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Spring/ Summer 2021 Accessory Trends

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In a season that was otherwise all about staying in, cozy and safe, the spring/ summer 2021 accessory trends stood out, refusing to be hidden. The summer 2021 jewelry was big and loud, from heavy statement chains to loud, bright colors.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends

While it might seem a little odd, it actually makes a lot of sense to us that designers wanted to dress up their simpler collections with dramatic jewels. The way accessories can bring joy to a plain and comfortable outfit is exactly what’s called for during these difficult times.

On the non-jewelry side of the spring 2021 accessory trends, masks and gloves showed up as a nod to our must-have items during the pandemic, while belts gave a hint to spring silhouettes.

So, without further ado, have a look at our favorite spring/ summer 2021 jewelry and accessory trends!

From small and delicate to chunky and dramatic, there was a lot to enjoy in the spring 2021 jewelry trends!

#1. Pearls

Pearls are always dreamy and lovely, adding a luxurious yet delicate touch to any look. For the spring 2021 jewelry trends, they were not only ubiquitous but also versatile, showing in a wide range of different jewelry styles.

There was a bit of an edge to the pearls at Chanel since they were combined with busy designs like heavy, tiered earrings and chunky bracelets paired with black logo elements.

Pearls are a Simone Rocha signature, and every season, she finds a new way to dazzle with them. In this collection, they were used in everything from delicate necklaces to large, costumey earrings.

Other designers, like Tibi, Altuzarra, Y/Project, and Erdem, also showcased pearl jewelry this season.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Pearl Jewelry

#2. Accessory-Shaped Jewelry

It’s always fun when one thing is shaped like something else, so for the spring/ summer 2021 accessory trends, jewelry pieces shaped like other accessories stood out to us as particularly playful.

Necklaces shaped like bags, in particular, struck us as hilarious since there were also a lot of actual bags worn around necks this season. Jacquemus has made itty-bitty bags a must-have over the last few seasons, so why not a gold pendant to shout out their tiny bags?

At Chanel, a totally blinged-out necklace was shaped to look just like the Chanel Classic Bag. We think it’ll become a highly coveted statement necklace for those who carry the Classic as their signature bag.

At MM6 (Martin Margiela’s contemporary line), one thing as another was a jewelry theme, with necklace pendants shaped like boots and rings.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Accessory-Shaped Jewelry

#3. Layered Boho Necklaces

Layering necklaces is probably the most major styling-related jewelry trend this season. It had a distinct boho vibe since the necklaces themselves often featured beads or colorful stones, making it a particularly carefree and seasonal choice.

We saw a lot of necklace layering on the ever escapist Etro runway, particularly with combinations of colorful beaded chokers.

This season, the boho vibes were strong at Christian Dior when it came to everything from hair to bags to clothes, so with jewelry, long, layered necklaces covered in beads and with multiple pendants fit in perfectly.

At Jason Wu, the garments were a little less busy, so the layering of multiple necklaces got to really stand out, and it felt to us like a styling choice that might work better for the average person. There, like at Etro, beaded chokers were worn together for a very beachy look. 

We spotted more boho-chic necklace layering at Ports 1961, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, and Acne Studios.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Layered Boho Necklaces

#4. Abstract Raw Shapes

The spring 2021 jewelry trends didn’t always have to make an explicit statement. Instead, abstract and slightly textured shapes had as much allure but with a touch of more mystery.

This was most notable at Acne Studios, where many fashion bloggers were enchanted by the crinkled foil-like way in which silver and gold metal was shaped, either alone or as a base for gemstones.

At Eudon Choi, raw, abstract pendants combined mediums, with both metal and stone elements, taking on more of a crushed, folded appearance.

Texture played a big part in how metal was shaped at Jacquemus, as well, with raw-looking earrings with a geometric pointed-oval silhouette.

Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander, Zimmermann, Kenneth Ize, and Chloé also presented abstract raw shapes for their jewelry designs.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Abstract Raw Shapes

#5. Chained-Up Necks

Thick chains have a lot of power and drama. These industrial jewelry elements have a powerful, scary symbolism that designers have been utilizing for a few seasons in a row (it was actually our top trend last season). However, for spring, we couldn’t help but connect them to the feelings of being trapped during the lockdown.

Let’s start with Victoria Beckham, whose models wore heavy chain necklaces and chokers, mostly made out of gold. Some of the chains were decorated with one large, chunky ring acting as a pendant.

At Louis Vuitton, the chain necklaces looked particularly industrial and sturdy, with elongated chain-links. They’re the kinds of chains that would offer powerful contrast to a simple but upscale outfit or can be used to add an edge to a street style look.

For something truly exciting, Dolce & Gabbana combined big and chunky chain necklaces with ostentatious jewels, in a glamorous combination of which only they are capable.

We spotted more chain necklaces at Tod’s, Givenchy, Alyx, and Sacai.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Chain Necklaces

#6. Chained-Up Wrists

If you want a cohesive look, you’ll need a thick chain bracelet to go with your chain necklace or choker. Designers stayed on theme with heavy-duty chain bracelets gracing delicate wrists.

Gold chain bracelets at Bottega Veneta had an intense gleam, suggesting to us the idea of “gilded cages.”

At Hermès, a twisted chain bracelet design in well-polished silver managed to perfectly balance the chunky vibe with a certain rounded and luxurious elegance.

We noticed more chain bracelets at Louis Vuitton, Chloè, and Ambush.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Chain Bracelets

#7. Ocean Imagery

The ocean called to us with the summer 2021 accessory trends. The desire to escape into the open waters resonated with many designers this season, leading to some jewelry that any mermaid will happily wear.

At Versace, models wore ocean-inspired sea star brooches and earrings that worked perfectly with their damp hair and colorful outfits.

Isabel Marant and Alberta Ferretti both showcased the ocean with layered seashell necklaces, which was also a great way of adding a boho-chic vibe to their runways.

The swimwear-inspired Toga collection included a long necklace decorated with a sweet boat pendant in blue. Finally, Marine Serre was inspired by survivalism, with a few fishing hook and bait accessories.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Ocean-Themed Jewelry

#8. Locks and Keys

Similar to the chains we saw this season, many designers also leaned into the theme of being locked up with locks for the summer 2021 jewelry trends. Thankfully, keys were often another part of the equation, guaranteeing a way out.

The entire Rokh show had a BDSM-vibe, which also included some dramatic locked-up looks with leather, chains, and collars. Key earrings completed the ensemble, with a reminder that there was a way out.

At Givenchy, a belt covered in locks was likely meant to look edgy, but it actually reminded us of a bridge in any European city, covered in locks meant to signify long-lasting love.

Lastly, at MM6, a chain belt was fitted with a matching lock, but interestingly, both accessories were painted a creamy peach to match the outfit with which they were styled. 

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Locks and Keys

#9. Single Earring

Symmetry is way overrated, at least if the spring 2021 jewelry trends are anything to go by. A single earring is the ultimate marker of badassery, and it’s a convenient trend if you lost one of your favorite earring pairs. Stylists weren’t shy about this trend, usually making it a point to choose the dangliest statement-makers for the one-earring look.

For instance, at Fendi, a conceptual rectangular earring was memorable enough all on its own, with a dual-tone, logo-emblazoned design. We were also struck by the drama of a golden chandelier earring at Valentino, with the brand’s now recurring hand element in red and with a ton of beads.

Many other stylists opted for the single earring look at Marni, Ellery, Acne Studios, No 21, and Alberta Ferretti.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Single Earring

#10. Shoulder-Grazing Earrings

What better way to celebrate strength than with a strong pair of earrings? There was a power to the shoulder-grazing earrings presented for spring 2021, which were serious statement-makers.

At Ulla Johnson, earrings more than grazed the shoulders – they fully rested on them. The designs were mostly chandelier-esque but with a slight boho touch thanks to the turquoise beading and sun or flower-like shapes at the lobe.

J.W. Anderson also went all out, with tiered earrings featuring multiple metals and levels. From gold to silver and even feathers, these earrings were dramatic, luxurious, yet also playful.

We spotted more ultra-long earrings at Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Brandon Maxwell, and Miu Miu.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Shoulder-Grazing Earrings

#11. Ear Coverage

We love full-ear decoration. There is something about a full ear cuff or a series of earrings all along the curve of the ear that is simultaneously feminine yet fantastical and warrior-like, as though one is wearing ear armor.

One example came from Stella McCartney, with an over-the-ear cuff that covered the curve of the ear with little golden curves, with pearls to soften the effect. At Vivetta, a magnificent ear cuff looked as though it was exploding from within the ear with diamond flowers as well as a little bug.

Lastly, at Alexander McQueen, ear cuffs were simple yet sophisticated. They were made out of silver and constructed of simple line-based shapes or hoops that hugged the ear.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Ear Cuffs

#12. Wrist and Arm Cuffs

A bangle is nice, but if you really want a statement bracelet, only a cuff will do for the spring 2021 jewelry trends! They’re big and dramatic but also elegant, and boy do they make your wrists look dainty.

Chanel gave us the best of both worlds, with sleek silver cuffs with a dangly, beaded bangle bracelet added at the center.

The foil effect we fell in love with at Acne also showed up at Sportmax, in the form of a long, thin cuff decorated with raw-looking stones. It was intentionally a little undone, but it had an elongating effect on the arm.

We noticed more cuff bracelets at Isabel Marant, Chloé, and Alberta Ferretti.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Arm Cuffs
Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Arm Cuffs

#13. Hoop Earrings

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has become one of our favorite style icons in recent years, and we suspect her affinity for hoops had an impact on the runways. We saw all kinds of marvelous hoop earrings as part of the summer 2021 jewelry trends.

The most dramatic of the bunch was presented at Maitrepierre, with one pair of oversized golden hoops and another pair of unusual, thick hoops with smaller hoops attached along the sides. We saw mismatched multi-hoop gold and pearl earrings at Adeam.

For those who don’t care for metal, Simona Marziali used a weaving technique to create textured black and white hoop earrings, with necklaces to match.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Hoop Earrings

#14. Neon

Bright and vibrant neon jewelry added the ultimate splash of color to the spring accessories.

Versace ruled the neon game, of course, with vibrant neon chokers and earrings in electric green and pink. The designer Mark Fast opted for brights on brights, with a collection filled with neon casual wear paired with equally eye-catching bangles and earrings in a multitude of neon shades.

The usually feminine jewelry at Chanel was dotted with neon touches here and there, usually in vibrant pink, which added a more playful feel to the collection.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Neon Jewelry

#15. Flowers

Flowers? For Spring? Yeah, we get it, it’s an old joke. Forgive us while we run off to watch The Devil Wears Prada for the 10th time this month. Needless to say, flowers were added as a decorative element to jewelry in a few different ways.

At Blumarine, for instance, flower jewelry was simple yet oh-so-pretty. Satin was folded over into a lovely rose shape and then attached to earrings as studs.

‘60s-style flower earrings at Saint Laurent had a shoulder-grazing design, with different types of cartoonish flower pendants layered on top of each, dropping from the ear. 

At Dolce & Gabbana, one of the simpler jewelry options presented were these little black chokers with a large fabric flower attached at the side. 

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Floral Jewelry

#16. Logos

We have mixed feelings about logo earrings or necklaces, but it’s undeniable that designers loved stamping their labels on the spring 2021 jewelry. No items were safe from a touch of logomania, especially from the bigger fashion houses.

At Dolce & Gabbana, for instance, busy chain necklaces in gold were often decorated with a D&G logo pendant. The signature Prada triangle logo was transformed into a stud earring or hanging earring that models wore either in the lobe or along the helix of the ear.

Finally, at Chanel, the CC logo was added as a small charm to necklaces and earrings, or it was added as hardware atop stones in bracelets.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Logo Jewelry

#17. Colorful Gems

One of our favorite spring jewelry trends was colorful gemstones with a bit of a costume jewelry vibe (except, y’know, real). These bold, bright pieces had an eye-catching sheen and color, and we were particularly enamored with the notion of wearing them over our loungewear, like girls at a sleepover playing dress-up.

At Erdem, models wore big, colorful earrings to dressing-robe-esque jackets, in a look that felt luxurious yet still homely. At Dolce & Gabbana, luxurious color is, of course, de rigueur. Long gold chains and charm-covered chokers were all decorated with multi-color touches.

Raw, purple quartz on a pair of earrings at Ports 1961 drew our eye with its slightly bohemian flare, especially since it was combined with beads in other colors.

Finally, at Halpern, subtlety was not part of the game, so both glamorous dresses and loungewear sets were paired with gigantic, colorful earrings.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Colorful Gems
Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Colorful Gems

#18. Balls

The spring 2021 jewelry didn’t always make a clear statement, and we think that applies to the ball elements we saw in all kinds of different pieces. Despite not being clear on their statement, they were still very much statement-making pieces, sure to draw all of the attention.

At Sportmax, metal balls added an accent to minimalist silver metal chokers and arm-cuffs with a chunky vibe. If you’re more into gold, Balenciaga also gave a simple twist on balls with large, golden earrings in the spherical shape.

Finally, at Giorgio Armani, the “chain” of a large disc necklace was actually made out of a series of little balls wrapped in fabric, which had a quirky boho feel.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Ball-Shaped Jewelry

#19. Animals

Animals can be seen as friends, mascots, or protectors, so we loved the idea of carrying them around in the form of our spring jewelry. What kind of animals inspired designers this year? The answer is all sorts!

The most noticeable of the bunch was the massive dragonfly necklace at Saint Laurent. It was made of gold and designed to look as though the dragonfly was resting on top of a crystal.

If you prefer to keep things subtle, we must admit that the bird earrings at Coach were quite fetching and brought to us notions of freedom through flight.

Finally, at Christian Dior, the iconic tiger from the label’s signature Toile de Jouy was transformed into a dark-colored charm worn on bracelets or as a pendant on necklaces.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Animal-Shaped Jewelry

The spring/ summer 2021 accessories also deserve some attention, from face masks to belts and more.

#20. Face Masks

The most major accessory is entirely and definitively the face mask. Even once this pandemic passes, the mask might stick around, with so many stylish options designed to match specific outfits.

In New York, Christian Siriano presented colorful printed face masks made to match with bra tops, hats, and dresses.

The always edgy Rick Owens runway featured badass masks mostly in black, with a veil-like piece of sheer fabric attached over them to float over the chest, adding a special touch.

We spotted dozens if not hundreds of more cool masks at Maison Bent, Anna Sui, Marine Serre, Collina Strada, Imitation of Christ, and Zero + Maria Cornejo.  

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Face Masks

#21. Strappy Belts and Harnesses

Whether it’s fetish-inspired or strictly tactical, harnesses and harness-like belts certainly made an impact this season. These accessories felt like a post-apocalyptic hangover from previous seasons, but we can’t say we minded.

Nearly every model on the dark and edgy Rokh runway wore her own unique harness. They were made of black leather with a serious BDSM feel, yet they were worn over a whole range of feminine, demure dresses.

At Altuzarra, we saw a more modern and daywear-appropriate variation on strappy harness-like belts. They were styled over sweater dresses to add an edge.

Finally, for those who want tactical gear, look no further than Marine Serre, where strong, sporty harnesses were worn over tight full-body suits.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Strappy Belts & Harnesses

#22. Ultra-Skinny Belts

For all of you belt lovers out there, big corset belts are mostly out, while ultra-skinny belts have had a massive resurgence! They were a great way of adding structure to the flowy and loose silhouette of the season. 

At Victoria Beckham, these ultra-skinny belts helped to hold up voluminous, ultra-high waisted trousers without taking away from their drama.

Combined with a flowy, floral dress, the skinny belts at Zimmermann had a grounding effect. Made of brown leather, they worked well with the boho design while still elevating the look.

We spotted more slim belts tying off looks at Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Skinny Belts

#23. Spring Gloves

There is something oh-so-sophisticated about wearing gloves in spring, so we truly adored the elegant touch they added to outfits as part of the spring 2021 accessory trends.

Some of the gloves presented were dainty and feminine, like the garden party-inspired frilly designs at Rodarte. At Fendi, gloves were a little sleeker, with long, tight designs made of woven pastel fabric. 

Finally, at Marine Serre, the gloves were a little more hardcore since they were made out of thick leather-like material.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Jewelry & Accessory Trends: Spring Gloves

Photos via Vogue, Livingly