Trends » Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends

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The fall 2020 hat trends are a diverse bunch. The headwear presented on the runways this season ran the gamut from the plain and practical to the absurd and conspicuous, with a fair bit of harmless and chic hats somewhere in the middle.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends

Many of the fall/ winter 2020 hat trends featured designs that will surely keep you warm, including a ton of beanies as well as some fuzzy hats. Brimmed hats made of fabric (inspired by menswear) also have a practical application, helping to keep the head warm and the face protected both from rain and the sun, but with a robust construction that works with winter or autumn aesthetic.

As far as designs that are primarily about making a statement, the fall 2020 headwear trends also included some fun options like equestrian hats, veiled hats, and some massively oversized versions of the more down-to-earth hat trends.

#1. Beanies

Simple, casual, warm, practical, and not to mention easy to produce – it’s not too surprising that beanies were the most major winter 2020 hats. After all, this season wasn’t particularly extravagant or fancy, at least not when compared to the seasons before.

Brandon Maxwell dressed many of his models in cuffless, knitted beanies in solid shades like black, brown, white, or green. The beanies were on the shorter side and were styled to sit tilted to the side without covering the ears or much of the forehead, so they added an extra touch of casualness to the looks. 

Erdem added a glamorous twist to black beanies by decorating them with expensive-looking jewels along the top. Molly Goddard also had some fun by topping ribbed beanies with oversized bows. 

Lots of other designers also presented their own fashionable twists on the beanie, including Ashley Williams, Coach 1941, Gucci, and Max Mara.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Beanies
Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Beanies
Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Beanies

#2. Flowers

Flowers are always a great decoration, but they took on a slightly darker and more autumnal vibe for the fall 2020 hat trends.

For instance, a few of the knitted hats at Erdem were topped with voluminous flowers made of bunched black fabric. Bucket hats at Antonio Marras were decorated with repurposed natural waste, including real flowers, feathers, leaves, and twigs, attached in a way that looked intentionally messy and haphazard.

At Dries Van Noten, a few models wore tight black caps decorated with an elaborate collection of metallic appliqués in jewel tones shaped like flowers.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Foral Hats

#3. Hats with Veils

Veils showed up a lot on the runways, mostly as a separate hair accessory, but they also helped give that dark, mysterious, and mournful touch to the fall 2020 hat trends.

Black caps that bordered on fascinators at Anna Sui were fitted with a small black veil that shadowed the face to give an air of mystery. At Antonio Marras, some of the heavily-decorated hats were also fitted with a rough-looking net in yellow or black that, in some cases, draped over the face like a veil.

Even Marc Jacobs added a veil over an oversized bowler hat.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Veiled Hats

#4. Warm and Fuzzy

Fuzzy materials are a great way of staying warm while following the winter 2020-2021 hat trends.

On the bright and playful side of things, Ashley Williams presented soft-looking caps and elongated beanies made of a feathery-fuzzy faux fur in a pink and blue color gradient. 

Marc Jacobs dressed Kaia Gerber in a matching shearling coat and hat combination in lemon yellow. The pairing had a classy vintage feel, perfect for those wanting to have fun while still looking elegant in their winter wear. 

Vintage vibes ruled at Shrimps, as well, with convincing faux fur hats in black or brown, once again worn with matching coats.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Warm & Fuzzy Hats
Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Warm & Fuzzy Hats

#5. Wide-Brim Menswear-Inspired Fedora Hats

Felt or fabric wide-brim hats have become extremely popular in street style in the last few years, but it took a bit of time for the high-fashion labels to catch up. For the fall 2020 headwear trends, you can choose from bowler or fedora-style crowns with brims that are wide but not sunhat-level massive.

Black felt hats at Celine featured a smooth and round bowler-style crown with a black ribbon, giving a winter-appropriate hat to shield the face from the sun. 

If you prefer a fedora-style crown, the hats at Etro might be a better fit. They were made of felt as well and also had a ribbon detail but with a dimpled top and with options in either black or pale pink.

Lastly, at Zimmermann, a tan hat in suede actually had a bit of a Wild West vibe, though we think that in practice, it’ll work well with a bohemian or nomadic aesthetic.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Wide-Brim Menswear-Inspired Fedora Hats

#6. Equestrian Style

Equestrian boots absolutely ruled the runways when it came to footwear, but a few designers took the horse girl vibes further with equestrian-inspired winter 2020 hats.

At Chanel, this meant models wore caps designed to look like horse riding helmets, with a round, solid crown and a continuous black visor. The hats at Self-Portrait had a slightly similar rounded, solid design but without a cap.

Maison Margiela took a different horse-related route, with brimmed hats that reminded this Canadian writer of the hats worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (yes, our police officers ride horses!).

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Equestrian Hats

#7. Winter Buckets

Bucket hats are continuing their upward trajectory with the fall/ winter 2020-2021 hat trends. This was one of the most ubiquitous hat styles on the runways this season!

Cividini gave us winter-ready bucket hats that were topped with a thick knitted cap, so they looked cozier than normal. Margaret Howell presented the chic styling option of folding the bucket hat brim up to reveal the face.

Vivetta gave a feminine and slightly less casual twist on bucket hats, with a pink option made of felt that had a more solid and structured construction. Bucket hats were given a twist at Kenzo, with a wide range of bucket hats in different fabrics and colors upgraded with an extra length of protective fabric going down the back.

We also spotted a couple of soft, printed buckets at Iceberg, and Off-White.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Bucket Hats
Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Bucket Hats

#8. Bandanas and Headscarves

Bandanas and headscarves present a great way of keeping the head covered securely, and depending on how you wrap or tie them on, they can have a totally different impact on your look. Modest headscarf-wrapping techniques also show that the high-fashion world is considering the diversity of their clients as well as their religious fashion needs. 

At Christian Dior, models wore satin bandanas printed with the brand’s letter logo tied around their heads in a more casual style. Bandanas with an old school paisley print were tied in the same technique at R13.

Ugbad Abdi, a model from Somalia, was the first model to ever wear a hijab on the Fendi and Lanvin runways. She sported tight satin scarves at both shows – the first in black and the second in pink. 

We spotted more head wraps at Libertine, and Marc Jacobs.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Bandanas & Headscarves
Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Bandanas & Headscarves

#9. Newsboys & Berets

Berets feel classy in a slightly pretentious and almost ridiculous (but still fashion) type of way, but most newsboys, which are similar, are very much reminiscent of the early-2000s, so they’re another sign that this decade is coming back soon. 

The leather newsboy caps at Christian Dior had a puffier crown, making them decidedly emblematic of the aughts. Marc Jacobs presented a similar newsboy cap made out of fabric, as well as more French-inspired berets.

By keeping the crown flat, Dolce & Gabbana presented newsboy caps that felt a lot classier, especially since they were made of a patterned tweed that matched the outwear the models wore.

We also spotted a few classy berets at Emporio Armani, which were made of luxe velvet or satin and were worn tilted to the side. Finally, Libertine leaned hard into the French vibes, with a red beret made of fabric and dotted with crystal appliqués.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Berets & Newsboy Caps
Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Berets & Newsboy Caps

#10. Oversized Hats

Some designers presented extra-large iterations of the fall/ winter 2020-2021 hat trends for those fashionistas that have a serious eccentric side.

At Missoni, we spotted a comically oversized and warm-looking beret made of striped wool. We also appreciated the intense coziness of oversized knitted beanies at Dolce & Gabbana.

Nina Ricci presented extra-large, solid felt bucket hats that almost looked like they floated slightly above the models’ heads. The vibe was similarly silly at R13 with a fuzzy bowler with an elongated crown.

We spotted a few more oversized hats at Maison Margiela, and Givenchy.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Oversized Hats
Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Oversized Hats

#11. Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is a timeless accessory with a masculine touch. It’s not the kind of item that immediately jumps to mind when one thinks of Fashion Week, but perhaps that’s why it’s always intriguing to see these caps on the runways. 

Each x Other kept things simple with a white-beige baseball cap with a breathable netted crown and the brand’s ‘80s-style logo printed at the front. A black cap at Leonard Paris was printed with an autumnal-toned tropical print, looking surprisingly elegant.

Lastly, Marine Serre played with the idea of sustainable athleisure in a few of the looks she created, which included a color-matched ensemble with a pink ball cap.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Baseball Caps

#12. Hats with Chin Straps or Ties

Fastening your hat with a chin strap or tie this fall will ensure you won’t lose it when the strong fall winds blow. This was quite a curious detail that made many fall 2020 hats even more covetable.

Chin straps were a natural addition to the equestrian hats we spotted at Self-Portrait or Maison Margiela, but they looked extra-cool when added to the different hat styles at Gucci. At Giambattista Valli, the chin strap was even embellished with a bejeweled brooch.

We also saw hats with chin straps or ties at Erdem, and Iceberg.

Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Hat Trends: Hats with Chin Straps or Ties

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