Trends » Darlin Lantigua Shares Her Skincare Secrets and the Hack That Turned Her Face Yellow

Darlin Lantigua Shares Her Skincare Secrets and the Hack That Turned Her Face Yellow

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At Glowsly, we love good dewy skin tips, but we’re more interested in products and ingredients that transform your skin, fads to avoid, and everything in between. What Makes Me Glow explores the truth about influencers, founders, and celebrities who have dealt with the challenges of customizing and evolving their skincare regimen as their skin changes.

Makeup artist Darlin Lantigua has learned through experience that healthy skin is the foundation for flawless makeup application. She concluded that developing an efficient skincare routine is much more beneficial than learning new makeup techniques to conceal blemishes.

The New York City-based beauty creator often takes to TikTok to share her industry knowledge, product reviews, beauty revelations, and fashion inspiration. (She’s probably already appeared on your For You page if you follow #BeautyTok!) 

Ahead, learn more about how Lantigua educated herself on skincare, the step she never skips in her skincare routine, and how she accidentally turned her skin yellow!

Glowsly: Everyone has something they want to address with their skincare routines. Is there anything you try to enhance or minimize?

Darlin Lantigua: I have oily skin and try to minimize the texture from enlarged pores, bumps, and breakouts.

What does your morning and evening routine look like?

My morning and nighttime routines vary depending on my skin’s needs. I wear makeup most of the time, so my nighttime routine begins with a double cleanse — one with a makeup remover and then a foaming cleansing soap. I follow that with a gentle witch hazel toner, which removes any impurities left on my skin. I follow with [niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, or vitamin C] serum, and an oil-free moisturizer.

My morning routine is my makeup prep. I rinse my face with water and follow with the toner. Then, I apply my serum and moisturizer and never forget to wear SPF 50. These steps leave my skin soft and radiant, a perfect canvas for makeup application.

What skincare step do you avoid skipping?

I never skip my niacinamide serum. I’ve used it every morning and night for the past two years. Niacinamide has made the most significant difference in my skin. No matter what my skin goes through, I trust that it’ll always bring my skin back to its healthy state.

How has your routine evolved?

I try to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible. I’ve learned to trust the process and allow products to fulfill their purpose … I used to make was desperately trying to get rid of imperfections by trying different products without giving them enough time to show results. I still struggle with this, but my biggest mistake is popping pimples. That’s a big no-no!

On the topic of big no-nos, what skincare ingredients do you try to avoid?

I know it’s an amazing product, but I avoid retinol. I have Lupus, and my skin can get very sensitive, so I’m always afraid to put [it] on.

Have you ever tried any skincare hacks that you regretted? 

I tried many skincare hacks when I was in high school. I read something about making a turmeric mask to brighten, which ended up staining my face yellow. Immediate regret!

Oh no! To end on a lighter note, what’s the best skincare advice you’ve ever received?

The best skincare advice I’ve ever received is that the skin’s health starts in the gut … Foods like junk food, sodas, artificial sugars, and processed fats can lead to unhealthy, congested organs, and the skin is no exception. I learned this from Pinterest, which changed [my view on] skincare.