Trends » EADEM Lands on the Shelves of Over 260 Sephora Stores

EADEM Lands on the Shelves of Over 260 Sephora Stores

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In September of 2021, EADEM debuted on with its Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum, which sold out on multiple occasions. The BIPOC-founded brand has since built a strong cult following, with many appreciating the brand’s goal to cater to the needs of melanin-rich skin. 

Although I’ve never used the brand’s dark spot serum, I’m personally a fan of the Cloud Cushion Airy Brightening Moisturizer. The formula hydrates and repairs the skin barrier thanks to its skin-nourishing ingredients like squalane, black seed oil, and tucuma extract. I love that the moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated, primarily through the colder and drier months of the year.

After the brand’s incredible success selling exclusively online, EADEM announced its products will now be available in over 260 Sephora stores starting on March 10. The overall mission of the expansion is to bring Smart Melanin Beauty to a larger audience. 


Since its launch in 2020, EADEM has led the way in Smart Melanin Beauty by creating innovative products that gently care for skin of color using science-backed ingredients and heritage botanicals. 

For co-founders Marie Kouadio Amouzame and Alice Lin Glover, this means much more than just an in-store retail expansion; it’s the opportunity to redefine beauty standards and emphasize bare-skin confidence for people of all ages and ethnicities.

“We’re redefining beauty standards and challenging the industry to push beyond tokenism with Smart Melanin Beauty: a first-of-its-kind technology that keeps our skin needs and melanin in mind,” the founders described on the brand’s website.

A full circle moment

EADEM’s entire line of skincare products will be available in major Sephora locations, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Miami.

Before the announcement, we spoke to co-founder Alice Lin Glover about the importance of Eadem landing on Sephora shelves. For her, it’s both a personal and professional win. 

“Sephora was my portal to the beauty world,” Glover said. “Growing up in Southern California, I’d go with my mom on the weekends and wander through the aisles. At the time, few brands spoke to the needs of people who looked like me or my co-founder Marie. It’s an emotional, full-circle moment to see our products at those same Sephora stores I grew up visiting.”

She continued, “We hope this investment in and celebration of companies centering people of color never stops.” 

Shop the brand

The complete assortment of EADEM skincare will be available at Sephora stores and online starting today. This includes the popular Dew Dream Cleansing Balm, which requires no additional steps to remove traces of SPF, dirt, and makeup without drying or stripping the skin of its natural oils.