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We’re excited to report on the spring/ summer 2020 bag trends because handbags are probably the most useful accessory a woman can have. This season presented us with a whole range of bags: some were classics while others were innovative, some were simple while others were fantastically odd. No matter your preferences, we think you will find something to like amongst the 2020 bags.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbags Trends

For those of you who don’t go out and buy a new designer bag every season (i.e. most of us real people), you’ll be happy to know that the spring 2020 handbag trends included some holdout trends from previous seasons, including circular bags, which have been a party-girl must-have for a while now.

If you are in the search for spring 2020 bags that will feel new and season-appropriate, consider some of the more natural and handmade bag trends that had a big showing, like wicker or crochet bags, or perhaps explore the innovative geometric shapes that were presented.

#1. Rope Bags

What better accessory to pair with your espadrille shoes than one of the rope bags that were part of the summer 2020 bag trends? These bags fit in with a lot of re-use themes that we saw on the runways, and their light color made them a perfect fit for the summer season!


Ulla Johnson presented a whole range of stunning bucket and tote bags woven out of rope, mostly in straw-shades but often touched with a bit of color, which added a real sense of joy.

Within a collection of sober leather bags from Givenchy, we loved the sudden rustic touch of a large, slouchy clutch (the main bag silhouette on the Givenchy runway this season) made of tightly woven rope.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Rope Bags & Purses

#2. Wicker Bags

Lovers of natural materials and a rustic style will surely enjoy the spring 2020 handbags that were woven out of straw to look just like wicker baskets!

Straw bags at Oscar de la Renta were woven through with a bit of black, which added sophistication – we saw an exciting oversized option worn with a matching dress as well as a small clutch version of the Oath bag in the wicker style.


The Celine runway presented a very particular character, this season, the kind of cool French girl from the ‘70s, who was a little too mainstream to be a total hippie – the kind of girl who would absolutely carry a literal basket slung over the shoulder like a bag, with leather detailing adding reinforcement.

We spotted other wicker bags as well, especially on the catwalks of Kate Spade New York, J.W. Anderson, Missoni, and Michael Kors.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Wicker Bags & Purses

#3. Crochet Bags

On the runways, we saw crochet from head to toe, and a few daring designers also presented crochet 2020 handbags. The slouchy crocheted bags are perfect for anyone who sticks to a more boho-chic look, but they can also decorate a more modern wardrobe.


Crocheted bags offered a surprisingly soft touch on the Alexander McQueen runway, in the form of medium-sized bags crocheted out of a beige material and covered in 3D crochet flowers.

Crochet was big on the Altuzarra runway, with all kinds of crocheted dresses and tops sparking joy, but this time around, we think we would opt to pair Altuzarra’s lovely crocheted totes with flowy fabrics rather than more crochet.

We also appreciate the crochet bags that showed at Prabal Gurung, Zimmermann, and Isabel Marant.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Crochet Bags & Purses

#4. Bamboo Handles

Bags made of natural materials were a significant part of the 2020 purse trends, but there was also room for natural materials as just a small embellishment, like bamboo handles.


Miuccia Prada was all about the bamboo handles for bags this season, having presented medium-sized handheld options for her Miu Miu audience, and a more adult snakeskin bag design with bamboo handles on the Prada runway.

One of the more unique bags at Gucci, which was made of snakeskin leather in a shape that reminded us of a takeout box, had bamboo handles that contrasted nicely against the dark leather.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Bags & Purses with Bamboo Handles

#5. Woven Leather

If you like the idea of a woven bag but are not so keen on the woven straw as an accessory material, you may love the woven leather bags that we saw as part of the spring 2020 handbag trends.

Knotted and woven leather bags at Fendi made a real statement, showing up in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, with our favorites being the partially see-through woven leather versions of Fendi’s iconic Peekaboo bags.

Matching shoes to bags is never a bad idea, so we saw both woven leather bags and shoes at Bottega Veneta. The weaving was tighter on the bags at Bottega Veneta, so they were totally opaque, but once again, there was variety, with square clutches, totes, and hobo bags all made with this unique way of shaping leather.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Woven Leather Bags & Purses

#6. Multi-Compartment Bags

While multi-bagging as a whole is not totally out the door, designers did seem to prefer to present multi-compartment bags instead for the spring 2020 bag trends.

At J.W. Anderson, a multi-compartment bag carried by a few of the models gave us serious hippie vibes. It was a bag made of hazelnut brown leather, worn cross-body with a belt-like strap, to which circular, pouch-like compartments were attached. It was embellished with a leather fringe detail near the top of each pouch, so we can only imagine how popular this purse will become once the festival season hits!

Multi-bagging was elevated to an art form on the Peter Pilotto runway, where separate bags were turned into multi-compartment vertical creations thanks to a handle that could be attached to the bottom of other bags.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Multi-Compartment Bags & Purses

#7. Fuzzy Feathered Purses

One of the decorative elements that stood out to us as truly unique to the spring/ summer 2020 bag trends was feathers, which added a soft touch to several purses on the runways, often matching feather-embellished dresses.

What better item to pair with a feathered Valentino dress than a feathered purse? Most of the spring 2020 purses embellished with feathers were actually bucket bag designs, making for an interesting combination.

At Staud, feathers were used to make a very fluffy fringe that either decorated the front of purses or, in the case of one purse, engulfed the entire thing.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Feather Bags & Purses

#8. Tiny Handheld Bags

Teeny-tiny bags are not going anywhere, and there were plenty of unique ones on display as part of the spring 2020 bag trends. These tiny bags can work as coin purses, and they make for one heck of a fashion statement when carried prominently by hand.

The tiniest we saw might have been an impossibly small white bag at Jil Sander that we’re pretty sure could only hold a coin or two. We saw more of a miniature design at Longchamp – a tiny handbag made of snakeskin-embossed white leather.

There were plenty of other collections that included tiny bags, including Ports 1961, and Tory Burch.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Handheld Tiny Bags & Purses
Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Tiny Bags & Purses

#9. Wristlet Bags

There is something lovely and delicate about a little strap wrapped around the wrist, so we enjoyed the wristlet bags for 2020. We think they’d be another lovely choice for evening events, and in some cases, they even fit into the tiny bag trend.

The most glamorous examples were spotted at Simone Rocha, including a pearly egg-shaped bag with a wrist chain threaded with actual pearls, as well as a bejeweled black satin bag. No matter the type of handle, all bags were handheld at Proenza Schouler, including a uniquely shaped black purse with a leather wrist strap.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Wristlet Bags & Purses
Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Wristlet Bags & Purses

#10. Hand-Strap Clutch

It’s hard to explain why we find hand strap details so elegant, but they will definitely be our carrying choice should we get invited to any truly fancy soirees (spoiler alert: we won’t be). These classy little bags were fitted with a tight strap so that they could be slipped over the hand for a more secure carry than the average pouch.

At Valentino, a small pink purse was turned into a clutch by wrapping the gorgeous chain handle over the wrist and then fitting the top strap over the hand. Gucci is a brand that always stands out, and this time, they did so with a black clutch that had what looked to us like mock-bullet holsters over the hand strap.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Hand-Strap Clutches

#11. Vintage Florals

If you’re searching for one of those spring 2020 bag trends that genuinely scream “spring,” we think a bag covered in a vintage floral print might be it!

Vintage florals were big on the Anna Sui and Brock Collection runways this year, with soft and romantic prints extended from garments to bags. The floral print on Tory Burch bags was delicate and small, added as an accent to a diamond print over stunning coin purse-style bags.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Vintage Floral Printed Bags & Purses

#12. Psychedelic

It’s hard to capture the essence of the ‘70s in a purse, so while this decade ruled the runways, it didn’t really influence the spring 2020 handbags, with psychedelic prints being the one key exception.

Tie-dye counts as a psychedelic print, in our opinion, and it was all over the Alberta Ferretti collection, especially decorating totes and drawstring bags. At Fendi, the psychedelic prints were used as accents to leather solids, making for a more down-to-earth choice.

One could argue that the floral print on the summer 2020 tote bags at Peter Pilotto was more impressionist than psychedelic, but we still think they fit here thanks to their colorful, abstract design!

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Psychedelic Printed Bags & Purses

#13. Check Please!

If you’re planning some romantic picnics this year, why not choose one of those 2020 bags that will match your picnic cloth? We are talking, of course, about the few purses that were covered in an adorable check print on the runway.

At Batsheva, it really was true quaintness, with a slightly square sling bag covered with checks carried next to a dress made of the same fabric. There were a few checked totes sprinkled throughout the wide range of spring 2020 bags glimpsed at Lanvin.

Checked Burberry bags where no big surprise, since the label always finds a way to weave their iconic print through each collection, though this time, the print showed up on smaller hand-held purses, which stood out as unusually cute for the brand.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Check Printed Bags & Purses

#14. Glitter Bags

Shiny bags for the spring 2020 purse trends echoed disco balls with the amount of light they managed to reflect and the level of joy they spread.

At Maryam Nassir Zadeh, sewing a glittery silver fabric into a little handheld pouch seemed like a perfect design decision – where else would you want to keep your coins? The entire Paco Rabanne collection was all about the disco glitz, with small bags in silver decorated with a cascade of blingy fringe.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Shiny Glitter Bags & Purses

#15. Circular Bags

Circle bags have become a staple on the runway, often showing up in smaller sizes, looking like quirky party bags. The summer 2020 bag trends included a variety of circle bags, this time around in a range of sizes.

Stella McCartney combined this playful silhouette with natural materials, to make the ultimate spring bag. She presented both small and large circle bags woven out of braided straw, with a solid panel at the center proclaiming the brand name. They came in a natural straw shade, as well as light blue and dark brown.

Other designers have been presenting round bags for a few seasons in a row, like Marc Jacobs, who, this time around, showcased fuzzy circle bags in bright colors. On the Michael Kors runway, circle bags this time around were made of leather in green or tan, with a big brand logo in gold hardware in the center.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Circular Bags & Purses

#16. Canvas and Leather

One of the spring 2020 handbag trends that caught our eye due to just how specific it was was the combination of canvas and leather. Canvas made sense since there was a shift towards natural, light-colored materials, but the addition of leather elevated it by giving it elegance and structure.

At Lanvin, elongated totes bags had a dark leather base with more leather panels going up the sides, while the length of the bag was constructed of soft canvas. The combination at Hermès had a bit of a vintage feel, with small duffles made of the same materials.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Canvas and Leather Bags & Purses

#17. Stripes

One of the spring 2020 print trends was stripes, and it even made it over to the summer 2020 bag trends!

The stripey printed bags at Fendi had a bit of a ‘70s vibe, with colorful stripes over a brown suede tote. The color choice at Marc Jacobs for stripey leather clutches also had a ‘70s feel. It was all about matching at Gabriela Hearst, where a model in a striped crocheted dress carried a perfectly matched bag in a squat silhouette.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Striped Bags & Purses

#18. Box Bags

Much like circle bags, box bags are another one of those 2020 handbag trends that have been on a streak a few years in a row now. Box bags are quirky, often holding a bit of retro charm, and while they are too unwieldy for day-to-day use, we really like them as high-fashion party bags.

Oscar de la Renta presented clutch box bags with a rectangular shape and a little handle that fit snugly over the hand. At Roksanda, pastel-colored box bags reminded us a little of our favorite takeout containers, but in an oddly fashionable, minimalist way.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Box Bags & Purses

#19. Big Buckles

Large buckles weren’t the most avant-garde or unusual of the spring/ summer 2020 bag trends, but they made for a nice change to embellishments, and they definitely worked with bags that were very wearable.

Small, square purses at Proenza Schouler had their minimalist vibe disrupted by a large buckle going across the center, adding contrast. On velvet bags at Tommy Hilfiger, the oversized buckles gave a structural touch. Finally, statement buckles decorated a whole range of Michael Kors bags, with the straps going over the bag vertically.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Bags & Purses with Buckles

#20. Shopping Totes

High fashion designers know that they can increase sales by turning every utilitarian item into a fashion statement, with shopping totes the latest opportunity.

On the Prabal Gurung runway, 2020 purse trends were combined: brightly colored crocheted totes were lined with fringe along the bottom – the added touch that we loved is that they were all filled with flowers!

We also liked the totes at 3.1 Phillip Lim, which appeared durable with thick leather bases and partially-see through panels at the top. Other notable tote bags were spotted at Jonathan Simkhai, Sies Marjan, and Louis Vuitton.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Shopping Tote Bags & Purses
Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Shopping Tote Bags & Purses

#21. In Disguise

Bags in disguise are always our favorites, though since designers release a few every year that are totally different from one another, this might be more of a feature than one of the spring 2020 handbag trends. These are the most notable 2020 bags shaped to look like… well, other things.

One of the unique ones was a Louis Vuitton bag shaped to look exactly like a VHS tape – an item that some of the Gen Zs in the audience may not have even recognized!

Jeremy Scott always plays around with unique shapes for Moschino, with a purse shaped to look like a painter’s palette tickling our love for all things art-related.

Bucket bags are a staple, of course, but we really liked the neon green handbag shaped to look like a literal bucket at Nina Ricci. We also saw a comeback of the J.W. Anderson leather bags designed to look just like baseball caps, but this time in understated brown shades.

Just to quickly mention a few others, there was a bag shaped like a miniature guitar carrying case at Pyer Moss.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Bags & Purses in Disguise
Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Bags & Purses in Disguise

#22. Belted

Belt bags are still going strong, with many of the 2020 bags worn around the waist, just in time for vacations and festivals when they will be the most useful.

For something unique, look to the geometric belt bags at Maison Margiela, which will add a shiny touch to any look since they are made of patent leather. If you prefer a slouchier look, you might like the belted purses at Rag & Bone, which were worn low on the waist, with the pouches themselves elongated, which is great for carrying a smartphone.

There were plenty of other belt bags going around, including at Brandon Maxwell, and APC.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Belt Bags & Purses
Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Belt Bags & Purses

#23. Geometric Bags

Bags in traditional shapes are nice, of course, but we were happy to see some spring 2020 handbags with forms beyond the traditional squares, rectangles, and circles.

Christopher Kane was inspired by amoebas this year, with see-through bags shaped to look like the tiny single-celled organisms.

We always expect innovations at a Maison Margiela show, and this year was no different, with oddly shaped handheld purses made of patent leather that looked as though they were designed with an origami technique.

The vibe definitely leaned towards minimalist with the Proenza Schouler bags for 2020, with some new designs playing with a cylindrical shape augmented by pointed ends. We saw some more intriguing bag shapes on the Off-White runway.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Geometric Bags & Purses

#24. Thick Chain Strap

Chain handles and straps are high-end bag staples, but for the summer 2020 purse trends, they were given a twist, with extra-large chain links.

The entire Marques Almeida runway had a dark vibe this year, with black bags fitted with thick black chain handles only helping to emphasize the darkness of the collection.

At Ports 1961, on the other hand, the thick chains were totally playful. They gave contrast to the sleek bags, particularly because the chain links were made out of colorful material.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Thick Chain Strap Bags & Purses

#25. Drawstring Bags

Whether worn like a backpack, slung over the shoulder, or carried as an elegant evening bag, drawstring bags had a big showing as part of the summer 2020 bags, and we’re pretty happy about it. This purse design is always spacious and comfy, and it works well from day to evening.

Who would have thought a drawstring bag could be as glamorous as that gorgeous satin red bag we saw on the Zimmermann runway? It was worn like a backpack, with golden chain straps that added to the luxe effect.

We’d be remiss not to mention the wonderful range of drawstring bags presented on the Ulla Johnson runway. They were mostly more casual and summer-perfect, made of natural materials, and with a lot of woven or crochet designs.

We also saw more cute drawstring bags for 2020 on the runways of Missoni, Tory Burch, and Brandon Maxwell.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Drawstring Bags & Purses

#26. Crinkly Purses

The soft, crinkly 2020 purses felt comforting in a vintage kind of way. We are talking of a purse design where there is a bit of extra leather, which gives the bag a bit of a wrinkled look.

Plush purses at Miu Miu were made with enough leather for very wrinkly folds, making for a very textured design that fit both smaller and large bags. At Nanushka, an oversized sling bag made of cream-colored leather had a similar, slightly wrinkled effect that even remained consistent through the handles.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Crinkly, Wrinkled Leather Bags & Purses

#27. Folded Bags

This is another one of those comeback spring 2020 bag trends! Folded bags were everywhere, giving a classy twist to handheld slouchy bags.

Simple bags made of leather on the Lacoste runway were folded and carried under the arm, including large pouches, sling bags, and totes. It was interesting to see the same treatment given to a drawstring bag at Chanel – it was an innovative and casual way of carrying a staple design.

We saw more folded bags at Rokh, Bottega Veneta, and Valentino.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Folded Bags & Purses

#28. Beaded Bags

Beads are a boho-chic staple, especially in the way they were used to craft the spring/ summer 2020 bags.

While most bags at Miu Miu were made of leather, we saw a great tote made of wooden beads that felt very beachy and childish. One of the opening bags at Lemaire had similar beachy vibes, but with a dark twist. It was a square purse totally covered in dark brown beads, with thick beaded straps that gave it an exotic feel.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Beaded Bags & Purses

#29. Bucket Bags

Get ready to add one or two designer bucket bags to your collection if you don’t have any yet since the spring/ summer 2020 purse trends bring back the iconic style. We saw both classic bucket bag designs and more upscale, modern options, so there is something special for everyone.

A.W.A.K.E. Mode is the best collection to check out when it comes to finding clean, minimalist, and sometimes also quite untraditional bucket bag styles, like the baby blue option or the chocolate brown cylindrical one.

Lanvin’s bucket bags had kind of a cheerful vibe to them thanks to the futuristic shapes, pastel colors, and the cute pins embellishing them. Miu Miu also served some cute mini bucket bags in bright colors and with distinctive vintage vibes.

We also fell in love with the out-of-this-world oversized Marni bucket bag and the evening-ready Brandon Maxwell option with a shorter handle.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Bucket Bags & Purses
Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Bucket Bags & Purses

#30. Hobo Bags

Next to circular bags, the summer 2020 bag trends also unveiled some really cool designer hobo bags. This purse style is one of those timeless classics that can instantly elevate a more laid-back look.

We spotted some designer classics in updated, cheerful colors, like the Chanel hobo bag coming in a juicy green, as well as entirely unexpected offerings, such as the quilted A.W.A.K.E. Mode hobo bag, and the fringed Giorgio Arman one.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Hobo Bags & Purses

#31. Old-Timey Vintage Bags

Our favorite of all the spring/ summer 2020 bag trends? Definitely those cheeky old-timey vintage-inspired purses with cute clasps that are real precious finds!

Miu Miu’s collection brimmed with wearable old-timey bags in multiple delicious colors, with golden chain straps and rhinestone clasps that are ultimate must-haves. Simone Rocha’s white claps bag bore certain romanticism, whether it was due to the lovely heart shape or the rhinestone and pearl embellishments over the edges.

Tory Burch, Coach, Marc Jacobs, and Rokh, on the other hand, went for more minimalist, cleaner designs in punchy colors that will instantly brighten up your spring and summer wardrobe.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Old-Timey Vintage Clasp Bags & Purses
Spring/ Summer 2020 Handbag Trends: Old-Timey Vintage Clasp Bags & Purses

Photos via Vogue, Livingly