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Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends

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Fashion Week might be about clothes, but there is truly something magical about the makeup that models wear as they walk down the runways – virtual or otherwise. The fun eyeshadow, extravagant lipsticks, and bold eyeliners seemingly lift the outfits, taking everyone further into the fairyland of fashion.

Paris might be known for red lips and dark eyes, New York for natural appearances, London for fun, eclectic styles, and Milan for its demure makeup, but in each of the four major fashion capitals, the fall/ winter 2021-2022 makeup looks startled and excited, drew in and caused awed breaths, as the rules were shed to show that the world is united (at least) in the land of cosmetics.

Glamorous, fun, or flirty styles might have taken center stage. But minimalistic makeup looks were also popular. So, with so many exciting makeup looks trending, hopefully, you’ll have no problem kicking your routine to the curb and adding in a few additions for fun, exciting makeup come the fall!

#1. ‘No Makeup’ Makeup

Fuss-free beauty is most certainly taking hold once again. And who wouldn’t want it? Looking amazing and saving time? Yes, please! Many fashion houses seemed to echo this statement, focusing on having their models look dewy-faced and hopeful instead of going to extremes with various cosmetics. 

For Louis Vuitton, Pat McGrath played with the idea of barely-there makeup, and both Chloe and Gonçalo Peixoto followed the makeup maven’s lead to ‘natural’ skin glory. After all, great skin is always in style! Still, when watching the models at these shows, it’s important to remember that there is makeup on their faces, even if we can’t see it because that amount of beauty comes with luxury skincare and an amazing foundation!

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: No Makeup Makeup

#2. Sticker Time!

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and feel like a five-year-old again as you excitedly examine sticker packs to decide which to bejewel your face (or body) with. From Fara Homidi at Coperni that tacked a few gems on the creases of the models’ eyes, to Isamaya Ffrench at Burberry adding ‘constellations’ to the models’ faces, this 2021 makeup trend is most certainly going to take over Instagram. But, if you want to choose something more natural, follow Bora Aksu’s lead, where the models walked down the runways with flowers under their eyes – just dose up on your allergy medication beforehand!

And while this article might just be focused on the fall/ winter 2021-2022 makeup trends, it’s hard to leave out Inge Grognard’s contribution at Blumarine, where she added sparkling butterfly decals to the models’ limbs for an extra fun and childish take on the adorable makeup trend.

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Face Stickers

#3. Soap Brows

It appears that the soap brow trend that was popularized on TikTok isn’t going anywhere this winter. But why should it? It clearly makes brows look smooth and effortless, albeit slightly brushed up. 

Designers most certainly are loving this trend, considering everyone from Jason Wu to Dior seemed to opt for the smooth textured brow that might have just been created with a bit of soap! Play it up this winter, after all, it’s the only makeup you really need, and as supermodel Linda Evangelista says, “no one is born with perfect eyebrows” until soap came in? I suppose time will tell!

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Soap Brows

#4. Lilac Love

With saturated colors in and purple being a heavenly rich and luxurious color, it only makes sense that designers would gravitate towards lilac eyeshadow for the fall 2021 makeup trends.

From Giambattista Valli playing with violets and lilacs for their models’ eyeshadows to Jamal Scott bringing in a decidedly euphoria vibe with rhinestones added to the lilac eyeshadow at Christian Cowan, the floral colored hue is most certainly in. Of course, if branching out from a neutral palette is already a step outside your comfort zone, let’s not go any further and just follow Versace’s lead, where eyeshadow was just eyeshadow – but colorful and fun with lilac included!

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Lilac Eyeshadow

#5. Abstract Eyes

Leave makeup artists alone for a year, and they’ll get pretty creative. From TikTok to Instagram, eyeshadows became abstract works of art. Perhaps designers wanted to entice Gen Z, or perhaps they fell for the trend themselves, but abstract eyeshadow became a large fall makeup trend on the runways.

At Anna Sui, Pat McGrath went for mod makeup looks with thick lines and abstract details utilizing negative space. Along with the makeup at Anna Sui, Versace went for monochromatic, colorful, winged eyeshadow, and N21 echoed the Versace wings but swapped the colors for an inky black. So, if you got caught with insanely over-the-top makeup during quarantine, it’s time to pull those brushes out and have fun with makeup palettes once again!

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Abstract Eye Makeup
Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Abstract Eye Makeup

#6. Shimmering Eyeshadow

It seems that all things that shimmer are infinitely popular this season, and eyeshadow wasn’t left out. As Pat McGrath explained about the Prada fashion show (because she seems to have held court on makeup trends for all designers), the makeup look was a fusion of masculine and feminine, inspired by the idea of change, where she combined metallic eyeshadows with pretty pastels. Gianvito Rossi also followed suit by playing up the eyes with shimmering metallic eyeshadow, and so I can say with confidence that this is your season to sparkle in gold, silver, or bronze glory!

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Shimmering Eyeshadow

#7. Smokey Eyes

I don’t think we’ll ever part with this eye makeup style. Truly, the look is as iconic as the roaring ‘20s and old films that started it! If you happen to adore this style for a night out, you aren’t alone, as many designers made sure their models wore it when walking for the collections. So, thankfully, thick smudges of black and brown eyeshadow swirled together in a delicious haze will always be in, considering the Italian labels of Max Mara, Fendi, and Alberta Ferretti all gave their stamp of approval at Milan Fashion Week this fall/ winter 2021.

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Smokey Eyes
Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Smokey Eyes

#8. Ink It up

It seems that it’s time to ditch winged eyeliner for an inky-black grunge look. The quintessentially Parisian style took root for some houses of the city, such as Chanel, Dior, and Givenchy. And whether you decide to opt for the smokey eyes as Lucia Pica did for Chanel, Peter Philips’ use of negative-space at Dior, or Givenchy’s all-out look, you’d appear completely stylish.

However, if you think you have to carry a French passport to try this look, you are most certainly wrong because both Sandy Liang and Victoria Beckham reached for black eyeshadow and eyeliner as well for a decidedly youthquake feel!

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Inky Graphic Eyeliner
Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Inky Graphic Eyeliner
Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Inky Graphic Eyeliner

#9. Ruby Red Lips

Like red nails this fall and winter, it seems that the 2021-2022 makeup trends are just dying for us to grab a bold classic for our lips as well. Once we go out again – and masks come off – it seems that our lips will pop with bright reds whether in lipstick, tints, balms, or gloss. But who cares? Sandy Liang went for plum red contrasts against pale skin, and Jonathan Simkhai, Dries Van Noten, and Prabal Gurung all reached for deep ruby reds when painting their models’ lips for the shows this season.

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Red Lips
Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Red Lips

#10. Muted Mouth

In contrast with red lips, some designers seemed to want to continue the au naturel look that has been so popular and refreshing recently. From Mark Fast to Elisabetta Franchi to Etro, this happened to be the popular look because nude lips are just so kissable! So, if you want to just brush on a bit of lip balm or slide on a bit of neutral gloss, you’d be perfectly on-trend as well. Fashion might seem like an exclusive club, but really, it’s quite inclusive when it tries to be!

Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Nude Lips
Fall/ Winter 2021-2022 Makeup Trends: Nude Lips

Photos via Vogue, Livingly