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Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends

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If you are excited about the upcoming summer, a good portion of the excitement is likely dedicated to your intended summer fashions and the spring/ summer 2019 swimwear trends. You’re more than likely trying to figure out which of the 2019 swimwear trends you will be showing off and that is totally understandable. Every year we get new designs or updated versions of vintage swimsuits displayed during Miami Swim Week. There will always be something for everyone – so how do you choose?

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends

Which of the summer 2019 swimwear trends is on your “to get” list? There are so many innovations that have reinvigorated the swimwear options that it can be hard to choose! Though it is hard to say when thinking or talking about swimwear, there was a lot of flattering cover provided for people not ready to bare it all. One of the most appreciated trends is the swimsuit with sleeves (going strong in the summer 2020 swimwear trends, too)! So let’s take a look at the top spring/ summer 2019 swimwear trends ahead of time!

#1. The One Piece

Every single runway during Miami Swim Week included a one-piece swimsuit option for summer 2019. The one-piece is still fully on trend and reimagined to include other 2019 swimwear trends like sleeves, cutouts and incredible prints. One-piece swimsuits were the only other unifying factor across all catwalks during Miami Swim Week – besides that they were all full of swimsuits of course.

Deep V-necks and more flattering bold styling were an incredible adjustment to the one-piece styles from before. Another dimension added to reviving the one-piece is the different textures, like Luli Fama’s white ruched lace-up one-piece.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: One-Piece Swimsuits

#2. Back in the Day

The resurgence of the ‘80s and ‘90s continued with ultra-bright neoprene, and flashback high-cut swim bottoms and high waisted bottoms showed up on several of the Miami Swim Week runways. Anyone who ever had any aspirations of being on Baywatch can probably hear this trend calling out to them.

Be prepared to see the full on throwback swimsuits for 2019 accentuated with the parts and pieces of our wardrobes that we just couldn’t let go. Brands like VDM The Label and TJ Swim are bringing the ‘90s realness front and center.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: '80s & '90s Swimsuits and Bikinis

#3. High Waisted Bottoms

High waisted bottoms are surely going to be popular among the spring/ summer 2019 swimwear trends, as they are nearly universally flattering on any figure and height. Thanks to the bevvy of printed options on trend this year, the artful inclusion of ruffles and even the resurgence of a more copious amount of beachwear, there will be plenty of complementary options.

Sinners and Saints even sent a very risqué two-piece swimsuit down the runway that featured a pair of diamond-mesh high waisted bottoms.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

#4. High-Cut Bottoms

High-cut swimsuits are meant to be flattering on multiple figures, but this level of comfort is really a matter of making a brave personal choice. If you want to show the maximum amount of leg possible, then the high-cut bikini bottom is for you.

Brands like Cirone Swim and Tammy Rivera sent their models down the runway modeling every bit of hip bone they could. Also known amusingly as pelvic cleavage, this summer 2019 swimwear trend was seen on nearly every runway, with Kaohs, Sports Illustrated and Monica Hansen swimwear all making notably high-cut contributions in a variety of materials, colors and styles.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: High-Cut Bikini Bottoms

#5. Exposed Underwire

While many of the spring/ summer 2019 swimwear trends are a matter of personal taste, one that is dividing people more than anticipated are the exposed-underwire swim tops. This is arguably one of the least flattering of the 2019 swimsuit trends, and a lot of people noticed.

For those within the range of sizes for these tops to work, it is coming off as interesting to some. The necklines on the Australian brand, VDM The Label’s bikini tops showed a plunge in a wide V shape, but the underwire curves up to meet in the middle unencumbered.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Exposed Underwire Bikini Tops & Swimsuits

#6. Tied Up, Tied Down

This surprising trend is not entirely new for swimwear, though the spring/ summer 2019 swimwear trends had a lot more ways to tie up a bathing suit than we’re used to. Floating belts on the Candace Cuoco and Fernando Alberto runways were unexpected but wholly different.

String ties on the sides of bikini bottoms and in unexpected places that included interesting one-piece swimsuits are expected to make a significant splash during the summer. Sinesia Karol showed a top that tied in the front in three different sections. Bikini tops that functioned the same as wrap-around shirts had ties long enough to wind down the mid-section for a fun look that we’ll surely be seeing a lot of.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits & Bikinis with Belt Ties

#7. Pastel Swimsuits

Soft, light colors are atypical from the popular bright colors seen in summer but they are on trend nonetheless. If you ever wanted to enjoy being at the beach or poolside in a lilac or baby blue swimsuit, the summer 2019 swimwear trends are here to deliver.

This isn’t surprising as one of the most visibly represented spring 2019 Pantone colors is a pale pink. Apparently designers were really attached to the softness of the color and chose to bring it into a new fresh year. From Fashion Palette to KYA Swim and Lill and Emm, we saw powdery pink and pastel swimsuits for 2019 all over the runways.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Pastel Swimsuits & Bikinis

#8. Ruffled Swimwear

Ruffles made a strong reemergence on the spring 2019 runway trends and quickly joined the ranks of anticipated summer 2019 swimwear trends. The ruffles ranged from tiered ruffles on high waisted bottoms to light, short and flirty ruffles that accentuated the bikini tops. Though it is considered a soft look, it showed up in bold colors as well as the popular pastels for the upcoming summer.

Even tiny waist-grazing ruffles and shape-accentuating ruffles in odd places showed up here and there, and most people, it would seem, are totally here for it. Luli Fama utilized large and small ruffles on bathings suits on sleeves and as accentuating features throughout the collection.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Ruffled Swimsuits & Bikinis

#9. Cutouts

This is mainly a version of the killer one-pieces that are coming out for spring and summer 2019. While I could keep going about the variation of the one-piece swimsuits, there had to be a special place on this list for the “just barely a one-piece” swimsuit trend for summer 2019.

Midriff cutouts, strategic ladder-style cutouts, oddly yet cleverly placed cutouts and open backs gave the tried and true one-piece a new edge. The options are inventive and enticing in an array of prints, patterns and colors. At Rose Paulino, we saw some of the most intricately cutout swimsuits for summer 2019!

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Cutout Swimsuits & Bikinis

#10. Criss-Cross

Criss-cross designs were seen on more than just bikini tops, though this is where it was most prevalent. From one-pieces with crossed necklines to bikinis that crossed over at the neck and beneath the bust, they were cool to see, but visibly confusing regarding how best to put them on.

The best thing would be a customized fit presumably, but the overall look is chic. Monday Swimwear showed a ruched criss-cross swimsuit top designed to offer an amazing fit.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Criss-Cross Bikini Tops

#11. Summer Velvet

As previously mentioned there is a one-piece for every trend lover and the peach velvet one-piece by Baes & Bikini did not disappoint. Baes & Bikinis offered up a plethora of specially designed velvet swimsuits for summer 2019. Specials pool and ocean-appropriate velvet made a summer appearance in 2019 and is showing no signs of the novelty wearing off anytime soon.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Velvet Swimsuits & Bikinis

#12. Trending Prints: Stripes, Paisley and Polka Dots

Swimsuit trends will always include at least one print, but for the upcoming summer 2019 swimwear options have no less than three. Stripes in various orientations were all over the runways of Heidi Klum and Luli Fama, the latter also showing polka dots, stripes and paisley among others. Each one of the designs was intricate and refreshing.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Printed Swimsuits & Bikinis

#13. Sporty Rash-Guard Swimsuits

For those that go to the beach or to the pool more for swimming than tanning, the summer 2019 swimwear trends offer sporty rash-guard options, mostly with long sleeves that make another top swim trend for the new season.

Gottex Sport added a Californian touch to their rash-guard swimsuits using palm tree patterns for a covered-up rash-guard swimsuit. Sports Illustrated kept it even sportier adding a zip up on the front of a blue rash-guard piece. We also loved the Lybethras printed one-piece suit that looked so dressy and sporty at the same time.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Sporty Rash-Guard Swimsuits & Bikinis

#14. Long Sleeves!

This is by far the most exciting of the new spring/ summer 2019 swimwear trends for a lot of people. The look of the long sleeves seems to be universally flattering, and the short sleeves have a sporty look to them as well. While there are a few rash-guard-style options that certainly fit into the sporty style trend, there are quite a few others that are obviously just a really cool addition to the swimsuits style.

Sheer, solid, patterned, sparkling and more options made their way up and down the various runways, from Acacia to Agua Bendita.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Long-Sleeve Swimsuits & Bikinis

#15. Lace-Up Swimsuits

Whether it’s a sensual one-piece or an itty-bitty bikini set, the summer 2019 swimwear trends feature cute lace-up details to add an extra dose of flirtiness to the lovely designs. Lace-up details appeared both in small doses and covering the entire frontal part of one-piece suits always managing to look adorable and highly covetable.

Lace-up bikini tops were a common sight at Montce, where our favorite option was the little white bandeau bikini top with tassels hanging down from the lace-up embellishment. Luli Fama used lace-up details in smaller portions, while KYA Swim made a bikini top look like a beach corset thanks to this little detail.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Lace-Up Swimsuits & Bikinis

#16. Nude Swimwear

We have spotted nude colors in the spring/ summer 2019 color trends from the runways, and it’s no surprise to see many swimsuit designers favor the neutral palette as well. From blush rose tones to beige to cream, all the shades of the neutral palette were present on the runways at Miami Swim Week.

Kaohs used the neutral color palette to perfectly embody the cowboy theme running through the collection with both one-pieces and bikini sets coming in flattering nude tones. Liliana Montoya used beige and tan shades both for the monochrome pieces and as accents in the printed swimsuits for summer 2019. For the fans of minimalist styles, Monday Swimwear unveiled a range of neutral one-pieces that will perfectly blend in with your skin tone as you hit the beach.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Neutral Nude Swimsuits & Bikinis

#17. Animal Print Swimsuits

For the hopeless fans of animal prints, this trend doesn’t stop on the runways used for the shoes, bags, accessories, clothing pieces and outerwear, but makes its way to the spring/ summer 2019 swimwear trends to offer some wild pieces for that extra attention on the beach that never hurts. From leopard prints to zebra motifs, animal patterns came in any shape or form for summer.

Zebra was the motif used for the Kaohs swimsuits for 2019, while Monica Hansen, Monday Swimwear and Mikoh all capitalized on the leopard patterns.

Spring/ Summer 2019 Swimwear Trends: Animal Print Swimsuits & Bikinis

Photos via Mikhail Veter, Zimbio