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Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends

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The fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends are blessedly wearable. Massive, architectural looks are out, while words like natural, clean, soft, romantic, lush, and messy all come to mind with the collection of speedy yet beautiful hairstyles that hairstylists crafted this season.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends

The winning hairstyle for fall 2017 was the ponytail, and you can choose to wear it high or low, clean or messy, straight or wavy, with a middle part or side part. This hairstyle, the sportiest of the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends, is perhaps a sign of the times – a time to pull our hair back, so we can get stuff done without distractions or impediments in the form of hair in our face or overly complex hairstyles.

Before we get into all of the different 2017 hairstyle trends, let’s talk about the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hair colors we saw on the runways for the season.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hair Color Trends

Natural hair colors always dominate the runway, simply because they are more versatile, easier to maintain, and are much more relatable. However, unlike last season, we saw a lot more wild and colorful locks, along with some interesting takes on natural colors.

#1. Cool, Natural Blonde

While there were some platinum and strawberry blondes gracing the runway, the vast majority of blondes this season sported a cool shade of dirty blonde. This kind of hair color does not require too much maintenance, and is the most common natural shade of blonde you might see in the wild.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hair Color Trends: Cool Natural Blonde Hair

#2. Cool Light Brown

Much like with blondes this season, the brunettes were also very natural, and the hair had cool undertones without much color variation. Unlike in the summertime, when balayages ruled the catwalk, these medium browns are even and unstreaked from top to bottom.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hair Color Trends: Cool Light Brown Hair

#3. Red Hair

Fiery red hair was a standout of the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hair color trends. Rich, lush shades of red were on show on many of the runways, where designers this season were unafraid of gorgeous gingers upstaging their outfits.

Bright, orangey-reds were seen at Ashley Williams. At Dries Van Noten, we saw richer red shades of hair. We also saw beautiful redheads at Alexander Wang, Arthur Arbesser, Moschino, and many more.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hair Color Trends: Red Hair

#4. Wild Unnatural Hair Colors

Designers celebrated wildly dyed hair of all shades. In many runways, we saw a blend of models with natural hair colors and just a few models with hair dyed crazy colors to create some interest.

At Versus Versace, this hair color trend was achieved with hair extensions that stood out in contrast to the models’ natural hair colors. We saw extensions in red, yellow, and blue that really wowed us. At Ryan Lo, it was all about pastel anime wigs, in shades of blue, yellow, and lavender.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hair Color Trends: Unnatural Hair Colors

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hair Trends

Now that we’ve got all you hair color options for the fall season covered, let’s look at some of the best fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyles!

#1. Low Ponytails

Whether paired with bows, or just hanging low by themselves, low ponytails are some of the more simple yet stylish of the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hair trends. They were also, overwhelmingly, the most common hairstyling choice we saw that wasn’t just loose, flowing hair.

We saw these low ponytails with both side and middle parts, sometimes very clean, and other times somewhat unkempt. Everywhere where this was the styling choice, it was undeniably lovely and never took away from the actual collection.

At Mulberry, what we saw was the platonic ideal of this season’s low ponytail. It was secured back softly and cleanly, with a middle part, in a fashion that seemed both comfortable and put together.

For Tory Burch and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, hairstylists pulled back the hair into soft, low slung ponytails with middle parts, and secured it all back with black bows. At Jonathan Simkhai the low-slung ponytail was paired with wavy locks, for a soft and romantic look.

At Olivier Theyskens, the low ponytail was very haphazard and quick. It was secured with a piece of latex, lending interesting texture and a bit of edge.

My favorite low ponytail for fall 2017 was at Delpozo, where two small strands of hair were secured with a smaller elastic, and then gathered all together with the rest of the hair in a bigger elastic. It created a wide ponytail, with a bit of architectural interest.

We also saw some cool ponytails at Loewe, with a center part, and lots of glossy, at J.W. Anderson, where all of the hair was combed over to one side, into a side ponytail, and at Aigner, where a strand of hair was wrapped around the base of the ponytail, lending it a more professional vibe.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Low Ponytails

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Low Ponytails

#2. High Ponytails

There is more effort in a high ponytail, and the effect of it is certainly quite striking. A high ponytail, especially as seen in the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends, is a tight look perfect for a boss woman who takes no prisoners. It is also an excellent styling decision when you still want to show you’ve put a bit of effort into your hair, but you don’t want it to take away from a beautiful outfit or face.

The high ponytails at Oscar de la Renta were slicked back and a little severe, but they were perfectly offset by the colorful makeup and feminine fabrics. At Prabal Gurung, they truly allowed the models’ faces and the outfits themselves to be the stars of the show.

At Zuhair Murad, the high ponytail was anything but tight and restrictive, instead looking casually sporty. It was paired with heavily textured hair and a side-swept bang.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: High Ponytails

#3. Messy Swept-Back Hair

Taking two opposites and combining them is never a bad choice in fashion, as an excellent way of highlighting duality and creating art. One of the ways we saw it this season is with messy, often damp, swept-back hair.

Keeping the hair looking damp is not an easy task, especially because this season all the damp looks were very unkempt – think rockstar at the end of her concert, drenched in sweat, or perhaps a rebellious protester who had just been doused with the water cannon.

At Giambattista Valli, long hair was slicked back yet wavy, and very wet looking. It fell down the back in the kind of waves you would expect from someone who came right out of the shower. The key to achieving this kind of look is having naturally wavy hair, and lots and lots of gel. We saw a similar, but somewhat cleaner look at Moncler Gamme Rouge, another collection designed by Valli.

At Thakoon, the hair was just slightly treated with mousse, and then brushed back, so most of the locks got to do their own beautiful, natural, windswept thing.

An ‘80s vibe on the Nina Ricci catwalk also straddled the swept-back, slightly gelled yet messy look perfectly. Curled, voluminous hair that was simultaneously big and lush, and also slightly damp and worn-in. Groomed brows and peachy makeup tied the whole thing together well.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Messy Swept-Back Hair

#4. Sleek Side Parts

While many of the fall 2017 hairstyles were on the softer and more unkempt side of things, a few hairstylists could be relied on to style the hair smoothly, into perfect side parts. While we also saw a lot of middle parts this season, consistently clean side parts definitely figure into the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends.

For Brock Collection, stylists added a lot of drama to a side-swept look with a side part, by making sure the hair positively gleamed. At Guy Laroche, the side part was hyper clean, with the hair gelled tightly to the scalp, and kept very straight, and brushed behind the ears.

We also saw hair styled in a side part a Jason Wu, Ermanno Scervino, and Thierry Mugler.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Sleek Side-Parted Hair

#5. Middle Parts

Hair parts are not an easy thing to alter, so it is lovely to see both middle and side parts as part of the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hair trends. Middle parts are a little bit more retro, harking back to the ‘70s. When paired with the overall natural and wavy look, in which most locks were styled this season, the effect is soft, innocent, romantic, and thankfully not overly symmetrical.

For Isabel Marant, Damien Boissinot styled the hair in gentle, natural waves, and gave all the models a soft middle part. At Chloe, simple blow-dried waves and a flat crown, along with the middle part, worked well with the flowy fabrics and early ‘70s vibe of the collection.

We saw middle parts on many other runways, paired with many other fall 2017 hairstyle trends. These included Leonard, Loewe, Prada, Roksanda, and more.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Middle Parts

#6. Naturally Curly Beauty

While curly hair wasn’t necessarily a theme at any specific runway show, a few models with beautiful curls graced enough catwalks to make natural curls a definitely part of the fall/ winter 2017 hair trends.

Fernanda Oliveira, who walked at both Proenza Schouler and Yves Saint Laurent, made a splash with her curly bob haircut and adorable bangs.

While most models at Zero Maria Cornejo had their hair impeccably styled into gorgeous wavy curls, some models underwent limited styling, instead rocking their natural curly Afros, and looking incredible. Similarly, Binx Walton and Cleo Cwiek both shined with natural curly bobs that peeked out underneath stylish hats at Marc Jacobs.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Naturally Curly Hair

#7. Untouched Waves

In past years we’ve seen both curls and straightened hair rule the runways, but this is the season for natural looking, untouched waves. Sometimes the waves that made it into the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends were wild, with lots of flyaways, while at other times they were soft, lush, and smooth. Either way, they were consistently beautiful and a wonderful sign for women with naturally wavy hair who finally have a season when they can lay off the heat styling tools.

For Max Mara, Sam McKnight styled loose waves that had all been swept off to one side. They looked clean and natural, but with just a few flyaways to still down to earth.

At Christian Dior, the hair had been styled by Guido Palau into soft waves that had been brushed out in a gorgeous cloudy effect that was totally natural.

At Marni, natural waves were celebrated, along with tight natural curls. This meant that thanks to the lack of heat treatments, bangs, bobs, and long hair were all textured and unique for each model.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Naturally Wavy Hair

#8. Folded Over Low Ponytail Updos

A variation we saw a bit of on the low slung ponytail look was a folded over ponytail updo. This is an excellent hair choice for anyone with long hair who is sick of buns and overly ornate updos. It’s a chic and modern way of styling the hair for special events that is unique and not overly stuffy.

At Rochas, the folded over ponytail updo was clean, sleek, and feminine. The base of the low updo was wrapped with a strand of hair, while the semi-bun itself was wrapped with delicate net and decorated on top with a bow.

At Cividini, it was a messier take on the updo (perhaps lowdo would be better fitting?). The ponytail was twisted over with lots of flyaways, while the front of the hair that had been swept back was secured with an abundance of conspicuously visible hair pins.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Folded Over Low Ponytail Updos

#9. Chunky Braids

Is there a better way to straddle rustic beauty and unkempt edge than with a thick braid? It is so lovely to see such beautiful and soft creations make it into the fall 2017 hairstyle trends. This season, we saw thick braids in fishtail, thick semi-updos with braids, and just classic big braids.

At Antonio Berardi, the hairstyle was a veritable cornucopia of texture. A blend of regular braids, fishtail braids, and smaller Dutch braids simply sprouted from the models’ heads in a beautiful and lush way that is impossible to take your eyes away from.

On the Christian Siriano catwalk, messy fishtail braids wowed us with their unique texture. The thick fishtail braids were tied with wire at different points along their length, making for a unique, beautiful, and bohemian looking fishtail.

A more traditional thick braid made a mermaidy splash at Alberta Ferretti, while at Alice + Olivia a chunky braid acted as a rustic headband.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Chunky Braids

10. Small Braids

Big braids mean big texture, but small braids create a much more subtle interest, whether they are threaded into an updo or added as accents to otherwise loose and flowy hippie hair. These delicate plaits are some of the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends that allow you to interject whimsy into your look, with a bohemian twist.

On the Jill Stuart runway, tiny braids threaded through loose, wavy hair, adding texture especially along the temples.

At Valentino, instead of channeling boho chic, the braids had a much more serious and sophisticated look about them. Two small braids, one at each temple, accentuated the symmetry of the collection itself, and worked well with a middle hair part.

At Maison Margiela, tiny braids snaked their way from the temple into a tight, low-slung ballerina bun at the base of the models’ neck.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Small Braids

11. Topdos: Updos Right On Top of the Head

There weren’t a ton of updos as part of the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends, which meant that this one eccentric take on those glamorous looks really stood out. Instead of crafting traditional updos that sat at the base of the neck or at the crown, a few designers decided to twist and pin the hair all the way on top of the head. This way of styling elongates the hair, is slightly androgynous and is certainly unique.

At Bottega Veneta, the hair was curled, and then twisted on top of the head, with just a bit falling over to suggest a fringe. It was part ‘30s femme fatale, part futuristic and odd.

For Laura Biagiotti, the hair was styled in tiny, wispy curls, which were then pinned up from the center of the head, going all the way down to the end of the crown, in a look that was both romantic, but also reminded us a bit of a mohawk.

Lastly, at Leitmotiv, it was a truly out there semi-topdo that was created. The hair looked damp, and about half of it had been twisted into two rolls pinned to the top of the head that came together in a twist right above the forehead.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Top Updos

12. Cornrows and Dutch Braids

A big Dutch braid is romantic, but a small cornrow is sporty. This braiding style is fun and versatile, and it was great to see all the different ways hairstylists decided to utilize it for the fall 2017 hairstyle trends.

At David Koma, ultra clean, neat, and tight boxer braids along the side of the head kept hair away from the models’ faces, and added a sporty edge to a tightly swept-back look.

At Balmain, Sam McKnight created true boxer braids with a decidedly urban flair. Three cornrows were braided starting near the forehead, which were swept back into a tight, low ponytail. The look was fierce and edgy, and worked well with the overall “don’t mess with me” look on this runway.

At Andrew Gn, the models’ hair was completely pulled back into cornrows, lending an original twist to the fairly professional, yet flowy and tribal collection that had a lot of bohemian elements.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Cornrows & Dutch Braids

13. Piecey Bangs

Textured bangs are a hairstyling choice that is near universally flattering. They frame the face beautifully, and depending on how they are executed they can look cute or totally punk rock. Lots of models rocked textured and roughly cut bangs, making it one of the fall 2017 hair trends.

At Jeremy Scott, we saw edgy, punk inspired bangs, as well as simple bangs that were just a little bit more piecey.

At Stella McCartney, in addition to clean hair with middle parts, many models wore their hair with textured and even curly bangs. My favorite was model Nova Orchid, whose fringe was cut into an eccentric asymmetrical piecey babydoll bang.

We also saw intriguing bangs at Lanvin, especially on model Tess Angel. There was a whole variety of bangs on display at the Tadashi Shoji, as well.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Piecey Bangs

#14. Crimped Hair

Crimped hair is a dangerous choice because instead of looking retro, it can come off as very dated. This season lots of stylists opted for this brave hairstyling choice, and I think it’s fair to say that they even proved to us that it is possible to rock crimped hair and still look modern.

At Alexander McQueen, the crimped hair was by far my favorite. It was done with a small straightening iron, and hair stylist Guido Palau actually went back in afterwards with a brush. It ended up looking soft, textured, and in Palau’s words, “witchy”. To keep it even more unique, two strands of hair were tied together in the front, along with a low and loose ponytail in the back.

At Vanessa Seward, crimped hair was paired with another of the fall 2017 hairstyle trends – tight, low slung ponytails. It was an interesting way of blending a really straight and sleek texture with a more wavy texture.

At Ports 1961, the designers opted for a serious crimped look. Full heads of hair were crimped from top to bottom, and then brushed back for a pillowy and soft look that was totally different from the crimped look of the ‘90s.

At Dans La Vie, we saw the very opposite of the look at Ports 1961. Wide chunks of hair had been crimped together to create a folded paper fan effect. That looked glossy and clean, and almost futuristic in how precise it was.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Crimped Hair

#15. Braided Buns

Quick yet romantic, braided buns are an excellent updo choice for a busy lady. In the hectic backstage of a big fashion show, choosing to give models braided buns is a natural choice, because you get instant texture and beauty without fussing too much.

Dolce & Gabbana are famous for the femininity and retro romance of their runways. This season was no different, with models sporting updos that were not overly styled, but were instead simple and decorated with floral arrangements and tiaras. Low slung, braided buns were a common occurrence that worked beautifully with the collection.

Orlando Pita styled the low slung braided buns at Elie Saab, and somehow managed to show a few different sides of this effortless updo. The hair was voluminous, with lots of flyaways, and on some models it looked much more feminine and classy, while on others it looked like the quick styling choice of a woman who really just needed all of her hair out of the way, so she could get down to business.

On the Marchesa runway, low-slung braided buns were secured with bows and flowers for an extra romantic look. At the front, all the models had their hair in a soft side part.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Braided Buns

#16. Pixie Cuts

I think pixie haircuts are wonderfully transgressive. They are a real sign of confidence that does not depend on anyone else and what they think.

I was thrilled to see so many designers celebrating the models with these fearlessly short haircuts. While it’s a tough decision for any woman to go so short, I think the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyles will give lots of excellent ideas, and also allow women to believe that short hair can be stunning.

We saw ultra short pixie cuts at MSGM, Prada, Paco Rabanne, and Giorgio Armani (where they were paired with another trend – textured bangs). At Jeremy Scott, we saw my favorite pixie haircut – short with messy bangs, and dyed a hot hot pink.

Both Adwoa Aboah and Shanelle Nyasiase rocked closely cropped haircuts on the Miu Miu runway, which stood out even more because most other models had their hair covered with large hats.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Pixie Haircuts

#17. Semi Updos with Side-Swept Hair

Many of the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends were versatile, a little messy, and really showcased effortlessness. These semi updos are one of those examples: a hairstyle that is soft and feminine, appropriate for any occasion and time of day, and does not require too much fussing.

At Jenny Packham, the braided look was rustic, feminine and lush. Thick hair was swept over to one side, and over the shoulder, while a thick, loose braid kept any strands out of the face.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Semi Updos With Side-Swept Hair

#18. Bob Haircuts

There was also a comeback this season for the ‘60s bob haircut – haircuts that were boyish and androgynous in the best way possible, and celebrated the blurred lines of gender.

We saw a textured, voluminous bob with lovely bangs at Alexander Wang. Walking for Lanvin, model Catherine McNeil sported an immaculate bowl cut that managed to look modern thanks to ultra close cropped sides.

At Haider Ackermann, most models were fitted with black wigs, cut into a short, mushroom shaped bob, with uneven fringes and asymmetrical angles.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Bob Haircuts

#19. Architectural Craziness

There weren’t many intense architectural looks, and certainly none of those for the fall 2017 updos. Instead, we saw some very architectural haircuts, as some avant-garde designers could always be relied upon to break the trend, and create eccentric and attention-grabbing hairstyles for 2017.

This season we saw this at Gucci, where hair was styled into futuristic helmet bobs with a ton of teasing and hairspray. The ends were curled in, making sure the hair wouldn’t look like hair, but like a structure.

At Junya Watanabe, colorful wigs were cut into graphic shapes with ultra choppy bangs. The hair on top was cut shorter, in an ‘80s nod to David Bowie, which created a very clean and architectural retro futuristic mullet.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Architectural Hairstyles

#20. Voluminous ‘60s Dos

Hairstylists and designers will forever tap into the recent past when coming up with inspiration, and as with every season, they could be relied upon to tap into the ‘60s. The iteration of ‘60s hair for the fall/ winter 2017-2018 hairstyle trends focused on bouffants with a ton of volume that was paired with ‘60s-inspired makeup as well.

At Moschino, the ‘60s hair was perfectly coiffed into smooth beehives. A little bit of texture modernized this look with piecey fringes that also fitted into the textured bang trend.

At Chanel, the hair was teased to high heavens, and then brushed back. It was a very late ‘60s look, with a bit of a space age vibe thanks to blinged-out knitted headbands and a straightened but not overly smooth finish on the hair.

Fall/ Winter 2017-2018 Hairstyle Trends: Voluminous '60s 'Dos

Which were your favorite fall/ winter 2017-2018 hair trends? Will you be channeling the natural trends for the season or trying out the wilder ones? Share your thoughts!

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