Trends » Pantone’s Top 18 Spring 2019 Colors from NYFW & LFW

Pantone’s Top 18 Spring 2019 Colors from NYFW & LFW

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The Pantone spring 2019 color trends were quite prominent on the New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week runway shows. According to Pantone, they are selected to induce “playful professionalism” and “encourage an unrestrained and experimental approach to color.” It’s a great description for the myriad of hues that certainly caught the eye and brought some spur-of-the-moment, entirely unplanned fun into the equation.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends

And why not? Spring defines new life, unrestrained awakenings and unforgettable shows of love. Nature itself is the best inspiration for this, which certainly presents itself among the Pantone spring 2019 colors.

Color stories that pop up across the design boards are often quite strongly based on the colors appearing on the New York and London catwalks. So which ones made it onto the Pantone spring/ summer 2019 color list this year and were considered designer favorites?

These empowering, uplifting and utterly joyful hues have been chosen to add that creative spark to any wardrobe, no matter how black and bland you prefer things. Vibrancy is the focus here, and while pairing it with some darker solids is fine, NYFW and LFW urged us to explore unexpected combinations instead.

There are fourteen colors on the Pantone spring 2019 color trend report, with an added neutral four to be “the glue that holds everything together,” according to Pantone Color Institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman. There are a whole lot of warm red and orange tones appearing on the list as well, speaking of empowerment. Eisemen refers to them as “confident, uplifting, and joyful hues.” We could not agree more.

Which has been your favorite so far?

Top 14 Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors from NYFW & LFW

While there are many colors that designers find appealing or match with their creations, these are some of the most alluring spring 2019 colors and most commonly found on the artists’ list of favorites.

#1. Pantone 17-1564 Fiesta

Numbered 17-1564 according to the Pantone color book, Fiesta is as warm and friendly and utterly exciting as its name suggests. It is all about pure energy and passion, with quite a bit of sexy attached. It is an approachable red that beckons those around it and demands a dance under the sun or the moon – it matters not. It is a powerful spring 2019 color that greatly enjoys the festivities.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Fiesta

#2. Pantone 19-1862 Jester Red

Numbered 19-1862 on the Pantone spring 2019 color list, this red goes intense, deepening the relationship and adding a classier, professional air. It is all about the rich elegance here and certainly unexpected for the spring season. Then again, we have seen a lot of season-swapping colors for spring 2019 of late, so perhaps we should not be so surprised. This red has a cooler undertone but still expects the unexpected, albeit in a more urban setting.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Jester Red

#3. Pantone 15-1264 Turmeric

Spring and Turmeric rather do go well together. The spice in and of itself is a life-giver, extremely healthy. Spring also follows that path, bringing new life to the world. It is warm, it is beautiful, and it brings the hot sun to mind. It is exotic, hence making it a tempting addition to both spring 2019 fashion colors and foods. To complement this, some brands have already begun offering turmeric face masks as well.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Turmeric

#4. Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral

At 16-1546, this gorgeous Pantone spring 2019 color is warm without overpowering, lively and animated, without becoming too much to swallow. It has a golden undertone and a softer edge, making it easy on the eyes and simply gorgeous to wear. Prada and Zac Posen have already shown a great love for this particular hue, while Kourtney was rocking it at the battle of the coral bikini. Along with a few other orange shades, Living Coral is definitely a front runner for the top Pantone spring 2019 colors.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Living Coral

#5. Pantone 18-2045 Pink Peacock

With its Pantone number 18-2045, we switch back into reds but move into the purplish pink shades. Pink in general is a spring given, with rarely a year passing without at least one shade appearing on the Pantone top color list. It is easily utilized in both male and female fashion designs, and is a fan favorite, attracting great vibes and lots of attention. There is just something about such a fun pink that we cannot get enough of. Pink Peacock is pure tantalizing excitement.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Pink Peacock

#6. Pantone 17-0542 Pepper Stem

Numbered 17-0542, this zesty piece of nature will bring bountiful fields and green pastures to mind. It screams healthy, and was a staple for the men’s collection at Louis Vuitton. It might not be as bright as some of the other top spring 2019 colors by Pantone, but it certainly attracts attention, working perfectly as an accent piece with a brighter or deeper hue. Pepper Stem adds flavor to any outfit.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Pepper Stem

#7. Pantone 13-0850 Aspen Gold

It is number 13-0850 and a gold that leans on the mustard side. It is a top color for many of the top stars of late, including both royalty and Hollywood celebrities, with the likes of Kate Middleton and even Kim Kardashian bringing it into the spotlight. It is a happy one, with warmth and grace and would look incredible on either a dress or suit. This Pantone spring 2019 color simply screams joyfulness and good cheer.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Aspen Gold

#8. Pantone 19-4150 Princess Blue

Number 19-4150 is a deep blue that glistens and gleams and simply radiates royalty. It might be a cooler hue, but it is classy, noble and downright beautiful. You simply cannot go wrong with this Pantone spring 2019 color, as it would flatter most body types, while allowing one to channel their inner Meghan Markle. And who doesn’t dream of one day becoming royalty? With this, you can feel like you walk those palace halls without all the shackles of nobility.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Princess Blue

#9. Pantone 18-1031 Toffee

We don’t know how much we like number 18-1031, but this brown is warm and sweet and rather woody. It would go great with Pepper Stem as well. A chocolate and coffee combination, nothing says mature like a lovely Toffee hue. Wear it with white and black for a subtle power play.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Toffee

#10. Pantone 15-0960 Mango Mojito

15-0960 is also a part of the yellow-orange family, joining Aspen Gold on the list and bringing a comforting kind of warmth that smells like home. There is great depth to this delicious-sounding color, and stars like Beyoncé have done wonders in introducing it to the general public. This Pantone spring 2019 color is a pleasantly comfortable hue and we are in love.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Mango Mojito

#11. Pantone 18-0416 Terrarium Moss

The third hue on the list of Pantone’s spring/ summer 2019 colors that brings nature to mind is Terrarium Moss, resulting in a new-found appreciation for the flourishing foliage around us. It is a deep version of Pepper Stem, with lots of both female and menswear lineups incorporating it into their designs. The yellows and greens are certainly natural pairings from among the top Pantone spring 2019 color trends.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Terrarium Moss

#12. Pantone 14-2808 Sweet Lilac

More on the gentle pink side, Sweet Lilac adds a gentle softness to a happy spring day. There is something shy about this hue, but that does not take away from its innocent power and invigorating innocence. It’s been used quite a bit lately, from weddings to funerals, and celebrates the life of a person in a blushing pink shade.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Sweet Lilac
#13. Pantone 15-1619 Pressed Rose

While all the Pantone spring 2019 colors from NYFW are the same for LFW as well, there are two shades of yellow and pink that slightly differ, one of them being Pressed Rose. It is a blushing alternative to Sweet Lilac, a pastel rose color that inspires romance and sentimentality.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Pressed Rose

#14. Pantone 12-0742 Lemon Verbena

Much brighter than Aspen Gold and with a zesty neon touch, Lemon Verbena is the winning yellow shade at London Fashion Week for spring. It’s sunny, vibrant and cheerful, filling us with thoughts of summer vacation and endless youth.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Lemon Verbena

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Neutral Color Palette

When it comes to the neutrals we find on the spring 2019 runway color trends, there are four that pop up and make it onto the Pantone list. They all look incredible when paired up with the deeper, brighter and more joyful colors from the main collection.

#15. Pantone 13-0919 Soybean

This is warm but tangy, with Pantone describing it as leaving wearers feeling “good and nurtured.” It’s the most versatile and reliable neutral color for spring 2019 that pairs well with all those brights and looks sober when worn in a total look.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Soybean

#16. Pantone 19-3810 Eclipse

Eclipse is super dark and portrays the night sky with its dark navy hue that is simply a classic. It is also a very wintery look but somehow works well with Pantone’s spring 2019 color trends.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Eclipse

#17. Pantone 11-0106 Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn is cooler, golden and a fun variation to white for the fashion lover. It is a year-round staple that is simply tempting with its buttery softness. It’s that one Pantone spring 2019 color you’ll never get tired of irrespective of the up and coming trends.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Sweet Corn

#18. Pantone 19-0805 Brown Granite

This classic brown hue is grounded, timeless and very earthy. It is a grounding color for spring 2019 that allows for incredible versatility, dressing up and down, street or urban classy. It is a brown, but its warmth is slightly cooled and its power added to. We are definitely digging it.

Pantone Spring/ Summer 2019 Colors Trends: Brown Granite