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Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends

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The spring/ summer 2018 color trends are here, with many season-perfect shades on display on the runway. We saw softer, more feminine shades of pink and lavender, as well as some bright and loud colors for spring 2018, like yellow and red to really help shake off the winter gloom.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends

For the more demure of the lot, there were subtle options, but darker colors were still around for the sophisticated and serious ladies in the bunch. No matter who you are or what your style is, you are likely to find that at least a few of the spring/ summer 2018 color trends will appeal to you!

Spring/ Summer 2018 Runway Color Trends: Contents

1. Pink Lavender
2. 50 Shades of Lavender
3. Powdery Millennial Pink
4. Ultra Violet
5. Almost Mauve
6. Spring Crocus
7. Ash Rose
8. Rapture Rose
9. Blooming Dahlia
10. Military Green
11. Nile Green
12. Lime Punch
13. Arcadia
14. Spiced Apple
15. Chili Oil
16. Cherry Tomato
17. Gunmetal
18. Bright Silver
19. Golden Glimmer
20. Little Boy Blue
21. Palace Blue
22. Sailor Blue
23. Coconut Milk
24. Harbor Mist
25. Warm Sand
26. Emperador
27. Meadowlark Yellow
28. Safety Orange

Shamelessly Feminine

#1. Pink Lavender

Pink Lavender is one of the standouts of the spring/ summer 2018 color trends. It showed up on many of the runways, looking soft and feminine. It is a perfect cool tone for the floral season that exudes feminine confidence.

The Victoria Beckham runway was filled with draped pastel suits, with Pink Lavender especially prominent. Simple dresses in the collections of Michael Kors, Versace, and Ulla Johnson were also crafted with this delicate color, for a minimalistic yet girlish look. From Christopher Kane, we saw fuzzy sweater dresses represent this color trend.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Pink Lavender

#2. 50 Shades of Lavender

While pink lavender was a supreme trend on the spring runways, so was the true lavender shade. Whether you call it lilac or lavender, we saw a real lavender explosion on the runways, as it was used for suits, sequined dresses, tops and feminine skirts almost in every designer collection.

We saw this soothing spring 2018 color trend in a cozy oversized knit sweater from Michael Kors that was perfectly layered over a tea-length loose skirt coming in a darker shade of lavender.

Lavender appeared in its subtlest pastel form on the Tibi, and Victoria Beckham runways, while we absolutely loved the richnest of its slightly darker alternative spotted at Roland Mouret.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Lavender

#3. Powdery Millennial Pink

Is the millennial pink obsession ever going to cease? We hope never! As predictable as it might be, the spring/ summer 2018 color trends bring in the pastel, powdery shade of millennial pink, too, along with the lavender, and the mixture of these two – Pink Lavender.

Pastel pink looked even more ethereal when combined with the lovely ruffles at Alexander McQueen for a see-through slip dress, and with the sparkling sequins as per No. 21. We also saw pretty millennial pink moments at Sportmax, John Galliano, and Valentino, where it acted as the sole color protagonist, not needing any other complementing shades to look great.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Pastel Millennial Pink

#4. Ultra Violet

Pink Lavender and Spring Crocus’ more intense sibling was also present all over the runways. Announced as Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, this cool purple tone is powerful and creative, perfect for anyone who wants to draw attention, but still enjoy the more floral of the spring 2018 color trends.

On the Area runway, this color was featured in more casual sweatshirts. There was a head-to-toe Ultra Violet suit complete with velvet trousers on the Gucci runway, as well as a truly unique purple dress with attached cap number.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Ultra Violet

#5. Almost Mauve

If you don’t look closely, you might not even notice the pinkish tinge to Almost Mauve, and it’ll just seem like a very light beige or off-white. One of the top Pantone spring 2018 color trends, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to exude purity without being all that pure. It is clean and soft – a wonderful and comforting choice.

Houses like Jason Wu, Jonathan Simkhai, and Badgley Mischka used this lovely shade to make exquisite evening dresses, while at Valentino, we saw daytime dresses in the shade paired with Warm Sand trench coats. On the Alexander McQueen runway, it gave us retro vibes, with a lacy see-through lingerie-style dress creation.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Almost Mauve

#6. Spring Crocus

This vivacious purple shade is like a more vibrant take on Pink Lavender. It is as shamelessly girlish as a color can be, and I am thrilled to see this kind of unreserved color options on the runway to celebrate a spring where women don’t stay quiet.

At Rejina Pyo, we saw this color used in one-piece suits – a wonderful way of combining the lively color with a more serious design. At Dries Van Noten, this spring 2018 color was used in an ultra-feminine take on the trench coat, while at Nina Ricci, it was used in various fun designs adorned by fringe elements, which are also one of the biggest spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Spring Crocus

#7. Ash Rose

We loved this muted shade for the spring/ summer 2018 color trends. This pale mauve is understated and natural, and described by Pantone as “sophisticated yet earthy”. It is a very calming shade that makes a perfect counter to all of the neons and brights we’ve seen this season.

On the Emilia Wickstead runway, dresses in modern cuts were softened by this color. Tom Ford’s collection was all about solid cool colors in respectable designs – a theme that this color fit well into. It was used in both loose, comfy tops and in slinky dresses.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Ash Rose

#8. Rapture Rose

This particular shade of pink is by far the most youthful, girlish, and shameless of the spring 2018 color trends. It is a true pink fit for any princess, and I think it’s fair to say it’s the kind of color 7-year-old girls think of when saying that their favorite shade is “pink”.

We saw more sporty takes on it, like the plastic-y anorak designs on the Mary Katrantzou catwalk. There was a plastic dress in the shade at Nicopanda as well, while at Emporio Armani, this color was used in more expected designs like a sheer, breezy button-up top with billow sleeves.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Rapture Rose

#9. Blooming Dahlia

This shade from the spring/ summer 2018 color trends sits somewhere between peach and nude. It is subtle, airy, and just warm enough. It is a perfect color choice for the girly girls tired of pink, and it fit well with all of the summer dresses we saw this season.

This understated shade was combined with ultra-feminine and slightly Victorian designs for the Chanel collection, while for Peter Pilotto, it was kept more casual in T-shirts. Dresses made of fabric in this gorgeous shade were created for the collections of Vivienne Tam, Alexander McQueen, and Rejina Pyo.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Blooming Dahlia

Spring Greens

#10. Military Green

Olive green is a wonderful shade that seems quite neutral. It works with no-nonsense outfits, but it is also a staple in your average anarcho-punk wardrobe.

Labels like Sacai used the military green shade in a very literal way, with many patchwork designs featuring this color blended with tans and camo. It also figured heavily in the jumpsuit trends, with variations in the color created by both Jason Wu, and Fenty x Puma.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Military Green

#11. Nile Green

Something about green just makes sense for spring. It’s a fresh and natural color that represents renewal – especially in this soft variation that we’ll see all over the place as part of the spring/ summer 2018 color trends. This shade is a warm green with a low saturation, so it almost seems like a pastel.

It made for a unique take on suits and jackets, like in the Sies Marjan and Acne Studios collections. It gave a fresh twist to simple dress silhouettes by Tibi, and Baja East.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Nile Green

#12. Lime Punch

There was also space in the spring/ summer 2018 color trends for a brighter green. It’s hard to think of a shade of green brighter and more eye-catching than the neon yellow green shade that is Lime Punch.

Marta Jakubowski used this shade to make eye-catching bodysuits, while NYC designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh created bold coats and jackets.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Lime Punch

#13. Arcadia

It is thrilling to see this greenish variation on turquoise as one of the spring/ summer 2018 color trends. It is cool yet dynamic, like a tropical ocean – a perfect getaway when you don’t have the luxury to be on a Caribbean vacation.

This bright color was all over the tweed in the Chanel collection. It also figured heavily in the collections of labels that kept it looking more casual, like Monse, and Tibi. More upscale uses of this spring 2018 color to create alluring dresses were taken by Ulla Johnson and Tadashi Shoji.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Arcadia

Red Hot Summer

#14. Spiced Apple

Somewhere between a brownish red and a reddish brown, this particular shade is great for anyone who’s not ready to embrace the brighter reds in the spring 2018 color trends. This particular variation on red is very neutral, so it works well with both cool and warm colors.

This color was sexy yet sophisticated at the Roland Mouret show, where it was used in flowy, caped one pieces and more structured creations as well. There were elements of Spiced Apple sprinkles amongst the accessories on the Calvin Klein runway, along with some brighter reds.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Spiced Apple

#15. Chili Oil

Chili Oil is a deep, seductive reddish brown. It is just a touch warmer than Spiced Apple, and is perfect for those who like a color that is earthier but still definitively red. It is a shade that is extremely flattering for anyone with a warmer skin tone, and it pairs well with both neutrals and brighter colors that are on the warmer side of things.

On the Self Portrait runway, this spring 2018 color was paired with pale blue, in a sweet overall and sweatshirt combination. It made for a dapper suit on the Joseph runway, and for some very seductive dresses by Aquilano Rimondi.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Chili Oil

#16. Cherry Tomato

A season without a bright and striking red is a season where I would rather go naked. For the spring 2018 color trends it is a Cherry Tomato, a warm and bright red, that sizzles and turns heads.

On the Christopher Kane runway, this daring shade was perfectly utilized in the crafting of a sexy night gown that showed a lot of skin, while at Paco Rabanne, it was all about evening dresses with high leg slits. A more conservative dress with a sweetheart neckline truly stood out in the Stella McCartney collection thanks to this bright shade.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Cherry Tomato

Metallic Moments

#17. Gunmetal

It was pleasant to see a darker metallic be so prominent on the spring runways. Gunmetal silver is another one of the most powerful spring 2018 color trends, and is perfect for fierce eveningwear.

We saw dresses in this distinctive shade on the runways of Louis Vuitton, and Paco Rabanne, where there were also tight bodysuits in this color.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Gunmetal Silver

#18. Bright Silver

Brighter silver also figured heavily in the spring/ summer 2018 color trends, as the perfect color for a party dress or a skin-tight bodysuit. This shimmery metallic is a happy, energetic choice that is more youthful than other metallics like gold or copper.

A Tom Ford, this color was used for a more sophisticated design with loose pants rolled at the ankle and a matching top with a boxy cut, and for a loose silver top paired with short shorts for that party feel.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Bright Silver

#19. Golden Glimmer

This expensive and loud color glimmered over the runways of only the most adventurous labels. Gold is a fun color that cannot be worn ironically – if one commits to this specific metallic, they have to go all out, because here there is no subtlety, only audacity.

It is no surprise that Donatella Versace used it heavily – in fact, the Versace show ended with a group of models dressed in slinky golden dresses accompanying Donatella for her final bow. In Gucci’s ‘80s collection, a slightly green-tinged gold fabric was used in a retro futuristic jumpsuit, as well as in a few accessories throughout the collection.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Golden Glimmer

Summertime Blues

#20. Little Boy Blue

This pale blue is a charming shade that is light as air and clear as day, perfect for the spring 2018 color trends. Seeing this soft blue on the runways helped to calm the soul and break up an abundance of vivids.

With a name like this, it is no surprise that this color was used in designs that felt more twee, like a calf-length A-line dress by John Galliano, and a button-up dress by Carolina Herrera. We also saw this spring 2018 color feature in sexy creations by Ralph & Russo, and more sophisticated ones like a mod-feeling skirt and top combination by Dion Lee.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Little Boy Blue

#21. Palace Blue

Just a hint darker than Little Boy Blue, Palace Blue gives us deep ocean vibes – somehow both dramatic and serene. It fits well with the palette of the season, and could be paired with the darker blues or with some of the softer purples.

This shade showed up in dresses, tops, and menswear at Givenchy. The flowy, watery impact of the color was not lost on designers, so it made sense to see it utilized in light, draped fabrics on dresses by Emilia Wickstead, or to see more structured dresses in this color adorned with literal waves by David Koma.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Palace Blue

#22. Sailor Blue

This dark blue is more muted than a navy, and has the barest hint of olive to it, keeping it from being too cool. To some it might seem a little more ideal for winter, although in my opinion a season with only pinks and pale blues becomes dreadfully boring very quickly. This shade of blue breaks up and complements light warm colors beautifully, and it keeps the season sophisticated and interesting.

On the Tibi runway, tunic dresses in Sailor Blue were brightened up with a touch of Arcadia, with the use of a belt. At Toga and Jason Wu, it made for the perfect color for long jackets. It figured heavily in the spring 2018 checked prints on many outfits on the Hermes runway.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Sailor Blue

Notice the Neutrals

#23. Coconut Milk

White can be too stark (not to mention easy to get dirty), so a shade like Coconut Milk is a great light and airy neutral to rock as part of the spring/ summer 2018 color trends. Its slight warmth means that it is softer than white, and it pairs better with many of the other spring 2018 colors. It figured in everything from jackets to dresses to suits this season.

Coconut Milk jumpsuits came to us courtesy of Zadig & Voltaire, while on the Rouland Mouret and Jonathan Simkhai runways, we saw weightless dresses. Flowy dresses made sense in Coconut Milk on the Elizabeth & James catwalk, as well as as in see-through dresses by Miu Miu. We got unique, modernist designs in this off-white from fashion labels like Celine.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Coconut Milk

#24. Harbor Mist

This soft gray brings thoughts of spring in colder countries – of morning fog, especially. It feels cool, which actually feels like a comfortable and relaxing choice fitting for the summer 2018 color trends.

At Jason Wu, we saw trousers matched with a loose yet sophisticated top – a combination perfect for office wear that will still keep one feeling cool. Michael Kors gave us a tank dress with a tiered skirt that paired beautifully with accessories in another of the season’s shades: Warm Sand.

An example of evening wear came via Valentino, where Harbor Mist was paired with shiny silver appliques for a soft and romantic effect.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Harbor Mist

#25. Warm Sand

Since trench coats were an important part of the spring 2018 trends, it is no wonder that Warm Sand is key in the 2018 color trends. This color is the perfect calm neutral, that works for spring because it pairs well with other beachy colors like blue and peachy dahlia.

It featured in dozens of shows where trench coats were displayed, like Phillip Lim, Vivienne Tam, Loewe, and Celine.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Warm Sand

#26. Emperador

This true chocolate brown is a statement neutral that looks rich and inviting. This warm, delicious color is irresistible, and it pairs extremely well with brighter shades, like the yellows and pinks we’re getting this season. It helps to anchor them, since it is rich yet earthy.

It was an especially fitting shade for the cozy sweaters at Stella McCartney, and the swanky leather trench coats at Givenchy.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Emperador

Summer Brights

#27. Meadowlark Yellow

Bright and bold, Meadowlark Yellow is the perfect shade for the summer 2018 color trends. It is simply and naturally cheerful, and difficult to ignore. Despite, or perhaps because of, its cheer, many designers opted to use it in very sexy and seductive ways.

Curve-hugging dresses in classic designs turned all of the heads at the Carolina Herrera show, while on the Mugler runway, they were more flowy but somewhat see-through and therefore equally head-turning. Donatella Versace opened her show with stunning outfits, made of a busy and geometric black and meadowlark print that is classic Versace.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Meadowlark Yellow

#28. Safety Orange

Meadowlark Yellow’s joyful sister, safety orange is yet another bright shade in the range of the spring/ summer 2018 color trends that will easily set you apart from the rest as you wear a total look in this eye-popping color. Just keep things as understated as possible, as safety orange screams out loud in and of itself.

Safety orange was the protagonist of totally bright head-to-toe orange looks at Jeremy Scott, Tom Ford, Adam Selman, and Marc Jacobs, while at Calvin Klein, it was beauitfully contrasted against the black vest, and the pair of electric blue gloves finishing off the look.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Color Trends: Safety Orange

Photos via Vogue