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Paris Fashion Week spring 2018 is (sadly) over, and just left us with memories of spectacular runway shows and even more astounding spring 2018 fashion trends that, needless to say, are already shaping the new fashion season. Some of the best spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends were seen exactly at the Paris Fashion Week events, which brought many debuts and unexpected results on stage.


Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week


Paris Fashion Week delighted us, for instance, with Chanel’s Generation Z-approved visions for spring 2018, Saint Laurent’s entertaining turn on fashion, and Givenchy’s debut with new creative director Clare Waight Keller. All of these shows, along with many others that occurred at Paris Fashion Week, left us with inspiration aplenty for the upcoming warmer seasons.

Here you have the spring 2018 fashion trends from Paris Fashion Week to keep an eye on!


#1. Punk-Rock Ballerina Fashion

Paris was the city of contrasts during this latest Fashion Week edition, as it flawlessly and effortlessly channelled anachronistic and dissimilar leitmotifs that, at the end of the day, perfectly worked together. One of them, which is also already shaping the next fashion season, is the punk-rock ballerina trend, which sees cute tutus embellished with layers of tulle and ruffles, enhanced by various punk details, such as fishnet tops, leather chokers, band t-shirts, and studded shoes.

Are you ready for a punk-rock-infused spring/ summer 2018? Well, we surely are!

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Tutus

#2. Springtime Fringe

Shyly seen throughout some of last year’s spring/ summer fashion shows, especially during Milan Fashion Week and at Emilio Pucci, fringe has finally been granted the spot it deserved in the industry thanks to the Paris Fashion Week spring 2018 fashion trends, which used it to complement most of the looks, from skirts to tops.


Extravagant yet extremely delicate at the same time, fringes will give any springtime look the right amount of coolness one needs to shine through the warmer months like a princess.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Fringe

#3. Feather Lovers

What do you think about when looking at feathers? The first thing that comes up to my mind, for instance, is a dream array of Roaring Twenties-inspired garments, such as low-waisted gowns, hats, and dust coats.


Well, this PFW spring 2018 edition just overwhelmed us with feathery elements aplenty, filtering them not only through an expected Twenties-inspired lens, but also a more modern, at times Eighties-injected one. Jocose and retro at the same time, feathers will add the needed zest of uniqueness to any of your future outfits.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Feathers

#4. Short Shorts for Summer

Surprisingly for many of us, one of the most prominent Paris Fashion Week spring 2018 trends was the emergence of short shorts. As many depict shorts, such items instantly remind us of the sunny Californian beaches, and not the romantic streets of Paris. Many PFW creative directors, however, translated tailored bermuda shorts to their Parisian-approved counterparts, mostly revisiting them with high-waisted cuts and leather materials.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Short Shorts


#5. Trendy Carpenter Jeans

Forget mom jeans, as the newest spring 2018 fashion trends from Paris Fashion Week bring back carpenter jeans, and we love them already! With workwear being one of biggest hits at PFW spring 2018, we were wondering what kind of single workwear-approved element would find its way through the Hall of Fame of Fashion, and, to our delight, it was the carpenter jean.

Cozy, roomy, and perfect if you like to dare with contrasts (if you recently bought a pair of pointy stilettos, it is time to use them), carpenter jeans are the best it-items to wear all year round.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Carpenter Jeans

#6. Fully Loaded Transparencies

As seen almost everywhere from New York to Paris, the biggest spring/ summer 2018 fashion trend is the see-through pattern. Used to adorn minuscule parts of various ensembles, such as shirts, or as fully loaded patterns on the skirts, transparencies were this Paris Fashion Week’s key element, too, and we bet we will see many girls flaunting them starting from the fall/ winter season already.

As perceived especially on the main social media platforms, transparencies are everyone’s favorite topic from this latest fashion season.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Transparencies

#7. Parisian Bustiers

Those many fashion seasons filled with loungewear-inspired garments and sensual slip dresses got us prepared for one of the most appreciated comebacks of the Paris Fashion Week spring 2018 edition, i.e. the bustier tops. Naively risqué and elegant, bustiers are any outfit’s game changers, and they can revolutionize and elevate any outfit from a cute daily proposal to an unforgettable night out look.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Bustiers

#8. Black and White – Parisian Style

One of the most common and better ways to reproduce the evergreen Parisian style is opting for a black and white look, whether made of solid-colored garments or elegant spring 2018 prints, such as the checkered or pied de poul patterns. As one of the best spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends, Paris Fashion Week just facilitated our work with a plethora of black and white proposals, mostly seen in the form of separates (which is always good news whenever it comes to ready-to-wear fashion).

With so many designers from NYFW, LFW, and MFW highlighting pastel and neon colors for spring 2018, we are glad to see PFW stuck to more classic hues, too.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Black and White Outfits

#9. Spring 2018 Speaks Volumes

Whenever it comes to Paris Fashion Week, we always expect the figures to be structured and voluminous, but things got definitely more exaggerated this time around. Most of our beloved designers shaped their creations with dramatically voluminous cuts, lines, and embellishments, as seen in the layered skirts, ultra-pouf gowns, pointy or rectangular shoulders, and ruffles embellishments. Blending in with the crowd, going unnoticed, is not an option for spring 2018.

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends from Paris Fashion Week: Voluminous Oversized Clothing

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