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Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends

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Sunglasses are a staple of spring and summer style but the Fashion Weeks demonstrated that eyewear has no seasonal shelf life! They are relevant, sartorially vital, and alluring regardless of the month or temperature! What were the hottest fall/ winter 2018-2019 sunglasses trends from the runways? Traditional shapes were certainly showcased but they also made room for oversized rectangular specs and ultra-round eclectic styles.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends

Deep forest green was a favorite shade as were hot baby pinks and prismatic neon oranges. Lenses were dark, and designs were experimental. Retro goggle style sunglasses graced the runways from Paris to Milan – a veritable mod-futuristic eyewear upgrade for the colder months.

Let’s take a closer look at the fall 2018 sunglasses trends that rocked the runways this season.

#1. Retro Futuristic Goggles

An unusual fall 2018 sunglasses trend, you say? Come to think of it, reimagining goggles for the colder months is ingenious! Why not brace your face for the lower temperatures with a full-on and fearless goggle-style lens?

Retro futuristic goggle sunglasses are tongue in cheek and have an element of possessed self-assuredness. In short, you need to have a healthy level of confidence to wear the look well.

The retro futuristic goggle theme was not tied to any one design – some of the most innovative and playful fall 2018 sunglasses resembled ski goggles, while some took more of an aquatic approach. Goggles have a kind of urbane techno-minimalism to them, making them the perfect accompaniment to sleek and industrial cold weather fashion.

We loved Altuzarra’s ski goggle offerings, served up in trendy shades of punchy tangerine orange and plastic-esque translucents. Calvin Klein’s futuristic swimming goggles were a robot-meets-mermaid way of wearing the trend. The Tron-inspired urban Amazonian goggles at A Detacher were intriguingly wearable.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Retro Futuristic Sunglasses

#2. Non-Traditional Shades

While every shape figured heavily on the runways for the fall/ winter 2018-2019 sunglasses trends, unexpected, non-traditional shapes were one of the notable stand-out silhouettes.

September is often perceived as a time of renewal and transformation. We all remember the back-to-school makeover. The non-traditional approach to eyewear represents this desire for metamorphosis on a grand level. Not only is it a departure from your own personal style, but also it is a departure from traditional norms and sensibilities.

One of the most unusual, and provocative designs we saw was at Balenciaga, where a stark horizontal rounded-triangle shade looked compellingly bizarre paired with a vibrant headscarf. Dolce & Gabbana’s weird and wonderful handbag-shaped sunglasses were delightfully unexpected and represented the fearless mood of the season.

Taking the futuristic meta-trend to an unusual new place Gucci sent out thick white-rimmed glasses with cascading contours and architecturally excessive angles. Non-traditional shapes don’t necessarily have to veer on the visually dramatic side, however. Dries Van Noten’s miniature specs were sleek and unexpected in their gentle contours, rimmed in a prismatic gold.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Non-Traditional Sunglasses

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Non-Traditional Sunglasses

#3. Forest Green

Why not embrace the deep and earthy mood of the fall with an alluring shade of forest green? The tone is an introspective and dimensional alternative to classic neutrals like black and brown. It is an undemanding fall 2018 eyewear trend, allowing the wearer flexibility in her aesthetic.

It suits a range of skin tones and beautifully complements brown hair, in particular. We love forest green because it is a subtle shift in conventional eyewear color and creates a soothingly harmonious aesthetic.

There is a warmth and delicateness to the color that is inviting and appealing. It is grounded while remaining gently elusive. Forest green need not be earthy and bohemian, though, and therein lies its strength.

At A Detacher, futuristic goggles were painted in deep camo green and paired with matching chandelier earrings. Christian Dior’s rendering also veered on the bold and modernistic side.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Forest Green Sunglasses

#4. Black and White Sunglasses

The iconic combination that won’t quit! What lies behind our obsession with black and white? It might have something to do with the balance they reference – the universal duality of light and dark, day and night.

Their beauty lies in their contrast and the way the contours of the shades play off of each other. The sartorial result is a silhouette that is both expansive and decisive. It references color theory while omitting the spectrum of colors entirely – a hefty feat, no?

It’s a heavyweight combination in the hallowed halls of style history. It evokes images of turn-of-the-century silent movie stars, and tortured, enigmatic beauties. We love the sleek and linear form the shades cut.

One of the sexiest and most quietly provocative renderings was the goggle aviators we saw at A Detacher. They were a futuristic spin on cold weather style.

Versace’s futuristic black and white sunglasses would be fit for a dramatic, glamorously tragic leading lady. MSGM‘s robotic sunglasses brought the timeless yin-yang color combo into the future.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Black and White Sunglasses

#5. Translucent Lenses

Platic-esque lenses make a huge fall/ winter 2018-2019 sunglasses trend. The style has a too cool vibe – a kind of assertive and radical self-confidence. The energy of the look suited the mod and futuristic meta-mood of the season.

We like the translucent lens look because it allows you room for experimental makeup and it contrasts effectively with bold fall 2018 accessories. On the surface it doesn’t sound like a groundbreaking trend but it is actually rather revolutionary in its approach.

When we think sunglasses, we think of coverage and shade. Translucent lenses turn this assumption on its head and prove that see-through can be just as covetable and luxe.

Altuzarra’s ski goggle look nailed two fall 2018 eyewear trends in one. Calvin Klein’s alien-esque sunglasses were fearless and delightfully campy.

Christian Dior’s full-on translucent look was an unflinching approach to the trend. We could imagine pairing it with bold eyelashes and a bright streak of eyeshadow for a fiercely trendy spin on fall style.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Translucent Lenses

#6. Blinged-Out Shades

There was no shortage of bling, rhinestones, and sparkle on the runways for those so inclined. For women seeking out heady opulence for the fall season, this fall 2018 sunglasses trend will be something of a siren song. Jewels and precious stones are perfect for the woman who veers toward the excesses of fashion.

Why quiet down as the temperatures decrease? The bejewelled eyewear we saw on the runways is appropriate for infusing both day and night style with an uncompromising glamour and drama.

Dolce & Gabbana really led the charge with the blingy ethos this season. They sent ridiculously ornate sunglasses down the runway in iterations almost too excessive to be wearable. However, that brazen indulgence was part of the appeal.

What were Dolce & Gabbana models channeling with their fall 2018 eyewear looks? Think Marie Antoinette and the shameless decadence of the palatial Versailles estate!

Emporio Armani’s sky blue sunglasses were rimmed in diamante clusters, perfect for a vivacious Miami nightclub queen.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Bejewelled Sunglasses

#7. Oversized Jet-Setter Chic

Many of the best fall 2018 sunglasses were not for the faint of heart. Oversized sunglasses evoke a powerful and fearless energy and help a woman channel her inner Hollywood starlet.

Oversized sunglasses fit in with the bigger-is-better ethos of the season and serve as a glamorous way of injecting an outfit with mystery and dynamism. We love how the oversized sunglasses trend melds perfectly with the luxe fur, deep fall 2018 colors, and dangling earrings of the season.

Oversized sunglasses hit their luxurious apex with Chloe’s molten gold-rimmed glasses that came paired with a chestnut brown lens. The result was a bold and confident eyewear look perfect for a continent hopping debutante.

Elie Saab’s luxurious oversized shades created a delicately forceful silhouette –oxymoron? We think not! Michael Kors, the king of trans-continental effortless glamour sent models out in gorgeous tortoiseshell numbers.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Oversized Sunglasses

#8. Blackout Lenses

When the weather cools and the sartorial palette veers toward shades of grey and black, the healthy response is to take a moody approach to eyewear, as well. We love blackout lenses because they convey a nonchalant aloofness – a sartorially holier than thou feel.

Darkened lenses are alluring and create a sensation of mystery and intrigue. They cast shadows over the face and help cultivate an enigmatic impression. There is an elusively timeless appeal to a darkened lens when it is paired with pearl earrings and wavy hair for the cold weather months.

Blackout lenses are not married to any one style or form. They can be paired with a rainbow rim or contrasted with a delicate design.

We loved Alexander Wang’s robo-babe black lenses. They were a Matrix take on this fall 2018 sunglasses trend – perfect for women who want to hide from the world and look good while doing so.

Altuzarra’s opaque midnight goggle glasses were another cyber take on the trend and definitely not for the faint of heart. Balenciaga’s sleek black sunglasses were sophisticated and perfect for women looking to cultivate an enviable, alluring persona.

Miu Miu’s family of black sunglasses was all shamelessly inspired by a robotic-chic aesthetic.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Black Lenses

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Black Lenses

#9. Appealingly Boxy Sunglasses

Boxy sunglasses were a hot trend for fall 2018 and winter 2019! A boxy, rectangular aesthetic lends the face a surprisingly delicate appearance, perhaps due to the contrast with the unexpected specs!

Boxy shapes are enigmatic and fearless. By offering the face a higher degree of coverage they help curate a mysterious vibe. This coverage has practical value, as well, and is effective for protecting the face from the elements of the colder months.

Balenciaga’s disco red sunglasses for fall 2018 were a delightfully unusual shape – part circular, part rectangular. The effect was radically bold and forcefully avant-garde.

Christian Dior’s boxy, oversized glasses blurred the distinction between lens and rim and were sent down the runway in an array of vibrant and prismatic shades, from forest green to sunny yellow. Gucci’s techno-geek translucent glasses created a video game addict meets fashion victim appeal that was tantalizingly intriguing.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Boxy Sunglasses

#10. Ultra-Round Sunglasses

The ultra-round eyewear trend has been uber-popular in recent years. It has a hip, urbane appeal that belies a studied sartorial knowledge. Round sunglasses are unapologetic without being overtly aggressive. They pair well with all hairstyles and can add a hit of effortless luxury to any outfit.

We love how round sunglasses have an eclectic feel, as though they could be a found object in an antique furniture store. That second-hand, organically hip appeal is foundational to this fall 2018 eyewear trend.

We loved Giorgio Armani’s offering, which sat elegantly on the model’s face and came with a utilitarian rim along the upper exterior of the design. Missoni’s round sunglasses had an eccentric, kitschy energy – perfect for a woman, who loves to channel the shabby-chic aesthetic of baggy sweaters and strategically dated florals.

Roberto Cavalli’s thick-rimmed round sunglasses had a campy collector’s vibe, perfect for pairing with a tweed coat and eclectic accessories.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Round Sunglasses

#11. Pointed Cat Eyes

Pointed cat eye sunglasses are assertive and distinct. They are not pretending to be anything other than what they are. This decisiveness is appealing for women who know who they are and know what they want.

The pointed design has a touch of studiousness to it, making it perfect for a return to school and cozy afternoons spent in cafes. The style is quietly sexy and lightly playful. We love how it infuses a style with a hit of retro intrigue without being overt or campy. A pair of cat eye sunglasses can impart a style with a coquettish appeal and help to create a symmetrical and harmonious facial balance.

Dolce & Gabbana’s exaggerated cat eye sunglasses were a rock and roll take on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Fendi’s stark pointed glasses were industrial and pensive, perfect for the no-nonsense intellectual.

We loved Anna Sui’s wine colored specs. They were flirtatious and elegant, and the exaggerated cat eye shape flattered the natural contours and cheekbones of the model’s face.

Max Mara’s architectural, pointed sunglasses had a cat-eye flare and an alluring edge. Vivetta’s steel-rimmed pointy sunglasses were sleekly urbane and perfectly composed.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Pointed Cat Eye Sunglasses

#12. Shades of Girlish Pink

Girlish baby pink was having a moment on the runways this season. The color graced any number of fall 2018 shoes and accessories, and it wasn’t shy about taking over the traditional world of eyewear for fall 2018.

Pink has always had a whimsical, optimistic and energetic appeal. Perhaps this cheerful disposition is what makes the color so appealing for the colder months. While we are used to cozying up to the darker side of the spectrum come September 1st, this fall 2018 sunglasses trend bids us to reconsider.

Pink infuses an outfit with a lush and carefree verve and can serve as an unexpected dose of joie de vivre to a black and grey look. The pink that swept the runway for fall 2018 and winter 2019 was retro in its mood and mod in in its silhouette.

Christian Dior’s fuchsia sunglasses were disco arcade-inspired and ridiculously exuberant. When paired with a black messenger cap, they epitomized a sassy and brazen mod London look.

Moschino’s retro flight attendant-inspired collection featured a punchy hot pink-rimmed design that echoed the life-loving energy of the season. Valentino’s mod-erotic baby pink cat eye specs were delightful.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Pink Sunglasses

#13. Thick-Rimmed and Metal-Topped Aviators

Confident. Brazen. Unapologetically glamorous. Sound like adjectives you want to be affiliated with? Perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading your fall 2018 sunglasses and adopting a luxe and sleek aviator.

Aviator sunglasses have always had a jet-set, paparazzi-avoiding appeal. It doesn’t hurt that the bug eye shape is intoxicatingly flattering and poised. This season, however, the magnetic pull of the aviator shape wasn’t enough for designers. They needed to incorporate a little something extra into the look.

That something extra? Thick rims – and particularly steel and metal rims! This urban infusion creates a shamelessly self-possessed silhouette. The sleek hardware creates an appealing contrast with wavy hair and pairs alluringly with leather and denim.

Lanvin’s aviators were luxurious but understated – perfect for a woman who wants to stun the masses without making a scene. We loved Sportmax’s thickly lined tortoiseshell aviators. They were elegant and decidedly vampy. They stole the show when paired with a neat ponytail and understated makeup.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Metal-Topped & Thick-Rimmed Aviator Sunglasses

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Metal-Topped & Thick-Rimmed Aviator Sunglasses

#14. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

While this fall/ winter 2018-2019 eyewear trend is kind of like the perennial plant of the fashion world, it bears repeating that it’s still hot and still relevant. Tortoiseshell sunglasses are neutral with a twist. They help to cultivate a feeling of texture, complexity, and dimensionality.

These fall 2018 sunglasses reflect the light delicately and have an appealingly marble-esque appearance. The tortoiseshell rim is polished and elegant with a jet-setting, casually glamorous energy.

Michael Kors sent out lust-worthy oversized shades in the material. Tortoiseshell was perhaps the foundation of Sportmax’s fall 2018 collection, proving the material could complement any design or shape.

The material was gently incorporated into Elie Saab’s oversized, elegant designs. Missoni’s bohemian gypsy round tortoiseshell specs had a Woodstock energy that is perfect for carefree babes.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

#15. Orange Shades

One color that was getting heavy screen time this season? Orange. Traditionally, when we think of orange we think of something juvenile or unapproachable. Designers have been working overtime in recent seasons to disprove this assumption and demonstrate that orange is an immensely wearable, flattering, and practical color.

Tones of mustard, terra cotta, and dusty tangerine prove that orange has a grown-up appeal. The magic of orange is that it still retains an unexpected feel without going overboard or being brash. Nothing is more current than a sleek pair of orange-rimmed sunglasses paired with a traditional fall uniform of a black coat and dark denim.

Altuzarra’s orange goggles were a tongue-in-cheek and playful way of playing the tangerine trend. Chloe’s bug-eye sunglasses had a vibrant orange gradient lens that resembled the surface of the sun. We can imagine them looking extra appealing with a fading tan come September.

Prada’s sunny sunflower shade was delightfully energetic and shockingly wearable. Christian Dior’s Andy Warhol-inspired oversized specs firmly established orange as the fashion risk-takers’ color of choice. The Tod’s minimalist orange sunglasses for fall 2018 were pared down and muted in their tones.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Orange Sunglasses

#16. Colored Lenses

If blackout lenses aren’t your thing, then why not experiment with one of the vibrant, whimsical, and fearless colored lenses of the season? We love colored lenses because they run the spectrum from opaque and distinct to translucent and barely perceptible. You can choose any tone from a spectrum of rainbow shades and then make it your own depending on how much color you’re comfortable with.

We loved Blumarine’s dainty and precious antique-style sunglasses for fall 2018, equipped with a royal plum gradient lens. Dolce & Gabbana’s rich navy blue lenses had a distinctly royal appeal.

Tod’s proved that colored lenses could be richly pigmented without being excessive or attention seeking. We loved the shades of deep wine and muted yellows.

Valentino’s sky blue lenses were an evocative and ethereal shade. They will be an unexpectedly effective infusion of color into your cold weather style.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Colored Lenses

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Colored Lenses

#17. Mod Futurism

A mod futuristic mood swept the runways during the Fashion Weeks for the fall/ winter 2018-2019 sunglasses trends (and not only). Think of campy, late 1960s renderings of the future, and what you get closely resembles the offerings we saw for fall and winter!

A mod futuristic style is bold and stark in its sleek lines and brazen silhouette. We loved how the ethos of the trend encapsulated a lot of the mini-movements of the season, like the move to colored lenses and unusual shapes.

A mod-futurist style infuses your look with an intelligent playfulness. The reference to the past, and the technicolor wonders of post-war futurism is a cult way of referencing some of the modern cultures’ most important outputs.

Marni nailed this trend with their boxy orange, blue, and ash black specs. They were larger than life and incorporated the campy-kitschy energy of a Sixties dance club.

Miu Miu’s neon lime-infused sunglasses were intensely robotic, like the conjuring of some 1960s sci-fi genius. Moschino’s tongue-in-cheek polka dot sunglasses were a more playful way of infusing a look with some cyber-retro fun.

MSGM’s alien-style galactic beam sunglasses were bizarre and appealing all at once, proving that there are no bounds when it comes to experimenting with this look.

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Mod Futuristic Sunglasses

#18. Sexy Librarian Eyeglasses

A trend similar in sensibility to the cat eye trend was the move toward a sexy librarian aesthetic. This is an appropriate antidote for women who want to veer away from the mod movement of the season and adopt something a bit more traditional.

And the best part of this fall 2018 eyewear trend? It proves that traditional does not equate to dull or tired. Librarian-style glasses flatter the face delicately and intrigue without overpowering the look.

Bottega Veneta’s simple and polished eyewear flattered the face by creating the illusion of symmetry. The slight extended rims create a quietly flirty feel.

Coach’s subtle black sunglasses resembled studious back-to-school eyeglasses, but with a denser rim and smokey translucent lens. When paired with a strategically messy hairstyle the result is utterly pensive.

Fendi’s simply appointed eyewear sent out the ‘I’m happier reading books’ vibe – perfect for women looking to curate a more reserved and thoughtful aura for the fall 2018 and winter 2019 season!

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Sunglasses Trends: Librarian Eyeglasses

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