The spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends are giving us variety, with something to please every kind of fashion-conscious consumer, from those who are all about standing out in avant-garde style to those who value minimalist comfort above all else. Both long-beloved staples and innovative new ideas were presented to us in the various fashion capitals of the world.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Runway Fashion Trends

Now that we’ve seen all there was to see at the big four Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, London, and New York, we’re ready to recognize the patterns and figure out which will be the runway trends of spring/ summer 2018.

We saw so many light fabrics, both in color and simply in feel, that begged to be draped in layers that move elegantly with the figure and keep things blissfully cool. To keep things fun, we saw all kinds of embellishments, from fringes and sequins to luxurious frills. Classic items like slip dresses and trench coats were elevated in all kinds of ways, and we also saw the return of comfy staples like bermuda shorts, and flared trousers.

These are the top 45 spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends from the runway shows you should take note of!

Spring/ Summer 2018 Runway Fashion Trends: Contents

1. Monochrome Outfits
2. Voluminous Clothing
3. Accent on the Waist
4. High Waisted Trousers
5. Denim on Denim
6. The Handmaid’s Tale Cut
7. Pencil Skirts
8. Trench Coats
9. Bermuda Shorts
10. Short Shorts
11. Polo Shirts
12. Tiered Skirts
13. Smart Layering
14. Schoolkid Socks
15. Big, Flared Pants
16. Half & Half Looks
17. ‘60s Mod Fashion
18. A Return to the ‘80s
19. Easy Breezy Summer Dresses
20. Bustier Tops
21. Bra Tops
22. Decorative Straps
23. Ruffles and Frill Accents
24. The Modern Black Swan
25. Feathers
26. Fringe
27. Glowy Sequins
28. Draped Silhouettes
29. A Glimpse of Side
30. Let Logos Speak!
31. Carpenter Jeans
32. Camisole Dresses
33. Billowy Robes
34. Handkerchief Hems
35. Peek-A-Boo Fabrics
36. Drawstring Elements
37. Puffy Sleeves
38. Short Suits
39. Coverall Tell-All
40. Drawstring Tops
41. Knots
42. Patchwork Mishmash
43. Futuristic PVC Fashion and Vinyl
44. Sportswear
45. Butterfly Elements

#1. Monochrome

In a move that felt comforting and easy to style, we saw a lot of monochrome looks as part of the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends. Many of these looks were layered, like the jackets, button-up shirts, and flared pants at Victoria Beckham in white on white, pink on pink, and lavender on lavender.

At Michael Kors, this trend was featured in pinks and blues, with a lot of flowy skirts and dresses and loose trenches perfect for protecting from summer night winds. This spring 2018 runway trend took a darker turn at Hermes (with a couple of light exceptions), while on the Sies Marjan runway we saw monochromes in all shades of the rainbow.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Monochrome Outfits

#2. Volume Over All

Just in general, volume was on the mind everywhere this season, as a way of keeping so many layers and jackets from feeling heavy and burdensome.

At Rochas, the volume trend for spring 2018 translated to large drop waist dresses in bright colors, and darker balloon skirts. It was a ballroom-ready collection.

At Balenciaga and Helmut Lang, it was a more casual look. We saw boyfriend-sized button-up shirts and vests on the models walking the Balenciaga runway, while at Marni, nearly every dress, skirt, and top had an inflated look, occasionally with the waist kept small for an exaggerated hourglass.

Other collections that utilized volume to make a statement included Lutz Huelle, Andrew Gn, Balenciaga, Anrealage, and Molly Goddard.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Voluminous Clothing

#3. Accent on the Waist

Remember those thick belts in the late 2000s that made our waists look slim and gave us an immediate hourglass figure? They’ve been missing for a while, but the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends might hail their comeback!

Extra large belts cinched the waists on the models on the Aquilano.Rimondi runway. They were worn over both dresses and loose shirts, standing out in black against lighter fabrics.

At the Altuzarra show, leather waist belts (sometimes even two!) were buckled over shift dresses, another of the spring 2018 runway trends.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Accentuating the Waist with Belts

#4. High Waisted Trousers

All manners of fabrics were utilized to make high waisted pants – one of our favorite trends, because it’s flattering, chic, but also comfortable and perfect for all manner of occasions. In other words, we welcome it as one of the spring/ summer 2018 runway trends.

At Roksanda, high waisted pants made of light, warm cotton had a looser fit, and were cinched at the top with a drawstring. This was a romantic, rustic way of styling high waisted pants. The same fit was seen at Isabel Marant, paired with a sharp jacket and a black belt that actually looked very sophisticated and office-ready.

There were other beautiful examples of high waisted trousers at Rebecca Taylor, DVF, Tibi, Hermes, and more.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: High Waisted Pants

#5. All Denim All Day

Also known as the Canadian tuxedo, jeans on jeans were an apparent part of the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends. We saw jean jackets and button-up shirts paired with both longer jean skirts, and with trousers in all kinds of sophisticated cuts.

At Rag & Bone, we saw both tight and loose variations on the theme, in mostly lighter denim and some colorful accents. Zadig & Voltaire created a very modern yet casual look, with a short-sleeved jean top tucked into long, high waisted denim pants in a loose fit.

Max Mara made jean jumpsuits the coveted spring item for every fashionista, by creating an impeccable silhouette and keeping things interesting by leaving the bottoms from knee down a shade lighter than the rest of the jumpsuit.

We also saw some of these denim on denim looks on the catwalks of Nina Ricci, Mugler, Versus, Tom Ford, and more.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Denim on Denim

#6. The Handmaid’s Tale Cut

Is it possible designers were as enamored with the TV series based on the brilliant Margaret Atwood book as I was? I’m not sure, but it does seem the styling in the show has inspired a lot of collections – either that, or we’re simply seeing a continued departure from waist-hugging designs, but simply at longer lengths than previous seasons.

No matter what it was, large dresses that flare out to hide any semblance of figure were definitely spotted as one of the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends.

The new team behind Nehera (all women) certainly embraced the silhouette with shapeless dresses as well as skirt and top pairings. Y/ Project also embraced a voluminous yet conservative silhouette, especially in their trenchcoat designs.

Lastly, at Ryan Lo, very girlish elements like a spring 2018 floral print and lots of frills were paired with the handmaiden cut, in both longer lengths and shorter lengths, giving a very demure look. Another fashion house to embrace this modesty is Balenciaga.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Shapeless Long Flowing Dresses

#7. Pencil Skirts

This timeless staple, perfect for the office or for a cocktail party, was an easy fit into the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends. Pencil skirts can work with any outfit, as we saw on this season’s runways.

At the Fendi, Max Mara, and Prada shows, we saw longer pencil skirts, fit for any severe librarian, although a few see-through numbers at Fendi broke that mould. On the No. 21 runway, pencil skirts took on a more casual vibe, thanks to patterned fabrics and lots of tan.

At Gucci, pencil skirts were styled along with oversized sweatshirts, and big hair to go with the collection’s ‘80s vibe.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Pencil Skirts

#8. Trench Coats

It might be easier to pinpoint shows that did not feature attention-grabbing trench coats, since this staple was ubiquitous. Trenches showed up on the runways in classic tan shades, but we also saw some variations in color, and twists on the old school design. Whether you want to resemble a 1920s PI, or a Matrix-esque character, the spring/ summer 2018 runway trends have you covered.

My personal favorite was a delicately embroidered trench coat at Alexander McQueen, adorned with floral elements. Other trench coats on the McQueen runway featured satin fabrics and quilting, in a clever twist on the traditional textures.

At Valentino, layering was extended to the design of the trench coats, with large, prominent storm patches. At Loewe, we saw trench coats combined with another of the spring 2018 fashion trends – a long fringe running from knee to ankle.

There were a lot of other twists on this classic spring jacket at Maison Margiela, Celine, Bottega Veneta, Max Mara, and many more.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Trench Coats

#9. Bermuda Shorts

I love seeing practical spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends, and shorts that end just above the knee (i.e. bermuda shorts or biker shorts) are exactly that. They are perfect for the weather, and are blissfully able to prevent over-exposure and chafing for those of us who are not model-sized. It was great to see so many stylish options that will surely translate beyond the high fashion world.

At both Atlein and Nina Ricci, bermuda shorts were paired with matching tan jackets for a slightly military effect that was anything but casual. On the Off-White and Vanessa Seward runways, these biker shorts were closer to channeling a boyish look that was more prep school at the latter, and punk at the former.

On the runway of Saint Laurent, biker shorts stood out as being practical yet perfect for an evening affair, worn under a short, poofy skirt with a matching top.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Bermuda Shorts

#10. Short Shorts Forever

Short shorts are simply too sexy to die, and indeed they are a key part of the fashion trends for spring/ summer 2018. These leg-baring classics were dressed both up and down this season, as each designer interpreted this staple in a different way.

At Louis Vuitton, shorts made of sporty materials provided an interesting contrast to very ornate brocade frock coats. Derek Lam, by making short shorts in a looser cut, and pairing them with structured button-up shirts, actually managed to make them look very serious and even severe.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Short Shorts

#11. Play Polo

In what I hope was an attempt to reclaim the polo shirt from figures like Donald Trump, we saw all kinds of cool variations on this item for the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends.

At Marni, models sported oversized, checked polo shirts over loose harem pants. Polo dresses at Maison Margiela also showed another of the season’s trends, with frills all along the bottom. At Balenciaga, polo shirts were given a feminine touch with a peplum at the bottom.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Polo Shirts

#12. Tiered Skirts

Skirts and dresses with tiers have a lot of texture, and they can look more bohemian or girly and springy depending on the colors and how they’re styled. The tiers became a natural part of the spring 2018 fashion trends because they echo flowers in their design, and are a natural choice for the season.

On the Genny and Laura Biagiotti runways, the tiered skirts were all about elegance, in shades of pale lavender and white that were pure and feminine. Skirts were much more colorful at Roccobarocco, Vivetta, and Marco de Vincenzo. With the latter two, especially, it was all about fresh, green looks.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Tiered Skirts and Dresses

#13. Smart Layering

Almost every designer this season found a way to feature layering, so it quickly became a key part of the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends. Great for spring, layering creates structure and gives bulk to very light and sheer fabrics. Layered outfits are the first mark of an expert fashionista, so you would not be remiss to make use of it this season!

Our favorite examples of casual layering this season came from the like of Marni, Gucci, and others, where collared button-up shirts peeked from below a much sportier T-shirt or sweatshirt, as opposed to the stuffier layered sweater look we’re used to.

At Miu Miu, we saw camisole dresses (a trend we’ve seen all over the runways!) layered over shirts, as well as see-through dresses layered over full outfits, in a very modest take on the schoolboy look.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Layering Clothing

#14. Schoolkid Socks

With all the short shorts and skirts everywhere, it was lovely to also see a resurgence of knee-high socks, giving that incredibly sexy school girl feel.

At Miu Miu, it was more of a tomboyish school boy look, as socks in all kinds of colors both bright and subdued, were worn with oxford shoes, belted shorts, and short-sleeved plaid capes.

At Prada, black socks were covered in sporty designs, and reached just below the knee. They were paired with collared shirts layered under sweaters, shorts, and long coats.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Schoolgirl Socks

#15. Big, Flared Pants

Many designers harkened to the ‘70s with loose slacks and jeans with big flares. At Kenzo, these jeans were large and loose the whole way through, in a way that was more early 2000s skater than retro.

At Victoria Beckham, conservative flares worked beautifully with summery suits that were chic and stylish. Jonathan Saunders, for the Diane von Furstenberg collection, did not hide his ‘70s inspiration, with many gorgeous pairs of high waisted trousers with large flares, in unique colorful fabrics and paired with equally loud tops.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Wide-Leg Flared Pants

#16. Half & Half

Why design two whole new outfits when you can just… cut them in half, and glue them together? Some designers decided to include some “two paneled” options in their collections, for those days when you need to really stand out, and the other spring 2018 fashion trends aren’t cutting it.

If you are a fan of the one-sleeve phenomenon, then look no further than the drapey dresses of Anteprima and Gabriel Colangelo. More subdued variations on this theme, with sleeveless dresses in solid colors, were created by Aquilano Rimondi and Cappucci.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Half & Half Looks

#17. ‘60s Mod

Every year a few designers harken back to the past, and someone always has to pay homage to the ‘60s with a couple of hippie designs but a lot of mod, which inevitably made it as some of the most fun fashion trends for spring/ summer 2018.

Versace embodied the ‘60s with headscarves, mod-style dresses, and big plastic sunglasses in some of her more colorful designs.

The Paskal runway also embodied a mod feel, with slim tunic dresses decorated with clustered flower petals that reminded of a ‘60s floral swim cap. Huishan Zhang was also clearly inspired by the Sixties, with many eveningwear options with that same mod silhouette.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: 1960s/ Sixties Mod Fashion

#18. A Return to the ‘80s

Loud, big, and bright – the ‘80s were definitely on the runways for the spring 2018 fashion trends. They paired well with many of the other season’s runway trends, including layering and all the suit jackets.

At Gucci, the ‘80s featured all throughout the collection with big hair, structured jackets with big shoulders, and a distinctive blend of neutrals, prints, and bright spring 2018 colors. At Stella McCartney, we were given just a touch of ‘80s, with acid washed jeans and loud prints.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: 1980s/ Eighties Fashion

#19. Easy Breezy Summer Dresses

Keeping cool in the summer isn’t just a question of fabric and cut – the overall aesthetic is also important. When you wear something bright and floral in a weightless fabric, you simply feel a million times better. That is why the breezy summer dress was such a key part of the spring 2018 runway trends.

At Zimmermann, we were given a whole collection of gorgeous spring dresses for 2018 in both short and long lengths, which, thanks to floral fabrics and clever skin reveals like plunging necklines and open shoulders, were both sexy yet daytime-perfect.

The spring Brock Collection show was a blend of more structured dresses, along with light sun dresses and maxi dresses that swished around the hips, but with the waist cinched in to give a beautiful silhouette.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Summer Dresses

#20. Bustiers Bringing Sexy Back

Is there anything sexier than wearing innerwear as outerwear? Designers didn’t think there was, so bustiers became a must according to the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends.

Black bustiers were paired with skirts for the kind of look that could work for an evening out with a more liberal sort on the runways of Mugler and Olivier Theyskens.

Emanual Ungaro, Uma Wang, and Helmut Lang gave us female captain underpants vibes, with smaller bustiers worn over shirts or loose dresses. Lastly, very remarkable are the denim bustiers showcased at Mugler.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Bustier Tops

#21. Bras Turn the Sexy Up Another Level

In addition to more robust bustiers that could sort of work as tops, we also saw a lot of itty-bitty bras on the runway, for the more daring fashion consumers to rock when the weather gets truly hot.

At Tom Ford, bras were incorporated into a powerful yet sexy look, with super-structured jackets and impressive shoulder pads, and high-waisted belted pants straight out of a ‘20s gangster flick.

Bras on the Adam Selman runway were more lounge-chic, worn with comfy-looking fabric shorts and matching robes. Lastly, the Helmut Lang collection, in addition to oversized bustiers, also showcased lots of deconstructed bras for an impossibly sexy effect.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Bra Tops

#22. Decorative Straps

Another of the popular decorative elements of this season was straps, whether in a darker way or simply as a style element. In Michael Kors’ bright, summery collection, straps were applied diagonally from shoulder to waist, like a Miss Universe sash.

It was unsurprising to see straps figure in the Fenty Puma by Rihanna collection, what with the singer’s affinity for a BDSM aesthetic. Strappy bodysuits gave a mix of futurism and edgy kink on that runway.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Decorative Straps

#23. Ruffles and Frill Accents

One of the joyous spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends is princessy frills, especially on dresses in fun shades of pink. This kind of trend will be embraced by anyone who likes to stand out and celebrate the warm seasons.

A Giambattista Valli, sheer fabrics were given a playful weight with frills running the edges of skirts and dresses along the bottoms, necklines, and sleeves. At Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld played with frills on his more feminine creations, like long, breezy skirts in pale shades.

We also saw girlish frills play against the usual punk conventions at Alexander McQueen, where they were paired with combats boots and other dark elements. At the Off-White show, both dresses and tops cascaded in frills, contrasting against an otherwise more sophisticated collection.

Lastly, I must talk about the beautiful Marchesa collection – one dress after another we saw perfect elegance that somehow made an abundance of frills and floral appliques bunched together look sophisticated and mature, like an all grown up princess ready for a ball.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Ruffles and Frills

#24. The Modern Black Swan

As pointed out by Glowsly’s own Virginia Cafaro after Paris Fashion Week, there was an abundance of tutus and tulle skirts all over the runway, but with a decidedly goth or punk flare.

A Moschino, this effect was achieved by pairing a tight black leather jacket with a large black tutu. At Balmain, a folded skirt was paired with a futuristic top completely with some black shoulder pads.

At Saint Laurent, it was a more classical ballerina darkness, with a gorgeous low-cut lace top that would be perfect for a gothic tragedy.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Ballerina Tutus

#25. Feathers

Few things are as opulent as feathers, which were utilized both as accents and as stars all over the spring/ summer 2018 runways.

Big and poofy hip-length jackets positively bursting with feathers drew attention on the catwalks of Proenza Schouler and Rodarte (where they both happened to be paired with black skirts).

For Maison Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester, they were simply accents that lent an airy feel to both lighter and heavier outfits. We also saw feathers at Nina Ricci, Saint Laurent, Balmain, and No. 21.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Feathers

#26. Fringe

Designers are trying their hardest to make fringe happen as one of the coolest spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends, and I’ll admit I’m a hard sell. These funny little accents are simply too “wanna-be cowboy” for me, but I’m sure many of you will disagree. On dresses, they have a decidedly ‘20s flare that would appeal to those who like evening drama.

Some designers went way over the top with the fringe, in a way that was impractical but surely noticeable. Some examples of that are all-fringe dresses at Calvin Klein and John Paul Ataker, and fringed-out jackets at Ulla Johnson and Edun.

We also saw some serious fringes on the runways of Paco Rabanne, Chanel, Marchesa, Celine, Nina Ricci and Elie Saab.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Fringe

#27. Glowy Sequins

There was so much whimsy this season, from feathers to tassels, so it is no wonder that designers added sequins to the list of the spring 2018 fashion trends. These shiny little discs added flare to some otherwise serious outfits, making sure this season never got boring.

Italian designers, especially, were keen to use sequins to add some shine to otherwise more muted colors like taupe and pale blue, although they weren’t the only ones. We saw examples of this color combination at the shows of Alberta Ferretti, Bottega Veneta, and Blumarine.

At the Each x Other show, there was no subtlety, with a dress covered in red sequins, and an all-silver sequin-covered suit.

We also saw sequins on the runways of Salvatore Ferragamo, Giambattista Valli, Halpern, Redemption, Balmain, No. 21, and many more.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Sequins

#28. Draped Silhouettes

It’s easy to see what draped silhouettes made it to the spring 2018 fashion trends – they are guaranteed to be comfy, especially in hot weather, but they are undeniably elegant thanks to careful styling.

One such example would be the loose, draped pastel suits at Victoria Beckham that simply hung off the body elegantly. At Michael Kors, we saw similar draped suits, as well as loose sweaters over long skirts, looking cozy.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Draped Silhouettes

#29. A Glimpse of Side

In a holdover from the previous season, we’re still seeing some sexy sides peeking from all kinds of dresses and one-piece bodysuits or jumpsuits.

At Jonathan Simkhai, a bit of flesh peeked through thanks to a design style where the top parts of both dresses and jumpsuits looked as though they had been wrapped around the body.

A similar technique was used by designer Nicky Zimmermann, with dresses made of swathes of floral fabric, but there was also a tighter dress with the top and skirt connected in the center, revealing just a hint of skin along the sides.

In the Mulberry collection, side cut outs in both dresses and tops were clean and rounded, and somehow lent a geometric interest to the overall look, rather than the sexuality of other collections.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Side Cut-Outs

#30. Let Logos Speak!

Some designers couldn’t help themselves, and had to put their mark all over their creations, meaning that once again, for the spring 2018 runway trends, logos are going to be all over our clothes.

For Fendi, the F logo was used to create geometric designs all over baseball jacket-style fur coats. The Max Mara logo was also used geometrically, albeit all over the dresses.

On various runways, we saw T-shirts emblazoned with the respective logos of the different fashion labels. These were seen at Emporio Armani, Versace, and Sonia Rykiel.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Clothing with Logo Prints

#31. Carpenter Jeans

This trend of carpenter jeans as boyfriend pants turned straight on up. They’re a little bulkier, with lots of pockets, and are one of the better spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends for tomboys.

At Kenzo, the runway was covered in denim of all types, but the oversize jeans in a dark wash certainly stood out. The Mediterranean vibe of Vanessa Bruno’s collection meant that carpenter pants were made of a lighter fabric, and were paired with breezy blouses.

At Stella McCartney, carpenter jeans were matched to jean vests, while at Balenciaga, they were impossibly chic worn with an animal print top and spiky heels.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Carpenter Jeans

#32. Camisole Dresses

There is something innocent yet seductive about camisole dresses, also known as slips. While they are not all that revealing (especially when compared to other spring 2018 fashion trends), there is still something that feels private about them. Designers found all kinds of different ways to work them into their collections to add a touch of intrigue.

At Coach 1941, nightie-style dresses were layered over thin mesh shirts, or worn under sports jackets. At Christopher Kane, long slips were up-classed thanks to a considerable amount of crystal decorations at the shoulder straps, and along the mid-section.

The camisole dresses at Ralph Lauren were straight up Bond-girl magic, made of elegant silk, with high slits to show off some leg. Other collections to feature camisole dresses include Coach, Altuzarra, Dries Van Noten, Tory Burch, and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Slip Dresses

#33. Billowy Robes

Another of the summer 2018 runway trends that were formerly relegated to the home and bedroom is the robe. We saw all kinds of luxuriously light robes billow all over the runways.

Knitted robes matched bodysuits on the Laura Biagiotti runway. At Genny, it was all about high class robes with shimmery fabrics, perfect for any fancy event. There was similar luxury at the Alberta Ferretti show, with shimmery silken robes.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Robes

#34. Handkerchief Hems

As noted at both New York and London Fashion Weeks, drapey handkerchief hems are back as part of the spring 2018 fashion trends. This element makes even structured dresses feel light and pretty albeit in a modern way.

At Antonio Berardi and Jonathan Simkhai, we saw white dresses with handkerchief hems, perfect for a summer garden party. At J.W. Anderson, we saw a more casual take on this design element, with dark skirts paired with outdoorsy espadrille boots.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Clothing with Handkerchief Hems

#35. Peek-A-Boo Fabrics

The spring 2018 runway trends are all about showing off, and part of that means some sheer fabrics. If you’re not afraid to show a little skin, jump into a few of these creations!

At Helmut Lang, there was no attempt to conceal the overt sexuality of the sheer looks, with organza draped over edgy, loose lingerie. There were similar uses of sheer fabric at Dolce & Gabbana, albeit with a more romantic style and a retro flare.

On the Joseph runway, we saw a demure design that even sheer fabrics could not totally corrupt. Models wore collared dresses that hung straight down, buttoned all the way to the neck, but due to the see-through fabric, patterned undergarments could be seen beneath.

It would be impossible to list all of the designers and collections that featured see-through fabrics, but a few include Giambattista Valli, Teatum Jones, Xiao Li, Emilia Wickstead, and Toga.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Sheer, See-Through Clothing

#36. Drawstring Elements

Using drawstrings not just for collars, but also to creatively bunch up tops and dresses as a design element was a nice nod to the late ‘90s – one of very few spotted in the summer 2018 fashion trends.

At Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, drawstring elements were paired with sexy cutouts, while the look was much sportier at Armani. We saw a more feminine take on the trend at the Peter Pilotto show. Calvin Klein, Ulla Johnson and Jason Wu also featured this trend for spring 2018.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Drawstring Details

#37. Puffy Sleeves

Did you love Anne of Green Gables as much as I did? Unfortunately, unlike the darling heroine of that phenomenal book series, most of us don’t have a proclivity to large, puffy sleeves. If you do, however, you are in luck with the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends.

We saw long, puffy sleeves on a striped dress at the Christian Siriano show, while both Carolina Herrera and Maryam Nassir Zadeh kept gigot sleeves on their own runways shorter, reaching just at or above the elbow.

Other collections to feature puffy sleeves include Ulla Johnson and Stella McCartney.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Puffy Sleeves

#38. Short Suits

In women’s fashion, lots of designers opted to make it acceptable to wear suit jackets with shorts, a decision that naturally fit in with another two of the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends: short shorts and bermuda shorts.

At Prada, the combination made for schoolboy chic, while at Prabal Gurung, we saw an honest attempt at making the combination office-appropriate (and maybe even succeeding?).

At Tom Ford, shiny, luxurious fabrics kept this trend club-kid perfect, while at Versace short shorts made of a shiny fabric were more casual thanks to Donatella’s love for lighter fabrics with golden and blue prints.

Other runways showcasing the look included Monse, Dolce & Gabbana, and Anna Sui.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Short Suits

#39. Coverall Tell-All

One of the best things about the shift to the warmer seasons is being able to breakout unusual constructions, like the coveralls and jumpsuits, which certainly made an appearance on the runways as part of the summer 2018 runway trends.

On the Tibi runway, we saw flattering and casual coveralls made of loose fabrics in solid colors, that would be perfect for a simple day or errand running.

There were sporty, long-sleeved jumpsuits with a bit of an air force vibe at Rag & Bone that also looked like they’d be great utilitarian choices. Sparkly, tight, clubby coveralls also made an appearance on the runways of Paco Rabanne, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Many other collections also included various jumpsuits and coveralls, including Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Dior, Kate Spade, and Rossie Assoulin.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Overalls/ Jumpsuits

#40. Drawstring Tops

Also known as anoraks, these weatherproof jackets are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think high fashion. However, they were jazzed up and made lighter by various designers, to become one of the hot spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends.

At Calvin Klein, anorak vests in primary colors were part of the color-blocked outfits with ‘50s silhouettes, while at A Detacher, they amped up a quirky effect when paired with high waisted pants.

On the Public School runway, the drawstring, weatherproof design was used to make a jumpsuit, another of the season’s big trends. Colorful drawstring tops were layered expertly at the Isabel Marant and Mary Katrantzou shows.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Drawstring Tops/ Anoraks

#41. Knots

Knots are a great way to create texture in an outfit, and seeing them show up as one of many spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends is quite fun. I also feel that seeing them as part of items will justify my occasionally stylish, occasionally dumpy habit of tying jackets around my waist when the weather gets hot suddenly and without warning.

On the Jason Wu and Jeremy Scott catwalks, knots accented both long and short skirts, while for Alexander Wang, they decorated loose slacks. We also saw knotting on T-shirt dresses at A Detacher and Kith.

At Claudia Lee, knotted tops really stood out, as the knots were actually instrumental in the very construction of the outfit.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Clothing with Knots

#42. Patchwork Mishmash

A recurring theme on the catwalks for the spring and summer season was this type of patchwork design. Different patches of fabric, which looked as though they were taken from different items, were merged together to create something a little disorienting, and as a result very memorable.

One such example is the skirt at Luar, where it looked as though a tight skirt was combined with a flowy one in a very unique way. Loewe featured dresses made of many panels of fabric coming together, like a spring dress variation on a patchwork blanket.

Another favorite is the way camisoles were combined with sweatshirts by Alexander Wang, in a way that probably isn’t practical but is certainly cool. We saw other collections that utilized patchwork designs on the catwalks of Fashion East, Roberta Einer, Balenciaga, Haizhen Wang, and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Patchwork Mishmash

#43. Futuristic PVC Fashion and Vinyl

Patent leather and vinyl have been on trend for a few seasons already, and we have seen It girls sport those iconic Isabel Marant vinyl skirts everywhere they went. Vinyl is still one of the boldest spring 2018 fashion trends, coming in the form of pants, skirts, and outerwear options. Vinyl was spotted a lot at Balmain, Simon Miller, Aalto, and Isabel Marant.

But the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends went even more daring and futuristic, suggesting wearing clear plastic fashion items, like the ones we saw at Chanel, Valentino, Balmain, Marc Jacobs, Ellery, and many others.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Vinyl

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: PVC/ Plastic Fashion

#44. Sportswear

As long as we are forever in love with comfort in fashion, sporty accents are here to stay! The spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends feature sportswear as one of the coolest ways of making a statement, and we can’t be happier.

Isabel Marant made sportswear look classy and elegant creating lovely two pieces, the top featuring another trend of the season – puffed-up sleeves. Gucci and Fenty Puma by Rihanna, on the other hand, embraced sports-inspired clothing in the purest forms ever!

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Sportswear

#45. Butterfly Elements

Butterflies are so fluttery and pretty, and as we all know, they make their return in springtime. It is only natural for many designers to be inspired by these gorgeous creatures for the spring 2018 runway trends.

Buttefly details were a fantastic element of the second half of the Moschino show, where dresses were beautifully embellished with the little creatures, while one dress embodied a single, massive monarch butterfly.

The patterns on butterfly wings were a clear inspiration for the print on many of the outfits on the Esteban Cortazar catwalk. We also saw butterfly elements at Saint Laurent and Versace.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Fashion Trends: Butterfly Details

Photos via Vogue, Livingly