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Artful, glamorous, and just a little spooky – these are the best adjectives to describe the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends. Crafted to coincide with some fascinating runway themes, the fall 2019 beauty trends were diverse and memorable, with many elements that will surely become everyday staples.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends

On the wearable side of the fall/ winter 2019 makeup trends we saw gorgeously dewy skin, a touch of bronzer, and lots of different techniques for using eyeliner. Eyeshadow colors were feminine, with lots of pinks and purples, while gold and glitter will compete against smokey eyes for the go-to going out look.

The super strong brow was on its way out, while extra fluffy lashes were definitely in for the fall 2019 makeup trends. As far as artistic creations were concerned, abstract paint splatters, unique eyelashes, and line work were the choice for avant-garde makeup, while on the creepier side of things we saw contact lenses used impactfully.

Let’s take a second to chat about the artists responsible for the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends! These artists are skilled and versatile – sometimes it’s hard to believe that the same artist created such wildly different looks at the different fashion shows! Diane Kendal, for example, painted alien faces at Rick Owens, smokey eyes at Tom Ford, and no-makeup makeup looks on a bunch of other runways.

It’s probably redundant to mention makeup goddess Pat McGrath, one of the hardest working and most influential makeup artists in the world, who went from ultra-soft pastel shadows at Valentino to graphic ‘60s eyes at Anna Sui. She’s also the fierce wielder of bleach, turning eyebrows invisible behind the scenes at quite a few different catwalks.

Dick Page, Lucia Pieroni, Val Garland and Tom Pecheux are a few others who deserve a mention for their huge influence. Read on to see what these masters created in our guide to the most significant fall/ winter 2019-2020 beauty trends!

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Beauty Trends: Complexion

#1. Splashes of Makeup on Face

The avant-garde option for the fall/ winter 2019 makeup trends was a little bit creepy and very post-apocalyptic. Models’ faces were splashed with paint in a way that created an otherworldly and intimidating effect.

There was certainly lots of “the end is nigh” talks at Vivienne Westwood, so the splashes of paint on the face seemed like an appropriate end-of-the-world, everything-is-on-fire makeup look. The paint was either colorful and rubbery in a delightfully creepy way, or it was metallic and concentrated at the center of the face like the most bizarre highlight.

The effect was a bit more painterly at Eckhaus Latta, where a few of the models had watercolor-esque combinations of shadow splashed across their eyes and forehead, while others had smaller smudges of colorful shadow applied haphazardly over their eyes or even directly on their eyebrows. Similar choices were made at Collina Strada, to fit with the tie-dye-heavy fabrics in the collection.

Some of the models at Marine Serre had their faces painted silver, which was actually fairly tame compared to the models who had their faces totally covered. Other runways where we saw splashes of makeup on the face included Gucci, Manish Arora, and Kenzo.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Splashes of Makeup on the Face

#2. Barely-There Makeup

A no-makeup makeup look is a runway classic, intended to enhance models’ beauty without interfering, and to allow the audience to really focus on the clothes presented. Keeping things simple is perfectly acceptable, according to the fall/ winter 2019 makeup trends. You can achieve this look with ease with the help of concealer, lip balm, and just a hint of mascara!

The no-makeup look at Marc Jacobs was especially notable because it’s not exactly what we’re used to. Models on a Marc Jacobs runway are usually done up in noticeable and avant-garde ways, so the shift to clean, pared-down makeup was surprising but not unwelcome. Many were quick to point out that the likely reason for the subtle look was that Marc Jacobs Beauty will soon be debuting skin care products.

This is the second season in a row that Tata Harper comes backstage at Stella McCartney to give models facials before the show. As a result, everyone’s faces glowed with health and hydration, with barely-there makeup helping to emphasize things. Other runways where the makeup look was kept as minimal as possible included Lanvin, Balmain, and Celine.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: No Makeup Makeup

#3. Blushing

This might be the most youthful of the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends. A touch of pinky blush is the easiest way to liven up the complexion and soften the face, so the runways where it showed up were definitely ones where innocence and purity were part of the aesthetic.

The models at Chanel looked as though they were just slightly flushed from a cold day out in the snow. A touch of neutral pink blush was applied high on the apples of their cheeks, close to the nose, looking like a natural flush.

The use of slightly warm peach blush, paired with a peachy lipstick, lent an air of romance to the beautiful Rosie Assoulin collection. A rosy blush was applied with a heavier hand at Aigner, and was even pulled up to the temple and then blended into the eyeshadow, leading to a beautifully cohesive look.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Blushing

#4. Bronzed Goddess

It’s hard to resist a bronzed goddess, especially when everyone else is looking pale and cold, which is why the runways where bronzer was used liberally really stood out to us, even though the rest of the makeup was kept understated.

For the Isabel Marant show, a warm golden-brown bronzer was applied low on the cheeks (lower than the ideal blush placement, but a little higher than contour) and on the sides of the forehead. There was even a wash of the same tone over the eyes!

Models at Area had their skin made up to look glowy yet bronzed, with bronzer applied high on the cheeks and along the perimeter of the forehead, and a strobe cream used to give dewy illumination to the center of the forehead, tip of the nose, and high points of the cheek.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Bronzer

#5. Dewy Skin

The skin can get so dry and dull during winter, when there’s no moisture in the air and cold winds assault our faces. No wonder that designers and makeup artists alike wanted to go in the opposite direction, to show beautifully glowy and hydrated skin that won’t get damaged by inclement weather. Notably missing from this trend: shimmery highlighters. This healthy glow is all about moisture.

The makeup is always kept tame on the Victoria Beckham runway, and this year Pat McGrath crafted a softly perfected look with minimal foundation, a glowy complexion, and a hint of neutral eyeshadow.

Dewy, healthy-looking skin at Emilio Pucci was achieved with behind-the-scenes help from Omorovicza facialists, and was complemented with a smudge of brick red lipstick, applied expertly by Niamh Quinn. She also kept the makeup glowy for the Grecian ladies at Shrimps.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Dewy Skin

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Beauty Trends: Eye Makeup

#6. Sparkle and Glitter

It’s fun to use a bit of glitter in your makeup look now and then, but for the fall 2019 makeup looks makeup artists went way above that, opting for lots of glitter rather than a subtle touch.

Matching eyes to lips made for a fun effect at Rodarte, where the ultra-glittery makeup ended up being a great fit for a lot of large, ultra-femme dresses. More was more at Ashish, as well, with models wearing glitter-studded eyeshadow from lid to brow in various colors in combination with a glittery lip.

The combination of bare face and glitter at Dries Van Noten was also quite unique, with the glitter applied messily around the eyes. Metallic glitter eyeshadow at Halpern was combined with an otherwise neutral face, so all the focus could be on the drama above the eyes. The effect, especially when combined with the draped printed dresses, was Ancient Egyptian royalty.

For something a little subtle, a touch of gold glitter over the eyes at Cividini is the best example.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Glitter Eyeshadow

#7. ‘60s Eye, Sort of

There are a few elements that are heavily associated with the ‘60s mod eye makeup look, and usually only one of them is required to achieve the effect. The first is applying a rounded line of liner or dark eyeshadow either along the crease or slightly above it (usually matching it with a swipe of winged black liner on the top lash line, as well), and the second is a clumpy layer of mascara on the bottom lashes (alternatively, vertical lines can be drawn to mimic the clumpy lashes, à la Twiggy).

For Anna Sui, Pat McGrath created that stripe of shadow over the eye in a deep purple tone, leaving the rest of the lid bare. A thick line of black liner around the eye and below the waterline completed the effect, and a healthy dose of mascara helped.

Peter Phillips created an exaggerated take on ‘60s lashes by drawing thick vertical lines under the lower lash line at Dior, and made it even more cartoonish by using the same black cream to draw a half moon shape over the lid.

Most unique of all, though, was the combination of appliqués and makeup at Giambattista Valli, which led to a super artistic take on the ‘60s eye look. A white cream was used to draw a line over the crease, while winged black liner was applied heavily to the top lash line as well as below the lower lashes. Then, over the bottom liner a silver strip of false lashes was glued on, in a unique and exaggerated take on the already exaggerated mascara style.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: '60s Eye Makeup

#8. Pops of Color

Colorful eyeshadow or eyeliner is a quick and easy way to add some playfulness to your look, and since they’re also part of the fall 2019 beauty trends, it’ll be high fashion playfulness that we’re talking about.

It was all about small yet impactful uses of colorful eyeshadow at Natasha Zinko and Tibi. A few of the models on the former runway rocked little arrows of bright eyeshadow that hovered just above the crease in the outer corner of the eye, while at the latter, a bit of green eyeshadow was blended into the outer corner of the eye, above a bit of black eyeliner.

Winged liner at Guy Laroche was pointy and perfectly applied, in a cool red tone that made it extra fierce. It was the main point of interest in the look, with the rest of the makeup being as subtle and understated as possible.

Perfect wings were also the go-to at Philipp Plein, where they showed up on quite a few of the models in a lime green shade that matched the main color of the collection.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Colorful Eyeshadow & Eyeliner

#9. Smudges of Shadow

Smudged eyeshadow was one of the go-to avant-garde creations from the fall 2019 makeup trends, with artists using both creams and shadows to create unblended, messy looks that worked well with the grunge motifs running through so many shows.

The look at the Carolina Herrera show was a “no-makeup” one for the most part, but a few models sporting shockingly bright eyeshadow in electric shades of blue or pink, applied in a messy rectangular shape. Swipes of silver were applied in a similar rectangular shape at Anaïs Jourden, making this one of the most common eyeshadow shapes from this season.

Most models at Iceberg had their lids covered in messy swipes of either lavender or dark blue eyeshadow, with a line of an electric analog color cutting the crease and ending at a point along the side of the nose. Smudges of creamy shadow at Francesca Liberatore had a watercolor effect.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Smudges of Eyeshadow

#10. Pretty in Pink and Purple

Soft shades like pink and purple were some of the most common eyeshadow colors in the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends. For the most part the runways this season avoided extreme femininity, so this was one of the few ways in which artists got to play around with soft, girlish makeup styles.

The soft lavender eyeshadow at Valentino was the perfect match to the airy tulle dresses. The look actually had quite a bit of dimension, with a lighter lavender applied to the lid and a slightly darker purple giving depth in the crease.

There were a few different makeup looks at the Tomo Koizumi show, but a shimmery light purple eye was the most memorable. The lovely makeup look at Veronica Beard consisted of light, pale pink eyeshadow applied all over the lid, paired with a nude lip and a bit of blush.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Pink & Purple Eyeshadow

#11. Monochrome

We’re not usually into “matchy-matchy” looks, but there is something about matching the lips to the eyes that strikes us as uniquely fashionable, especially when the shades chosen are not too standard.

The monochromatic look at Kate Spade was described as rosewood by makeup artist Romy Soleimani, with the warm burgundy shade used to color the inner part of the lid, along with similar tones for the blush and lipstick.

Makeup artist Grace Lee created a warm monochromatic look at Cushnie by using the same lipstick applied to the lips as a cream blush, and then smudging a similar color into the outer corner and crease of the eye.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Monochrome Makeup

#12. Brown Eyeshadow

A wash of brown or taupe eyeshadow acts like eye contour, giving a bit of definition in a subtle and understated way. It can have an incredible effect; depending on how it is applied it might open up the eyes, or it might put them in a mysterious shadow. For the fall 2019 makeup trends artists made full use of its potential.

For Alexa Chung, Lisa Eldridge created a brown eyeshadow look while keeping the rest of the face looking clean of makeup. The taupey brown was applied to the lids, and then extended outwards past the outer corner of the eye, with an unblended edge. The overall effect was flattering yet dark.

The beauty look at Max Mara was all about brown monochrome sophistication, with models wearing brown eyeshadow over the lid, which was then pulled out in a wing, along with similarly colored contouring and a peachy-brown lip.

It was all about all-over taupe at Ryan Lo, as well, albeit in a shade that leaned a little towards more gray, which led to a brown smokey effect. We also saw brown eyeshadow used at Elie Saab, and Hugo Boss.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Brown Eyeshadow

#13. Gold Eye Makeup

A bit of gold is a sure way to look glamorous. For the fall/ winter 2019 makeup trends, gold eyes were definitely that, but there was also something a little disco about them. Gold was often combined with darker, smokey outer corners and creases, in big and bold evening looks.

This was exactly the case at Michael Kors, where golden smokey eyes on some of the models would be the perfect look for someone trying to get into Studio 54. There was a similarly gold and brown smokey eye at LaQuan Smith, though the gold was kept a little smaller and subtler, while a heavy layer of black eyeliner surrounding the eye ensured the overall effect would be quite modern.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Gold Eye Makeup

#14. The Fashion Smokey Eye

Dark black and truly gothic smokey eyes weren’t what makeup artists had in mind for the fall/ winter 2019-2020 beauty trends. The smokey eyes they crafted this season were elegant and high fashion – intended for the red carpet rather than the night club.

The most iconic of all of these are Diane Kendal’s smokey eyes at Tom Ford, which was crafted through careful layering of brown eyeliner, mauve eyeshadow, and clear gloss, with just a hint of black eyeliner applied super close to the lash line and in the water line.

Smokey eyes at Brock Collection were also non-standard. A gunmetal gray shade was applied all around the eye, and then pulled out past the outer corner of the eye in a sharp shape. The look was topped with black liquid eyeliner both above the top lashes and below the lower lash line.

Dick Page’s smokey eyes at Hermès were deeper, with black eyeliner applied all around the eye, and then all the way up to the crease where it was smoked out with brown eyeshadow. We also saw some fashionable takes on the smokey eye at Elie Saab, with an understated look, and Paco Rabanne with a look based on heavy use of black eyeliner.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Smokey Eyes

#15. Glossy Lids

There is something about glossy eyelids that strikes me as cool and summery, and yet, here it is as one of the fall 2019 makeup trends. It’s hard (i.e. impossible) to achieve glossy lids that won’t crease, which is why it’s hard to imagine that this look will reach far beyond the runways.

The glossy lids at Christopher Kane were fairly straightforward: makeup artist Lucia Pieroni applied gloss from lid to just above the crease, while the rest of the makeup was kept looking natural.

The glossy eye makeup look at Prabal Gurung was extremely sultry, as dark brown liner in the waterline and above the lid was made to look shiny and melty thanks to the swipe of gloss over it and the rest of the lid. Lastly, at Leonard Paris, glossy orange shadow made for a bright, cheerful look.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Glossy Lids

#16. Morning-After Liner

One of the best ways to complement a ‘90s-inspired collection is some smudged, grunge eyeliner in the waterline or under it. You don’t have to worry too much about how well you rub your eye makeup off at night – a purposeful cursory wipe should be enough for you to wake up with one of the fall 2019 makeup trends in the morning.

The Versace collection had lots of ‘90s and grunge elements, which included a healthy amount of black eyeliner applied in the waterline and then smudged out underneath. In quite a few instances Pat McGrath paired it with a dark orange-red lip.

The eyeliner at Marques’Almeida brought me memories of smudged black pencil eyeliner all around the eye as my first baby step into makeup. A touch of metallic shadow was applied as a second layer, creating a glossy morning-after effect.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Grunge Smudged Eyeliner

#17. Extreme Winged Black Liner

I wish there was an account of the total amount of black eyeliner creams and liquids that were totally used up on the autumn runways. This is because one of the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends was the exaggerated use of eyeliner, which was applied uniquely, either to extreme lengths or all over the lid.

The exaggerated winged liner at Erdem, which actually covered the whole lid before tapering out into a point at the outer corner, seemed particularly beautiful and even soft rather than dark and intense because of how it was paired with elegant updos and headpieces. A few of the models at Zadig + Voltaire rocked a very similar eyeliner look.

The eyeliner was styled somewhat similarly at Missoni, although the black liner covering the lid extended up a little higher near the inner corner of the eye, so the overall look felt a little darker and edgier.

Extended winged eyeliner was a dramatic choice both at Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent. At Vuitton, the look, as a whole, was quite intense, as red lipstick was paired with the thick cat eyeliner that surrounded the whole eye, while at Saint Laurent the extended winged liner was only applied on the top lash line and outer corner of the lower lash line, with the rest of the makeup pared-down, so the focus really was on the eyes.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Extreme Winged Black Eyeliner

#18. Smudges of Black

Blending was out of the question for the messy black eye makeup trend. We’re not talking about smokey eyes here, but about swipes of thick black shadow or cream that were applied to look as haphazard as can be. This is not one of those fall 2019 beauty trends that are intended for real life, but you can take inspiration from it to use a lot of black.

At Proenza Schouler, the take on the solid black look was intentionally messy, with smudges of black cream applied to the crease and outer corner of the eye, with a prominent gap where eyeliner would normally go.

The look was just as messy at Jil Sander, where a smudge of black cream was applied over the lid, from outer corner of the eye to slightly over the inner corner. The shape was haphazard and smudged, but distinctly rectangular. The look at Huishan Zhang was surprisingly similar.

Many were talking about the smokey eye at Jeremy Scott, which was one of the more blended looks here. It went from the inner corner to the outer corner and from lid to crease, though because no black shadow or liner was applied to the lower lashes, the effect was quite intense and jarring.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Smudged Black Eye Makeup

#19. Classic Wing

You can’t go wrong with a touch of winged eyeliner. It’s a timeless makeup look that can give a touch of retro glamour but can also be styled to be modern. You’d better perfect your wing because the way it was applied for the fall/ winter 2019-2020 beauty trends was diverse enough to work for any day of the week.

While some did sport a lime green wing, most models at Philipp Plein rocked a classic, slightly rounded winged eyeliner look with the urban offerings of the collection. The wings were a little elongated at the Sandy Liang show, but otherwise they were as glamorous as can be, paired with a dewy complexion and just a touch of shadow in the crease.

Year after year and season after season we can trust that the Dolce & Gabbana runway will present us with perfectly winged black liner on every one of the models. Paired with red or wine-colored lips, the look was a D&G classic.

For a small, more understated wing, we can look to the makeup at Zimmermann, where the point was a little smaller, and paired with a nude lip and perfected complexion.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Classic Winged Black Eyeliner

#20. Simple Waterline Liner

That quick swipe of black eyeliner in the waterline might feel like a 2000s staple, but it’s been brought back all grown up and glowed up for the fall 2019 makeup trends. This season, pair the thin line of black with a dewy complexion and nude lips for a modern look.

While there may have been something a little grunge about the way eyeliner was applied along the waterline at Longchamp, the application looked so clean and fresh that it was also thoroughly fashionable and modern.

The application of eyeliner to the waterline and inner corner of the eye at Sportmax was paired with a bit of highlighter in the inner corner, so the eye still looked fresh, while a healthy layer of mascara to the lower lashes added that grunge vibe.

On the Naeem Khan runway, many models sported the waterline liner along with just a bit of tightlining on the top, in a look that was glamorous rather than sultry.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Waterline Liner

#21. Creatively Lined Crease

A few well-placed lines over a simple or natural makeup look are, quite possibly, the most “fashion” way of doing makeup. It’s a quick look that is editorial rather than wearable, which is why, season after season, makeup artists keep designing it. This season most lines were applied along or above the socket of the eye, i.e. just on or above the crease.

White pencil was used to craft the line work at 3.1 Phillip Lim. Two lines were drawn over each eye in a curved shape as to follow the crease.

Eyeliner lines were also applied over the crease at the Arthur Arbesser show, albeit quite differently. Liquid eyeliner in either blue or black was used to draw squiggles over the models’ eyes. Makeup artist Karin Westerlund said on Instagram that the inspiration for the ruffled lines came from the seams on the clothes in the collection.

The line work of the makeup at Moon Young Hee led to a type of negative space exaggerated winged eyeliner look, with a black line tracing out a wing that started at the outer corner and then went over the crease down into the inner corner of the eye.

Lastly, at Iceberg, all models had a line of liquid liner applied aggressively from the side of their nose all the way out to the outer corner of the eye, kind of like a cut crease. In some instances, it was a black line that was the only bit of makeup over the lid, while in others the line was colorful and applied over messy shadow.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Creative Eyeliner Lines
Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Creative Eyeliner Lines

#22. Child Playing in Mother’s Makeup

Once an artist becomes accomplished enough they can basically do no wrong. They’ve proven their skills are great, so they can break rules and create things that are intentionally a little less than perfect. This is why the makeup artists working behind the scenes at fashion week are occasionally allowed to send models out on the runways in looks that we think would be best described as “little kid breaks into their mother’s makeup bag.”

The character models represented when walking the runway at Antonio Marras was actually an artist, but the combination of patchy orange cream shadow, patchy reddish blush, and (that’s right) patchy mauve lipstick felt purposely childish more than anything. Some of the looks at Rejina Pyo also had this vibe due to a combination of light blue eyeshadow and slightly smudged dark lipstick, without eyeliner or enough mascara to balance things out.

Lack of mascara paired with pastel blue eyeshadow was also what led to the childish effect of the makeup look at Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Childish Makeup

#23. High-Fashion False Lashes

Falsies stood out on the fall runways since they were unusual and high-impact. These lashes were high art – custom-made creations meant to contribute to bizarre looks, rather than glamorous strip lashes.

Hair-like cluster lashes at Junya Watanabe were shocking, especially since they fell sort of haphazardly in any direction. The falsies were super long, with a flowy texture that reminded us of feathers.

The look was “creepy doll” at Courrèges, as models wore big, spiky strip lashes on both top and bottom lash lines. We’ve already talked about the silvery falsies at the Giambattista Valli show, but they merit a second mention.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: High-Fashion False Eyelashes

#24. Voluminous Lashes

The fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends are all about the eyelashes, with looks that were heavy on the mascara. Behind the scenes, makeup artists were not afraid of a big of clumping. While obvious false lashes weren’t too common, cluster lashes or multiple layers of mascara certainly were.

Pat McGrath created ultra-thick lashes at Tomo Koizumi with the help of her soon-to-be-launched volumizing mascara. Occasionally the lash look was paired with eyeshadow while in other instances models wore bright lipstick instead. For Brandon Maxwell, Tom Pecheux used cluster lashes and multiple layers of mascara to create the voluminous and slightly clumpy makeup look.

The mascara was extra clumpy at Each x Other, as heavy layers were applied to both top and bottom lashes without any attempt at separation. A bit of the mascara even got on the top of the upper and lower lash lines, adding a grunge vibe.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Voluminous Eyelashes

#25. Unusual Mascara

The colorful mascara that showed up as part of the fall 2019 makeup trends was nothing close to the subtle, nearly-black takes on blues and purples that you might expect. Colorful mascara was bright and in-your-face rather than wearable, the way high fashion makeup should sometimes be.

Neon mascara definitely counted as unique at Manish Arora. Models’ lashes were totally covered with bright mascara that matched whatever color had been used to lightly cover their faces.

Hot pink mascara on the top lashes was the focus of the look at Vivetta, along with a layer of white mascara on the bottom lashes, and ultra clean, hydrated skin. It might have not been obvious at first glance, but models wore saturated blue mascara at Christian Siriano, for a subtle eye-brightening effect.

Lastly, at Byblos, clumpy white mascara gave a “lashes coated in snow after a snowstorm” effect that worked beautifully with the heavy coats the models wore. White mascara was also used at Genny, though only on the bottom lashes, which was a surprising way of opening up the eyes.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Colorful Mascara

#26. Soft but Present Brows

For the fall 2019 makeup trends there were no Instagram brows in sight. Instead, eyebrows were filled in softly, so they had presence but without any harsh lines or extreme points. The brows looked as though they had been filled in with powder rather than pomade or pencil, and they were rarely brushed up the way they had been in the previous season.

The most key example of this would be Chanel, where brows were slightly darkened, but they still looked soft and not overly arched. At the Roberto Cavalli show, brows were brushed sideways, so they looked super clean and groomed, and were softly darkened with brow powder that matched the models’ hair.

Fierce boy brows were the focal point of Lucia Pieroni’s makeup at Alexander McQueen, working well with the gender-neutral feeling of the collection. We saw full and youthful brows at Thom Browne, to perfectly complement the school uniform-inspired garments.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Softly Filled in Eyebrows

#27. Bleached Brows

Is 2019 the year that Pat McGrath finally makes bleached eyebrows happen? On the runways, definitely, although we’re not so sure about real life. We couldn’t stop talking about the eyebrows she was bleaching ten years ago (the year I was in makeup school – I remember it well), and since fashion comes in cycles, bleached brows might be big again.

Most prominently, Pat McGrath bleached models’ eyebrows for Valentino, where the look was paired with soft colorful eyeshadow and clean skin, and at Prada where it added to the creepiness of Wednesday Addams braids.

There was a cyber-punk vibe to the Alexander Wang runway, and the few models with bleached eyebrows definitely contributed to it. We also saw a lot of bleached eyebrows at Burberry, Emporio Armani, and Givenchy.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Bleached Eyebrows

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Beauty Trends: Lip Makeup

#28. Glossy Lips

Slowly but surely, we’ve seen glossy lips pop up more and more often, both on the runways and on Instagram. Glossy lips are undeniably sexy, since they make the lips look shiny, moisturized, and lush. We’re happy to report that, as a whole, lips looked more hydrated and dewy with makeup artists preferring gloss and satin finishes to the matte velvet finish of the previous years.

The makeup look at Fendi was soft and bright, to counter the more intense sculpted hair, with glossy lips complementing bright eyes and dewy skin. The look was all about glowy skin and lips at Anteprima, as well. Other runways where makeup artists got to use lip gloss liberally included Naeem Khan, Badgley Mischka, and Sportmax.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Lip Gloss

#29. Red Lips

A red lip is a classic that will never go out of style, but the way it’s applied and the specifics of the shade can definitely change from season to season. For some models at Fendi Peter Phillips created a seductive red pout instead of a glossy one.

The shade of red at Emporio Armani was a light, orange-leaning one that brightened up the face and complemented many red outfits. The red lip of choice also leaned towards warm at the Tadashi Shoji show, and was as bright and attention-grabbing as can be.

A matte, cool red lip at Luisa Beccaria gave a little bit of old school elegance, while at Helmut Lang, many of the models wore an equally elegant neutral matte red lip while others sported nude lips.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Red Lipstick

#30. Berry Lips

Berry tones are often the most flattering for lipstick choices. They tend to work well with all skin tones, since they lean just slightly towards cool, and they make the teeth look marvelously white. We saw both darker and lighter takes on berry lips for the fall 2019 makeup trends.

At Sally LaPointe, a matte lipstick in a saturated berry tone was combined with a soft wash of mauve eyeshadow and ultra-perfected skin for a nearly monochrome look. A few different lipstick shades were used at Simone Rocha, including berries which were also matte, though a little darker in tone.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Berry Lipstick

#31. K-Beauty Smudged Lip

The smudged or “blooming” lip so popular in Asian beauty looks is like the antidote to the heavily contoured, ombre lip so popular on Instagram. This lipstick application method, which concentrates lipstick in the center of the lip and smudges it outwards, creates a lovely “just kissed” effect that is especially fetching on models who already have lush lips.

A peachy-pink lipstick was applied softly in the center of the lips at Alberto Zambelli, while the eyes were dusted with either gold or peach shadow. Because the color was quite light, the effect was youthful, especially when topped with a hint of lip gloss.

You can look to Oscar de la Renta for the perfect example of a K-beauty lip in red. The heavily pigmented lipstick was concentrated on the center of the lips and softly blended outwards. A few models sported a similar lip at Zadig + Voltaire.

A glossy orange lip color at Drome proved to be one of the most unique shades of choice for this lipstick application style.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: K-Beauty Smudged Lip Tint
Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: K-Beauty Smudged Lip Tint

#32. Wine Lips

With Pantone choosing both Biking Red and Merlot for its fall 2019 color trends, it’s no surprise that a variation on these deep wine-red shades also showed up on the lips of various models all across the different fashion weeks.

At Louis Vuitton, a deep maroon red lip was paired with a clean complexion and a shock of black cat eyeliner on the upper lid, in a “more is more” makeup look. On many of the models at Priscavera the dark merlot lip was the focal point, as the rest of the face looked mostly makeup-free and dewy.

A deep red lip at Roksanda had a similar effect, especially on models with light hair and brows. Many of the models at Alice + Olivia wore a super clean and glamorous wine-toned lip. Most models on the Salvatore Ferragamo runway had nude lips, but a few looked absolutely gorgeous in deep wine or red lips.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Wine Lipstick

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Beauty Trends: Other

#33. Contacts

A bit of creepiness was in order for the fall/ winter 2019-2020 beauty trends, and one of the ways in which it was exemplified was the use of unusual color contacts. Black or red color contacts added an otherworldly uncanniness to the runways that really stuck in our minds.

Some of the models at Gucci, for instance, wore blackout contacts along with bleached brows and pointed ear accessories, which led to a supernatural urban fairy look.

One of the biggest buzzes was generated over the alien makeup look at Rick Owens, which was created with the help of creepy Instagrammer Salvia (@salvjiia). Blackout contacts were a key part of what made those looks so memorable, along with some bald caps and prosthetics.

A few of the models at Balenciaga wore red contacts, which gave them a slightly demonic effect. Because the contacts were worn along with slicked-back hair and suits, we couldn’t help but interpret them as commentary on the business professional world.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Contact Lenses

#34. Face Appliqués

Dottings of appliqués on the face were a sure way of amping up the glam in the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends. The appliqués used this season were all about editorial glamour, and a reduces amount of them could definitely make it beyond the fashion world.

Pearls were the embellishment of choice at Adeam. A small pearl was glued down in the inner corners of the eye as part of the simple beauty look on that runway.

Lovely little appliqués were dotted over the models’ faces at Christian Siriano like fake freckles. They were distributed randomly over the face in a diagonal pattern, starting at the temples on the right side and moving down to the apples of the cheeks on the left. The appliqués were Swarovski crystals that shined brightly under stage lights.

We also saw jewel freckles at Marco de Vincenzo. The rhinestones were glued down along the cheeks and sides of the nose in a style that was youthful and glamorous.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Makeup Trends: Pearl & Jewel Face Appliques

Photos via Vogue, Livingly