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Carboxytherapy for Stretch Marks, Cellulite & Dark Under-Eye Circles

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Carboxytherapy is the name to keep in mind when you have tried all those stretch mark removal creams, cellulite treatments without success or have dark under-eye circles that give your face that haggard look. It is a less invasive cosmetic treatment that implies injecting carbon dioxide under the skin to radically improve skin’s elasticity, reducing stretch marks, cellulite, fat cells, as well as getting you rid of those dark circles under the eyes.

Carboxytherapy for Stretch Marks, Cellulite & Dark Under-Eye Circles

Sounds too good to be true, right? Read on to learn more about all the excellent benefits you can get from carboxytherapy.

Carboxytherapy Treatment Guide: Contents

What Is Carboxytherapy?

Carboxytherapy is a cosmetic treatment that makes use of carbon dioxide to treat skin issues like stretch marks, cellulite and dark eye circles. It’s a non-surgical process where a tiny needle is used to introduce carbon dioxide directly under the concerned area of your body.

Quite efficiently, carboxytherapy can be used on any skin type, on the face, neck, eyelids, stomach, legs, thighs and arms, leaving your skin healthier and looking younger.

Carboxytherapy works by using carbon dioxide to cause increased blood flow to your skin with the dilation of blood vessels. Oxygen is taken from your lungs to your heart when you inhale, and it will naturally go to the part of the body where you have the highest concentration of carbon dioxide. And in the case of carboxytherapy, this will be the area you have just injected extra amount of carbon dioxide.

Your body then takes the carbon dioxide and transports it back to be exhaled by the lungs. What all this will do is improve blood circulation to the area where there is any of the skin condition you want to treat.

Additionally, it also helps to improve skin’s elasticity and correct fine lines and wrinkles. Usually, the result is better-looking skin with no age marks anywhere around it. With a low recovery time, painless procedure and the non-invasive method adopted, it works pretty well for the patient.

What Is Carboxytherapy?

What Skin Issues Does Carboxytherapy Target?

There are different skin conditions that are effectively treated using carboxytherapy, among which the most common ones are discussed below.


Cellulite, love handles, bra bulges and some of the excess protrusion that show up in the body are due to excess fat. Cellulite majorly shows up as dimpled skin caused by fat deposit below the skin. It can be so small that a microscope can only detect it and it can be big enough also to cause inelasticity and pastiness of the skin.

Carboxytherapy effectively targets all these skin problems. When the carbon dioxide is injected into the skin, it gets knocked out and replaced by oxygen. This causes the fat pockets built around the areas to burst and dissolve. Also, the increased lymphatic drainage in the area improves the overall health of your body.

Eye Bags and Dark Circles Around the Eyes

Poor blood circulation around the eyes causes vascular pooling, which appears as a dark circle. It is usually due to congestion in the capillary network that can be due to many reasons like an obstruction in your nasal system and even lack of oxygen supply to the lower eyelids.

Using carboxytherapy to inject gas under the eyelids will remove any blockage and improve the capillary network. The bluish tinge will then be replaced with a healthy tone of pink that shows that the circulatory system is working again. And there is that lush tone that lasts for months.

Stretch Marks

When the skin is stretched to the point of rupturing the dermal collagen, stretch marks will appear. Using carboxytherapy, there is the formation of new collagen that thickens the skin and gives it a better appearance.

Other Skin Conditions

Since the procedure treats any skin condition that occurs due to poor blood circulation, you can use carboxytherapy for;

• Alopecia, which is hair loss, can be treated with a better blood flow to the scalp.

• Acne scars can be significantly diminished due to collagen formation.

• After liposuction, carboxytherapy can help balance the fat around the treated area.

• Wrinkled décolleté can be treated by the collagen formation during carboxytherapy.

• Wounds can heal faster when you opt for carboxytherapy.

Carboxytherapy Side Effects, Pros & Cons

Benefits of Opting for Carboxytherapy

• No recovery time and reduction in swelling immediately after the procedure.

• Carboxytherapy is painless and non-invasive.

• You get improved appearance of the area treated, firmer skin with reduced stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles or cellulite.

• It is also healthy and very safe since it employs the use of your body’s natural transport system of oxygen.

• Carboxytherapy can also be used for other treatments, like body sculpting, hair growth and even scar removal after major surgeries.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Carboxytherapy Treatment?

It is essential to know about the side effects of any cosmetic procedure you are going for. Ask the professional about any likely side effect that you might suffer. For carboxytherapy, there are some side effects that clear up within 24 hours, but you need to know them before proceeding to sign those consent forms;

• Some bruising and pain at the injection site.

• A warm sensation at the treated area for 24 hours.

• Redness and a bit of swelling at the treated area.

Note that you should also take care not to immerse yourself in a bathtub or take a dive into the swimming pool 24 hours after the procedure. And if the symptoms get severe, with excess swelling or severe pain, contact the therapist immediately.

What Is the Process of the Carboxytherapy Treatment?

Carboxytherapy is non-surgical and is called an alternative to Botox for many. If you want to know what will happen during the 10-30 minutes of the procedure, then read this section.


When getting ready for the carboxytherapy treatment, there is no special diet you need to take, neither is there any special medication. Just make sure that you consult a professional physician that is well-certified and preferably has testimonials from other clients to show. Follow the instructions that the physician gives you and you are ready to go.

Carboxytherapy Price, Costs

During the Treatment

The approach used by the physician usually depends on the part of the body that requires the carboxytherapy. There is a tank of carbon dioxide connected to a flow regulator made with plastic tubing. With a filter at the end of the tube, impurities are easily stopped from entering the skin.

When the process starts, the gas runs through a needle that is attached to the other end of the filter and flows into the skin. The whole process is painless, and the patient might only feel a tingling sensation in the injected area.

Swelling might occur in the area but will usually disperse naturally before the end of the treatment period.


Your skin may feel a bit itchy after the process, but that will pass in a short while. There is no recovery period, so you can get right back to whatever you do after carboxytherapy.

How Much Does Carboxytherapy Cost?

Carboxytherapy is not as expensive as some other skin rejuvenation treatments. Carboxytherapy prices usually range from $75 to $200 per session. But you would usually have to go through 7 to 10 sessions before it gives you the desired result. Each session can be spaced at a 1-week interval, depending on the recommendation of the physician involved.

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