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Who We Are

Glowsly is here to help you glow. Since our launch in 2017, we have become one of the Internet’s leading platforms, covering the latest and greatest in beauty and fashion. We are utterly obsessed with all things fashion, makeup, hair, nails, and skincare, and Glowsly is our way of sharing that passion with you.

Here you’ll find all the information you’ll need to look and feel your best. We cover the ins and outs of the fashion world with seasonal trend reports, fashion and styling tips, brand profiles, and curated lists of the best clothes and accessories.

We explore makeup, skincare, and nail care from every angle, with expert-informed how-tos, product reviews, and ingredient profiles.

We’re also here to get you inspired! In addition to guides and reviews, we also curate hairstyle and color references to help you define your own style and make your next salon visit a breeze.

Through our writing, we prove that you can achieve whatever look or style you want. We believe that beauty isn’t one-size-fits-all or even a state of being. It’s a mindset and a creative exploration, and you deserve to enjoy it.

So, are you ready to get your glow on?

Editorial Guidelines

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Writing Principles

Everything we write at Glowsly is informed by these principles that help to guide us and ensure that we produce high-quality, inclusive, informative content.

Comprehensive: No matter the topic, our articles are thorough and comprehensive. Our writing team is made up of beauty professionals with years of experience, who dedicate their time to researching every article thoroughly so we can provide you with all of the relevant information. At times, we also interview experts to further inform our articles. That’s how we can empower you to make your own decisions about your beauty and style.

Honest: The fashion and beauty industries are filled with marketing jargon that’s primarily meant to sell products. At Glowsly, our goal is to cut through that noise and get at the core truths of every topic, technique, or product that we explore to equip you with real facts so you can make smarter decisions.  

Non-judgemental: Beauty is never one-size-fits-all. What’s beautiful to one person may seem ugly to another. At Glowsly, we see every type of beauty as valid. Our writers approach every topic from a neutral standpoint. They try to avoid letting their personal beliefs influence their coverage. We’ll never judge you or what’s important to you in your beauty journey.   

Diversity & Inclusion

No matter your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or cultural background, we hope you find value in the content we publish.

Each one of our readers comes with a different lived experience, so we write articles that respect and celebrate that. We keep our language inclusive, avoid judgment, and pay close attention to how the subjects we cover may relate to each reader’s unique lived experience.

Fashion and beauty may seem light and fluffy to some, but we know that the industry intersects with politics and social justice in hundreds of different ways. That’s why we champion diverse voices with our international writing team and always aim to cover subjects in an inclusive way.

Corrections & Updates

The beauty world moves fast, and major changes happen on a monthly basis. Our goal is to always have up-to-date information, whether it’s on products, trends, ingredients, or procedures.

As such, we regularly review and update our existing articles. However, if you notice any errors or inconsistencies, do not hesitate to reach out to us at contact@glowsly.com.

Editorial Ethics

At Glowsly, we believe that editorial independence is integral to producing honest, trustworthy content. Our writers and editors work together to vet the best products to recommend, based on a mix of expert judgment and market analysis.

We rarely accept sponsored content, and when we do, we make it very clear right from the start. You’ll never accidentally read a hidden ad or fluffy PR piece.

We may occasionally accept PR samples to test and review, but that doesn’t influence our vetting process.

We do participate in affiliate programs, but that comes after our independent vetting and research process. Should you choose to click on a link and purchase a product after reading about it on Glowsly, we may receive a small commission, which helps to support the continued growth of the site.

The Glowsly Team

Glowsly is the sum of all of its parts. Our writers are all beauty professionals and fashion lovers with years of experience. Each writer comes from a different corner of the world, which allows us to publish universally helpful content.

Our writers approach every topic with an open mind and a keen desire to learn, understand, demystify, and explain, always comprehensively, honestly, and without judgment.

Armine Karapetyan

Armine Karapetyan

Founder & CEO

Armine is the founder and general manager of Glowsly. She has nearly 10 years of experience in digital media in the fashion and beauty industry.

Prior to founding Glowsly, she launched Fashionisers.com back in 2012 (later acquired by KVD Brand). She currently strives to evolve Glowsly to inspire women to feel and look their best. She lives in Valencia, Spain. You can find her on Twitter at @arm_karapetyan or email her at armine@glowsly.com.

Maya Adivi


Maya Adivi is a makeup artist and writer with over a decade of beauty industry experience. She joined Glowsly in June, 2017.

Maya understands the ins and outs of the beauty world, both as a consumer and as a professional. Her work has been published in PopDust, BeautyMag, TrueSelf, and, of course, here at Glowsly. She also works with existing brands on content marketing strategy and copywriting.

Maya is a graduate of Toronto’s CMU College of Makeup Art & Design. Prior to writing and content marketing, she worked as a fashion and bridal makeup artist and later as an in-house marketer and trainer for Nairian, Armenia’s first luxury skincare brand.

Follow Maya on Instagram at @mayadahling and Twitter at @mayamys!

Maya’s articles

Dorian Smith-Garcia


Dorian Smith-Garcia is a bridal expert/ influencer who is the creator behind The Anti Bridezilla and the founder of the growing beauty brand, Kawaii Girl Cosmetics. She joined the Glowsly team in October, 2019.

In addition to being quoted in numerous bridal and lifestyle outlets such as Brides, Bridal Guide, SheFinds and Refinery29, she also has a diverse writing background. This includes bylines with Inverse, Bustle, GadgetReview, Ovia Health, Healthline, and The Drive. When she’s not writing you can find her traveling around the country or abroad, spending time with her husband and daughter, learning another language, or creating makeup wizardry on herself. Follow her on Twitter at @bigapplestyle!

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Marcella Yakalis

Marcella Yakalis


Marcella Yakalis is a nonfiction writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She joined Glowsly in September, 2020.

Marcella’s work has appeared in xoJane, The Billfold, Bustle, Columbia Journal, and elsewhere. She is passionate about all things beauty and loves a good cup of coffee. Marcella holds a BA in English Writing Arts and MFA in literary non-fiction from Columbia University’s School of The Arts. You can follow her on Twitter at @marcellakomisky or on Instagram at @marcellajoleen. 

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Tamar Najarian

Tamar Najarian


Tamar Najarian is a Canadian-born Armenian currently living in her ancestral Highlands and raising two little princesses. She joined Glowsly in June, 2017.

Tamar holds a triple degree in Education, Psychology, and Business, spending her days with her family or lost in the sands of history, bringing legends and traditions of old to life with her stories. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @akhtamar89.

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Sana Panjwani


Born and raised in the UAE, Sana Panjwani is a TCK armed with a degree in journalism and a passion for reading. She joined Glowsly in October, 2019.

Sana’s on a mission to find her voice, gives ‘Would You Rather?’ questions a little too much thought, and is a recovering procrastinator. Sana enjoys a challenge, especially when it comes to expanding her range of writing. Along with freelance writing in between, she’s learning the ropes of public relations at a creative agency by day and editing for women-led publication The Tempest at night. She’s written across a myriad of verticals with beauty being her latest foray. You can find her on Twitter at @sanapanjwan1.

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Marena Galluccio


Marena Galluccio is a freelance copywriter and journalist who loves fashion and beauty. She joined Glowsly in October, 2019.

Marena currently resides in Georgia and her work has been featured in numerous publications including HGTV.com, Paste Magazine and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Find her on Twitter at @MarenaGalluccio!

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