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Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Hat Trends

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For seasons often known for their chilly temperatures, it would only make sense that the fall/ winter 2021-2022 hat trends would emerge to keep us nice and cozy as the temperatures dipped. Along these lines, old trends were revamped with extra accessories for our pandemic life, and other hat trends we’ve already fallen in love with took hold of our imaginations once more. You’ll have plenty of options for what to wear, from a return of the snoods to the love of beanies!

Many of the 2021 hat trends featured designs that will surely keep you warm, including a ton of beanies as well as some fuzzy fur hats. Brimmed hats made of fabric (inspired by menswear) also have a practical application, helping to keep the head warm and the face protected both from rain and the sun but with a robust construction that works with winter or autumn aesthetic.

So, when it comes to styling your outfits this season, don’t just lean into the bags, shoes, and scarves to keep you looking stylish and staying warm. Instead, designers want us to also focus on hats, as their collections incorporated many styles. Cue the colors, the prints, and the fur because it is all here for us to adore!

#1. Furry Hats

Fuzzy materials are a great way of staying warm while following the winter hat trends. If petable accessories are your addiction, then 2021 is your year. From covering both shoe and purse trends, we’ve already seen plenty of furry options to wear, but it simply wasn’t enough for some designers.

Miu Miu and Chanel may have stopped with the matching boots and bags, but it’s clear that Anna Sui needed a furry bucket hat to have fun with. Matthew Williams of Givenchy just couldn’t help himself with both white and black furry hat options in the fall/ winter collection. I think it’s safe to say that this winter hat trend is ultimately stylish and warm!

#2. The Beanie Is Back!

Simple, casual, warm, practical, and not to mention easy to produce – it’s not too surprising that beanies were the most major winter hats. After all, this season wasn’t particularly extravagant or fancy, at least not when compared to the seasons before. Whether you choose to see the beanie as chic or not, the hat is back in full-fledged popularity, from Chanel to Altuzarra.

At Chanel, a pink camellia flower may have smiled from a black beanie, and at Altuzarra, oversized beanies certainly took charge. Still, many other designers strived to incorporate cozy hats into their collections as well. Part of this reason might be the adoration that comes from its versatility at being able to be dressed up or down. Or the fact a beanie just has the ability to brighten even the dreariest days with so many styles and colors to choose from!

#3. Page Boy Hat or Baker’s Boy?

These stylish and comfortable hats may have been called many things, from monmouths during the reign of Elizabeth I to the constant debate in the 21st century over whether or not these should be referred to as baker’s boy or page boy hats. But whatever you choose to call it, they are most certainly back.

While earlier this year, Taylor Swift was photographed in one, that has little to do with why we are stating the return on the page boy hat. Our reasoning comes from the fact that they were sported on many a fall/ winter runway, from Courreges to Marine Serre to Ruslan Baginskiy and many more.

#4. Widened Hats

Felt or fabric wide-brim hats have become extremely popular in street style in the last few years, but it took a bit of time for the high-fashion labels to catch up. For the fall headwear trends, you can choose from bowler or fedora-style crowns with brims that are wide but not sunhat-level massive. Add a bit of extra elegance to your outfit with a wide-brimmed hat this fall and winter. It will keep you stylish as long as you wear it, and if there’s an impromptu rainstorm, you should also be covered!

If you’re desiring a more formal option, it appears that Alessandro Michele of Gucci planned one for you. However, if you just want a waterproof wool hat (yes, it exists!), then Virginie Viard has got you (and your head) covered at Chanel. So, it’s time to hop on the wide-brim hat train to the land of boho-chic sophistication.

#5. Snood Attack

Whether you call it a snood or a balaclava, this mix between a hat and scarf is proving to be a popular (and useful) headwear of 2021. Easy to throw on and hide bedhead hair as you venture out… and, oh no! You forgot a mask? Not to fear! This hat trend comes to the rescue because you can simply pull the ‘scarf ‘ up just a tad higher to cover your nose and mouth (if this happens often, you might want to invest in the Miu Miu or Ambush option since they have a bit of extra ‘scarf’).

For all these reasons, the balaclava or snood was one of the most popular items for designers to have on the runways. Just take a look at the Balmain, Moschino, Max Mara, Alyx, Givenchy, and Raf Simons runways!

#6. Buckets

If you’ve been sitting around and assuming that bucket hats are simply a spring/ summer hat trend, you are most certainly wrong! We might be heralding a return of the 2000s right now, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping this ‘90s loving hat from finding its way into our fold. From Anna Sui to Dolce & Gabbana and Jacquemus, this 2021 hat trend flaunted its way down the runway in many ways.

#7. Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is a timeless accessory with a masculine touch. It’s not the kind of item that immediately jumps to mind when one thinks of Fashion Week, but perhaps that’s why it’s always intriguing to see these caps on the runways.

Celine kept things simple with a black baseball cap with the brand’s ‘logo printed at the front. A lilac cap at Marine Serre was printed with the brand’s minimalist logo print, looking surprisingly elegant. Lastly, Dolce & Gabbana played with the idea of adding bejeweled logo details to the simple black ball cap.

#8. Trapper Hat

Trapper hats present a great way of keeping the head covered securely, and depending on how you wear them, they can have a totally different impact on your look. Fastening your hat with a chin strap or tie, for example, will ensure you won’t lose it when the strong fall winds blow. This was quite a curious detail that made many fall 2021 hats even more covetable.

Trapper hats looked extra-cool at Dior, coming in leather and different colors and perfectly contrasting with the outfits presented. At Tod’s, trooper hats looked massive and cozy, promising to keep the wearer warm even in the harshest winter months. Finally, Burberry gave a futuristic touch to the trapper hat by using an elongated strap that was left loose.

#9. Other Unique and Eccentric Shapes

The fall 2021 hat trends are a diverse bunch. The headwear presented on the runways this season ran the gamut from the plain and practical to the absurd and conspicuous, with a fair bit of harmless and chic hats somewhere in the middle.

As far as designs that are primarily about making a statement, the fall 2021 headwear trends also included some fun options, like equestrian hats from Elisabetta Franchi, cozy berets from Philosophy, tiny fascinators from Moschino, and some massively oversized versions of the more down-to-earth hat trends from Del Core.

Photos via Vogue, Livingly