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Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends

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The first movements of spring are coming around the world, and while not everyone can be as in love with hats as we are, knowing the most popular spring/summer 2022 hat trends will only allow you to continue being the best fashionista around. After all, who doesn’t want to be stylish from the tips of toes to the top of the head?

To achieve this goal, hats can’t be a topic left to chance, and many designers clearly know this. A few of the trends were a recurrence of popular looks found in the past, but most often, new creations reigned above all others. Think of the modified swim caps and seemingly continuous obsession with bucket hats.

As always, there were multiple trend revivals. So, hold on to your head (and hats) as we move on to the next season and find that even sun protection can be fashionable! If you’d like to start planning, have a look at our favorite spring/summer 2022 hats!

#1. Straw Hats

Summer wouldn’t be summer without at least one trip to the beach, and where there are waves and sand, there’s also plenty of sun. Because of this, there is nothing more summer chic than a playful straw hat. This look was embraced by Alberta Ferretti, Anna Sui, and Emporio Armani. Hui couldn’t seem to resist adding a twist on the trend, and thus one hat appeared as two in their collection.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Straw Hats
Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Straw Hats

#2. Modified Swim Caps

The easiest way to protect your hair when swimming is, of course, the addition of a swim cap. While this look isn’t often worn out of the pool, this season, designers are seeking to change that. Vivienne Westwood, Blumarine, and Giorgio Armani all used a latex-esque material for the swimmer-chic look, however, Anna Sui created a crochet confection in this hat trend for the more adventurous among us.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Swim Caps

#3. Paging the Newspaper

Originating in the 15th century, page boy, baker’s boy, newsboy caps (or whatever else you choose to call this style) have once again become popular. From their original creation in Britain to becoming popular thanks to both Brian Johnson and Taylor Swift, page boy hats are back at it again.

Luxury hat maker Ruslan Baginskiy has been creating them at a rapid-fire pace, while both Dior and Isabel Marant created versions to walk down their runways. Considering this hat trend has already been approved by Bella Hadid, what do you have to lose by joining in?

Classic silhouettes of the hat can be found at Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, and Genny. Givenchy embraced their more dominant side this season with a creation of a black patent leather one. Now that Ms. Paris Hilton can be called hot.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Newsboy Caps

#4. Widen Your Brims

When it comes to blocking out the sun, tossing on a wide brim hat is always a great idea. And considering that the spring and summer seasons are usually unbearably hot, designers sought to create the most comfort possible by designing many wide-brimmed options.

Bronx & Bronco and Erdem both decided it was simply best to widen the brim. On the other hand, Edward Crutchley invented an eccentric version that will make you want to apply liberal amounts of sunscreen if you decided to wear it – a hat styled like an old wagon wheel! Now that would be a hard sunburn to explain…

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Wide-Brim Hats

#5. All the Bases

Considering that the baseball season is just around the corner, if you’re thinking of heading out to the ballpark, a designer baseball cap might just be what the doctor (or designer) ordered. From Coach to Edward Crutchley, the cap provided excellent detail on many of the models’ outfits. Courreges added extra oomph to the style by crossing the swim cap trend with this one, allowing for an extra sporty appeal. Now, where are the peanuts and cracker jacks because with trends like this, I don’t think we’ll ever come back?

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Baseball Caps
Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Baseball Caps

#6. Headscarves

Paging your inner ‘60s sophisticate. Have I got you on the line? Good, because headscarves are back in fashion again! Whether you choose to channel Joy Meribe with a marooned pirate look or pull back into a Jackie O style such as Duncan and LaQuan Smith did, the headscarf is reigning supreme with hat trends for this spring and summer.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Headscarves
Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Headscarves
Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Headscarves

#7. Drop in the Bucket

Bucket hats have been the ultimate streetwear trend the past few years now, and considering the love for this silhouette, designers went with an ‘if it’s not broke, why fix it?’ attitude for the hat. From Lanvin to Mark Fast and Philosophy, the street style trend of the bucket hat reached runway cult status. Originally becoming popular in late 2019, this style of hat seems to be a modern twist on the classic cloche hat of the roaring twenties. Before negating the style, just be aware that both Hailey Bieber and Rihanna are huge fans of this hat trend.

From Fendi to Miu Miu, the bucket hat had the additional furry detail that has been so loved by celebrities. After all, Rihanna has been seen sporting Emma Brewin’s caps, and Dua Lipa also seems to approve of the look when she darts out on the town.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Bucket Hats
Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Bucket Hats

#8. Veil Care

There is something so delicate about the edition of a small veil over the top of a hat, and thankfully designers are seemingly in agreement. Perhaps on the more staid side of things, a small veil partially shielded the eyes at both Osman and Philosophy. Paco Rabanne went a little more out of the box by creating a semi-veil out of glitter fringe.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Veil Hats

#9. Giddy up

I’m already tossing in my vote that Power of the Dog is going to win the best picture for the Oscars. And while I don’t condone all the behavior shown in the movie, I must say that the cowboy hats worn make me want to run and grab my own. This thought process may have also pursued designers, whether because of the film or the cowgirl cool look that every Instagram influencer is embracing right now. Thus KNWLS, Kim Shui, and Luisa Spagnoli ran after cowboy hats just as I do and allowed them to be a prominent 2022 spring hat trend.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Cowboy Hats

#10. Ye Old Days

It’s been a while since this headwear trend was last popular, but this season, vintage-style headwear of all forms has become exceedingly cool. Wide-brim and chin-tied hats that would fit perfectly into Anne with an E were placed onto the runway at Paul & Joe. Meanwhile, Richard Malone created colonial-esque bonnets, and Anna Sui created a crochet hat that looked similar to 1920s swim caps. So whatever era you secretly (or not so secretly) wish you lived in, donning the cap style of the time will be cohesive with the 2022 hat trends.

Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Vintage Hats
Spring/Summer 2022 Hat Trends: Vintage Hats

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