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How to Use Eyebrow Gel

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The great thing about eyebrow gel is that it doesn’t require the same precise shaping and carving techniques as other eyebrow filling products. But how to actually use eyebrow gel? Check out our easy step-by-step tutorial on applying eyebrow gel like a pro!

The best time to use an eyebrow gel is after you’ve applied your complexion makeup and either before or after your eye makeup. We actually recommend filling in the brows before putting on eye makeup since brows act as a frame for the face and will allow you to better gauge how much eye makeup you really need.

  • If you use other brow filling products, use those first. The order should be cream or pomade, then brow powder, and finally a brow gel to set everything.
  • To start applying the brow gel, uncap the wand from the lid, and then, to avoid a clumpy look, wipe off any excess product on the lip of the tube or on a tissue.
  • If you’re also using your brow gel to give your brows some shape, start with the tail and work your way forward over the arch and then to the front. Focus on getting product on the hairs first, and then, if necessary, press it gently into the skin to deposit some color below the hairs. You can use the tip of the wand like a brush to achieve micro strokes.
  • When applying the brow gel to the front third of the brow, be careful to use a light hand so that the front looks more diffused and natural. Otherwise, you can end up with blocky-looking eyebrows. 
  • Use a clean Q-tip or spoolie brush to blend out any clumps or patchy spots.
  • Once you’re happy with the color, use your brow gel one last time only over the hairs to set the brows into place. Make sure your wand isn’t saturated with too much product.
  • For a simple and clean look, brush the hairs with their natural grain, which can differ from person to person. For most, this means the hairs at the front half of the brow should be brushed on a diagonal going upwards and outwards, and then from the arch to the tail, they should be brushed outwards and slightly downwards.
  • For a bushy “model brow” look, brush the hairs upwards so that they stick up vertically. 
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