Skincare » pH-In Launches a Gentle Skincare System Meant To Improve Skin’s Microbiome

pH-In Launches a Gentle Skincare System Meant To Improve Skin’s Microbiome

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No matter the age, acne breakouts can seem like an endless battle. To combat this, many people turn to products to fade the breakouts quickly. Unfortunately, most of these products feature harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid that do more harm than good for the skin in the long run.

After three years in the lab, pH-In has emerged with a pH-balanced acne system designed to combat blemishes while improving the skin’s overall health. The three-step system features a cleanser, a moisture treatment, and a mask. Each product is dermatologist-approved and microbiome-certified as a healthy way to treat acne.

We spoke with Dimitra Davidson, the president and COO of pH-In, to learn more about the new launch that promises to work smarter — not harsher — on all skin types to produce healthier and clearer skin.

Unlike other acne treatments, pH-In is designed for long-term use. Davidson explained that more than a decade of research has helped the brand gain extensive knowledge about how the skin naturally functions.

“Having a better understanding of skin’s microbiome and how acne is formed has led us to develop a way to treat acne without the harsh side effects of traditional treatments,” Davidson said, noting harsh ingredients only temporarily control a breakout.

Below, learn how the system improves skin without disrupting its microbiome.

The three-step system

Don't compromise your skin's health to control a breakout

pH-In is a science-backed brand that uses gentle microbiome and pH-balancing science for long-lasting results. The brand’s new system relies only on the essential ingredients needed in a skincare routine to create the ideal environment for skin to thrive without acne-causing bacteria.

The Cleanser is the first step to delicately and deeply cleansing pores. It features an amino acid complex to protect the skin’s microbiome and provide essential hydration to the skin. 

Next up is The Moisture Treatment, which reduces the oil that acne-causing bacteria can feed on. The formula features bio-succinic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and reduce clogged pores. It also includes polylysine peptide to target acne-causing bacteria and protect the skin’s moisture barrier without stripping it of its good bacteria.

The Mask works overnight to utilize the benefits of sarcosine and cinnamomum bark extract. The last step of the system works while you sleep to reduce redness, irritation, and dryness. It also controls excess oil production to reduce future breakouts.

Davidson pointed out that each step works together to maintain the skin’s pH balance, support the microbiome, target acne bacteria, and reduce irritation.

The clinical study

According to Davidson, the brand hosted an eight-week clinical study and was impressed to learn that 92% of participants saw visible improvement in the look of blemishes, while 86% saw an improved appearance of scars and post-acne marks. A notable 100% of testers reported that the system didn’t irritate their skin.

“We believe that healthy skin is a journey, not a destination,” Davidson explained. “We are hoping that with a commitment to using our three-step system daily, people will be able to achieve positive results just like the participants in our clinical trials. Results should be visible after 56 days, but everyone’s skin is different. Some will see results sooner than others.”

Shop the system

The three-step system is not only for those who want to do away with acne but can also be used by those who want to achieve overall healthier skin. The products, formulated with clinically proven and gentle ingredients, are currently available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada and online at