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Hair Gloss Treatment: Benefits & At-Home Uses

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Hair gloss has been widely known for many years now, but most people are just discovering what a bottle of hair gloss can do to their hair. With semi-permanent hair color as a fancier term, hair gloss treatment is a beauty secret many women are just willing to try out. But before we go into how, let’s uncover why!

Your hair is one feature that can make your face look absolutely fabulous, but it can also plaster a gloomy or sad look on your face. It all depends on how much you pamper your hair and if you give it the right care. This is why we have the hair gloss treatment that conquers all dullness or brassiness for you, giving your hair such a natural shine your whole face reaps from it.

However, you might not know what hair gloss is, how it works and how to apply it in the comfort of your home. That is why we have taken the time to draw out all you need to know about the hair gloss treatment.

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What Is Hair Gloss and What Does It Do to Your Hair?

There’s no doubt how good you will look after leaving the salon of your favorite stylist. But check your beloved hair in a few weeks’ time and it is already taking up brassy notes, preparing you to start saving for another salon visit. This is exactly where hair gloss comes in handy. You can use it to add the kind of shine you desire right at home.

Hair gloss is a semi-permanent chemical treatment that adds shine and deep luster to your hair, restores hair color, tones and keeps away frizz. One of the aims of the product is to make sure your hair looks clean, well-groomed, and becomes insulated to chemicals that might want to damage it.

Hair gloss comes in clear and tinted forms, with the former working to just add shine to the hair, while the latter also enhancing your existing hair color. Sometimes people can confuse hair gloss with a range of other haircare products (such as hair glaze or hair dye) but they all have their differences.

When you apply hair gloss to your hair, it first closes up your hair cuticles and smoothens the hair surface, working like a stain. With the smoothness in place, the hair tends to reflect light better and starts to glimmer more than before.

If you’ve already applied hair color, hair gloss locks and forms a protective shield to keep the molecule of that color in the hair. This will make your hair retain its vibrant appearance.

What Is Hair Gloss and What Does It Do to Your Hair?

Hair Gloss vs. Hair Glaze

As the names imply, hair gloss and hair glaze both work to make your hair glow and glaze. They make the hair shine and leave it looking more beautiful – to an extent. But they have their differences, and they don’t work the same way.

Hair glaze creates a temporary shine and is not made with ammonia or peroxide. Also, it merely coats the hair or laminates the strands for more shine to complement the hair color.

On the other hand, hair gloss closes the hair cuticle and fills the hair, making it smooth and devoid of any inconsistencies. It creates a shield to protect your hair color. This shield also makes light bounce off with intense shine.

When it comes to duration, hair gloss products last longer than glaze counterparts. Glossing your hair can last up to 6 weeks while glazing might only last for a week or two.

A lot of brands use both words on their products to market them. So, before you opt for any hair appointment, get your facts right: check out the ingredients and go online to read about them.

Benefits of Using a Hair Gloss

There are undoubtedly a lot of benefits for your hair when you decide to gloss it up. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Hair gloss does not come with harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide so you can worry less about having your hair damaged.
  • Hair gloss works to condition your hair and tame frizz, thereby protecting it from external chemicals (chlorine in the pools, pollutants from the environment, etc.).
  • There are no color deposits in a hair gloss, i.e. they don’t change the natural hair color. Hair gloss tones your hair, removing any brassiness and intensifying the color without changing it.
  • Hair gloss helps maintain your hair color and keep it glossy for a longer period of time. You can use hair gloss to postpone your hair appointment for 5 to 6 weeks.
  • It helps you save money and time, since you can have a hair gloss treatment at the comfort of your home.
  • The product helps you get elastic, vibrant, smooth, hydrated, and rejuvenated hair.
How to Choose the Perfect Hair Gloss for Your Hair Type

How to Use Hair Gloss at Home

After you have learned all about hair gloss and how great it is for your hair, it’s now time to learn how to apply it.

  1. Pick Your At-Home Hair Gloss

    Look for a brand that best suits your hair type. You can choose one of the best hair glosses listed in our guide, do a little independent research on the Internet or have a stylist recommend one to you.

  2. Wash Your Hair

    Shampoo your hair as you usually do, making sure you cover the whole area before you proceed.

  3. Section Your Hair

    Then separate your hair into different sections to make sure the product gets into every bit of your hair.

  4. Gloss It!

    Add the hair gloss from the roots of your hair to the tips. Ensure you massage it equally into every part of your hair.

  5. Leave It on

    Allow the product to rest for about 3 minutes or as long as the hair gloss instruction specifies. Wash your hands while you are waiting.

  6. Rinse Your Hair

    Rinse your hair and condition it accordingly. You can choose to leave the hair to air-dry or style it as you want.

How to Use Hair Gloss at Home

Finally, hair care has been in the mix before we even knew the name. But there has been a continuous and ingenious improvement in the whole process. Hair gloss avoids all the chemicals that can damage your hair to produce amazing effects that will leave you looking stunning and absolutely dazzling.

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