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Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends

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The spring/ summer 2018 hat trends are amazing and vary so wildly that there is something for everyone. Hat aficionados will find plenty of options that work, and those taking their first foray into headgear will find plenty of spring and summer hats to start collections with.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends

Hats are the greatest and most practical accessories a fashionista can have in her wardrobe. Fashionably shielding yourself from the elements makes sense, and some of the new spring 2018 hat trends take the concept of fashionable shielding to another level.

Let’s take a look at the top spring/ summer 2018 hat trends below that bring in interesting designs, materials and new concepts for bolder fashion enthusiasts!

#1. Straw Hats

Straw hats are clearly categorized by the material they consist of, and as such can incorporate many styles. The important note is that the spring/ summer 2018 hat trends have a very large inclusion of straw hats (straw was also used a lot for the spring/ summer 2018 bags)! They are light and comfortable and easy to care for.

Missoni’s spring 2018 hats fit right along this description – very visible, supersized straw hats. They were floppy and interesting in solids and patterns. Elie Saab also showed large straw sun hats in brilliant springtime colors. The brims were wide and stiff, holding their shape perfectly and worn on the head and on the back.

Sonia Rykiel delivered the adult version of the floppy Sunday straw hats for spring 2018 many girls remember wearing in their youth. In chic black and featuring an interesting textured pattern, it will be a perfect, comfortable summer 2018 hat trend, especially for those who want to be a part of the spring scene without going too far into the bright colors typically associated with the season.

Dolce & Gabbana really made an impression with a brightly colored straw hat covered fully in fringe. Others on the same runway were woven with bright colors for another interesting texture on their straw hats.

Loewe showed off richly colored colonial straw hats that featured a band and the Loewe brand on a front centered patch. They are gorgeous and interesting (and $340 each). There are even pirate style straw hats thanks to the contributions of House of Holland and the ‘tomboy styled beach babes’ he sent down the pirate ship themed runway entrance wearing them.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Straw Hats

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Straw Hats

#2. Boater Hats

Following the straw hat trend comes the boater hat for spring, which usually features the same straw material and is a perfect summer hat to wear on a daily basis. Boater hats are a style that is seriously underrated, but Saint Laurent tips the cap with a shiny black straw boater that features a matte black ribbon wrapped around it.

Ryan Lo also showed this type of hat in black and white, both with a white band. Emporio Armani showed boater hats for spring 2018 with a buckle detail that gave them a slight retro feel.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Boater Hats

#3. Bucket Hats

Versus Versace showed bucket hats as part of the checked ensembles that were, admittedly, pretty cool looking. Bucket hats have been on the fringe of fashion – functional and just a bit cute, for a while. Suddenly, they have a full-fledged spotlight on them.

On the Versus Versace runway not only were the bucket hats done in matching checks but also in all black with stud accents on the brims. The co-ed runway show also showed a set of bucket hats with the matching print to the cerulean, black and silver scarves or the red, silver and sky-blue patterns worn by some of the models.

Loewe also showed knit bucket hats for summer 2018 that will certainly keep people trendy and warm in the chilly parts of the upcoming spring. The bucket hats at Michael Kors were tropical inspired, perfect for summer.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Bucket Hats

#4. Knit, Velvet, Leather and Wool French Berets and More!

Berets continue to be a hot trend for the new season too, and we are more than happy about that! Giorgio Armani showed a luxe soft beret with soft multi-color buttons on it. It was an interesting addition, definitely designed to be worn in the cooler spring weather.

Emporio Armani showed off berets as part of the spring/ summer 2018 hat trends that were uniquely embellished in black and white with black pins. Self Portrait showed a leather beret that definitely had an old school, sexy spy feel.

Saint Laurent had a wide brimmed, tipped picture hat in svelte black that will invariably draw awe and envy. The hat is chic and alluring and a definite must on the list of the spring/ summer 2018 hat trends.

Christian Dior had one of my favorite berets – they were unbelievably chic with birdcage veils attached. They are a callback to an early style and a 2018 hat trend that many will be ecstatic to see. Not only were these veils present on the berets, but also on the Gatsby style caps!

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: French Berets

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: French Berets

#5. Perspex Hats and Other Interesting Materials

Chanel’s incredible show featured a manufactured waterfall and caves, making it the perfect option to display their Perspex hats, which matched the spring 2018 hair accessories in the show perfectly. Clearly (pun intended) these summer 2018 hats can be worn with anything and will also protect your hair – and show off any amazing hair color you have done.

Maison Margiela showed off swim caps in springtime colors that were an admittedly unexpected hat for the spring/ summer 2018 hat trends. But why should it be a surprise? People swim in the summer! It’s about time that the swim cap and versions of it were considered a legitimate functional fashion item.

Gucci showed off several interesting hats that were eye-catching in one way or another. A pink, sparkling pull on hat is just one more example of the options that Gucci offers to make certain they are on every applicable trend list.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Perspex Hats and Other Interesting Materials

#6. Dad Hats, Newsboy and Military Style Caps

Nina Ricci’s spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection showed a dalliance with military uniform aesthetics. One of the coolest spring/ summer 2018 hat trends is a gift from this collection – the military style hats that actually have quite a bit of body and a definitive shape.

Emilio Pucci showed curved brim dad hats that have quickly made it to the forefront of style as comfort made headway in fashion again.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Dad Hats & Military Caps

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Dad Hats & Military Caps

#7. Turbans and Headscarves

Veronica Beard, and Marc Jacobs showed off different types of turbans and headwraps that are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer. The silk scarves on the Marc Jacobs runway varied in colors and prints, which were tied and pinned in African, Middle Eastern, and African American styles. Some of these styles were very popular in the ‘70s as well, and though not directly cited as a source of inspiration, the speculation and images don’t lie.

Veronica Beard’s turbans are the simple twist front styles that are open on top, similar to a headband. Versace also had a set of butterfly printed silk scarves that were used as headwraps to complete a head-to-toe printed look.

Versace set a ton of trends in motion with their spring collection. The mini Versace medallions showed up in several places and several trend lists, but here again there is an entry for the spring/ summer 2018 hat trends.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Turbans & Headscarves

#8. Visors

Visors are perfect summer hats capable of shielding your eyes from the sun, and apparently fashion designers know this well, as they made sure visors make it to the list of the top spring/ summer hat trends, offering up both sportive and extravagant options for the new season.

We saw a myriad of sporty-chic visors on the runways this season, like the plastic versions coming from Christian Dior, and Alexstorm that had pretty much the same aesthetic. Straw was used to produce the classy visor for Akris, which is by far the most versatile and statement-making of the summer 2018 visor hats!

Creatures of Comfort offered two interpretations of this trend – a bright yellow satiny visor cap, and a topless straw hat layered over a headscarf. Yet the most creative version of visors for summer 2018 was brought on stage by Yohji Yamamoto, where half of the hat was a classic bowler hat, while the other half resembled a visor hat.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Visors

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Visors

#9. Rain Hats

Whether you call it a fisherman hat or a rain hat, you definitely need to have one for those April showers, and luckily the spring/ summer 2018 hat trends feature some lovely alternatives of rain hats as well.

The white PVC rain hats by MSGM are perhaps the most practical among them, as they both perfectly shield the eyes and the hair, and promise not to get wet and wet your hair. On the other hand, Arthur Arbesser, and Alberta Ferretti opted for classic rain hats in a black coloring that would match any outfit you wear this spring.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Fisherman Hats/ Rain Hats

#10. Oversized Hats

From oversized bags to oversized clothing, everything is getting extra large this spring, including the summer 2018 hats. This might not be the most practical spring 2018 headwear trend, but it does ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd while also protecting not only your head from the sun, but also the entire body!

Perhaps the most oversized hats for spring 2018 were seen at Jacquemus, where we saw variations of straw floppy hats taking center stage. Oversized were also the floppy hats at Missoni and the elegant black hats at Saint Laurent, which could serve as an outstanding option to sport while attending a British wedding.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Oversized Hats

#11. Cowboy Hats

We already know that cowboy boots are among the top spring/ summer 2018 shoe trends, but to fully embrace your cowgirl spirit, you definitely also need a cowboy hat. We saw quite a few cowboy hat options for spring on the runways to assuredly claim that cowboy hats will be running high come the spring and summer seasons.

Wide-brimmed cowboy hats at Elisabetta Franchi were embellished with pearls to radiate a strong sense of femininity, also becoming excellent accessorizing options for your classier springtime looks. Embellished were also the cowboy hats at Versace, which looked fierce with the golden medallions featuring the Versace symbol proudly.

At House of Holland, cowboy hats took a subtler turn, where millennial pink was used to make the straw hats even more youthful and covetable.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Cowboy Hats

#12. Bowler Hats

Perfect for channeling gangster-inspired, masculine vibes, bowler hats are one of the most elegant summer 2018 hat trends from the runways. Such hats can instantly elevate even the simplest look by injecting a big dose of classiness to a practical combo of ripped jeans and a plain white top.

While Elisabetta Franchi, and Christian Dior introduced classic bowler hats for spring, Yohji Yamamoto again went over the top and unveiled half bowler hats with the other half having been entirely cut out.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Bowler Hats

#13. Decorative Miniature Hats

While the majority of the summer 2018 hats come to not only accessorize your looks, but also serve their main purpose, which is protecting from the sun, there were also a couple of decorative miniature hats at some fashion shows, which were mainly used to add an extra touch of personality to the models’ looks.

Fashion Shenzhen’s hats looked creative in their structure topping an equally creative hairstyle composed of tiny braids and side bangs. Fine black velvet was used to create the cone-like miniature hats at Saint Laurent covering part of the model’s head and forehead.

The printed military hats at Prada looked absolutely inspiring, matching perfectly the military-chic outfit the model was wearing.

Spring/ Summer 2018 Hat Trends: Decorative Miniature Hats

Photos via Vogue, Livingly