Trends » Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends

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With Miami Swim Week over, we can finally predict the summer 2020 swimwear trends. These swimsuits will be out on the market soon enough, so have a look and find your favorite summer 2020 swimsuits. The one perfect swimsuit can make you feel super confident, but if you live by the beach, you might want multiple bikinis that fit into a few of the summer 2020 swimsuit trends.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends

The 2020 swimwear trends fall into a few categories, including trendy colors and prints, cuts, embellishments, and even materials. There is something in there for everybody, with bright colors and unique designs for those who like to stand out and darker solids in more traditional cuts for those who like to quietly relax by the beach or pool without drawing attention.

#1. The Comeback of Animal Print

Animal prints have been going strong in all categories for a few seasons now, so we weren’t surprised at all to see them as part of the summer 2020 swimwear trends. We saw all manner of animal prints used, including snakeskin and zebra, but of course the most ubiquitous were leopard and tiger prints.

At VDM Swimwear, models strutted the runway in tiny string bikinis that could surely rouse some animalistic urges, in part because of their wild prints. We saw classic leopard print at Kai Lani, while at Cia Maritima and Vitamin A the tiger print reigned.

There were many other runways that included animal prints, making this one of the biggest summer 2020 swimsuit trends.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Animal Printed Swimsuits & Bikinis

#2. Flirty Florals

Cheerful florals are a natural print for swimwear, since they beautifully illustrate the joy of summer, and provide a very natural way of showcasing color. We saw lots of different kinds of floral prints, making this one of the more diverse summer 2020 swimwear trends.

The florals at Cia Maritima were of the ultra-saturated, tropical variety, instantly putting us in the mood to run off to the Caribbean. We saw a sketchy take on florals at ACACIA, with dark purple one-pieces and bikinis covered in pink floral linework.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Floral Printed Swimsuits & Bikinis

#3. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye has been making a slow and steady comeback on the runways for a while now, so we were not surprised to see tie-dye prints make it to the 2020 swimsuit trends. This style of print is colorful and heavily associated with the hippie movement, so it fits into the modern, sustainability-minded attitudes of fashion quite well.

Naturally, we saw lots of tie-dye on the Natasha Tonic runway, where swimsuits were made out of hemp rather than synthetic fabrics. We also saw a few different styles of bikinis made with the same tie-dyed fabric at VDM the Label’s show. At Wildfox, there were tie-dyed toppers of all sorts in addition to tie-dyed swimsuits.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Tie-Dye Swimsuits & Bikinis

#4. Black Bikinis

A solid-colored bikini is never a bad idea, but we gotta admit that the darkest color that ruled the summer 2020 bikini trends was black. If you are a goth kid at heart, you will love all of the options you will have in the summer months.

MIMI the Label debuted a collection that included a little series of black bikinis in different styles, including string, one-shoulder, and high-cut options. At Revival, black bikinis combined trends by having peek-a-boo cut-outs along the bottoms. Others to present black bikinis included Liliana Montoya, Sonya Swim, and Agua de Coco.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Black Swimsuits & Bikinis

#5. Chocolate Brown

The other color to catch our eyes for the summer 2020 swimsuits was chocolate brown, which can look positively delectable on so many skin tones. If you’d like something understated but not mundane, this is a great choice.

It was all about comfortable, sporty chocolate brown bikinis at Vitamin A. Light brown bikinis at Frankies Bikinis had a sporty style as well, with sports bra-style tops that offer excellent control. The Sports Illustrated show featured some taupe-colored bikinis that we felt were a great option for those who would be washed out by warmer brown tones.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Chocolate Brown Swimsuits & Bikinis

#6. Orange Is the Other Black

Our third breakout color for the summer 2020 swimsuit trends is bright orange. This cheerful, warm color looks great with nearly every skin tone, and it is just so gosh darn summery.

This shade ruled at Cia Maritima, making for solid-colored and eye-catching one-piece swimsuits as well as a great base color for tiger print bikinis. We also saw orange bikinis on other runways that favored solid colors, like Revival and Monday Swimwear.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Orange Swimsuits & Bikinis

#7. Shiny Metallics

If you like to be the center of attention at all times, and especially on the beach, then look out for the metallic summer 2020 swimsuits. This trend led to shimmery and eye-catching creations that are guaranteed to be blinding in the sun.

A metallic string bikini at Nessy Swimwear caught everyone’s attention, while at Nookie Beach it was a sports bra-style bikini set that drew attention with sparkly silver fabric. High-waisted bottoms in metallic gold were paired with brightly colored tops at Maheli Heli. Lastly, it was all about super reflective gold swimsuits at the opening of the Oh Polly swimwear show.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Metallic Swimsuits & Bikinis

#8. Stringy Bottoms

One of the most revealing and sexy trends from the summer 2020 swimsuits was extra stringy string bikini bottoms. Many designs featured small patches of fabric to cover the crotch, with a long piece of string used to tie it together.

One such example is the white, ruched bikini at Natasha Tonic. Macaed also gave us lots of extra string bikini bottoms, made all the more seductive by an additional string wrapped around the ribcage or midriff. Others to give us revealing bottoms that relied mostly on string to stay together include VDM the Label, Tropic of C, and Devon Windsor Swimwear.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Tiny Stringy Bikini Bottoms

#9. High Waisted Bottoms

Much like high waisted jeans and shorts, high waisted bottoms are continuing to go strong for the summer 2020 swimsuit trends. These swimsuits are great for adding some coverage, especially around the belly, while still allowing you to show off a lot of sexy leg or cleavage.

The swimsuits presented by Lelloue, for example, had both high-rise waists and high-leg openings, which is a design that elongates and flatters. Notably, at Revival, an ultra-high-rise bikini set showed off a lot of skin thanks to a slim waistband that may have hidden the midriff but showed off the entirety of the hips. We also saw high waisted swimsuits at TJ Swim, Gottex, and Monday Swimwear.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

#10. One-Shoulder Tops

You can’t go wrong with one of the one-shoulder summer 2020 swimsuits. They are chic and fashion-forward, and they allow you to show off a bit more skin without necessarily being all that revealing.

One-shoulder bikini tops at Lil and Emm were styled like half bandeaus-half sports bras, in bright, solid colors. Maheli Heli also gave us a ton of one-shoulder options, with a focus on solid-colored one-pieces. Other runways to give us one-shoulder pieces included Becca, MIMI the Label, and Poema Swim.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: One-Shoulder Swimsuits & Bikinis

#11. Midriff Ties

Midriff ties were a unique embellishment on the summer 2020 swimsuits. We saw them tied over a bare midriff, as part of a complex string bikini construction, as well as over one-piece bikinis in order to add some structure and interest.

At Diosa Mar, a ribbon tied at the waist of a strapless one-piece helped to add a romantic touch to the design. At Abruzzo Swim, however, it highlighted the sexiness of a white string bikini. We also saw strings tied around the waists of models rocking both bikinis and one-pieces on the runways of Macaed, Monica Hansen Beachwear, and Oh Polly.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits with Midriff Ties

#12. Front Ties

Front ties are a classic design element for swimwear that we can’t help but smile at seeing again for next summer. For the summer 2020 swimwear trends, the front ties were used on all kinds of swimsuits, including both bikinis and one-pieces.

At Acacia Swimwear, for example, the front tie design was used on strapless, bandeau-style bikinis, which had a bit of a retro feel. Front ties were also a nice embellishment to animal-printed swimsuits showcased by Sidway. Lastly, at Gottex, they were used to jazz up one-pieces with some peek-a-boo cutouts.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Tie Front Bikini Tops

#13. Long-Sleeve Two-Pieces

Long sleeved two-pieces are one of the more surprising summer 2020 bikini trends since they combine the sex appeal of a bikini with the modesty of covered arms and shoulders.

There was something surprisingly sexy yet restrained about bikinis with long sleeves at Aguaclara, which were fairly minimalistic in solid colors and paired with high waisted bottoms. At Kai Lani, we appreciated the slightly jarring contrast of long-sleeved, floral tops paired with itty-bitty bottoms. Lastly, at Nookie Beach, long-sleeved bikini sets were made with animal prints, in a classic combination of trends.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Long-Sleeved Two-Piece Swimsuits

#14. High Neckline

For those of you who didn’t love the extreme V-neck trend of last year’s swimsuits, we’re happy to say that this season there were many high neckline options, especially for one-piece numbers.

At Badgley Mischka, we saw elegant swimsuits styled with draped ruffles, with one of our favorites being a halter-style one-piece in trendy orange with a high neckline from which was draped a piece of ruffled fabric in a way that flattered the bust.

Aguaclara also gave us elegance, with high neckline one-pieces covered in a delicate floral and peacock print. Gottex presented us with a black one-piece decorated with beads, for a glamorous and classy beach-side look.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: High-Neck Swimsuits

#15. Off-the-Shoulder

In some instances, as a subset of the long-sleeved swimsuit trend, off-the-shoulder swimwear was one of the more romantic 2020 swimsuit trends. Designs that left the shoulders bare felt feminine and alluring and will be very popular with those who’d like a totally unique swimsuit.

We also saw long-sleeved bikinis with an off-the-shoulder design at model-turned-designer Devon Windsor’s exciting show. At Chloé Rose, models wore ruched bikinis with ruffled, off-the-shoulder sleeves, which had a very rustic feel. We also saw off-the-shoulder swimsuits presented by Lil & Emm and Sonya Swimwear.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Off-the-Shoulder Swimsuits & Bikinis

#16. Ruffled Swimsuits

We don’t usually associate lush fabrics and voluminous shapes with swimwear, but those are exactly the kind of ruffles we can expect for the summer 2020 swimwear trends. There were also some smaller ruffles, used to embellish all different kinds of swimsuit parts.

The Baes and Bikinis collection was replete with lush ruffles. The satiny fabric of bottoms, tops, and even coverups and jackets all added a sense of luxury and drama to the revealing bikinis. We also saw a bit of the more delicate and flirty ruffles we’re used to on bathing suits, like the shoulders at Agua Bendita, and around the waistline of models at Agua de Coco.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Ruffled Swimsuits & Bikinis

#17. Peek-a-Boo One-Piece

What’s the only thing sexier than a bikini? A one-piece that shows off nearly as much skin as a bikini. We saw all manner of peek-a-boo 2020 swimsuits, and each one titillated in a slightly different way.

The cutouts on swimsuits at Thomas Concordia were covered with mesh, which made for a more obscured version of the trend. There were also some super sexy cutouts at Chloé Rose, especially belly and under-bust revealing ones on one-piece suits. Other runways to showcase some sexy cutout swimsuits included Liliana Montoya, Diosa Mar, and Monica Hansen Beachwear.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: One-Piece Swimsuits with Cutouts

#18. Metal O-Rings

Metal rings became a popular detail on summer 2020 swimsuits, adding a bit of shine and glamour while also providing a revealing allure. O-rings were used to bring together various swimsuit parts, usually showing up as a connective detail at the center of the bust or along the sides of swimsuit bottoms.

The brand Luli Fama presented an electric collection of brightly colored swimwear, with O-rings embellishing the sides and adding a glimpse of skin. The incredibly sexy Bananhot collection featured a bikini with O-rings in the center of the bust as well as along the sides of the bottoms.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits with Metal O-Rings

#19. Sustainable Swimwear

We’re nearing the point where talking about sustainability like it’s a trend will no longer be necessary, but for now, as long as the majority of the 2020 swimsuits are not made of upcycled materials, it’s worth commending the designers who make the effort and consider the environment when crafting their swimwear collections.

Miami Swim Week actually opened with a competition where design students made swimwear out of recycled fabric donated by well-known brands with their own ethical swimwear lines, like Cynthia Rowley and Vitamin A.

Also worth mentioning is Natasha Tonic’s collection of swimwear made of sustainable and ocean-safe hemp, featuring a lot of tie-dye as a nod to the hippie ethos. This is notable because even recycled polyester, though better than non-recycled, still leads to some ocean pollution.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Sustainable Swimsuits

#20. Every Body Is a Beach Body

The amount of model diversity at Miami Swim Week this year is also worth noting. It’s as though casting directors aimed to prove that everyone deserves to go to the beach in a swimsuit that they can feel comfortable and happy in.

We saw models of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors on the runways. Notably, the Sports Illustrated and I Shine 365 runways both really showcased a diverse cast with many models with looks that do not adhere to outdated notions of what a swimsuit model is supposed to look like.

It’s worth mentioning that the Sports Illustrated show was opened by the gorgeous Halima Aden who walked the runway in a gorgeous silver burkini designed by Cynthia Rowley. We also loved seeing a pregnant model at Baes and Bikinis and Fraser Harrison rock a two-piece.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Beach Body Diversity

Photos via Mikhail Veter, Fashion Week Online