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Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends

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Miami Swim Week may have been canceled last year due to the pandemic, but with the rise of virtual showrooms and runway shows, we are still able to predict and tell you what to expect for the spring/ summer 2021 swimwear trends!

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends

Swimsuit shopping may be on most people’s ‘hate’ list, but hunting down your favorite trends to wear can be fun. From classic black bikinis to the rise of the monokini, there is something for everyone this season. And for those of you that live by the poolside or beach, we’ve included some of the latest trends in cover-ups too. So, grab your purse, take a seat and get ready to find your new go-to swimsuit for this summer 2021!

SS 2021 Swimsuit Trends

#1. Monokinis

This would be the name for those fascinating one-piece swimsuits with cutouts in various spots that always lead you to wonder how someone even manages to get it on or off. Yet, many must have managed the art of getting into these because the popularity of the monokini is on the rise once again! Beach Bunny put a glamorous twist on the look with bedazzled O-rings, but if you’re looking for a more simplistic version of this style, Agua Bendita did so perfectly in a vibrant yellow and Riot Swim in a minimalist black.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Monokinis

#2. Sculpted Bras

This stylish and functional swimsuit trend popped up all over the web. From Luli Fama to L*Space  or Vitamin A, the power of the sculpted bikini bra seemingly knows no bounds. And why should it? The filtered underwire styles allow for extra support, and the fact this swim top can look so much like a basic bra means that you can use it as such. What a two-for-one deal (and not the first you’re going to meet with the upcoming trends)!

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Sculpted Bra Tops

#3. V-Style Bikini Bottoms

This swimsuit style is by far one of the most provocative options of the 2021 swimwear trends. Like its name, the bottoms will fall into a V in a low-rise cut. If you’re tempted to test your boundaries (and look amazing), then head over to L*Space, Beach Riot, or Vitamin A for a pair of these fun and flirty bottoms.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: V-Style Bikini Bottoms

#4. Color Me!

For those of you that consistently stalk the fashion trends, you will already be aware that the bright yellow color – Illuminating – is one of the Pantone Colors of the Year, next to a cool gray. Swim designers clearly picked up on this need for vibrant yellow because this color appeared in almost every runway show, from Beach Bunny to Vix Swimwear to Lovers + Friends. Other popular bright colors that appeared were flirty bubblegum pinks, fuchsias, and sleek golds. But whatever the color used, one thing remained the same between all brands: the colors were vibrant, vivacious, and fun!

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Brightly Colored Swimsuits
Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Brightly Colored Swimsuits

#5. Little Black Bikini

Yes, I did just cover the fact swimsuit colors were vibrant this year. And no, you have not lost your mind but hear the case of the little black bikini out! Since Chanel debuted the little black dress it has quickly become a staple of many people’s wardrobes, but the little black bikini is still somewhat new and has goals of sophisticated domination too. It certainly ruled runways last year as the darkest color used and continued to do so again for swimsuit trends of 2021.

This versatile and easy bathing suit looks good on all age groups and body types. For a basic bikini, head straight to Vix Swimwear, but for a high-rise look, Beach Riot has got your back, while we also love the simplicity of Vitamin A.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Little Black Bikinis

#6. High-Waisted Bottoms

Speaking of high-rise… high-waisted styles are back and better than ever! From the jeans in our closet to bikini bottoms in our drawer, this trend has surged into all aspects of our life. This nod to the ‘60s-style bikini bottom is excellent if you happen to simply want to elongate your legs – something this style also does with excellent ease. My personal favorite high-rise options may have come from Agua Bendita in florals, but almost every brand had its own take on the look, so take a look at Tularosa and L*Space if you are as tempted by this delectable trend as I am.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

#7. Animal Print Continues

Polka dots and stripes never change, and animal print is quickly becoming a staple in swimwear trends, and this season is no different. No animal print was off the table! Zebra, cheetah, snakeskin, and leopard all appeared – some in a combination of prints. From string bikinis in neon colors and a classic cheetah print at Ganni to Agua Bendita’s leopard two-pieces and bikinis to Beach Bunny’s zebra print, there is surely something for the animal in all of us!

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Animal Printed Swimsuits

#8. Sporty Gal

Pools and the beach aren’t all about sun-tanning, and if you want to play water or sand sports, then stringy swimsuits aren’t going to cut it. Thankfully, there are some fun and stylish sporty two- and one-piece options that have been popping up everywhere. Agua Bendita, Beach Bunny, and Maaji all have created multiple options to fit your own personal style.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Sporty Swimsuits

#9. Plunge Time

While the trending necklines of last summer happened to be high, this summer, we are seeing the reverse with plunges. Personally, I don’t find anything more sexy-chic than a deep V-neckline in an otherwise tasteful swimsuit! While I, sadly, don’t have any of the phone numbers for the creative directors of swimsuit brands, Maaji, Normaillot, and Agua Bendita all seem to have gotten my favorite style down perfectly. So, if you’re in the mood for a plunging neckline, then this is the season to try it!

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits with Plunging V-Necklines

#10. Say O

O-rings have classically been used on lingerie since the 1920s to allow for ease and comfort. Now, they have been slowly introduced into swimwear for the same purposes. The small metal rings add a stylish touch, whether coated in jewels like Beach Bunny and Zimmermann or simply used as a flexible connector like the swimwear brand VIX did. So, when hunting for something stylish and comfortable, seeing an O-ring can be a sure bet.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits with O-Rings

#11. Belt Me

Perfect for an easy way to accentuate the waist, belts are appearing on all types of swimsuits and in many ways. Normaillot added multiple belts to a single one-piece. Agua Bendita simply added a slim belt in the same color in the middle to highlight the waist. And as for VDM, they playfully used belts in their simple black high-rise bikini looks!

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits with Belts

#12. Ruffles + Ruching

Ruffles and ruching are the subtle feminine touches you might just want to add to your swimsuit wardrobe. While this trend wouldn’t be ideal for any water sports due to the voluminous fabric, the small embellishments look stunning on any sunbather who dares to try them.

If you’re in the mood for princess puff sleeves, then look no further than Eberjey’s and Agua Bendita’s one-pieces and bikini tops. Ruching is also popular this season and the distant cousin of the ruffle. It is something that can hide anything you perceive to be flaws about yourself, and the swimwear brand Riot Swim has seemingly perfected it with their Echo one-piece.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Swimsuits with Ruffles & Ruching

#13. Body Diversity

While I wish more than anything that I wasn’t labeling this as a trend and it was simply normal – it’s a point slowly nearing – body diversity is still worth a mention. The brand Maaji gets an A+ on embracing all body types by creating custom support: “two D-cups will be available in each group for selected styles with altered patterns for additional support, wider straps for comfort, and lace-up backs for adjustability.”

The brand Leimakani embraced body diversity in their ad campaign for the 2021 collection, and for Vitamin A, everybody looked natural and normal without a hint of photoshopping or air-brushing! Body diversity is certainly a trend I never tire of seeing and one that always makes me overjoyed, so I was thrilled to see this from multiple swimwear brands.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Body Diversity

#14. Sustainability

From around the ‘90s on, sustainability has become a buzz word in the world. Yet, it crucially became even more important as the fashion industry came to terms with the havoc fast fashion was wreaking on the environment. The swimsuit brands that most notably took the time to consider the environment in the creation of their new collections were Verdelimon, Maaji and Vitamin A – most notably. Verdelimon took a proactive approach in using recycled bottles found in the ocean to create the fabrics used in this collection. Maaji focused on conscious fashion, while Vitamin A used all plant-based and recycled materials for theirs.

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Sustainable Swimsuits

SS 2021 Cover-Up Trends

#15. The Oversized T-Shirt

If you perpetually steal your father, brother, friend, boyfriend, or husband’s oversized T-shirt to use as a cover-up at the beach or pool, maybe it’s time to invest in your own. If this description explains you, then head over to L*Space, Seafolly, or Solid & Striped to pick one up, and whoever you’re stealing from will be eternally grateful.  

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Oversized T-Shirt Cover-Ups

#16. Wrap Skirts

Easy to throw on over a one-piece or two-piece, wrap skirts are making a comeback. Every brand from Superdown to Beach Bunny to Just BEE Queen had a take on this look, and my shopping cart is already full – simply for the reason you can don a slip underneath and wear it out as a skirt if you wish (It’ll be our little secret, I promise not to tell!). Other than the wrap skirts’ versatility, it can be used as a quick cover-up whenever you are at the beach or pool and need to get pulled together quickly. So, stalk up on this summer 2021 cover-up trend!

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Wrap Skirt Cover-Ups

#17. Rompers

Another two-for-one cover-up option? Yes! Whether you intend to use it for lounging about or wandering around the sand, that’s up to you. But I do encourage you to head straight to Acacia for an oversized shabby chic one, Lovers + Friends for the sophisticated see-through black piece, or Maaji for the tropical one of your dreams. Each brand has other options and will help you find the most adorable romper options of 2021. Enjoy! 

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Romper Cover-Ups

#18. Matching

Match your swimsuit with your cover-up this summer for an effortless and easy look. While you can hunt down the matching print on other swimsuit sites, L*Space, Agua Bendita, and Cult Gaia made it easy as the suit you are looking at will have a cover-up option below when you purchase!

Spring/ Summer 2021 Swimwear Trends: Matching Cover-Ups

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