Trends » Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends

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The newest fall/ winter 2018-2019 hair accessory trends were heavily influenced by the ‘90s. We’re talking full flashbacks to stretchy zig-zag headbands, and butterfly clips! The designs are updated of course, but the “back in the day” vibes are strong!

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessories Trends

The fall 2018 hair accessories are not the least bit understated and range to include beautifully placed feathers and light-reflecting crystals. The reinvigoration of old trends is exhilarating, especially for anyone who missed the days where they could wear something from their youth.

Even more interesting, the fall 2018 color trends have been including much brighter colors than we are accustomed to for the season, and this elevating brightness is being echoed in the fall 2018 hair accessories seen on the runways.

#1. All Forms of Headbands

Like a tradition, headbands are the most widely used hair accessories for the upcoming fall and winter seasons as well, sometimes coming as heavily ‘90s inspired, while other times looking princess-y with sparkling crystal embellishments.

Tom Ford’s models wore thick leather headbands that quickly became one of the most talked about fall 2018 hair accessories. Each one was a comfortable width, tied around their heads.

The stylist for Tom Ford’s show, Orlando Pita, explained the look, saying: “I want the girls to look as if they’ve done the hair themselves, so I whipped their hair back and pinned it, wrapped the band around the head, and left a little ‘mullet’ out the back, as if they’d left it out by mistake.”

Pita went on to describe the look as “tough” and it certainly left a bit of a punk impression on the masses of fashion lovers who are already planning to include these options in their future looks.

Also known as comb headbands, the stretch zig-zag headbands of many of our youthful memories made a comeback as one of the biggest fall/ winter 2018-2019 hair accessory trends thanks to Prabal Gurung. Anyone who had them before may remember that they came in packs, stretched well and looked great on most hair types.

On the Prabal Gurung runway, the comb headbands were showed on pulled-back hair. The stylist, Anthony Turner, chalked the look up to being inspired by women going to yoga with their hair in a bun. He paired the look with the stretchy zig-zag hairbands, and thus the refurbished “look” was on the runway.

Headbands also appeared at Dolce & Gabbana, Linder, and Christian Siriano among others.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Headbands

#2. Tiaras & Crowns

While tiaras are definitely a statement piece, they are known to be tasteful and petite, though the reality is that this fall they are a three-dimensional, eye-catching and glittering representation that the wearer is feeling herself and notifying the world of her fashion-forward, next level accessory game.

Les Copains sent models out with the most coveted of all fall 2018 hair accessories – the tiara. They were elegantly shaped and topped off the model’s natural crows with sparkling stones that also featured colorful stones.

Dolce & Gabbana went a step further and eschewed the daintiness of the tiara and decided to fully adorn the crowns of their models with actual crowns. The showy, large crowns made a statement on every model who wore them. They were studded, some sported veils, words and even huge jewels.

These are not for the faint-hearted, but the bold. Some were styled in the fashion of a traditional expectation of what a crown is – huge, imposing and vertically embellished, where others were done in a headband style that still made an imposing impression.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Tiaras & Crowns

#3. Claw Clips

Claw clips are also known as banana clips and have not been popular since the ‘90s. They are convenient, dependable hair accessories that everyone had (and might still have at least one of), so it is nice to see them making a comeback.

Claw clips were seen decoratively holding up the models’ hair on the Alexander Wang runway. The models wore their hair slicked back in a low pony, and the clips, in chrome silver with the fashion house’s logo on it, held the lengths of hair contained in the back. Guido Palau was responsible for the look.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Claw Clips

#4. Feather Hair Accessories

Zadig & Voltaire showed barrettes that featured a few standout feathers for an everyday showgirl look accompanied with crystals. The feathers were bright and colorful and only a few inches tall, but a great everyday way to jazz up a look.

Dries Van Noten made an incredible impression by lining parts and framing bangs in the models’ hairstyles for fall 2018 with ultra-thin ostrich feathers in stunning colors. It was amazing, and original, and though it was only seen in this style on the Dries Van Noten runway, this concept by hairstylist Sam McKnight has been buzzing as one of the most interesting and standout fall 2018 hair accessory trends.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Feather Hair Accessories

#5. Multiples

Not only did the barrettes make a comeback, but also they did so in triplicate on the Christian Siriano runway. On the Faustine Steinmetz runway, several different types of clips and barrettes were worn on French twists. Each of the clips made their own individual appearances on several runways but wearing them in groups and stacks made an obvious fall 2018 hair accessory trend.

The claws and crystal bows, sparkling clips and more are seen on several different runways. Apparently, one of the upcoming fall 2018 fashion trends is “more is perfect”, rather than the old adage of “less is more.”

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Multiple Hair Accessories

#6. Monogram Hair Clips

We have seen logos as one of the top fall 2018 print trends, adorning not only the clothing pieces, but also the fall 2018 accessories, shoes, hats, and bags. It’s no surprise to see monogram hair clips another possible way of wearing the brand’s name and show your devotion to it.

The Chanel runway featured achievable top knots that struck the perfect chord between messy and manageable, but they were blinged out in the back with double C Chanel hair clips. Chanel is often a trendsetting fashion line and here there is no exception – Chanel’s iconic brand, done up in crystals on hair clips, is a breakthrough trend among the fall 2018 hair accessories.

These are sure to be a big hit as we are seeing them in many different places. They were also previously seen at Max Mara and are being attributed to the brilliance of Sam McKnight, who put them on the Max Mara runway.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Monogram Hair Accessories

#7. Bow Clips

Sparkling hair clips on so many runways can seem like a trend, but each type of clip stood amazingly on their own. On the Simone Rocha runway, models found their hair decorated with black stone clips shaped like bows.

They were not all imposing in size –some were much larger than others, but the options were very complementary. The bows even seemed like the chicest of the barrette options in sparkling, deep black stone and eye-catching red. They were placed at the temples with a small barrette on one side and a large one on the other by James Pecis.

Bow clips sparkled also at the Michael Kors show, while Jill Stuart gave preference to oversized fabric bow hair accessories.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Bow Hair Clips

#8. Crystal Hair Slides and Barrettes

Sparkling hair clips twinkled on several runways and looked amazing in each different iteration. The crystal barrettes on the Ashley Williams runway featured a variety of words like “Yes,” “Hello,” “Earth,” “Error,” “Heaven.”

Faustine Steinmetz showed stylized rectangular barrettes on updos. They were worn in multiples, spaced all over the models’ hair. The biggest note about these sparkling clips is that they decorate the models’ hair in numbers most people would never have considered could be fashion-forward or chic.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Crystal Barrettes & Hair Slides

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Crystal Barrettes & Hair Slides

#9. Minimalist Hair Clips & Pins

For those who aren’t so much into hair accessories and prefer simplistic styles, the fall/ winter 2018-2019 hair accessory trends offer pretty minimalist hair clips, sometimes just embellished with tiny rhinestones.

Bottega Veneta’s hair clips come in a simple silver design featuring tiny crystals, making wearing multiples in one look pretty easy. The same idea was applied for the Zadig & Voltaire show, where we saw thin rhinestone-embellished hair pins used to secure the hair back from the model’s face.

Rejina Pyo’s idea of minimalist clips was capitalizing on the coloring rather than size, bringing in slimmer nude barrettes used as hair clips on one side of the head.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Hair Accessory Trends: Minimalist Hair Pins & Clips

Photos via Vogue, Livingly