Celine bags have been all the rage ever since designer Phoebe Philo was appointed as the creative director of the house back in 2008. Anyways owning a Celine handbag has actually always been synonymous with fashion investment ever since Celine Vipiana, namely Celine’s founder, debuted her first ready-to-wear line in the Sixties.

Most Iconic Celine Bags Worth Investing In

The History of Celine Bags

Trying to understand which Celine bag is worth investing in the most is, in fact, a process that requires analyzing all of Celine’s designs, patterns, and legacy, as the fashion house has been growing into a reliable “accessory machine” ever since Michael Kors was named Celine’s first women’s ready-to-wear designer and creative director in 1997.

Although it was with Phoebe Philo that Celine bags and accessories ultimately hit it big, her success wouldn’t have been possible without founder Celine Vipiana’s sophisticated legacy, as well as Michael Kors’ visionary and modern approach to accessories (his eponymous line is currently renowned for delivering best-selling bags), which Phoebe Philo greatly combined with her undeniable appeal for a minimalist kind of structuralism.

She then proceeded to create three Celine bag pillars, also known in the industry as Celine’s foundational bag lines, i.e. the ‘Cabas,’ ‘Luggage’ and ‘Classic.’ Each line has its easily identifiable shape, with new details, embellishments, colors, and materials revitalizing each structure season after season.

Owing a bag from any of these lines is, needless to say, a massive investment, whether you are a bag collector or not. As we will see, other unique designs are worth the investment too, as we could fairly state any Celine bag is classifiable as an it-item, indeed.

With so many models, however, shopping for the right Celine bag might seem hard (especially if your plans involve investing in just one single bag and not five or more), but do not worry! We have some tips you!

Which Celine Bag Should I Choose?

First and foremost, keep in mind that almost each Celine handbag comes in various sizes, from the micro to the maxi. Even most Celine tote bags come in different sizes, meaning that if you like tote bags but are looking for a relatively small one, Celine is the way to go, for sure!

Another thing to take into consideration is the color of the Celine bag you are going to pick. Celine usually likes to deliver its bags in different yet harmoniously amalgamated patterns, the leitmotifs of which perfectly fit the structures of the bags. Some styles feature, however, solid-colored leather, available both in sleek or bright shades, as well as in neutral and soft tones.

All things considered, we thus recommend a large, solid-colored tote bag if you are looking for a Celine bag to carry your office essentials daily, while we suggest daring with a more colorful, heavily structured micro bag if you are looking for something to carry around wearing your best off-duty outfits.

Opt for the Nano sizes and clutches only if you are sure you won’t fill them with items aplenty, as one of the best characteristics of Celine bags might be functionality, that’s true, but overloading a Celine Nano bag with tons of personal belongings may cause irreparable damage to its hand-made structure.

Best Celine Bags of All Time

So if you want to amplify your collection of designer bags with an iconic Celine piece, these are the best Celine bags designed so far you might want to consider investing in!

1. Celine Luggage Bag

Launched in 2009, the Luggage is one of designer Phoebe Philo’s all-time masterpieces, as it brought a new concept to modern fashion, i.e. that of an accessory piece that gives up on neither luxury, nor comfort. Available in three sizes (Nano, Micro, Mini), the Celine Luggage bag comes in a wide array of colors and material combinations, and is a must-have especially among those fashionistas who love urban-chic styles. If you can’t choose the perfect size, just keep in mind that the Nano Luggage is often described as the most practical and functional of all.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Luggage Bag

2. Celine Trapeze Bag

Among all the Celine bags, the Trapeze is the most iconic hands down. Its structure exudes Celine’s essence, with its signature geometric wings still being the most revisited (or should we say copied?) in the history of designer and retailer handbags.

First launched in 2010, it gained popularity just within a season, and has never stopped claiming (fashion) victims ever since. The Trapeze is the Celine handbag you have to go for if you are looking for the number one Celine accessory that’s most worth the investment.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Trapeze Bag

3. Celine Trio Bag

Made of three separate compartments that can come unattached, this Celine bag was introduced in 2011, to the pleasure of those who can’t help but hopelessly love Celine’s urban structuralism. Celine’s Trio bag comes in two different sizes (large and small), and its leather materials are always the finest and softest around (which furthermore creates a great contrast when compared to the bag’s geometric structure).

Due to its recent great amount of requests, this specific Celine handbag is destined to become a huge investment in the near future, so keep the possibility of investing in one in mind!

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Trio Bag

4. Celine Trotteur Bag

Speaking of the most functional Celine bags, we have to mention the Trotteur bag, namely Celine’s iconic cross-body bag, the unique buckle closure of which is literally to die for. Available in two sizes, small and medium, the Trotteur is the perfect handbag to carry around from day to night, whether you have a busy schedule or are just planning a relaxing day out with your friends. First introduced in 2014, it is one of the newest Celine handbag successes, so expect it to become more valuable in the years to come!

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Trotteur Bag

5. Celine Phantom Bag

Celine is mostly known for being a “medium-sized” type of accessory house, although most of its handbags do come in different sizes, from micro to maxi. Among all the Celine bags, however, there is one model that specifically stands out for its big structure – the Phantom.

Similar in style to the Luggage, the Phantom (also known as the Phantom Luggage) could be described as a wider version of the Celine Mini Luggage tote, with its larger wingspans being its most notable characteristics. Out of all the Celine handbags, this one is definitely one of the most sought after in the industry!

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Phantom Bag

6. Celine Box Bag

One of Celine’s most interesting debuts in 2011, Celine’s Box Bag has so far returned in almost every season, confirming its position as a cult bag year after year. Its structured and minimalist design makes it one of the most coveted when it comes to iconic Celine bags, and we could fairly say director Phoebe Philo managed to successfully transpose the concept of elegance to an accessory design while creating it. Needless to say, a Celine Box Bag is worth the investment, indeed!

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Box Bag

7. Celine Belt Bag

If the Celine Box Bag was Celine’s most notable addition in 2011, the Belt Bag happened to be one of the most notable debuts of 2014, even though it was presented in a pre-seasonal collection rather than a more anticipated ready-to-wear seasonal one. Its casual feel is what makes many fall in love with it, not to mention the fact that it is extremely functional for carrying around one’s daily essentials.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Belt Bag

8. Celine Edge Bag

Introduced in 2013, the Edge bag is probably the most mourned Celine bag, as it was discontinued in 2015. Made in pebbled leather, its modern and refreshing shape was the perfect fit for any jocosely chic outfit, and many still hope the fashion house will produce it again. Finding it could be extremely hard even in the best vintage stores, meaning that owning one is definitely a huge investment already.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Edge Bag

9. Celine Tie-Tote Bag

Designed in the likeness to the Phantom Luggage tote, this Celine bag made its debut in 2013, leaving many Celine aficionados more than thrilled with its innovative structure. The Celie Tie-Tote features a unique front flap that can be shown or tucked inside the purse, meaning that this Celine handbag is basically two bags in one.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Tie-Tote Bag

10. Celine Cabas Bag

One of Phoebe Philo’s three foundational bag lines, the Cabas is the roomy tote style par excellence, namely the one that started the whole “tote bag craze” a few years ago. Spacious yet extremely sophisticated, it is every minimalist’s dream come true.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Cabas Bag

11. Celine Symmetrical Bag

Designed for the business-minded woman, the Celine Symmetrical bag is nonetheless coveted by non-business-minded women as well, as ever since it was introduced in 2014 it has never stopped being highly requested by many bag collectors from all around the world.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Symmetrical Bag

12. Celine Ring Bag

With a decorative exterior that could be regarded as Celine’s version of a (very slight) maximalist turn, the ring bag is available in two sizes (small and medium) and, out of all Celine bags, is probably the one that exudes a conventionally contemporary kind of modernism the most.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Ring Bag

13. Celine Diamond Clutch

Crafted from the finest leather and usually embellished with soft suede patterns, too, the Celine Diamond clutch is definitely worth the investment if you adore night-approved clutches that would look effortlessly cool during the day as well. Its practical three compartments will make it easy to carry any personal belongings (even a small poetry book, if you feel in the mood!).

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Diamond Clutch

14. Celine Seau Sangle Shoulder Bag

Probably not one of the most popular Celine bags, the Celine Seau Sangle shoulder bag is one of the most recent successes of the house, with more and more fashionistas channeling it around in their daily lives. Structured and soigné, this Celine bag has it all, namely an oversized hook-and-eye clasp closure, a detachable canvas shoulder strap, and numerous exterior pockets.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Seau Sangle Shoulder Bag

15. Celine Tri-Fold Bag

Launched for the fall/ winter 2016 season, Celine’s Tri-Fold bag is probably Celine’s most visionary handbag, with its design being both familiar and new. This Celine bag features three compartments, all drawn together with leather laces, and a delicate and imperceptible logo emblazoned on the base of its structure, which makes this bag even more elegant than what we are usually accustomed to.

Best Celine Bags of All Time: Celine Tri-Fold Bag

Photos via @bartabacmode, Celine