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Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends

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With all fashion weeks good and done, we can finally sit back and examine what the definitive spring/ summer 2019 color trends will be. While it does seem like many of the spring 2019 fashion trends were all about mixing up colors and prints, the spring/ summer 2019 colors are notable as well, with pastels making a recurrence, along with rich, warm shades that actually felt a little autumnal. Maybe we’re not quite ready to embrace spring?

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends

Mango Mojito, Toffee, and some darker greens like Terrarium Moss and Pepper Stem gave us those aforementioned autumn vibes, but we cannot deny their sophisticated charm. The most definitive of the spring/ summer 2019 runway colors is yellow, of course, which showed up in the form of Aspen Gold, Pastel Yellow, Turmeric, and Lemon Verbena. Yellow is a cheery, unisex color, so it was a pleasure to have it warm up the sometimes cold spring/ summer runways, also being a favorite color in the spring 2019 nail trends.

The other color families that stood out include various shades of pink, including the particularly loud magenta of Pink Peacock, and some gorgeous blues in the form of dark Eclipse, airy Clearwater Blue, and royal Princess Blue. Find below the top spring/ summer 2019 color trends, including the Pantone spring 2019 colors and other favorite shades of the designers!

Spring/ Summer 2019 Runway Color Trends: Contents

1. Powdery Ballet Pink
2. Pressed Rose
3. Sweet Lilac
4. Light Lavender
5. Living Coral
6. Pink Peacock
7. Fiesta
8. Jester Red
9. Turmeric
10. Egg-Yolk Pastel Yellow
11. Lemon Verbena
12. Aspen Gold
13. Mango Mojito
14. Terrarium Moss
15. Pepper Stem
16. Neon Green
17. Clearwater Blue
18. Princess Blue
19. Silver
20. Toffee
21. Brown Granite
22. Eclipse
23. Sweet Corn
24. Creamy Tan
25. Soybean

#1. Powdery Ballet Pink

Starting the spring 2019 color trends on the most delicate note, we have this blush rose, powdery ballet pink color that’s also so versatile and perfect to pair with all the other colors on this list. From outerwear options to princess-worthy evening dresses to elegant separates, this nude-toned blush color was all over the place on the major runways.

Brandon Maxwell embraced the most perfect blush rose shade for a couple of breathtaking dresses, among which the ground-skimming pleated number is our favorite. Marc Jacobs took ballet pink to the next level pairing it with gentle fabric rose details to embellish one of the most feminine dresses for spring.

Much more down-to-earth and elegant was the powdery ballet pink interpretation by Boss, where we saw an office-ready two-piece comprised of loose-fitting tailored pants, an effortless trench coat and a see-through shirt worn underneath.

Blush pink appeared in many shades across the runways of Dion Lee, Tom Ford, Diane von Furstenberg and others.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Powdery Ballet Pink

#2. Pressed Rose

Light as air, and princessy to the core, Pressed Rose is the color that encompasses all of the shameless femininity that was so iconic on the runways during the fashion month. This precious pastel pink holds just a touch of warmth especially when compared to its sibling, Sweet Lilac.

Marc Jacobs’ spring collection was replete with childish luxury and feminine opulence, so seeing this color show up both in merengue dresses and in spring 2019 accessories was a given. The same notes apply to the even more over-the-top feminine collection presented at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi.

This spring 2019 color trend even made an appearance on more subdued and sleek runways like Pyer Moss, Oscar de la Renta, and Prada.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pressed Rose

#3. Sweet Lilac

This baby pink has just a touch of lavender, making it one of the cool color options in the spring 2019 color trends. It is a gentle color that is feminine but not sickly sweet. Designers this season used it in both sleek, minimalist designs and in some girlish creations.

Valentino gave us the ultimate dress in Sweet Lilac: a simple dress with a voluminous skirt, and puffy sleeves, paired with a straw hat for a rustic look that avoided being melodramatic or sentimental. At Rodarte, the use of Sweet Lilac was shamelessly feminine, as it was the color of choice for dresses overflowing with tulle, lace, and ruffles.

There was also plenty of Sweet Lilac on the runway of Chanel, as the pastel shade works well with the brand’s iconic tweed.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Sweet Lilac

#4. Light Lavender

Lavender is yet another pastel that made an appearance in the spring/ summer 2019 color trends. It is a cool shade that works well with softer yellows, as well as with a deep neutral like Eclipse or Brown Granite.

This soft shade showed up most beautifully in a wrap dress presented by Kate Spade New York, where it was paired with matching boots and a headdress. Femininity was on display at the Molly Goddard runway, with lavender the color of choice for a short fairy dress punctuated with floral appliqués.

Lavender was actually used for one of the not so hyper-feminine options at Marc Jacobs – a boyish blazer and shorts combination, topped with a large bow around the neck. At Ashish, pale lavender showed up in sexy separates like tight tank tops and short skirts.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pastel Lavender

#5. Living Coral

This bright coral sits perfectly between orange and pink, and brightens up every ensemble. Of all of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends, this one might be the most seasonally appropriate. It is a color that brings to mind fruity drinks, pretty flowers, and tropical vacations.

We enjoyed the delicate use of Living Coral at the Zero + Maria Cornejo show, where silken outfits brightened the runway. The mid-point of the Etro runway was punctuated by a sudden stream of ensembles rich in Living Coral, including a monochrome suit and lots of beautifully printed cream and coral dresses. We also saw a lot Living Coral numbers open up the show at Adeam.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Living Coral

#6. Pink Peacock

Pink Peacock is an intense magenta that cannot be ignored. It is one of the most striking spring 2019 color trends – a shade so noticeable that few would dare wear it alone. Instead, it can be mixed with neutrals and turned into a work-appropriate option, or mixed with some warm shades like Turmeric or Aspen Gold for that perfect color blocked outfit.

At a show like Balenciaga’s, however, there was never an intention of toning down or color blocking a shade like Pink Peacock. This summer 2019 runway color was given all the attention, as it was used to craft a tight-fitting coat as well as a full ensemble with a high-waisted skirt and oversized blouse with massive sleeves.

Another brand to make full use of Pink Peacock was Area, where we saw a sexy leather dress made in this conspicuous color.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pink Peacock

#7. Fiesta

Fiesta more than earns the title of the red of the season. This is a true, summery red with warmer undertones and a lot of fire. It is a passionate, exciting spring 2019 color trend that truly shined whether in evening wear, casual wear, or lingerie.

At Moschino’s wild show, Fiesta red was used to craft a gorgeous gown, as well as to add a scribbly accent to all kinds of suits. Emilia Wickstead’s collection was sophisticated, minimalist, and replete with monochrome looks, so dresses in this lively red truly allowed the color to take center stage.

The Simone Rocha runway embodied a Victorian sensibility, with conservative designs that showed little skin or figure. However, the use of Fiesta red both for full dresses and jackets, as well as in the form of spring 2019 prints and accents, gave a bit of exuberance to the collection.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Fiesta Red

#8. Jester Red

Despite its name, Jester Red is not a color to joke about. It is a deep, intense red just a few hues shy of a burgundy. It does well mixed with both warm and cool spring/ summer 2019 color trends, but it is the most remarkable when worn on its own.

A truly resplendent outfit in Jester Red, complete with ruffled shorts and an impossible amount of tulle showed up towards the start of the Rodarte show, balancing out some of the more girlish shades that ruled the runway later on.

This deep red also added a luxurious touch to a strapless jumpsuit at GMBH. A short dress in Jester Red covered in a touch of sparkle gave great relief at Celine, which otherwise had a very black-dominant collection this season.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Jester Red

#9. Turmeric

The eponymous spice is having a moment right now, since it is known for having serious health benefits. If you’re not planning to be chugging turmeric lattes or doing turmeric-yogurt face masks, perhaps you can absorb some of these benefits by wearing Turmeric as one of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends. It is a yellow-orange shade that is hard to miss, and pairs especially well with browns, reds, and even blues.

At Loewe, Turmeric was paired with greens and tans. It was the perfect shade for a cozy sweater dress, as well as for a silken button-up shirt. On the Carolina Herrera runway, a pair of Turmeric-colored crochet shorts and a matching jacket were the perfect embodiment of summer. We enjoyed a similar effect from a Turmeric lace dress worn at Self-Portrait.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Turmeric

#10. Egg-Yolk Pastel Yellow

Take Lemon Verbena, add a splash of cream, and you end up with the loveliest shade of pastel yellow, which easily became one of the spring 2019 color trends. This gorgeous egg yolk shade pairs well with other pastels, for the perfect spring daytime look.

Wear pastel yellow in dresses, like in the skin-baring number we saw at Jonathan Simkhai, or the ultra feminine contraptions at Rodarte. We also saw egg yolk pastel yellow used for elegant trench coats at Escada, for various separates at Mariam Nassir Zadeh, and for sleek pantsuits at Tibi.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pastel Yellow

#11. Lemon Verbena

Yellows were some of the trendiest summer 2019 color trends, with Lemon Verbena being one of the softest of the bunch. It is cheerful, lemony, and delicious. It is a shade of yellow that pairs especially well with some of the blues and pastels that we’ve also seen on the runway.

Etro showcased a very colorful collection this season, with a lot of mixed prints, which made a monochrome Lemon Verbena suit truly stand out. A Chanel collection replete with pastels is to be expected, but we still must admit that we thoroughly enjoyed the way Lemon Verbena seemed extra bright in skirt suits and summer dresses, especially next to all the pinks, lilacs, and baby blues.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Lemon Verbena

#12. Aspen Gold

Compared to Lemon Verbena, Aspen Gold is a slightly deeper yellow with just the barest hint of orange. It is more balanced, and might go better with reddish shades like coral or fiesta. Despite this, it is still an undeniably sunny color that deserves its place in your wardrobe of spring 2019 color trends.

Carolina Herrera played with all shades of yellow for her spring/ summer collection, but an Aspen Gold jacket was one of our favorites. The use of high-impact colors was exquisite on the Brandon Maxwell runway, where Aspen Gold dresses were absolutely delectable.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Aspen Gold

#13. Mango Mojito

Despite its delicious and tropical name, Mango Mojito actually does not strike us as a summery color. We find it quite autumnal, but then again, since when do designers enjoy following rules? Its presence on the spring/ summer 2019 color trends list was undeniable, and it is certainly beautiful enough to merit it.

Our favorite iteration of Mango Mojito was a gorgeous one-shoulder silk dress on the Pyer Moss runway. It flowed elegantly on the runway and complemented the model’s skin perfectly. We saw the color show up on multiple other garments at Pyer Moss, including a sweatshirt and a men’s overall.

The Carolina Herrera runway was all about bright, joyful summer 2019 colors, with Mango Mojito showing up on jackets, and one particularly memorable silk dress. We saw it paired with reds, greens, and corals, for astounding effects.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Mango Mojito

#14. Terrarium Moss

Of all of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends, this one is the most dualistic. Moss green is a natural, lush shade that brings to mind cool forests and snaking vines. In that since, it pairs well with all of the florals and flowery shades this season was so rich in. However, this color also showed up on many runways as a militaristic shade, as part of the women as warriors mentality that has gripped feminists the world over.

Terrarium Moss green showed up on the runways of Sies Marjan and Sacai looking fierce, on models dressed austerely as thought they were ready to do battle. At Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri managed to straddle the duality of this color, by creating outfits that were one part jungle explorer and one part soldier on the ready.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Terrarium Moss Green

#15. Pepper Stem

Pepper Stem is Terrarium Moss’ lighter, warmer sibling. Despite that, it is still a subdued and natural shade. It radiates health, and reminds us of renewal, making it a natural part of the spring 2019 runway colors.

We saw this tone show up on jackets at Acne Studios, as well as on monochrome outfits at Dries Van Noten. It looked fabulous on casual, high-waisted pants at Alberta Ferretti.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pepper Stem Green

#16. Neon Green

In a season of soft naturals and pastels, neon green shouts and screams demanding to be heard. All kinds of neons showed up as part of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends, particularly on runways inspired by an Eighties punk sensibility. Outrageous, difficult, and in your face, neon green is definitely the loudest of the spring 2019 runway colors.

Jeremy Scott made liberal use of neon green, using it for jackets, dresses, and even one particularly memorable pair of overalls. At Cushnie, neon green was used in what felt out of character for the shade: Carly Cushnie used it to craft soft and flowy yet minimalistic dresses.

The loud attitude of this spring 2019 color was personified by the punk rock designs we saw in the spring collections of Natasha Zinko and Off-White.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Neon Green

#17. Clearwater Blue

Most of the pastels in the spring/ summer 2019 color trends were variations on pink and purple, but clearwater blue was also extremely prominent. Blue is already a soothing shade, but its pastel iteration is doubly so, evoking a sense of cheerful calm.

This spring 2019 runway color was especially prominent on the monochrome, pastel-heavy Emilia Wickstead runway, where it showed up in flowy dresses and long jackets. This pale blue shade really is meant to flow, or at least so thought the designers.

Other runways to showcase elegantly flowy outfits in clearwater blue included Tibi, Hugo Boss, Erdem, and Roland Mouret. A pleated clearwater blue dress at Givenchy really made waves, and achieved a nearly iconic status.

Clearwater blue is also the key shade of washed out denim, which was one of the fashion trends of the season, so this shade showed up on jean outfits at Balmain, Isabel Marant, and many other runways.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Pastel Blue

#18. Princess Blue

Blue is a color associated with calm, confident luxury, and Princess Blue is its gleaming, vivacious yet still deep iteration. It was one of a few cool tones glimpsed in the spring/ summer 2019 color trends, but its magnificence made it work. Turmeric and Mango Mojito are two shades that complement it well, and keep things bright for spring.

At 3.1 Phillip Lim, this color’s royalty was truly embraced, as it was used in a luxurious and voluminous outfit made of crushed organza. It also showed up in a negligee-style outfit at Dion Lee. Monochromes also reigned on the Adeam runway, with gorgeous blue dresses really drawing attention.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Princess Blue

#19. Silver

A standout from all of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends is silver – the only metallic on this list, with a very well deserved spot. Silver is a color that is simultaneously luxurious yet fierce, futuristic yet historical, and indeed, on the runways we saw it in every one of these iterations.

Fierce came courtesy of Givenchy, with silver dresses reminding us of chainmail. The Rodarte collection was all about Victorian charm, with a silver dress overflowing with ruffles and romance.

Structured silver jackets at Balmain were pure futurism, while there was also a touch of fierceness in metal corsets. A silver top crafted by Isabel Marant was simply chic and modern. Short silver dresses were pure club kid fun on the Celine runway.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Metallic Silver

#20. Toffee

Toffee is warm and delicious, and it complements most skin tones beautifully. It was a treat to see it in the spring 2019 runway color trends. Paired with the warmer reds and yellows, it would achieve an autumnal effect that was oddly in season, but it could also look classic in an analogue combination with Soybean.

This spring 2019 color was ubiquitous on the Coach 1941 runway, especially on coats and jackets, not to mention accessories. Toffee was basically the go-to neutral for opening the runway show at Max Mara, with all manner of jackets, trousers, and even a sexy jumpsuit.

It also showed up on coats on the No. 21 runway, and in complete outfits at Hermes and Fendi. ALEXACHUNG had the most autumnal of runways, with suede Toffee on dresses and jackets looking cozy despite the summery styling.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Toffee

#21. Brown Granite

Brown granite is a cool brown shade that works beautifully in almost any color palette. This color is grounded and serious, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from punching it up with some of the other spring/ summer 2019 color trends. It is a timeless and sophisticated choice that would do well in anyone’s wardrobe.

At Fendi, leather jackets paired with pleated skirts in Brown Granite were professional excellence that was punctuated by accessories in Turmeric. This dark brown shade was made surprisingly sexy on the Marco de Vincenzo runway, where it was the color of choice for light camisole dresses embellished with a touch of fringe at the slit.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Brown Granite

#22. Eclipse

This navy blue gets as close as possible to black territory, without ever fully giving up on its blue nature. It is a dark and mysterious spring 2019 color trend that acts as a more mystical counterpart to a grounded shade like Brown Granite.

At Dior, it was as though all of the stage design and construction came together to make the most out of a dark, serious shade like Eclipse. The shade showed up in jackets, suits, and an embroidered blouse.

Eclipse was also a recurring color at Monse, showing up most frequently paired with white, in solids or as a print. Our favorite, however, was a simple draped dress with an impossibly high slit.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Eclipse

#23. Sweet Corn

This shade is a buttery off-white that worked delightfully as part of the spring/ summer 2019 color trends, giving balance to some intense springtime brights and working well with the feminine romance of the season.

At Marni, Sweet Corn was used for the draped swaths of fabric, and was paired with white, to a very soft effect. This delicate shade was often also mixed with pointed bursts of color, and really allowed them to shine.

Zero + Maria Cornejo presented a sleek, understated collection that included a lot of Sweet Corn, both on its own, as exemplified by a silk wrap and trouser ensemble, and paired with other summer 2019 runway colors – especially Living Coral.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Sweet Corn

#24. Creamy Tan

What’s the one color that comes to your mind when thinking spring? Forget all those pastels and sunny yellows, as the spring/ summer 2019 color trends are all about the different shades of creamy tan and beige. Better wear the color from head to toe as the designers are suggesting it and be the most elegant trendsetter in town!

We love the blush-laden beige of Dior that was so in line with the ballet theme of the collection, while Tibi offers a more subdued option of the shade used for a loose-fitting pantsuit. Creamy tan came in different shades in the Max Mara collection, from the lightest to the darkest to make sure everyone finds the exact shade to flatter their skin tones.

Rochas went sober and classy using a delicate creamy tan for the skirt-pantsuit that’s so chic. We love the use of this spring 2019 color trend in the collections of Tom Ford, Balmain, Burberry and Stella McCartney among others.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Creamy Tan

#25. Soybean

Soybean is a reliable neutral that feels natural yet sophisticated. It works just as well in a boho-chic outfit as it does in a sleek suit. With trench coats one of the go-to jackets for spring, Soybean was a shoo-in as one of the spring 2019 color trends.

The Tom Ford runway was overrun with jackets and dresses in this calm shade. We also saw it show up on suits at Dion Lee, Tibi, and Brandon Maxwell. Classic trench coats showed up on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and Haider Ackermann, as what is, in my mind, the truest use of this color for the spring season.

Other spring/ summer collections to make liberal use of Soybean included Loewe and Stella McCartney.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Color Trends: Soybean

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