ready for a heavy dose of romanticism, softness, and quirkiness!

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week

#1. Little Paris Riding Hoods

As with NYFW and MFW, one of the biggest PFW fall 2018 fashion trends involved a good dose of funky headwear to channel when the weather gets harsh (or our bad hair days get intractably annoying). While NYFW and MFW focused on streetwear-inspired, if not entirely conceptual headwear pieces (such as the ubiquitous balaclavas), the PFW headwear was, unsurprisingly, exquisitely classier, with scarves tied around the heads, voluminous hoods, and glamorous hats dominating the scene.

Other head-hugging coverings were elegantly portrayed, too, and could easily function in all their intersectionality as headwear pieces for women who wear them for religious reasons.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Hats

#2. A Yellow PFW

While New York Fashion Week was all about reds, LFW focused on hot pink touches, and MFW embraced neon colors, PFW unveiled a soft and mellowly color palette for fall, which above all included a win-win pastel yellow hue that would easily flatter anyone.

Utilized by almost any fashion house, from Louis Vuitton to Lanvin, Paris Fashion Week’s trending yellow will surely brighten the new fall 2018 season up, cheering us with a peculiar color that goes hand in hand with everything, from plaids to glitzy detailing.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Yellow Clothing

#3. Shine Bright Like a Parisian Diamond

Although the Eighties-inspired fall 2018 trend was a primary part of PFW, too, it wasn’t the core protagonist at the runway shows. Some of the Eighties most intriguing iterations, however, were brighter to (literally) shine at many runway shows.

Shiny outfits or single metallic staples such as boots and jackets were some of our favorite fall 2018 fashion items, and were particularly bright at Balmain, Dior, Paco Rabanne, and Chanel.
We can’t predict the future but, with so many shiny and glitzy fashions available, we know it won’t be that bad and boring, for sure.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: '80s Shiny Clothing

#4. Plaid Fashion Week

Plaids and tweeds remained a critical trend in Paris, too, and we can firmly declare it as the ultimate fall 2018 fashion hit at this point, since all the four fashion capitals adopted it. At Paris Fashion Week, anyhow, plaids and tweeds were significantly (and again, unsurprisingly) more Parisian-inspired than elsewhere, with more tartan-flavored trench coats and Clueless-inspired skirts dominating the scene.

PFW’s tartan prints, tweeds, and plaids were also slightly more classical than LFW’s (which is the kingdom of plaids), with no rainbow interpretations or exaggerated patterns whatsoever. Of course, since yellow was PFW’s favorite color, pale yellow plaids were the biggest trend in the trend!

With PFW giving plaids and tweed suits its imprimatur, we can now officially start stocking up on plaids aplenty!

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Plaid & Checked Patterns

#5. Paris Utilitarian Week

Although things usually get utilitarian at NYFW, Paris Fashion Week surprised us with several utilitarian fashions, adapted by several fashion designers in all sorts of fanciful ways, as well.

Protective layers of garments, waterproof coats, warm sweaters, and cozy pants all made their elegantly practical debut at PFW, treating us to something undeniably covetable to invest in. Security blankets were a huge part of this utilitarian trend, too, and were of course mostly revisited through tartan-patterned and softly-tinted lenses!

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Utilitarian Fashion

#6. Paris Romantique

What’s more romantic than Paris? Probably being in Paris while donning a lovely romantic dress, flawlessly combined with a utilitarian coat and a pair of ugly sneakers (we’ll get at those in a minute).

Flowing dresses, as seen at the runway shows by Valentino and Giambattista Valli, depicted a PFW that cares about all things pretty at any time, even if outside the temperatures are below 0°C. Thankfully, however, we just went through the warmest fall 2018 fashion trend of all, meaning that staying classy while not hibernating will be next fall’s biggest (manageable) goal.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Romantic Flowing Dresses

#7. Paris Is Made for Walking, Just Like Boots (and Ugly Sneakers!)

Name a fashion show and here you’ll have your thigh-high boots! Looser than those unveiled at PFW spring 2017 and fall 2017, which were all about sock boots, these PFW fall 2018 boots were mainly western-inspired and just complemented almost every look with a much-needed touch of wildness.

If boots are not your favorite footwear items (or you just own too many pairs of them), one of the most intriguing (yet not entirely new) fall 2018 fashion trends from Paris Fashion Week included the so-called “ugly sneakers,” which featured all the possible bulky, dad-ish, and horribly/ beautifully structured models you could ever think of.

Whether they are your style or not, we recommend trying them on at least once next fall, because those are the kind of fashion trends that get likable only when worn.

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Thigh-High Boots & Ugly Sneakers

#8. Bold and Frizzy Hair

Last but not least, we had to include a beauty trend on our list, too, as bold and frizzy hair was all the rage during this PFW. While we know many of you would rather eat their own feet than go out sporting a frizzy hairdo (me included), frizzy hair proved to be the right fit for many personalities and facial features, as the boldness and carefreeness provided just seemed to go hand in hand with PFW’s empowering leitmotif.

Even though bold frizzy hair may not end up being the best choice for a day-to-day look (mostly for the damage it could cause to the hair), this style is perfect for all of your fall 2018 Eighties-themed parties!

Fall 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Frizzy Teased Hair

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