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13 Best Foot Creams for Dry Feet & Cracked Heels

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Dry feet and cracked heels can mar your appearance especially in the warm weather when you expose your feet in those cute summer sandals and forget to take proper care of them at the end of the day. As long as you get the best foot cream on the market you can handle this problem in a short procedure.

Best Foot Cream for Dry Feet & Cracked Heels

We have put together some of the best foot creams for dry feet and cracked heels to get the soft appearance you deserve. Below, we also explain the causes, prevention and homemade remedies to get rid of dry feet and heels for good. If you have perfect feet, you will want to prevent cracks, so you too stay with us!

Foot Creams for Dry Feet & Cracked Heels: Contents

13 Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet

This is your ultimate list if you are on the hunt for the best foot cream, since your feet merit being gorgeously soft. Read through and pick from the best on the market!

1. L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

This is a deep moisturizing foot cream. It contains about 15 percent of shea butter, which makes it superior in soothing and restoring freshness to tired feet. You only have to massage it on your clean feet to nourish the skin with ingredients such as arnica and lavender. Get it from Sephora now!

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

2. Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Do you want fast solutions to your cracked heels? This foot and heel cream is the right choice. With allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit, and acid smoothers, you have all it takes to get a softer foot in a short time. It is available for sale at Ulta Beauty.

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Soap & Glory Heel Genius

3. Gehwol Foot Care Soft Feet

So your feet look dry and cracked, and you don’t know what to do about it? Get this product and ensure you indulge in it for a few days; the youthful appearance that has long gone will be restored. This is because this foot cream boasts one of a kind advanced botanical formula made for dehydrated skin. You can shop it online at Nordstrom.

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Gehwol Foot Care Soft Feet

4. Glytone Ultra Softening Heel & Elbow Cream

Here is the protection you need from free-radical damage. This foot cream is made up of glycolic acid, an exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft, renewed and hydrated. Only make sure you wear sunscreen in summer as you use this product. Pick it up now at Dermstore!

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Glytone Ultra Softening Heel & Elbow Cream

5. Sol De Janeiro Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care

Call it a two-step dry foot care system. This is the best foot cream that is fast to absorb, doesn’t slip and comes with a smoothing board. Bar dullness and dryness and leave your feet soft and moisturized with this foot cream available at Sephora.

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Sol De Janeiro Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Care

6. AmLactin Foot Repair Foot Cream Therapy

This foot cream is a lactic-based Ultraplex formula. The formula removes dead skin cells and encourages the growth of new cells. The new skin appearance is beautiful with a smooth and soft texture. For best results apply to your dry feet and cracked heels twice a day and enjoy baby soft feet! But first get it from Dermstore!

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: AmLactin Foot Repair Foot Cream Therapy

7. Ahava Mineral Foot Cream

One of the best foot creams, Ahava is effective and fast. It is propelled by Osmoter complex and natural ingredients like avocado, wheat germ, sweet almond, and jojoba oils. This is a powerful foot cream that smoothes, soothes and moisturizes effectively. You can get one for yourself from Ulta Beauty.

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Ahava Mineral Foot Cream

8. Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream

This is the best foot cream with an oil-free finish. Don’t worry about uneven skin tone or dry feet, as this creamy foot balm is the perfect gem that refreshes and nourishes tired feet. And in the end, it doesn’t feel greasy. Make sure you get a tube from Sephora to test it!

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream

9. Nailtiques Avocado Foot Crème

The Nailtiques foot cream comes like an angel with a healing wand. With the avocado oil in its composition, it brings a healing touch to rough, dry and cracked heels, leaving them soft, smooth and beautiful. You can get a jar from Dermstore now.

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Nailtiques Avocado Foot Crème

10. FarmHouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze

This organic product is a must for every woman. Why? Look at the list of ingredients: honey, papaya and pineapple extract, sweet cloves and cinnamon. They all blend to exfoliate, indulge, refresh and moisturize not only tired heels, but also the top layer of your tired toes. This is the best heel cream available for sale online at Dermstore.

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: FarmHouse Fresh Honey Heel Glaze

11. Hempz Milk & Honey Hand & Foot Crème

To hydrate and moisturize your dry feet, you don’t have to look too far. This foot cream is all you need. It has pure natural hemp seed oil that combines with other ingredients (cocoa butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil) to produce intense hydration and nourishment for your heels and feet. Pick it up online at Ulta Beauty!

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Hempz Milk & Honey Hand & Foot Crème

12. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème

Because your feet deserve the best, you need to get the Burt’s Bees foot cream. It contains coconut oil, lanolin, vegetable glycerin, omega fatty acid, rosemary, and peppermint oil to exfoliate, tone, energize and comfort your feet. Available at Dermstore, it is just one of the best foot creams you can ever get.

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème

13. Barielle Rejuvenating Foot Cream

A tube of this foot cream will do the magic and give your feet a luxurious exfoliating treatment. It is powerful, and after massaging, it regulates perspiration, wakes up new cells from their bed and protects with antibacterial properties. You can find it for sale online at Dermstore.

Best Heel & Foot Creams for Dry Feet and Cracked Heels: Barielle Rejuvenating Foot Cream

Dry Feet & Cracked Heels Symptoms

You don’t know whether your feet are dry and your heels are cracked? Look out for the following symptoms to know!

The Skin Is Rough: Touch the skin of your feet. Is it rough, whitish and hard? That is the first sign you may have cracked heels very soon. This is the early stage, and nothing serious has happened to your heels yet. All you need is proper care for prevention.

The Skin Peels off: Here you are getting closer. When you touch the skin of your heels, and some part of the skin peels, your feet are dry and need a good care.

There Is a Crack on Your Heels: The heel cracks are called fissures. You don’t need to touch the heels to see this sign. The cracks are physical like thin or irregular cuts around the side of the heels. You need to give your feet serious attention at this stage.

The Skin Feels Itchy: The cracks will get wider, and at times the skin feels itchy. These are symptoms of cracked heels that need a proper treatment.

Rashes: After itching for some time and not taking action, the feet can develop rashes.

It Bleeds or Gets Infected: After the cracks are visible and no measure is taken, the cracks get deeper into the inner layer of the skin and damage it. It may start bleeding at this stage. And you should know that your feet are now prone to infection. You may notice some redness at the feet at this stage and will need an advanced treatment.

Causes of Dry Feet and Cracked Heels

The heels help to absorb shock when they strike the floor unexpectedly. To do this effectively, the skin around the heels has to be always soft so that your heels soften easily and regain shape. From genetics to the wrong footwear you wear, there are certain causes of dry feet and cracked heels that you should know.

Causes of Dry Feet and Cracked Heels

Dry Skin Type: Some ladies have naturally dry skin, which is fine if given the right attention. Your skin needs deep moisturizing and nourishing in this case.

Cold Weather: Winter is the worst time for your feet. The weather has low humidity, which causes the body to lose fluid too fast. The skin gets dry and irritated easily and feels itchy. Eventually, heel cracks are developed.

Standing: Standing for too long will put pressure on your heels and can cause cracks especially if you are wearing high heels. You need heel cups to distribute your weight evenly and reduce the pressure on your heels especially if your work requires standing a lot and you can’t do without heels.

Obesity: Your weight is supported on your feet, and if you are obese, your feet carry more weight. If you are obese and you love heels, then, the pressure on your heels is immense, and they might crack.

Aging: Aging does not mean you must have cracked heels, but with age the skin produces less natural oils that moisturize the skin and generally gets drier than before. And this gets to the feet too.

Exposure to Water for Too Long: Too much exposure to water will make the skin lose its natural oils and cause dryness and cracks. Bathing for too long, soaking the feet, or working with the feet in the chlorinated water are all causes of dry feet and cracked heels.

Medications: Some medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid problems, psoriasis or athlete’s foot, and eczema are said to likely bring forth cracked heels.

Soap: Some soaps will cause dryness around the heels because they have low moisturizing qualities, therefore, you need to understand your skin type and choose your body wash wisely.

How to Get Rid of Dry Feet and Cracked Heels

The skin of the feet, like the entire skin, protects the inner layer (or the body) from external factors such as weather and environmental damage. The skin also performs thermoregulation, keeping your body up for optimal temperature. The outer layers grow and develop dead cells every minute of the day. There are cracks on the feet when proper care is lacking. When this gets worse, bacteria, fungi or virus can get in and cause infection, which is why it is important to take action to get rid of cracked heels.

What should you do to bring back your soft and supple feet? Below you will find some steps that will help you get rid of dry feet and cracked heels.

Make sure to follow this procedure at least thrice a week to see good results, and if you don’t see a change, the problem might be a condition called hypothyroidism especially if the cracks get to your hands and legs. You need to see a doctor if the situation persists.

How to Get Rid of Dry Feet and Cracked Heels


The first treatment for cracked heels is to file the dead skin away. When the heels are just dry and you want a faster solution, filling is the right thing to do. You can file before you go further to follow the other steps we will mention.

You don’t need to get your feet wet before you file. Dry feet are easier to file and you will recognize the callus faster. Callus is the thick or hard skin that leads to cracking.

A battery powdered foot file or an electric hard skin remover works like a regular file. You hold it and roll it over your foot to gently file away the dead and cracked skin.

Soak Your Feet for a Few Minutes

15 minutes in water is enough to ensure you are not causing damage by exposing your feet to water for too long. Don’t soak your feet in chlorinated water for too long and don’t soak them in hot water either.

Hot bath reduces the natural oils in the skin. The heat also affects the moisture in the outer layer of the skin. So if you must use a hot bath, reduce the duration of soaking. And don’t soak more than thrice in a week.

Use homemade remedies or a mild body cleanser when you want to soak your feet. Below are some of the soaking mixtures you can use:

• A mixture of baking soda, water and a splash of vinegar in a bucket of warm water.

• A quarter cup of lemon juice that will dissolve dead and dry skin cells.

• A quarter cup of white vinegar in a bucket of warm water.

• Some Epsom salt solution is good for getting dry feet soft.


Remove the layer of dead skin from your heels to ensure you get the essential components of foot creams to the inner layer of the skin.

There are many ways to exfoliate and we have mentioned filing above. Also, you can use a pumice stone, a stiff brush or loofah. Pumice stone is derived from small organic rocks and is used for scrubbing in an attempt to exfoliate the skin. After taking your bath, use this stone to scrub on your wet feet. To get the softest feet, work your feet with the pumice stone every night and finish off with a foot cream.

You can use a sugar scrub. Combine some brown and white sugar with coconut oil or olive oil to exfoliate your dry feet at home. Foot peeling masks are another amazing way of exfoliating your feet.


After filing or exfoliation you need to moisturize your dry feet. You do this by applying foot cream immediately after taking a shower to lock in the moisture on your skin. The components of foot creams go deeper into the inner layer of the skin because you’ve exfoliated.

Best Remedies to Heal Cracked Heels and Dry Feet

Stay away from alcohol-based foot creams as far as possible. Homemade remedies and natural moisturizers are better. You can make something really great from the items in your kitchen right now.

• Don’t moisturize between your toes. This can lead to athlete’s foot. Concentrate on the skin of your feet, especially your heels.

• Don’t apply too much moisturizer at a time. You think it will make your feet get really soft in the next hour. Apply the right amount and don’t get your feet squelching in your flip-flops.

Home Remedies to Heal Cracked Heels and Dry Feet

Natural and homemade remedies for dry feet don’t cost and will be ready in a couple of steps. Here are the best ones to try at home!

Coconut Oil: For those who don’t know, coconut oil is an emollient and humectant that hydrates your skin. After washing or soaking your feet, massage some virgin coconut oil on your feet until well absorbed. Do this every day before bed and leave overnight. To improve the composition of this remedy, you may add a few drops of tea tree oil to any of the carrier oils for a soothing effect.

Apple Cedar Vinegar: This contains a malic acid to exfoliate the dead or flaky skin, improve the pH balance and moisturize. Soak your feet in water with half a cup of apple cider vinegar for 15-30 minutes. Rinse with plain water and moisturize. Repeat this twice a week.

Coconut Sugar Scrub: Mix ¼ brown sugar with 4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil (lemon, peppermint or tea tree oil) to remove dead skin and cleanse deeply. Apply the scrub to your dry feet in gentle, circular motions. Rinse off first with lukewarm water and then with cool water. Repeat the steps 2-3 times a week.

Honey: Honey nourishes and heals dry feet and cracked heels, as well as contains antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin. Rub some raw honey to your feet and gently massage. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse off with water.

Baking Soda: Baking soda exfoliates, softens and soothes your skin. Add a cup of baking soda to the tub of hot water and soak your feet for about 20 minutes. Use a pumice stone to scrub and wash your feet to remove all the dead skin cells. Repeat the process twice a week.

Listerine and Epsom Salt Foot Soak: Combine a cup of Listerine with ½ cup of Epsom salt and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a tub or a bucket of warm water. Soak your feet in it for 15 minutes and then rinse off. Repeat this twice a week.

Lemon Juice with Sugar: Lemon juice exfoliates and softens the skin, while the sugar helps to remove dead skin cells. Squeeze a lemon and add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar into the juice. Scrub your dry feet with the mixture for 2-3 minutes and then leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse off and apply your foot cream. Repeat this process every third day.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Pour 2 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide into a bucket of warm water and soak your feet for about 15 minutes. Exfoliate your cracked heels with a pumice stone and rinse off with regular water. Apply a foot cream to finish it off. Do this twice a week.

Vaseline: Petroleum jelly locks the moisture in the skin and relieves dryness. Apply some Vaseline on your clean feet and massage until it is absorbed. Do this every day before bed and wear socks overnight.

How to Prevent Cracked Heels and Dry Feet

They say prevention is better than cure, and it is always true. Won’t it be better not to have dry feet at all? Because the body is a complex system, some healthy habits will ensure you won’t have dry and cracked heels. They include:

How to Prevent Cracked Heels and Dry Feet

• Drink enough water every day. You need to drink about 8 oz of water every day to keep your body hydrated. However, do not indulge in alcohol and caffeine because they can lead to skin dryness.

• Wear cotton socks, as they allow your feet to breathe. And if you are sweating, the socks help your skin dry off faster. If sweat is allowed on your skin for too long, your skin will get dry because the rate at which moisture leaves your skin will increase. Moreover, you will lock in moisture and get soft feet if you wash your feet at night, moisturize them and wear socks to sleep too.

• Use mild and gentle body wash instead of harsh soaps that are not your friend.

• Always take a warm bath, and not a hot bath! Hot water makes the epidermis dry and tight. With the warm water, ensure you are not keeping your feet in the water longer than 10 minutes.

• Self-medication is not the right medication. If your doctor recommends a drug and you develop some reaction on your body like a form of allergy, don’t hesitate to stop the medication and inform your doctor.

• Care for the feet daily. Wash, exfoliate and moisturize every day. When you go for pedicures, ensure that all types of equipment are sanitized and clean.

• Always wear comfortable shoes that allow more fresh air. You can decide to wear shoes in the early hours of the day and when you are comfortable at work, switch to sandals. Also just as walking barefoot is not advisable, wearing completely flat flip-flops or sandals is not advisable either.

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