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13 Best Foot Peeling Masks to Get Baby Soft Feet & Heels

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Foot peeling masks are very useful in getting the work done when it comes to getting those baby soft feet you long for. Socked in rich nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, foot masks and exfoliating socks come to remove rough dead skin cells and provide you with restored, soft feet in just around 20 minutes. Moreover, they are excellent at alleviating sore feet and giving you a relaxing sensation at home without the need of visiting a beauty salon.

Best Foot Peeling Masks to Get Baby Soft Feet & Heels

In this article, we’ll discuss everything related to foot masks, including the best foot peeling masks, how they work and how to use one.

Best Foot Peeling Masks to Get Baby Soft Feet & Heels: Contents

13 Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks to Try

So if you have been religiously using your foot cream on a daily basis but want to up the game to get better results in a shorter period of time, consider using any of these 13 foot peeling masks and exfoliating socks that will help you put your best foot forward!

1. Tony Moly Foot Peeling Shoes

For smooth feet that feel great without any dryness or irritation, you can trust Tony Moly’s foot peeling masks. In just 7 days, the powerful peeling ingredients in this product – including lactic acid, glycolic acid, castor oil, aloe vera, etc. – will get all the peeling done. And what’s most remarkable is that you get to have soft, moisturized and great-smelling feet at the end of the treatment. Pick this excellent product up at Ulta Beauty!

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Tony Moly Foot Peeling Shoes

2. Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel

Want to get rid of those dead skin cells that are making your feet look ugly? If yes, get one of the best foot peeling masks signed Baby Foot. If no, well, you should still get one – it’s better safe than sorry.

With the fruit acids in addition to other active ingredients that constitute this product, dry and dead skin will peel away with ease making your feet look youthful and beautiful. 17 natural extracts work to penetrate deep into the skin, remove dead cells, and dump them out of your skin. It is available for purchase at Ulta Beauty.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel

3. Karuna Exfoliating+ Foot Mask

You know what to expect when you find fruit acids, peptides, and vitamins in a skincare product. These three types of substances have been known for years to moisturize and nourish the skin to make it more supple and smoother. And all these substances (in ingredients such as shea butter, tea tree leaf oil, lactic oil, and coconut oil) are present in one of the best foot peeling masks by Karuna, so get ready to have a replenished and hydrated foot when you use it. You can find this foot peel online at Dermstore.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Karuna Exfoliating+ Foot Mask

4. Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure Intensive Foot Peel Treatment

Your feet need to be pampered, and what better way is there to do it than using a luxurious product infused with effective ingredients. The treatment is progressive and works genuinely to exfoliate dead cells from your feet and to encourage a softer skin appearance. While you even get to keep your pedicure, your skin would become radiant and better after using this foot mask. One of the best foot peeling masks, this treatment is sold through Ulta Beauty.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure Intensive Foot Peel Treatment

5. Kocostar Foot Peeling Pack

With 33 botanical essences and exfoliants to smoothen your roughened feet and heels, this foot peeling mask does the job overnight. It promotes soft texture and encourages the skin to grow new cells for supple and younger-looking feet. And you don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients such as sulfate and parabens, as they are excluded from this fantastic package. Get these slip-on exfoliating socks at Neiman Marcus!

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Kocostar Foot Peeling Pack

6. Sephora Collection Foot Mask

This is a disposable foot mask that works in 20 minutes… or less. You get to have a clinically-tested product that is suitable for all skin types and comforts the feet regardless of how rough they are. What’s more, the lavender or almond scent gives off a refreshing smell as this Sephora-exclusive product works wonders on your feet. One of the most affordable yet effective foot peeling masks, this product is available in two versions at Sephora.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Sephora Collection Foot Mask

7. Starskin Magic Hour Exfoliating Double-Layer Foot Mask Socks

Gentle, powerful and all-in-one treatments are the best ways to describe this Starskin product. Infused with lactic acid and a blend of 35 botanical ingredients, these exfoliating socks actually work magic on your feet. You can use them to rejuvenate dry skin and unveil the smooth and soft appearance hiding underneath all that layer of debris. These foot peeling masks are available online at Nordstrom.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Starskin Magic Hour Exfoliating Double-Layer Foot Mask Socks

8. Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel

Boscia put a lot of effort and mastery into making one of the best foot peeling masks money can buy. These exfoliating socks approach your feet with rich antioxidants, AHAs, and fruit acids to assist with nourishment, dead skin cell removal, smoothness, and baby-soft suppleness. Pick it up at Ulta Beauty to give it a try!

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel

9. Miss Spa Exfoliate Foot Booties

Free from parabens, animal testing, and any other harmful ingredients, this is a product that would help you to transform your feet from a mass of dead cells to a thing of beauty – only if you try. The infusion of salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and soothing plant extracts would make your feet look like those of a baby – here comes suppleness and smoothness. These foot peeling masks retail through Ulta Beauty.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Miss Spa Exfoliate Foot Booties

10. Dr. Jart+ Dermask Foot Smoothing Mask

Getting soft feet (and fighting dryness) in such a short while is something only the best foot peeling masks can do, and this is what this foil mask promises to do. The combination of ingredients (that exempt parabens, phthalates, and sulfates) is incredibly effective in taking care of dry feet and heels. In fact, Dr. Jart+ took innovation to a whole new level with this product that you can find online at Sephora.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Dr. Jart+ Dermask Foot Smoothing Mask

11. Earth Therapeutics Heel Gel Sleeves

Moisture is very essential for aesthetically appealing skin. So, when you see a product that contains top-of-the-range moisturizing ingredients, just know that you can get rid of dead cells and calluses easily. This product by Earth Therapeutics has gel lining and it’s also latex-free and hypoallergenic. Even though you have to wear it for a week to get the best result, you are rest assured that it will be certainly worthy of the time. You can get these foot peeling masks at Ulta Beauty.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Earth Therapeutics Heel Gel Sleeves

12. Pursoma Bain de Pied Foot Soak

After a long and hectic day, especially one that has you putting on those tight shoes, you can add this product to your stress relief routine. It helps to stimulate blood circulation around your feet, which in turn removes toxins and ensures that essential minerals and fatty acids reach the base of your legs. The end result is straightforward: the moisture level of your legs will balance while your feet will appear more charming. This foot sock can be found online at Nordstrom.

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Pursoma Bain de Pied Foot Soak

13. Iroha Repairing Intensive Treatment Foot Socks

To the majority of people, the skin of your feet does not need as much care as other parts of the body. But this is ridiculously wrong, which is why you need to get one of the best foot peeling masks to help you nourish your feet. Produced by Iroha, all the ingredients used in these exfoliating socks will make sure that rough patches are softened and the overall skin looks bright and radiant. Pick it up at Ulta Beauty!

Best Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks: Iroha Repairing Intensive Treatment Foot Socks

What Are Foot Peeling Masks and Exfoliating Socks All About?

If you know what face mask does to your face, then you would get the hang of how exfoliating socks also work. These fascinating beauty products are not quite popular, but they sure work wonders if the testimonials online are anything to go by.

Exfoliating socks or foot peeling masks are plastic socks soaked in exfoliants, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that help break down dead skin cells making your feet softer and younger. Foot peeling masks are like gentle chemical peels for your feet.

However, you don’t want to look on the Internet for picture results because you would be confronted with tons of pictures featuring peeling and gross-looking skin. This is usually associated with the time your skin is shedding dead cells. But after the specified number of days, you get a result that is so wonderful that all the grossness would have been worth it.

Foot peeling masks came into the body care scene some few years ago, and it seems that their popularity has been growing with each passing day. They come with ingredients that are super-effective in ridding your skin of dead cells and giving you that baby soft foot feel.

If you are a newbie, please do not be let down by all the grossness that comes with using the product. That will pass in 5 to 7 days, and you will join the online rave of wonderful testimonials.

What Are Foot Peeling Masks and Exfoliating Socks All About?

What Ingredients Are Used in the Production of Foot Peeling Masks?

An enormous list of small- to large-size brands combine different ingredients to make their respective foot peeling masks. But still, some ingredients are widely used and probably in the foot mask you’re planning to buy (maybe after reading this guide). The primary factor that must be considered is that they must be able to work as chemical peels to remove dead cells from the feet without causing extended harm.

The common ingredients include lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and some other acids that are obtained from natural substances such as fruits. There can also be the addition of fragrance to help your feet smell fresher, especially for those that are trying to treat foot odor.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) are present in mild quantities, since they are really excellent moisturizers and can help to improve the appearance of the skin. And by now, we expect you to know what they are and how effectively they work.

How Do Foot Peeling Masks Work?

Going to work every morning, you put on those tight shoes. And even when you don’t, your foot touches the ground more than any other part of your body. This makes the skin around that area rough and can even cause calluses to develop around the surface. This is exactly where exfoliating socks come in.

With their active ingredients, foot peeling masks help to accelerate the recycling process of the skin. Targeting the feet, which is where they are worn, they help to remove dead cells (the cause of the grossness) and allow new cells to form much quicker than they usually would.

The acids in the product go into the skin pores and break up into smaller bits. All these bits break down dead cells causing them to leave the skin barrier and rise to the surface. Alcohol is also present to allow moisture to penetrate and work more effectively.

During the first few days of using it, the dead cells start to fall off and after about 5 to 7 days new skin will come from all the debris it has been buried under.

When Does the Dry Skin Peel as You Use a Foot Peeling Mask?

If you are prepared to use the exfoliating foot mask, you should know that it comes with its own perks. What this means is that you might experience a few days of gross-looking feet, but that is just a phase that would pass right before the suppleness of your skin becomes all you want to feel.

Pros and Cons of Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks

A lot of foot peeling masks have different timelines for how they work and the exact time the dry skin peels away, but here is a process that most people would go through. The first step is purchasing one of the best foot peeling masks and then put them on.

From the first day, the chemicals that are contained inside the product you are using start to penetrate the skin, detaching the dead skin cells from your feet. After the third day, you will start to notice flaky, dry skin with some air bubbles beneath them. On the fourth day, your feet would begin to feel like they were mummified all along – the skin begins to fall off. And after about 7 days, you start to see the change you so desire.

Your skin texture becomes awesome after the seventh day, and you start to love the process and wish you could start all over again. And generally, you should have stopped shedding skin by the eleventh day – anything after that should have you enjoying your baby soft feet.

Pros & Cons of Using Foot Peeling Masks and Exfoliating Socks

Have you been using a blade to scrap your feet or tried to soak in hot water and then scrub with a stone? Well, that could work, or you could try something more advanced and more effective. Exfoliating socks have been in vogue for quite a while now and they’re quite easy to use. Here are the pros and cons of foot peeling masks to help you get on the trend.


• Foot Peeling masks are quite easy-to-use. You can literally just soak your feet in warm water for ten minutes, dry them off and put on the plastic socks for around an hour to enjoy the results in a couple of days.

• No matter how rough or scaly the skin of your feet is, foot peeling masks can soften it up in a short while.

• Peeling off those dead skin cells during the exfoliating process can be deeply satisfying. It is just like popping a pimple or scratching an itch.

• When the process of peeling is complete, your skin will feel so soft and fresh that you wouldn’t be able to hold yourself from caressing your feet every second.

• Your feet can stay smooth after one peeling cycle for about a month or more with the lasting benefits of foot peeling masks.

How to Use Foot Peeling Masks & Exfoliating Socks


• You can’t do any other thing while your feet are in the bag.

• The process takes about 7-11 days to run its full cycle. This period can be gross and quite irritating for some people.

• You will probably litter your room floor with dead skin; everywhere you walk, it will be like you are molting.

• Not everyone can use exfoliating socks. And this is because of skin sensitivity. If you have skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, stay away from foot peeling masks.

• Foot peeling masks are made out of plastic materials and they are non-degradable, so they are primarily a source of pollution.

Are Exfoliating Foot Masks Good for You?

Rejuvenating your skin sounds awesome and there should be no one who shouldn’t be able to use it, but it doesn’t work like that. Only those who have skin that is less sensitive to substances like AHAs and BHAs can use foot peeling masks. You should also check other ingredients used to make the particular product you want to purchase and determine whether you can use it or not.

In addition, pregnant women, diabetic patients, nursing mothers, and people who have cuts on the feet or injury should stay away from this type of skincare products. Otherwise, no matter the length or breadth of your feet, you are free to put on exfoliating socks and get the best results.

How to Use Foot Peeling Masks and Exfoliating Socks

The instructions on how to use foot peeling masks are quite simple. In fact, it is so simple you probably don’t need any help getting to it. Here is how to get the foot mask to do its magic on your feet.

• Use soap and warm water to remove oil, dirt and any other residue that might be on your feet.

• Leave your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes or more depending on how thick the skin on your feet is. Then dry them, and if there is anything you want to do, get up and get to it before you put on the exfoliating socks.

Foot Peeling Masks and Exfoliating Socks Tips

• Cut the seal open (preferably from the bottom) and take the socks out to wear them like regular socks.

• You can wear a regular pair of socks over them to make moving around more comfortable, but it is advisable you stay on the same spot during the process.

• Leave the foot peeling mask on for about an hour. You can also leave it on for a little bit longer (10 to 20 minutes more).

• Slip the mask off your feet and adequately dispose of them. Then wash your feet and pat them dry.

• You can now wait for the process to begin, which is in three to four days.

Tips for Better Results During Peeling

• After applying the peel, you can still soak your feet in a warm bath filled with water for about five minutes.

• You can pick at the dead skin cells. It is actually fun as you can see as the new, beautiful skin starts to form underneath.

• Keep lotions off your feet while the shedding process is going on. This is because the process might become slower due to moisture.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The effect that the best foot peeling masks give you makes you want to put them in a monthly routine. But it is highly advisable to leave the result for 2-3 months. This is the safe limit, as your skin will still be sensitive for some weeks after the treatment.

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