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Here at Glowsly, we live and breathe all things beauty and style.

Since 2017, we have been helping our readers make smart choices about their beauty with informative articles and product reviews.

Our team is made up of beauty writers and industry professionals. We have the passion and background needed to analyze and review all of the products that make life a little prettier.

We know that no skincare, fashion, or beauty item is ever one-size-fits-all. We take an objective approach to each product we review. We always remember that what might be the most beneficial feature for one user might be the biggest drawback to another, so by explaining each product in detail, our aim is to help you figure out exactly which product on our list will be best for your needs. 

How We Select Products

When choosing what to review and profile, our focus is simply on finding the best products from each category.

It’s up to our writers, who are experienced beauty lovers, to hand-pick the products they think you’ll love. We don’t use any software or algorithms to decide what to show. 

We keep our ears to the ground, so we always know which products generate the most hype!

To start, we pinpoint the leaders in every category by looking at demand and read reviews to take into account the wide and diverse range of user experience. We also take our own experience with a product into account to give you a holistic view, and we always like to throw in a few personal favorites.

When curating a final list, we always aim to present a diverse collection of products to keep our selections inclusive. We try to give options for every budget, skin type, skin tone, and preference, and we highlight what makes each product we review unique.

Why Trust Glowsly

We write transparent, honest reviews. Our aim is to portray every product exactly as it is, so our readers can make informed decisions about their purchases.

Our writers are given the full freedom to express their thoughts and opinions about products, ingredients, and the beauty industry as a whole while remembering that preferences can be vastly different from reader to reader.

When you purchase a product by clicking a link from one of our articles, Glowsly may receive a small affiliate commission. The actual product selection, however, is always part of an independent editorial process.

We may occasionally receive product samples from brands and PR agencies, but the decision to include a product and how to portray it is entirely our own.

Finally, we rarely publish sponsored content, and when we do, that fact is made clear at the start of the article.

Products We Review

At Glowsly, fashion and beauty are our main focus, so these are the products we normally review.


Foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, and more – we love to profile the best of the best from the world of color cosmetics.


Skincare is essential in every beauty regiment, helping the skin thrive and glow. We profile the best within categories, like the best cleansers and moisturizers, as well as by ingredient.


We cover everything from basic hair care like shampoo and conditioner to advanced styling tools.


We love DIY nail care, so you can find our reviews of nail polishes, nail strengtheners, and manicure tools.


Fashion goes hand in hand with beauty, so we often profile the best clothes and accessories based on trends as well as the best offerings from specific designers.

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