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Want to know how to dress your nails for the upcoming season? We went through all the fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail trends from the Fashion Weeks that are sure to impress most of you out there, whether you are into intricate nail art designs or give your preference to modern, minimalist looks.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends

Most fashionistas know that when you assemble a look, it’s from head to toe and everything in between. That means including touches like your nails, which fortunately can be dressed once a week or two. When a detail lasts that long, you want to make sure it’s right.

Let us help you by showing you the best of what the New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week manicurists have put together for our upcoming season. Take a look below for fall 2019 nail art trends and how and why they would work for you!

Fall 2019 Nail Trends: Shapes & Lengths

Fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail designs included several surprises though they won’t all turn into a trend. Slanted edge lipstick nails made an appearance that was absolutely stunning and inventive albeit slightly impractical so these probably won’t make a trend, at least not right away. Several nail shapes and lengths appeared on the runways but some definitely stood out more than others. Four shapes did make a serious impression though and they can be found below.

#1. Medium-Length Almond Nails

Reminiscent of a real almond, this nail shape is one of the most practical, elegant and common around, and it was no surprise to see the fall 2019 nail trends feature almond nails a lot on the runways. These medium-length nails offered the perfect amount of real estate for the inclusion of an interesting bit of nail art.

Chromat, and Jeremy Scott showed startlingly iconic styles for fall and winter. Nicole Miller also used this nail shape to showcase beautiful gray nails – it’s just the perfect in between shape and length.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Medium Almond Nails

#2. Long Stiletto Nails

Long stiletto nails made a strong appearance on the runway, made even stronger by the “in your face” styling used on the runway for The Blonds. Though they appeared on other runways as well, the award for iconic fall 2019 nail trends featuring this shape definitely has to include a consideration for the sharp and impeccable styles provided on The Blonds epically long stiletto nails.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Long Stiletto Nails

#3. Short, Natural Round/ Oval Nails

The natural oval shape for manicures was definitely the biggest nail trend for winter 2019. Rebecca Minkoff’s runway nails are a great example of the short, natural oval nail trend. Though the actual designs and manicures were different, some were clean and classic, while others deeply colored, like those on the Cushnie runway. Prabal Gurung, Khaite, Elie Tahari and Kate Spade all utilized the practical short length and natural oval shape.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Natural Short Nails
Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Natural Short Nails

#4. Medium-Length Coffin/ Ballerina Nails

This particular fall 2019 nail trend gives the wearer enough room for creativity, as you can use multiple techniques and colors to come up with more complex nail art designs for fall and winter. Philipp Plein’s flaming nails and Adeam’s pearl-dotted nails are both excellent examples of medium-length coffin nails, also known as ballerina nails. As the designs were a bit more delicate, the length and shape of the nails still gave them a good amount of edge.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Medium Coffin Nails

Fall 2019 Nail Trends: Nail Art & Colors

The fall 2019 nail trends were a relieving change from the bright and busy designs of the earlier seasons. While there were still 3-dimensional designs, they were not littered across nails on half the runways. Nearly every fall 2019 nail design was minimalist and, in most cases, easy to replicate, which is a welcomed breather from the more extravagant designs of the summer.

#5. Glitter Nails

As the fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail trends go, this one is easily replicable at home and a great manicure for literally any point or function in your day. Glitter nails are multifunctional as well and hit on several different trends at once. There is texture, shine, sparkle, depth, and a good functional shape and length.

Tibi used a half and half design on most of the nails that utilized a couple of coats of silver glitter over a neutral shade of taupe-toned brown. Kate Spade’s natural, short and rounded manicures featured the most apropos hint of organically spaced glitter on any runway. The variety of gold glitter flecks was fun and random but still chic.

Christian Siriano’s runway featured fall 2019 nail designs that were primarily black with an off-center third painted in a brilliant sparkle of textured glittering crystals. The effect was interesting albeit understated and perfect for fall and winter.

At Moschino, clear, medium-length almond shape nails were embellished with visible flecks of gold, silver, rose gold and blue glitter for an exciting and luxe upgrade to the models’ digits.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Glitter Nails

#6. Minimalist Graphics

Trends may come and go, but simple minimalist manicure options always stay. Manicurists know this well, which is why we saw so many minimalist graphic nail designs on the runways as one of the coolest fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail trends.

Prabal Gurung’s minimalist nail art hit right on trend using only two colors and a slanted half and half design inspired by the Hippie trail through Europe and Asia. Chromat showed off nails that were definitely brighter than expected for the cold weather months in the most welcomed way possible. The graphics were presented as a marbleized blending of the bright colors used.

Tadashi Shoji showed beautifully watercolor floral-inspired nail art. The floral design graced the edges of the nails all the way around for a much more delicate manicure that is typically only seen in spring. It is fun and exciting to see them reimagined for fall and winter.

Anna Sui used adorable nail stickers that are currently only available in Japan, but sure to be searched for throughout the season.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Minimalist Graphic Nails
Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Minimalist Graphic Nails

#7. Lettering and Messages

The fall 2019 nail art trends encourage you to let your nails talk and show off your personality and creative ideas through letters and messages. That can be your name initials or your favorite city name or whatever else comes to your mind first.

Khaite showed off completely natural looking nails embellished with a hand-painted black uppercase K, painted in Essie’s black nail lacquer on the left index finger.

Jeremy Scott’s runway presentation was amazing from top to bottom, and the nail art left nothing to be desired. In blocked newspaper letters on black and white nails were the letters spelling out New York. The letters, which were clearly hand painted, were clearly legible and a lot of fun.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Lettering & Messages

#8. Creamy Neutrals

From the go-to beige-toned nude nails to go-with-everything gray tones, neutral manicure designs were everywhere on the runways, all the way from New York to Paris, making one of the most versatile and universally flattering manicure trends for fall 2019.

Elie Tahari jumped right into the fall/ winter 2019 nail trends with both feet by including one of the hottest shade variations for the season – grays. A nude, nearly gray shade of nail polish was definitely spotted on the Elie Tahari runway.

Nicole Miller really took the cake with the neutral gray nails with a stiletto set of medium-length nails painted in a beautiful shade of gray with a single eye painted on. Other neutrals made plenty of appearances on several different runways in shades of beige and light brown like at Staud, and pale yellows.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Creamy Neutral Nails
Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Creamy Neutral Nails

#9. Dark Red/ Maroon Nails

When you want to wear a classic nail color that will also be something bright and different from all those everyday neutrals, the fall 2019 nail polish trends suggest embracing all the different textures and shades of red mani!

Philipp Plein showed off deeply red flames painted on the tips of stiletto nails that were eye-catching and sure to inspire others throughout the winter. Though the design was shown in other colors, the most impressive to many were the rich red flames.

Oscar de la Renta showed jewel-embellished fingers with nails painted in a beautiful shade of shiny maroon. Cushnie showed off a shiny burgundy on natural-shaped, shorter nails. Rodarte showed off cherry red nails embellished with a touch of glitter for an extra wow factor.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Red, Maroon Nails
Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Red, Maroon Nails

#10. Ombre Nails

The fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail trends presented several boldly colored nail options but the ombre options that ranged in rich plums and midnight blue perfectly matched the trendy fall ensembles that went down the runway. Another idea is using a tortoiseshell ombre that will certainly be duplicated on many fashionable others’ nails for the upcoming seasons.

Rebecca Minkoff used several blended ombre nails going from greens, yellow, sparkly silver and neon pinks to cream tips. The blending adjustment was short but still less jarring than a direct line. Decoratively, each nail had a silver, angled line as an accent.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Ombre Nails

#11. Timeless Black Manicure

With the colder months calling for deeper, more muted colors, black manicure makes the ideal fall 2019 nail polish trend to try. Christian Siriano, as mentioned above, featured a nail design that was primarily black with a spread of tiny silver glittering crystals to accent the smooth shine of the elegant deep black.

Proenza Schouler went for an understated manicure on naturally rounded shorter nails in beautifully rich, chic and classic black. Though matte black is beautiful as well, Proenza Schouler’s models rocked the classic shiny black nail lacquer from Essie.

Jeremy Scott’s inky headline-style lettering was created from and painted on Essie’s Licorice colored nail polish, which is perfectly, ideally black with a good shine. Rebecca Minkoff presented several nail looks, but also made certain to include the immortally chic, high-shine black, courtesy of Kiss, on the runway.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Black Nails

#12. Half Moons

While French manicure is a real nail art staple, so can we say about the half moon designs that have been coming on and off the scene for a couple of years now. The fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail art trends celebrate this modern manicure style to the fullest, offering up options both easily replicable at home and wearable.

Antonio Maras, who hit on several fall 2019 nail trends at once from neutrals to embellishments, also made a presentation of the half moon nail trends with a single embellishment on each nail. Badgley Mischka showed off a shimmering metallic half moon on neutral nails as well.

Tibi also sent down half moon-embellished nails showing off a lunar wonder of silvery nail lacquer. Preen also got into the half moon mix with a tiny but clearly visible embellishment on each.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Half-Moon Nails

#13. Natural Mani

When you want to keep it natural but also sport well-groomed nails, you have the natural manicure trend for fall 2019 to copy straight from the runways!

Proenza Schouler kept it classic and clean and hit on several fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail art trends. The models also showed off the most natural-looking nails ever seen, looking flawless and effortless simultaneously. This natural mani is the goal – we all want our nails to look like this naturally.

Another runway that sported a natural mani or two was the Fashion East runway. On short, squoval nails the most natural version of a French mani was presented with beautiful execution.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Natural Manicure

#14. Clear Press-On Nails

This might not be the most natural-looking manicure option for fall, however, press-on nails were spotted a lot on the runways bringing forth one of the highly demanded fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail trends for those that want to sport long nails in an instance.

Moschino showed golden flecks of glitter and gold on clear press-on nails. It went beautifully with the gold fall 2019 accessories on the Moschino runway and served as an edgy look that we’re sure to see throughout the upcoming season.

Adeam presented clear press-on nails with multiple sizes of pearl embellishments. It was an unexpected and chic presentation that tied into the looks further with pearls added to the inner corner of the models’ eyes. The pearls sat atop a coat of iridescent, pearlized nail polish by OPI.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Press-On Nails

#15. Pearl-Encrusted Nails

Pearls officially are making a huge comeback for fall, appearing not only on necklaces, earrings, rings or as clothing decorations, but also coming to embellish your digits! Pearl-encrusted nails make the most romantic fall 2019 nail art trend, which will fit weddings and other special occasions so perfectly!

White pearls were used in different sizes in abundance on the blue or clear nails at Adeam, looking especially striking on the background of a deep midnight blue nail polish. Antonio Marras used just a single black pearl on each nail to create the half-moon design with a creamy neutral color hitting three major fall 2019 nail trends all at once.

Both Fashion East and Rodarte kept it super-subtle with the pearl embellishment using tiny white pearls to finish off their natural-looking nail designs.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: Pearl-Embellished Nails

#16. 3D Embellishments

The most touchable of all the fall/ winter 2019-2020 nail trends was the incorporation of 3D embellishments to make the nail art designs instantly pop and steal the spotlight. From pearl details to butterfly motifs, we saw all manner of using 3D details for creating impressive fall manicure looks.

Adeam’s pearl-embellished nails décor adorned clear press-on nails and blue metallic painted nails. It was a fun and inventive look that also had an upscale feel. Though not strictly considered a 3D embellishment on the nail itself, the cuticle-embellishing pearls on the Rodarte runway really glammed up the glittering lilac manicure.

Alice + Olivia presented a stark contrast to the expectations of fall and winter by providing models with not only rich dark nails but also butterfly embellishments on the index finger. Though they were richly and deeply colored, butterflies are typically considered a spring and summer inclusion.

The Blonds threw the concept of subtlety down the street and around the corner. Long, sparkly stiletto nails in metallic nail polish colors were covered in 3-dimensional embellishments that were amazing and outgoing – a perfect representation of the brand itself. Their embellished nail art was unmatched with jewel tones and actual connecting chains – there was so much texture and color to absorb that it will take the full fall and winter 2019 season for us to begin to consider trying them all.

Multifaceted gold stiletto nails gave us all the texture we thought we needed until the metallic blue made another appearance. Strings of rhinestones and glittering groupings of chains were amazing and doing the most for our visual centers.

Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Nail Trends: 3D-Embellished Nails

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