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Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends

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The spring/ summer 2018 accessory trends once again came to petrify us but whether in a positive or negative way – that’s just a matter of your personal accessory preference. After all, who would dare to rock those shockingly shocking Margiela-made neck pillows except for a travel-addicted experimentator like John Galliano himself? For good measure Gucci’s Alessandro Michelle added a good dose of weirdness with crystal-laden head braces that could fairly be addressed as “chin chokers” of the new type.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends

All in all, the spring/ summer 2018 accessories that we saw in the main fashion capitals were bold and outrageous, far cry from minimalist vibes and just in place to make headlines. “Let your accessories do the talking” is the name of the game for the upcoming warm seasons. Whether you are head over heels in love with Roksanda’s architectural jewelry designs or are longing to toy with transparency à la Chanel or mulling over sock-sandal combo experimentations, just be sure to turn heads the next season.

With the spring/ summer 2018 shoes, handbags, hair accessories, headwear, and sunglasses trends already rounded up, let’s explore the spring 2018 jewelry trends and other accessories, like belts, gloves, hosiery, and much more.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends

#1. Transparent Games with Water Drops

When you are sick and tired of secrets and enigmas, just make it transparent. The spring 2018 jewelry trends offer up some spring-worthy rainwear PVC pieces that are to bring watery freshness to any look. PVC was actually everywhere on the runways, from the summer 2018 swimwear trends to hats to clothing pieces.

The transparency game was in full swing at Paris Fashion Week, to be more specific on Chanel’s runway, where Gorges du Verdon cliffs and waterfalls were too natural to believe. And Lagerfeld’s offerings against this background were just awe-inspiring starting from the transparent thigh-high plastic boots and caps to transparent cutout gloves and water drop earrings, a trend to become viral in due time.

We see transparency playing with artsy thrill at Hermes with a range of water drop earrings and necklaces, while at Etro, chandelier designs bring about beautiful water drop movements. Altuzarra is just another exhilarating proponent of this spring 2018 jewelry trend. Just check out those pagan-inspired earrings and pendants with some magical feeling to them and let transparent water drops become your next season jewerly obsession.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Transparent Water Drop Earrings

#2. Kinetic Art Movement

Architectural shapes seem to play first fiddle in the spring/ summer 2018 jewelry trends, paving the way through a new jewerly era. We saw the runway bursting at the seams with dynamic motions of kinetic art that would work better than any chic dress out there. The moral of the story is crystal clear: what goes in motion, stays in motion!

At Roksanda, playing with proportions is a daily routine given that she studied architecture in her native Serbia before she earned her master’s degree in womenswear at Central Saint Martins in London. Accordingly, we saw many statement intricate earrings in her recent collection with zigzag, twisted lines and raw beads in the spirit of kinetic art.

The mobile sculpture trend continues at Rejina Pyo, who took inspiration from the works of Alexander Calder, the originator of the mobile. The single earrings we see are artsy, sculptural and feel like real drawings in the space.

At Dion Lee, it is all about sculptural extravagant bracelets; at Prabal Gurung, modern architectural shapes meet classic vibes; Miu Miu’s flower bracelet is just too lovely to pass up, while at Missoni, the shoulder-gazing dimensions do the main talking. Find more of this spring/ summer 2018 jewelry trend at Emporio Armani, Oscar de la Renta, Saint Laurent, Ulla Johnson, and Colovos.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Architectural Jewelry

#3. Party-Ready Chandeliers

When they are not swinging from the ceiling, they would be better off sprucing up someone’s ears. Lush chandelier earrings shape up the next big spring/ summer 2018 jewelry trend, all ready to set out to a chic party.

This jewelry trend looms large on the horizon with great power to become a worthy dweller of every beauty-buff’s jewelry box for the upcoming season because, well, they are so attention-grabbing, glitzy and outstanding with all that celebrity-worthy influence on them.

Some of the designers went for a single chandelier as if to declare that a single staple itself is potent enough to carry weight. At Burberry, we see heavily bejeweled single chandeliers that could unexpectedly serve as unique brooches as well; the crystal-laden single chandeliers at Dries Van Noten go extravagantly in pair with crystal lips, while Missoni’s offerings are jingling golden treasures.

Other designers went the extra mile burdening both ears of the models. At Saint Laurent, it is all about antique silver options that will perfectly go with everyday outfits, while with the shimmering crystals by Topshop Unique and Ashley Williams you are going to look like an out-and-out cocktail girl. We have spotted more of this trend at Antonio Marras, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and more.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Chandelier Earrings

#4. Baroque Drama

The baroque drama was striding along the runways of the late with all that awestruck feelings to it. The spring 2018 jewelry trends overtly breathe grandeur, drama and emotional exuberance just in time to bring a bit of noble attitude into everything.

We are all agog over those mixes of arabesque motifs, dramatic symmetry and aristocratic gemstones that many fashion designers went all out for. Dolce & Gabbana, the all-time-baroque proponents, pertinently feel right at home here with grandiose gemstone-laden jewelry sets including sublime tiaras. Alexander McQueen serves up oceans of pearl-gemstone mixes in the best tradition of baroque art, while at Versace, we catch sight of catholic baroque-style cross earrings.

Demna Gvasalia once again scares the daylight out of us at Balenciaga offering statement bead earrings in jewel-tone colors, while the baroque drama scenes at Chanel are all infiltrated with crystal aquamarine freshness.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Baroque Jewelry

#5. Extra Large Hoops

The big invasion of hoop earrings from the early ‘90s started last season and we got a gigantic tray of hoops of all sizes and styles. What makes this jewelry trend so ubiquitously demanded is its super practical form that goes pretty well with almost everything.

Want to hit a cocktail party? Go for a pair of bejewelled hoops. Is it a sport-chic time? Large hoop earrings are at your disposal, while medium-sized hoops could become your everyday essentials.

But for the spring/ summer 2018 jewelry trends, it is extra large hoop earrings that reign supreme and deliberately make ears the center stage. Just throw a look at the Fenty x Puma X-game-inspired runway show, where extra large hoop earrings instantly steal the show. At Sally Lapointe, they are in classic silver, while Area’s large hoop interpretation is crystal-packed and party-ready.

We are also immensely impressed by the double-hoop offerings by Giorgio Armani, and the beaded artsy ones spotted at Cushnie et Ochs. Want to know who is the winner in this large hoop competition? No ifs, ands or buts about that, the arty-crafty pearl hoops at Y/Project win over this time.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Large Hoop Earrings

#6. Back-in-Style Anklets

Anklets, those provocative foot candies plucked from the ‘90s, have been on trend for already several seasons in a row, and seem not to recede any time in the nearest future. When barefoot and crazy, what can better flatter your tootsies than this lovely spring 2018 jewelry trend?

From celebrities to runway models to street style icons, all are likely to have a strong crush on ankle bracelets. Rejoice, as new styles are coming for the new season!

Anna Sui’s romantic collection features boho-chic anklets with colorful beads and trinkets that she recommends rocking with high platform sandals. The bohemian spirit resides in Peter Pilotto’s colorful cord anklets as well, while at Victoria Beckham, dainty ankle bracelets shimmer with all that elegant mannerism.

But if you have a yen for more exclusive options, look at Balmain’s chunky chain anklets worn over open-toed boots or give a try to bad gal Riri’s sporty ankle bands with Puma embossed on them.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Anklets

#7. Cuff Bracelets: the More, the Better

They say it’s inherent of women who had great influence in the world, not just a flash in the pan but an indelible mark on the history. Cleopatra and Nefertiti wore it on the upper arm, Coco Chanel made it iconic with the Maltese Cross motif embossed on it, while the Wonder Woman can’t ever be depicted without it.

Cuff bracelets are on, powerful frequenters among the recent spring/ summer 2018 jewelry trends, but if the previous season’s force was to invest in a single statement cuff bracelet, the upcoming season sounds off to stack it up.

At Saint Laurent, multiple cuff bracelets in antique silver speak all-powerful and rebellious. Gucci’s Alessandro Michelle, an old hand at accessories, follows in the same footsteps offering up stacks of royal silver bracelets with jewel-toned beads.

At Les Copains, they are rigid and wonder-woman-worthy; Phillip Lim’s plastic cuffs are more of cocktail spirit, while Roberto Cavalli kicks it up a notch with geometrical options on both arms. Explore more cuff bracelets as a spring/ summer 2018 jewelry trend at Chanel, Antonio Marras or Balenciaga.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Cuff Bracelets

#8. Summer-Ready Rope Jewelry

Summer is evidently roping us into the rope jewelry phase with all that DIY fun about it. This spring 2018 jewelry trend has us all feel extremely excited and energized in a summer-worthy manner. After all, it breathes so many fun colors and such a great anticipation for Coachella moments.

At Oscar de la Renta, we are taken away by the twisted cord collars and bracelets in pops of color. Altuzarra’s Paris Fashion Week debut gifted us with a range of rope necklaces with magical pendants and lovely bangle bracelets, while at Gabriela Hearst, a wrap-around rope earring instantly turned on its red light.

Find more boho-chic rope jewelry stories from Nina Ricci and Peter Pilotto to Christopher Kane, and Saint Laurent.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Rope-Style Jewelry

#9. A Sudden Rush of Gold

Royal family models walked down many runways as of late, all encrusted with gold, and strongly recommending never missing a golden opportunity to shine in summer. Hey, time to usher in the golden rush jewelry period! While some of the collections feature single gold pieces, others capitalize on golden rush aesthetics literally wrapping the models with shine.

We see piles of gold-laden necklaces, earrings, hair barrettes and even fedora decorations at Versace in modern goddess demeanor. Christian Siriano’s golden approach is more of an Eastern style with many hand bracelets, wrap-around cascading earrings and intricate chokers.

Elie Saab expertly plays with golden tassels, and Roberto Cavalli chains it up with lovely chain collars all in gold. This spring 2018 jewelry trend moves ahead from Missoni, and Y/Project to Adeam, and many more.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Gold Jewelry

#10. Totally Mismatched Earrings

Matching earrings are not cool any more for the spring/ summer 2018 jewelry trends. If you are longing to have all eyes on your ears, wear single ear candies or go for asymmetry or take a risk and rock earrings as different as night and day. The recent runways saw myriads of pairs that did not match, but not only in terms of length or color, but also at times even totally at odds.

Oscar de la Renta is evidently against everything regular and conventional; therefore we see twisted hoop earrings mixed and matched with artsy flower-shape pieces for a daring contrast. But no contrast looks more contrasting than the silver-gold alliance, much as observed at Roberto Cavalli: lovely silver leaf-shaped options against golden hoops or just vice versa.

At Versace, the golden nautical theme is in high gear with seashell and starfish shapes in symbiosis, while at Marni, intricate statement pieces look quite artistic with their minimalist counterparts. Explore more of this spring 2018 jewelry trend at Mary Katrantzou, Phillip Lim, Topshop Unique, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen, and more.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Mismatched Earrings

#11. Victorian Era Pearls

Romantic period pearls against the background of modern helter-skelter is a scene to watch for ages. The spring 2018 pearls are all enwrapped in Victorian era romanticism mixed in with crystals, gemstones and other adornments. If you have always thought of pearls as something old-school, the upcoming warm seasons are a great time to cut your teeth in pearl experimentations and breathe new life into this fine jewelry.

At Prabal Gurung, pearls are playing more than elegantly on a range of drop earrings of sculptural shapes and decorated with sparkles; at Alexander McQueen, and Moschino, a punk twist makes the elegant pearls undergo a radical shakeup, while Simone Rocha keeps the things super matchy-matchy combining Victoriana dolls with Victorian era pearly drop earrings.

Find more lounge-bar-ready pearls at Topshop Unique, and nerdy girl pieces at Alessandro Michele’s Gucci.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Victorian Pearls

#12. Stacked Identical Finger Rings

While the whole world is under a spell of mismatched earrings, a new trend of similar rings stacked together looms large on the horizon. A big statement ring is already a history, itty-bitty multiple rings are run-of-the-mill; therefore the new spring 2018 ring trend is to make them similar on all fingers.

Some designs were rigid enough to be defined as protect-yourself staples but there also appeared some lovely ladylike options worth to make it to a ball party.

At Adeam, we saw X-shaped silver rings on all four fingers; at Dion Lee, fine silver triplets come into view, while at Gucci, animal-head three rings may serve as protect-yourself armor. But Chloe’s interpretation is definitely the boldest and zestiest with multiple golden rings intertwined without leaving any room for free finger movements.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Stacked Rings

#13. Tropicana Fun

The playful tropicana flowers, delicious fruit and colorful tassels that made their way through the spring/ summer 2018 runways, will get us all pack for a summer getaway and enjoy that tropical sunset. And why not make yourself well-suited for those future tropicana moments? No better way to do it than with the spring 2018 tropical jewelry pieces.

Alexis Mabille literally made the runway bloom with lush floral earrings. A range of festive necklaces ran the gamut in the Michael Kors collection, while Isabel Marant’s offerings were red and yellow floral collars teamed with beach-ready outfits. Don’t miss out on Sachin & Babi’s lavish tassel earrings that are really some pumpkins and worthy of big attention.

Another bunch of designers treated us to delicious fruit jewelry starting from Prada’s realistic banana earrings to the Dolce & Gabbana citrus sets to Balenciaga’s yummy-yummy grape earrings. Yup, it’s all fun and games!

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Tropical Jewelry

#14. Edgy Ear Cuffs

The one spring 2018 jewelry trend that can unanimously be coronated as the edgiest of all the designs is ear cuffs that are too cheeky to be rocked on both ears. The most bewildering thing about this punk-rock style is that you can wear them even if you don’t have a piercing or just on the contrary – you will need additional piercings for more complex looks.

Gucci’s crystal cuffs that fully embrace the ears truly need some explanation by Alessandro Michele – so many piercings? A gluing technique? Or maybe something new?

An exceptional ear crawler comes into view at Ralph & Russo designed with many crystal balls. Then it is Acne Studios that offers up to invest in seductive chain designs.

On the other hand, those chic bejeweled cuffs by Dries van Noten are beyond comparison, if you know what I mean. Find more of this jewelry trend at Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Christian Siriano, and Dion Lee.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Ear Cuffs

#15. Nat Geo WILD

When there are so many animals running, flying or just waylaying on the runways, we cannot help but call the whole thing Nat Geo WILD jewelry.

Miuccia Prada seems to be obsessed with the safari theme in her latest spring 2018 collection, starting from zebra and leopard-spot prints to unexpected bat and lobster earrings. Brandon Maxwell’s eveningwear and luxe cigarette pants have undergone some wild transformation through a series of chic feline-shaped earrings and an exclusive royal horse number, all made in collaboration with Lunch at the Ritz jewelry line.

Chloe capitalizes on golden horned animal pendants, while the lovely flitter flutter butterfly collars at Bottega Veneta are definitely one of the most amazing jewelry designs that the spring/ summer 2018 jewelry trends offer up.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Jewelry Trends: Natural, Animal Inspired Jewelry

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends

#1. Fishnet Ankle Socks

The fishnet fashion is still sticking around. The ultra trendy fishnet tights are made shorter, and as a result we would have ankle-length fishnet socks as the fishiest spring/ summer 2018 accessory trend out there.

Through the mesh texture they are cool, air-conditioned and downright summer-ready. We stumbled upon black and creamy ankle fishnet socks at Topshop Unique that felt right at home with classic pumps.

The fishnet socks à la Marco de Vincenzo are in racy colors, open-toed, and beg for spick-and-span tootsies. Check also black and white fishnet designs at Jil Sander with some macrame accents.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Fishnet Socks

#2. Statement Socks with Sandals

Gone are the days when socks were a definite no-no with sandals. What we once called a bad taste is currently street-style chic and a tough nut to crack. Why? Because, well, who would dare to rock blindingly bright yellow socks with a pair of classic sandals? Only the most audacious personalities out there.

The sock-sandal combo as a spring 2018 accessory trend popped up with this specific woman type in mind and for good reason. Many are already on pins and needles to embrace the Burberry-made knitted argyle socks with T-strap heels or the sportive yellow numbers from Miu Miu.

Equally are sought-after the colored and printed socks at MSGM, the glitterati ones at Dolce & Gabbana or the checkered and logomania staples at Fendi. After more unique vibes? Check out Prada’s printed knee-socks with riot girl aesthetics to them.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Statement Socks

#3. Summer-Worthy Open-Toe Socks

To keep it cool and refreshing, open-toe socks breeze in as a spring/ summer 2018 accessory trend. After all, it’s summer, and we need to save room for some barefoot craziness.

Mary Katrantzou is all into it bidding on polka-dot and striped sweet nothings. At Monse, open-toe socks are striped and totally in keeping with the overall ripped and tattered atmosphere, while the sorbet-colored fishnet socks at Marco de Vincenzo double up on the cool factor with an open-toe design.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Open-Toe Socks

#4. Knee-Length Schoolgirl Socks

Want to know the most fetish spring 2018 accessory trend? All eyes are on Maria Grazia Chiuri’s recent composition for Dior that hits the headlines and makes us think of sock styling from a totally different perspective.

She successfully brought together fishnet lace-up boots and striped above-the-knee socks meant specially for the most fetish gals out there. We see something of this kind at Mary Katrantzou as well: silver-sparkle fishnet boots teamed with delicate socks for you future come-hither looks.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Knee-Length Socks

#5. Sexy Stockings on Display

When it is about stockings, a sexy appeal is just undeniable. Add a thigh-high slit to it and you will be a smash hit. This is what the spring 2018 accessory trends encourage us to do for the warm seasons.

At Missoni, stockings do a bang-up job, whether matched with a nonchalantly tied jacked or a see-through dress. Alexander Wang’s fishnet stockings are on a daring display in his genuine gothic oeuvre, but leave it to Fendi to make a psychedelic effect with printed stocking and show-all garment pieces stacked together.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Sexy Stockings

#6. Corsets and Bustiers

No, we are not talking about any underwear trends. The spring/ summer 2018 corsets and bustiers are for outerwear use and for provocative allure, because they make waist look super slim and edgy, which is nothing but a classic definition of a seductive woman.

Go for seductive games come the warm seasons and do it with utmost confidence since Mugler’s feline girl black options are all around. Wang’s black leather corset is safari-chic; at Dolce & Gabbana, a colorful weaved corset pops in, while at Tibi, they are built with the of-the-moment PVC fashion trend in mind. More corsets and bustiers can be found at Prabal Gurung, Prada, Simon Miller, and Tomas Maier.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Corsets

#7. Belt Your Dress

Who else has a dress in her closet that feels not the right way and needs a major boost? A simple belt could definitely clear things up and flatter your figure in a snap. We saw oceans of belted dresses on the spring/ summer 2018 runways in some Marilyn Monroe-esque manner and beyond.

Carolina Herrera purveys sorbet-colored belts with square buckles that adorn both shift dresses and eveningwear. At Alexander McQueen, they are super thin and sleek, cinched around the feathery dresses.

At Temperley London, it feels plucked from the amazing ‘60s, while at Tory Burch, dresses are double belted and double pleasing. This accessory trend does not end in here but continues its journey from Alessandra Rich, and Adam Selman to Versace, and Antonio Marras.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Belts Over Dresses

#8. The Most Statement Belts of the Season

Some of the spring/ summer 2018 belts are rightly exclusive standout pieces, able to jazz up any outfit. Balenciaga’s charm-packed chain belts with pencil skirts do the trick here with hearts, keys, Eiffel Towers and what not.

Another head-turning piece appears at Celine – a golden vintage-inspired belt with an oversized sculptural bucket, but what attracts more attention is a golden sequined bow-shaped number setting out to a luxe ceremony for sure.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Statement Belts

#9. Bow-Tie Scarf + Necklace Combo

This combo is so romantic and lovely and though totally feminine, it reads some rebellious accents deep inside. Need some visible proof to soothe your eyes?

Bottega Veneta says a strong yes to this spring 2018 accessory trend combining powdery-shaded bow-tie scarves with fine necklaces. Alexander Wang’s nod is even stronger; after all, a gothic black scarf and a chain collar are a far cry from a wallflower.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Bow-Tie Scarves with Necklaces

#10. Flowing Breezy Scarves

Tie it nonchalantly to let both ends flow against the breeze, and you are all set for the next spring 2018 accessory trend. When looking for brand-new flowing scarf techniques, it’s a sure thing to look to Calvin Klein’s trick to loop the scarf through the dress hole or get your hands on Balenciaga’s choker-scarf concoction.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Flowing Scarves

#11. Opera Drama

Though spring and summer are not the best time to heat hands, it is surely the best time to show off your extravagant swagger self. Hit it up with opera gloves for dramatic looks or just for your fashion fad.

Grab the boldest ever opera gloves from Calvin Klein in burgundy, lapiz blue and powdery pink shades or infuse an extra dose of drama with black lace gloves by Ryan Lo. Christian Siriano’s idea is to match them with your outfit for an unmistakably harmonious look, while at Erdem, get ready for some pretty embellished games.

Explore more of this spring 2018 accessory trend at Koche, Marc Jacobs, Missoni, and Antonio Marras.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Accessory Trends: Opera Gloves

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