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Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends

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With dreams of going back outside starting to form in our minds, we’re very excited for the spring/ summer 2021 sunglasses trends! As with many other seasonal trends, the eyewear trends as a whole were a little less robust than previous seasons.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends

A lot of designers didn’t present eyewear at all, while others only showcased one or two new pairs. Despite this, there’s still a reason to pay attention to the summer 2021 sunglasses trends – this season featured some amazing twists on old favorites.

The reduction in eyewear didn’t mean that there was a reduction in creativity, and in fact, the spring 2021 sunglasses are some of the coolest we’ve ever seen. Have a look!

#1. Oversized Frames

Big glasses are glamorous, mysterious, and quite protective, which is why they get snatched up by celebrities and common folks alike. 

They’re a great fit for an ostentatious brand like Dolce & Gabbana! This season, those ultra-oversized sunglasses covered everything from forehead to cheeks. They were presented with both square and rounded shapes for variety.

The models at Celine looked like undercover celebrities, thanks to large pairs of sunglasses with dark lenses worn along with ball caps pulled down low.

We spotted many more oversized sunglasses at Chloe, Ports 1961, Francesca Liberatore, and Fendi.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Oversized Sunglasses

#2. Elongated Frames

The other standout shape was an elongated design that offered a nice alternative to the oversized frames. If you don’t want your glasses to overwhelm your face, opt for one of these pairs! They give the face a sleek, slim look and don’t take up too much space. 

We saw a slightly rounded, elongated shape at Koche, which made for a sleek but not overly sharp look, with clear acetate frames to contrast against dark lenses.

At Miu Miu, most of the sunglasses had a rectangular design, with thicker plastic frames. Our favorite pair combined the elongated shape with a ton of crystals for something fun and feminine.

We spotted more elongated eyewear at Hugo Boss, Burberry, and Lanvin.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Elongated Sunglasses
Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Elongated Sunglasses

#3. Twisted Aviators

Aviators are classic eyewear with their metal frame and ultra-cool double bridge. For the spring 2021 sunglasses trends, we saw a lot of even cooler twists on the classic design.

The most major statement-makers of the season were the sunglasses at Thom Browne. They were designed mostly in an aviator style, with golden frames and matching mirrored golden lenses – a style that we think will have wide appeal because of its glamorous uniqueness.

At Max Mara, we saw aviators on an angle, as though the lenses were pulled slightly inwards, with an extra-high-top bridge adding to the unique effect. We spotted more cool aviators at Tod’s, Tom Ford, and Versace. 

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Twisted Aviator Sunglasses
Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Twisted Aviator Sunglasses

#4. Colorful Frames

There’s something about those warm seasons that makes us want to have fun and play with color. That’s why we are thrilled to show you the more colorful eyewear trends.

First, at Versace, we got excited over oversized eyewear with bright, neon-colored frames, tinted lenses, and unique high bridges. This combination of trends is ostentatious, which is ideal for those with dramatic style. 

If you love color but prefer a softer look, you’ll like the eyewear from Salvatore Ferragamo. The sunglasses had a futuristic semi-rimmed design with muted green, yellow, or blue acetate frames.

At Miu Miu, a youthful collection was completed by the addition of rectangular sunglasses with vivid orange or blue frames.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Colorful Frames
Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Colorful Frames

#5. White Frames

White frames are memorable and iconic. They immediately bring to mind a whole range of celebrities from the past, like Kurt Cobain and Audrey Hepburn. We’re always excited to see some white sunglasses on the runways!

This season, the most memorable pair probably came from Genny with a dramatic and large rounded cat-eye and contrasting dark lenses. At Etro, we saw a cool, slightly cushioned white frame design, with accents of gold where the bridge and legs connected to the lenses.

Even at Miu Miu, the season’s elongated, rectangular design also came in a white-framed option.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with White Frames

#6. Geometric Eyewear

If you want an eyewear shape that gets really wild, have a look at the geometric sunglasses! These sunglasses broke away from tradition, with totally new shapes.

The most impressive of the bunch was at Valentino! There was one pair with a semi-rimless design and a four-sided shape. The lenses looked like they were slightly tilted inwards, with the outer side the longest, making for a truly unique design.

At Lanvin, geometry was combined with incredible elegance, in the form of a black on black pair of sunglasses with an elongated pentagonal shape. These sunglasses combined the best of cat-eye glasses with the drama of all of the angles.

If five sides aren’t enough for you, you might prefer the hexagon sunglasses at Armani. They had a slightly thicker, oversized design, with gorgeous embellished legs.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Geometric Sunglasses

#7. Cat-Eye Frames

A pair of cat-eye sunglasses exudes a retro charm, but the spring 2021 eyewear trends gave them a fresh spin and modern quirkiness.

At Drome, the cat-eye sunglasses had a geometric vibe because instead of having softly rounded frames, small lines made for a more angular and sharper cat-eye. We also enjoyed the ‘80s vibes at Givenchy, with thick plastic sunglasses with a slightly oversized cat-eye shape!

There were other cat-eye sunglasses to get inspired by at Hugo Boss, Saint Laurent, and Genny.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Cat-Eye Sunglasses

#8. Sporty Sunglasses

The sportier sunglasses are a perfect complement to the athletic and lounge-inspired clothes we saw on the runway. Their casual, sleek vibe fits perfectly, and we know they won’t slip or slide around on jogs.

For example, angled, sporty sunglasses at Marine Serre worked well with the cyclist-ninja vibe of the collection. The slightly thicker plastic frames and colored lenses had an odd, futuristic vibe that was just as quirky as the lookbook itself.

Rick Owens presented sporty “cyclops” sunglasses. The frames were either black or white but with dark lenses, and the fit was elongated and rectangular with a slight divot just over the nose bridge.

We noticed a pair of sporty sunglasses at Burberry with a truly unusual touch. The design was made to look like two separate acetate frames: an upturned, angled white frame over a more square, clear design.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Sporty Sunglasses

#9. Black Lenses

Those who like to hide behind their eyewear will enjoy this eyewear trend, with totally impenetrable black lenses.

We saw a few different styles of sunglasses at Balenciaga, including smaller shapes and oversized frames, but what they all had in common were stark black lenses that obscured the eye completely.

For something a hint more glamorous, you might like the sunglasses at Chanel, with silver frames in a cat-eye shape fitted with black lenses. Models rocked full-coverage looks at Eckhaus Latta, with black-lensed wayfarer-style sunglasses worn along with face masks.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Black Lenses

#10. Yellow Lenses

Get a sunny view of life with the yellow lenses from the summer 2021 sunglasses trends! Yellow lenses have historically had a bit of a ‘90s vibe, but these sunglasses just felt summery and modern, with a warming effect on the features.

At Ports 1961, we were particularly enamored with a pair of oversized sunglasses with a round, tortoiseshell frame and yellow lenses that brought out the yellow accents from the tortoiseshell.

While most of the eyewear lenses at Hugo Boss were pitch black, one pair of sunglasses had an elongated design, with yellow acetate frames that perfectly matched the yellow lenses.

We spotted more yellow lenses at Tod’s and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Yellow Lenses

#11. Brown Lenses

Black is too intense, but colors can seem a little too quirky. Brown lenses are a middle-of-the-road sunglasses trend that allows you to enjoy a softer look while still protecting your eyes.

We enjoyed the sunglasses at Boramy Viguier, which had soft coloring with a bit of a vintage feel. The frames were square and silver-colored, with brown lenses through which the eyes were still visible.

We also spotted the brown lens and metal frame combo at Balmain, but this time, the gold-colored frame matched the warmth of the lenses, giving a soft, harmonious feel.

If you like a plastic frame, you can let the eyewear at Anna Sui inspire you! Light-colored, transparent frames were paired with soft brown lenses in a round shape for a really cute look.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Sunglasses with Brown Lenses

#12. Visors

Some labels took oversized sunglasses up to the next level, with visor-like summer 2021 sunglasses that offer full protection. These might be a nod to the face shields that some people prefer as an alternative to masks or simply a way of signaling a desire to hide.

Vien collaborated with Polaroid to showcase sleek black visors. These offered a ton of protection to the upper part of the face, and we imagine they’d be great to combine with a mask when you want your entire face covered.

Sunglasses at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini were visor-inspired, with a single-lens design that covered the top half of the face. However, they weren’t true visors since they left the nose bare and still had some chic eyewear elements like nose pads and a metal frame.

Finally, at Fendi, we saw a sort of aviator-visor hybrid, with large sunglasses that had a very straight top rim and rounded lenses.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Sunglasses Trends: Visor Sunglasses

Photos via Vogue, Livingly