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Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends

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Are you on the hunt for the latest fashion trends? Or are you simply missing the excitement of the fashion week? Whatever your reasoning for finding your way to this article, we’re glad to have someone that we can nerd out about the spring/summer 2022 color trends with!

While classic spring colors will still remain a go-to and the Pantone colors of 2022 are no doubt a large part of this list, there are a few colors that proved to be a large trend on the runways and Internet that we didn’t get the chance to mention in our previous article focusing exclusively on the colors chosen by the Pantone Institute.

Even if Balenciaga didn’t remake an episode of the Simpsons and Gucci didn’t take over Hollywood Boulevard, the forward-looking fashion weeks back in September were still exciting. The reasoning, of course, is that nearly every show was either in person or had a digital viewing option – something exciting that came out of the pandemic. Therefore, it came as a shock when black seemed to take over white as the new neutral, almost as if the fashion world was proactively aware that our fears around the virus would spike again in the New Year.

Along with black, dark browns and deep oranges played a key role on the runways. Ruby red is also a hue that proved to be popular not only with Carolina Herrera but also with Saint Laurent and others. Some of these colors may not be what you quite expected for spring, but this is no reason to get up in arms – the playful blues, pinks, greens, and other candy-colored Pantone picks also played a very instrumental role on the SS 2022 runways.

As always, designers in different regions seemed to gravitate to different colors that would underscore not only their own creative process but also that of their country. For London and Milan, all shades of yellow became the crucial choice. In Paris, sultry black and moody red took charge of the runways, and in New York, brilliant blues captivated the minds of designers.

So, while this color trend list might be slightly smaller than what we normally find on the runways, every color seemed to have found its way onto the stage at least once. If you’re concerned that your favorite color might not be here, I’d certainly put money on it that it has a spot on the spring/summer 2022 color trends. And without holding you in further suspense, the most popular colors are here!

#1. Poinciana Red

Let’s start on a dramatic note, with this deep, alluring red. Don’t go clicking your ruby red heels to disappear anywhere yet – this is only the first color option on the list! It’s the kind of red that shows up every season because we humans can’t help ourselves – even during the times of staying in, we still want to feel some excitement. Bright, seductive, and flirty, Poinciana reds appeared on multiple runways this season, mainly in the form of accessories.

Saint Laurent favored floral detailing and belts for this color, but Peter Do certainly took the Wizard of Oz reference to heart when he chose to create some Poinciana red shoes. However, a personal favorite was Dior’s take on boxing outfits in this color. Maybe an ode to the new Muhammad Ali documentary by Ken Burns?

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Poinciana Red

#2. Coral Rose Burnt Orange

Despite orange being one of the least favorite colors worldwide, different shades of the citrus hue proved to be particularly popular at the fashion weeks this spring 2022. After all, it is a refreshing tone that symbolizes new beginnings. So, pop on this color in the form of Shang Xia’s puffer vest or find other forms of inspiration from every designer, from Proenza Schouler to Collina Strada, who heavily dipped into this spring color trend.

Who wouldn’t want to wear Dior suit sets or structured dresses from Saint Laurent? Even if you can’t afford these specific pieces, I have a feeling that Coral Rose powersuits will be everywhere next spring. Get ready to channel your incorporate diva!

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Coral Rose

#3. Fragile Sprout

A neon yellow with a green tinge, Fragile Sprout might be a difficult color to pull off, but for those that are able to wear this vibrant color, there are certainly options on where to get inspiration from. Prominently part of Blumarine’s, Eudon Choi’s, and David Koma’s collections, the spring 2022 color trend found its way onto everything, from casual tops to feathered dresses.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Fragile Sprout

#4. Daffodil Yellow

Just because Illuminating won’t be the color of the year next year doesn’t mean that bright yellow won’t still be profoundly popular. After all, we all seemed to have gotten extremely attached to the cheerful yellow. If you’re afraid you won’t find fresh inspiration for this color, there’s no need to fret! Daffodil yellow made its way into the collections of Sportmax, Christian Dior, Jil Sander, Proenza Schouler, and Courrèges, among others.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Daffodil

#5. Popcorn

If this color sounds familiar to you, it’s because it was popular in 2021 as well. This, obviously, will make it all the easier for you if you chose to purchase items of this color last season. But don’t worry if you didn’t! There’s still time to purchase the warm yellow from many different designers, such as Emilio Pucci, Blumarine, Prada, and Roberto Cavalli.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Popcorn

#6. Emerald Green

This upcoming year, it seems that the richer the green, the more popular it is. Basil and Fair Green are perfect colors for light and airy clothes, however, if you’re in the mood for something richer in tone, this deep green will be your dream. Dior most certainly understood the assignment of creating dresses and suits in a color richer than spring grass, but they certainly weren’t alone, as Dolce & Gabbana did the same thing. Considering that green is a color most people look great in, this is definitely a color trend worth hopping in on!

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Emerald Green

#7. Fair Green

If you find yourself craving a fresh and minty color for next year, then you certainly aren’t alone. Perhaps it was the need to find another tone that softly symbolized regrowth or maybe just the fact that this shade is perfect for spring photoshoots, but many designers reached for the pale green. Sportmax subtly played the color into the latest collection, but at Collina Strada, the collection seemed to center around it. Think dresses, skirts, and mint patterns galore!

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Fair Green

#8. Skydiver

This color has rendered me obsessed! Described on the Pantone website as a color that “inspires us to new heights,” both the description and the color seemed to fit perfectly into Paco Rabanne’s summer collection. The color found its way not only into the collection but also various aspects of the floor that the models walked on. Perhaps this color trend will hit the interior design market before it even reaches mainstream fashion?

Of course, Paco Rabanne wasn’t the only one who used this darling blue. Other designers that prominently featured the hue were Alice + Olivia and Zimmermann, who enjoyed creating simple garments with splashes of the blue throughout. 

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Skydiver

#9. Harbor Blue

Sail into the harbor next year in summer’s dreamiest blue color trend. This darling blue is reminiscent of dark-wash denim yet far more versatile. Appearing at 16Arlington, the color was in the English country-style collection for simplistic ‘frocks’ (the term that Alice Temperley sought to describe the loose dresses in her collection). Another designer that reached for the color was Badgley Mischka, who created a simple dress in the shade that will certainly take anyone’s breath away.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Harbor Blue

#10. Super Sonic

The more brilliant the blue, the more popular the color was on the runway this year. At least, that’s the way it seemed. And Super Sonic is the most brilliant blue of them all! From Marine Serre to Loewe and Saint Laurent to Dolce & Gabbana, this stunning Pantone 2022 color enamored many fashion lovers.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Super Sonic

#11. Cascade

“Cool and refreshing” Cascade is the mix of light and dark blue that we’ve all been waiting for. At Alice + Olivia, the color appeared in a cascading (pun intended) ripple of fabric on a flowing A-line dress. Paco Rabanne also incorporated the fun-loving color with its own cascading effect into the collection.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Cascade

#12. Glacier Lake

I don’t think I’ve met a single person who doesn’t want to travel, and while vacationing at a lake might not be possible for everyone this summer, wearing this color is. Starting at Loewe in the form of crop tops and accent pieces, the color quickly swept along many other brands, from Alexander McQueen to Acne Studios.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Glacier Lake

#13. Spun Sugar

This darling baby blue is certainly going to rocket itself to the top. Reminiscent of the color of blue cotton candy at the fair, this light-hearted shade captured many designers’ hearts. Badgley Mischka incorporated the color into a low-cut blazer that is perfect for a shirt, while Zimmermann used the soft tone in a pair of pants: cross them both, and you’d get a perfect pantsuit for next season!

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Spun Sugar

#14. Very Peri

Pantone’s color of 2022, Very Peri played a key role for designers seeking to think outside of the box. Despite vintage forms of the color being pulled, such as Zendaya in Versace, the color captivated those that were ready to launch themselves fully into the future. Catsuits took charge at Xüly Bet, Valentino Haute Couture turned it into a headdress, and Thom Browne reminded us of the joy of shift dresses. Of course, if you’re in the mood for the color in a bit more of a classic silhouette, then Isabel Marant, Gucci, and Alberta Ferretti have got you more than covered.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Very Peri

#15. Dahlia

Far more of a royal purple than anything else, Dahlia reigned supreme at New York Fashion Week, as creative directors at many houses spun the rich purple into fun and frilly confections. From a glittering sequin dress at Loewe that Jessica Rabbit would approve of to floral details on a Derek Lam 10 Crosby dress, this queenly purple has proved that she is here to stay.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Dahlia

#16. Orchid Bloom Lavender 

Each spring, it seems that designers can never quite get enough of this classic spring color, and this year was no different. Lightweight and airy, Orchid Bloom found its way into multiple collections in the form of dresses, skirts, and detailed tops. If you happen to be on the hunt for any inspiration, then Givenchy, Jonathan Simkhai, Simone Rocha, and Sportmax will help to fuel your lavender dreams.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Orchid Bloom

#17. Innuendo

This sultry hot pink has easily become a favorite for designers looking to make statement pieces. At Tom Ford, the color made its way into a shiny blazer, while Versace seemingly veered towards the idea of structured suits. Of course, Marine Serre wasn’t to be left behind either, and creative director Demna worked a few pieces of the color into the collection as well.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Innuendo

#18. Bubblegum

Only a few tones away from Innuendo, Bubblegum is another bright and bubbly pink that designers couldn’t stay away from. Most popular as a solid color rather than worked into prints, Bubblegum can be found on the runways for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Adam Lippes. So, get ready to be reverted back to childhood this summer as you skip down the street blowing bubbles and stunning the world in this electric pink!

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Bubblegum

#19. Gossamer Pink

Gossamer Pink is a light and decadent color, like the thin thread that shares its name. Considering the color is on the softer side, designers who chose to use it focused on it as an accent tone rather than the entirety of the garment. At Peter Do, the summer 2022 color trend provided detailing on the chiffon edges of the jacket, while Shang Xia went a little bit bigger and created a dress that was half Burnt Orange and half Gossamer Pink.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Gossamer Pink

#20. Potpourri

A cross between baby pink and lavender, Potpourri is the timeless color of a fading rose. Described as ‘carefree’ pink, many free-form brands enjoyed playing with the girlish color. At 16Arlington, it may have only provided the truly intricate details, but at Zimmermann, the baby pink was used in larger accents that made the color pop – think bows and stripes!

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Potpourri

#21. Coffee Quartz

Another color for all the fellow coffee lovers out there, Coffee Quartz is a Pantone pick that was exceedingly popular on the runways this season. Unlike Coca Mocha, the glamorous deep brown was more often used in soft fabrics at design houses from Blumarine to Andrew GN. So, while I can’t promise you a coffee this spring, I can say with certainty that this color trend will give you a slight caffeine buzz.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Coffee Quartz

#22. Coca Mocha

For me, the winter signals two things; being with friends and being able to drink mochas without someone explaining to me that it’s a ‘celebratory’ coffee (baristas can be so judgmental). But now, there is finally a fashion-forward argument on why mochas should be brought into spring and summer. Coca Mocha! This chocolate brown hue appeared on multiple runways this season, from Proenza Schouler to Tom Ford and often in the form of buttery leathers. But whatever form of this spring 2022 color trend you wear, just know that carrying an extra mocha with you is most definitely approved.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Coca Mocha

#23. Sudan Brown

Representing the earth that has seemingly moved so much under our feet as of late, this brown earth tone provided the grounding we all needed. For Alice Temperley of Temperley London, the color created a soft space and was often woven throughout different patterns of the spring/summer collection. Badgley Mischka also had the same take, using the soothing brown for floral prints in the latest collection. None of this means that the brown can’t be worn simply on its own, though. After all, monochromatic outfits seem to be taking charge (but we’ll get to that in another article).

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Sudan Brown

#24. Humus

A pale neutral that is seemingly a white tinged with brown has taken hold of many designers’ hearts this year. If you are unaware of the color I’m referring to, it’s naturally Humus. This effortless neutral appeared at Michael Kors, Burberry, and LaQuan Smith in many monochromatic looks. So, if you’re looking to try a ‘model off-duty’ look this spring, then Humus is the perfect color to try it with!

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Humus

#25. Perfectly Pale

A perfect light camel beige if there ever was one, this dreamy color was described by the Pantone Institute as “a subtle sandy beige meant to take us to the warm comfort of the beach.” An apt description if there ever was one considering Peter Do, Sportmax, and Proenza Schouler used the color in beach town-ready garments.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Perfectly Pale

#26. Snow White

Dark tones may have taken over the runways, but that doesn’t mean that white is out of style. In fact, it never is – not even after Labor Day. So, while black takes charge as the main neutral, we’ve still seen designers reach for Snow White to create fun and exciting color palettes. Think of Peter Do’s trench coat and blazer looks, Sportmax’s corset-style top, or Marine Serre’s crochet dress if you need any inspiration on how to style this jaw-dropping color.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Snow White

#27. Pitch Black

I’ve mentioned a few times throughout this article that black has become increasingly popular, so can you really act that shocked now? While some of the blacks worn focused on gothic-style dresses such as the ones at Comme des Garcons, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton, other designers moved to make the color sleek and nightlife-ready, such as Balmain or Saint Laurent with the party-perfect jumpsuit options. Either way, the dark neutral seems to be here to stay!

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Pitch Black

#28. Poppy Seed

This classic gray proved to be a tastemaker this season, with an entire section of the Chanel collection focused on it in pinstripes. However, both Adam Lippes and Peter Do used the neutral to highlight other brighter colors in their collections. Whatever way you choose to wear this color, the soft gray will certainly be a color trend that you’ll want in your wardrobe this upcoming season.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Poppy Seed

#29. Silver Age

After seemingly spending years obsessing over golds in the form of everything, from jewelry to fabrics, it seems that silver has come back ready for its prompt resurgence. The futuristic color might seem slightly springing, but the spring/summer 2022 color trends seem to point to both the future and the virtual reality if the selection of Very Peri as the color of the year shows anything. If you’re one of the lucky people that can pull off silver easily and have no qualms in wearing extravagant looks, then designers from Balenciaga, Courrèges to Loewe should certainly entice you.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Silver

#30. Northern Droplet

A gray that is meant to “instill feelings of tranquility,” this dewy color caused many designers to flirt with the neutral. At Altuzarra, a brand often noted for its heavily saturated colors, this trending hue seemed to be the center of the collection. The other brand that was heavily influenced by the color was Prabal Gurung, who incorporated it into a variety of prints.

Spring/Summer 2022 Color Trends: Northern Droplet

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