Trends » Glamzilla Shares How She Celebrates Her Filipino-Canadian Heritage Every Day

Glamzilla Shares How She Celebrates Her Filipino-Canadian Heritage Every Day

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Stephanie Valentine, best known by her TikTok handle @Glamzilla, makes the celebration of her Filipino heritage part of her daily lifestyle. The Filipino-Canadian creator distinguishes herself as someone to watch thanks to her witty banter, viral makeup hacks, and hot-take product reviews. 

The influencer converted her love of beauty into an online movement, cultivating a network to promote fearlessness and confidence while showcasing her passion and expertise in raw, uncensored, and relatable content.

We spoke with the beauty enthusiast to learn more about how she supports AAPI voices, creates a positive and welcoming environment for all in the beauty industry, and celebrates her culture through her content as a proud member of the Hispanic and Filipino communities.


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Glowsly: How do you celebrate your heritage through your artistry?

Stephanie Valentine: I celebrate my heritage through my art every day simply by being who I am and sharing my everyday life. My heritage influences so much of who I am. For example, my skin complexion, hair type, and physical features are all due to my background. I choose my makeup based on how I want to highlight those traits. I hope this empowers people to be proud of who they are and have fun playing with their day-to-day looks.

Where do you draw inspiration for your makeup looks?

I draw inspiration for my looks from many places, including TV, movies, people on the street, and other content creators. Most recently, it has been other POC talent. I love seeing how they use makeup to highlight their features. But I will say that all my makeup looks start with my self-care routine.

What’s your favorite family beauty secret?

A family beauty secret that I live by every day is that your smile is the key foundation to any look. That’s why I always start my day by taking care of my teeth … I never leave home without brushing my teeth with Colgate Optic White Pro Series toothpaste. It’s the start of any look and glam routine! It’s perfect for those who want a white smile while wearing a bold red lip.

What’s your favorite cultural dish?

Sinigang is my go-to because it reminds me of home. It’s a classic Filipino soup that perfectly blends sour and savory. The most important ingredient is tamarind, which gives it its sour flavor. And, it goes perfectly with any kind of protein, tomatoes, onions, fish sauce, and bok choy. My mouth is watering just from thinking about it.

How do you support other Filipinx creators?

I support the Filipinx community by using my platform to talk about other up-and-coming Filipinx creators and encourage my followers to follow them. I’m also so proud whenever I can promote Filipinx-owned brands. I love talking about Filipinx and POC-owned brands that I love because I want to help my community succeed. Sharing content from other Filipinx creators will continue a domino effect of uplifting one another.

What are your favorite Filipinx-owned beauty brands?

My favorite Filipinx-owned beauty brand is One/Size. One/Size is a cruelty-free makeup brand founded by Filipino-American makeup artist Patrick Starrr. The brand has everything from eyeshadow and eyeliner to mascara. Plus, it comes in chic packaging! What I love most about it is that it’s more than just a makeup brand.

As its name suggests, it was created to provide makeup to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or sexuality. It’s an incredible brand mission, and as a fellow Filipina, I’m so excited to see our community making moves and putting ourselves out there.

What can others do to support the Filipinx community?

There is a lot we can do as a society to support the Filipinx community. My go-to advice, no matter the situation, is to be proud of who you are … I am proud to be a Filipino Canadian. My other advice is to be intentional about the influencers, content creators, celebrities, and brands you support. 

Representation is improving, but we must make a concerted effort to keep the momentum. Find creators with a similar heritage and support their work so they can continue to be empowered to do what they love. That also signals to the next wave of Filipinx talent that there is a place for them. They feel inspired to do the same. Celebrate your roots, and don’t be shy about showing them off. It can go a long way toward helping the Filipinx community feel represented and heard. 

Do you feel like there’s a lack of representation in the beauty industry?

Despite adopting inclusivity, the industry still has a long way to go, especially with the constant changes in beauty standards. In our generation, social media influences what is viewed as “beautiful,” [sometimes making it feel unattainable or devaluing] our worth.

The pressure to conform is damaging and can prevent us from expressing our true selves. We may hesitate to speak openly about our heritage or to flaunt our physical appearance. I believe in showing the world your true self without [edits] or filters. I love everything about being a Filipino Canadian, and I believe we can all learn from the beauty of each other’s cultures.