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Best Hair Dryers of 2022

The Glowsly editors independently test and choose the best products. We may receive commissions on purchases made from the affiliate links.

A hair dryer is one of the most useful and versatile hot styling tools you can own, allowing you to create a voluminous blowout, straighten your hair, or define your natural curls. In some cases, using a hair dryer can even be a protective choice. One study showed that while using a dryer can cause some damage to tresses, it’s generally less damaging than air drying when done at low heat and from a distance of about 6 inches. 

With so many blow dryer options out there, it can be tough to decide which is the right one for your hair, so we’ve created a list of the best hair dryers on the market. We selected dryers at all price points with unique functionalities to suit various hair types and approaches to blow drying. 

Best hair dryers overview:

How we chose the best hair dryers

To compile this list, we researched manufacturer specifications to create a short list of the top blow dryers when it comes to durability, weight, and power. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best hair dryers for each category.

Our picks for the best hair dryers

Best overall
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

What we love

  • Powerful and fast drying
  • Versatile with 5 nozzles
  • Intelligent heat control prevents damage

What we don’t love

  • Very expensive

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is famous for its futuristic design, staggering price tag, and incredible reputation. Designed by a team of 103 engineers, this powerful yet gentle hair dryer was four years in the making. 

The Supersonic is incredibly versatile, decreasing frizz and increasing shine and smoothness. It has five magnetic nozzle attachments that allow for all sorts of styling, from diffusing curls to smoothing flyaways. The small digital motor is located in the handle, making it more balanced and easier to hold.

And no matter how you like to style your hair, chances are the Dyson Supersonic can help. A V9 motor and Air Multiplier technology deliver a powerful flow of air to dry hair quickly with less electricity usage than many other hair dryers. The dryer also protects the hair with intelligent heat control that measures temperature to prevent damage. However, this particular hair dryer is very expensive, and many average users at home may not need all of the special features it offers.

Wattage: 1,600 | Heat settings: 4 | Speed settings: 3

Best value
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Portofino Full-Size Dryer

What we love

  • Excellent value for money
  • Even, fast heating
  • Ionic generator for shine and smoothness

What we don’t love

  • Good value doesn’t mean cheap
  • No diffuser

This more traditional-looking yet extremely popular blow dryer from BaBylissPRO isn’t the cheapest dryer out there. Still, we think it offers immense value thanks to its power and longevity. 

Both reviewers and professional stylists have noted that it can hold up for years of regular use. Considering this durability, it offers a solid bang for your buck. 

Complete with an impressive 2,000-watt motor and Nano Titanium technology that ensures even heat distribution and fast drying, the blowdryer also uses an ionic generator to make the hair shiny and smooth. It comes with more than one concentrator nozzle, but you’ll have to purchase the diffuser separately.

Wattage: 2,000 | Heat/speed settings: Combined

Best for professionals
Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

What we love

  • Designed for professional use
  • Fast and efficient
  • Lightweight

What we don’t love

  • Diffuser sold separately

Sam Villa is a brand specializing in equipment and tools for hairdressers, including this professional salon blow dryer. It’s small, quiet, and comfortable to hold, yet powerful enough to dry hair quickly and efficiently. The smaller concentrator nozzle is especially useful for smoothing hair during the drying process.

It has a 1,750 wattage, but it’s designed with a patented Turbo-Compressor Technology that enhances airflow efficiency. Weighing in at just a pound, it may be easier to hold for long periods of time than other heavier models.

It comes with two concentrator nozzles — one for general drying and another for smoothing. If you need to style curls or dry gently, it’s best to use it with Sam Villa’s deep bowl diffuser, which is compatible with this dryer but sold separately.

Wattage: 1,750 | Heat settings: 3 | Speed settings: 2

Best budget
Remington Pro Hair Dryer With Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology

What we love

  • Affordable
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Comes with concentrator and diffuser nozzles

What we don’t love

  • Unwieldy
  • Short cord

Our top budget-friendly pick comes from Remington. This dryer offers solid performance for a low price, and it comes with many bonus accessories. It’s powerful enough to dry hair efficiently, and the Thermaluxe technology aims to protect the hair by preventing heat damage, making it a great choice for those with delicate hair.   

It comes with a concentrator nozzle for smooth styles and a diffuser for gentle drying or curls. The fabric cord is another standout for tangle resistance, although it’s only 6 feet long, which could be an issue for some households. 

The Pro Hair Dryer is also durable — many reviewers mentioned that it was still going strong after two or three years of use. However, some said that it’s on the heavier side and weight distribution can be a problem because of its traditional shape.

Wattage: 1,875 | Heat settings: 3 | Speed settings: 2

Best for curls
Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Dryer

What we love

  • Specifically designed for curls
  • Affordable
  • Creates defined, smooth curls

What we don’t love

  • Loud
  • Not versatile

If you want to own your natural curls or waves, you might not need a regular blow dryer. This simple and budget-friendly tool is perfect for drying and helping to shape curly hair. It has an extra-wide barrel to accommodate its accompanying large diffuser, so you can tackle more hair at once. 

This dryer aims to help curlies achieve bouncy, smooth curls without frizz, but it may also appeal to those who want loose waves sans flyaways. According to Bed Head, you can use the dryer without the diffuser attachment for faster drying or smoother styles. It’s fine for once-in-a-while use, but for regular smoothing, we suggest using a dryer with a concentrator nozzle instead. Do note that the dryer can be noisier than other models on this list.

Wattage: 1,875 | Heat settings: 3 | Speed settings: 2

Best for travel
T3 Afar

What we love

  • Foldable, light, and portable
  • Speedy drying
  • Convenient long cord

What we don’t love

  • Expensive

If you travel often or need something compact, this travel-friendly blow dryer can be a great space saver. It weighs less than a pound and folds to fit comfortably in your luggage. You can use it worldwide, thanks to the dual voltage, and the multiple heat settings will give you much more control than the average hotel dryer.  

While the dryer itself is small, it has a 9-foot cord that allows for easy maneuvering. It’s not as strong as some of the other dryers on this list, but for a travel dryer, it’s still fairly powerful considering its smaller size.

The price of the dryer is high, on par with some full-sized models, but due to its top performance, we think it’s a solid value.

Wattage: 1,500 | Heat settings: 3 | Speed settings: 2

Best for shine
GHD Helios 1875w Advanced Professional Hair Dryer

What we love

  • Makes hair shiny and smooth
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Powerful airflow

What we don’t love

  • Pricey

One of the newest hair dryers on this list, this GHD model boasts some advanced engineering, standing out for its ability to enhance the shine of your tresses. 

It’s designed with what GHD calls Aeroprecis Technology, a powerful technology that can emit air at 75 mph, meaning this dryer not only amps up shine but dries your hair quickly and efficiently. 

It’s one of the heavier options on our list, but GHD aimed for an ergonomic design that’s balanced and comfortable to handle.

Wattage: 1,875 | Heat settings: 3 | Speed settings: 2

Best for control
Hot Tools Black Gold Pro 2000W Ionic Salon Dryer

What we love

  • Multiple heat/speed settings
  • Ionic technology can be switched on/off
  • Lifetime limited warranty

What we don’t love

  • Not as durable as other options

This Hot Tools dryer gives users a few extra options that aren’t usually available by default, making it ideal if you like to alter your drying style. This dryer has four heat settings, three speed settings, and a cold shot button, giving you a lot of control. 

One of the best features is the dryer’s switch for ionic technology. Most other dryers on this list have ionic technology built in by default, claiming to help smooth the hair and reduce frizz. However, if you want more voluminous results, having the ability to turn off the negative ions may help. 

Although some reviewers noted it’s not as durable as some of the other options on this list, it does come with a lifetime limited warranty should you run into trouble.

Wattage: 2,200 | Heat settings: 4 | Speed settings: 3

Best lightweight
Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Hair Dryer

What we love

  • Multiple heat settings
  • Powerful heat
  • Fast dry times

What we don’t love

  • High temperature may damage hair
  • No diffuser

If just thinking about blow drying your hair makes your arms feel tired, you may want to pick up the Rusk W8less Hair Dryer. If the name wasn’t enough of a clue, this tool doesn’t weigh much at all at just a pound. It’s lightweight but can still dry hair quickly and efficiently with 2,000 watts of power and heat.

Too much heat can damage the hair, but it can be useful if your hair resists styling at lower temperatures. Plus, with multiple heat settings, you can always take it easy when necessary. It comes with one concentrator nozzle but, unfortunately, no diffuser.

Wattage: 2,000 | Heat/speed settings: 7 combined

Best design
Amika CEO 360 Dryer in Pink Signature Print

What we love

  • Colorful signature print
  • Dial controls can prevent accidental temperature changes
  • Ion generator can be switched on/off

What we don’t love

  • Poor longevity
  • No diffuser

If you care about the aesthetic of your beauty products as much as you do about function, we think you’ll enjoy this adorable blow dryer from Amika. It’s a well-performing premium dryer decorated with the brand’s signature quirky and colorful aesthetic.

This product has substance in addition to style, though. The speed and heat are controlled by a dial instead of buttons, preventing accidental setting changes while you blow dry. It also has a multipurpose ion generator that you can adjust depending on if you want smoothness or volume. 

However, its lightweight DC motor may mean its longevity isn’t quite as high as some of the other options on our list. It also doesn’t come with a diffuser and isn’t compatible with some universal diffusers.

Wattage: 1,875 | Heat settings: 3 | Speed settings: 2

Dry your hair without the damage

A blow dryer is a hair-styling staple, so choosing one that’ll meet your needs is important. Our top pick, the Dyson Supersonic, is an engineering marvel that works for most hair types to smooth and dry locks quickly while mitigating hair damage. If it’s in your budget, it’s worth the splurge, but there are also many excellent options at more accessible prices. 

How to pick the right hair dryer for you

When choosing the best hair dryer for your needs, the main factor is the style you want to create, but you may also want to consider the unique condition of your hair. 

Desired outcome 

  • Dry hair. Heat and airflow are key when your main goal is to dry your hair rather than style it. Higher wattage tools like the BaBylissPRO dryer and Rusk W8less often offer faster drying times. 
  • Sleek. Achieving a sleek style is primarily about using the right hair brush while drying, but the type of blow dryer also matters. Look for one that comes with a concentrator nozzle and is advertised as having a smoothing effect or ionic technology. Most of the dryers on our list are great for smoothness, but if you want straight hair long term, consider a keratin treatment
  • Volume. Achieving a voluminous blowout can take a little longer and often requires drying with a round brush. Additionally, dryers that allow you to switch off their negative ion generators may offer more volume. 
  • Curls. A blow dryer with a diffuser attachment can help define natural curls or waves, especially if you use it in conjunction with a specific curly haircare routine. Our pick from Bed Head is the best for curlies, but any tool that comes with a diffuser and low heat settings will work well. 
  • All-in-one. If you like to change your hairstyle often, choose a versatile blow dryer with a wide range of settings that can work with a few different types of nozzles. Our top pick from Dyson is the most versatile option, but our picks from Remington and Hot Tools are also multipurpose. 

Hair condition

  • Damaged. If your hair has been damaged by coloring or heat styling, choose a blow dryer that doesn’t get too hot with both cool and medium heat settings. Using a diffuser with your dryer will also help direct the heat more gently. 
  • Fine. Fine hair isn’t necessarily brittle or damaged — the individual strands are thinner, which means they’re also prone to looking flat. Look for hair dryers like our pick from Hot Tools, which can create more volume. 
  • Coarse/styling-resistant. You might have to break out some power tools, especially if you’re trying to style your hair rather than just drying it or defining its natural pattern. Hotter hair dryers like our pick from Rusk often do a better job altering the hair pattern. But do note that high heat also correlates with increased hair damage. 


What’s the best hair dryer brand? 

From our research, BaByliss and Remington stand out for having an overall quality lineup of hair dryers, making them our top hair dryer brands. The Supersonic is the crème de la crème of blow dryers, but it’s also the only option from Dyson. 

Is there a hair dryer that won’t damage hair?

Limiting damage has more to do with technique than the specific tool you use. Research showed that drying the hair on low heat from a distance of about 6 inches while continuously moving the dryer resulted in less damage than air drying. With that in mind, make sure to choose a dryer like the Dyson Supersonic or Remington Pro that can successfully dry your hair without causing heat damage.

How much should I spend on a hair dryer?

According to our research, most high-performing hair dryers cost between $100 and $300. That said, hair dryers from Remington and Rusk stood out to us as affordable yet high-quality exceptions. If you’re on a very tight budget, Remington offers low-priced, quality blow dryers for under $50, with the Hair Dryer With Thermaluxe as our favorite. If you’re in the market for a splurge, the Dyson Supersonic costs upwards of $400 but is one of the top hair dryers available.