Trends » Model Emira D’Spain Shares Tips for Becoming an ‘Excellent Gift-Giver’

Model Emira D’Spain Shares Tips for Becoming an ‘Excellent Gift-Giver’

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With over 1 million followers on TikTok, there’s no doubt that Emira D’Spain, better known by her username xoxoemira, is accustomed to receiving gifts as a full-time content creator and Victoria’s Secret model. However, during the Christmas season, the roles are reversed.

Providing thoughtful gifts to those most important to her is one of the many reasons why the model cherishes Christmas as the best time of the year.  “My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with my friends and family,” D’Spain told Glowsly in an interview. 

“I also enjoy hosting and decorating my home to the nines — it’s [another one of] my favorite parts of the holidays, right up there with gift shopping,” she said, primarily since she’s heard numerous times that she’s an “excellent gift-giver.” 

“I haven’t yet met anyone as good at giving gifts as I am,” she playfully admitted. 

Ahead, find out the four steps D’Spain follows to land the title of “excellent gift-giver” every time.

Start with being thoughtful

According to D’Spain, becoming a good gift-giver doesn’t happen by accident. She puts a lot of thought into every gift she buys, whether it’s for her grandparents, parents, brothers, or friends. “Throughout the year, I’ll note what people want,” the model revealed. “If you’re always thinking about your friends and family and listening to them when they tell you things that they love/need/want, then you’ll naturally tap into that when you need to get them gifts.” 

Listen to what the person wants or needs

She’ll begin making a list when the particular person speaks about their needs, wants, or interests. “If I’m out shopping with my baby brother in July, [and] he says, ‘Woah, that’s cool. I wish I could get that,’ I nod and pretend I didn’t hear,” D’Spain said. “I’ll write that item down in my notes app or buy it [when they’re not looking].”

Make A List

If you still need to list everything the person would like, D’Spain offered a clever piece of advice that would help you select the perfect gift. “Pay attention all of November, specifically ask them about their Black Friday shopping — what did they get, what did they not get, and what do they wish they’d gotten?” she said. “Be sly about it because it’s a surefire way to get the best gifts.” 

Go Shopping

D’Spain advised to start holiday shopping early because there’s always the possibility that the items mentioned could be sold out, unavailable, or become more expensive if it’s popular. That’s why she starts shopping up to six months in advance. “I’ll hold on to [the gift] until Christmas,” she admitted. “It sounds psychotic because it is!”

When D’Spain finishes shopping for her friends and family, she never forgets to treat herself to something special. A little self-care can’t hurt!
These simple tips may just turn you into the perfect gift-giver. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our gift guides.