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Best 11 Purple Shampoos To Revamp Your Blonde

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Revamping blonde hair and banishing unwanted brassy tones is made easy with the help of the top purple shampoos and conditioners. These specialized hair care products are able to neutralize yellow and orange undertones, leaving blondes with vibrant and cool hues. From industry favorites to beloved brands, these formulations are designed to enhance your blonde hair, making it shine with radiance and freshness.

If you’re on a quest to revamp your blonde between salon visits, or even daily, look no further. We have rounded up the best 11 purple shampoo and conditioner products that are highly recommended for revitalizing and maintaining your blonde locks. 

Get ready to embrace your most brilliant blonde with these top-notch purple hair care essentials.

Best purple shampoo and conditioners overview:

How we chose the best purple shampoo and conditionerss

To compile this list, we researched manufacturer specifications, including pigmentation, moisturizing ingredients, hair type suitability, and more to create a short list of the top purple shampoos and conditioners. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best purple shampoos and conditioners for each category.

Our picks for the best purple shampoo and conditioners

Best overall
Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

What we love

  • Great for all hair types
  • Works on blonde, bleached, and grey hair
  • Sulfate free

What we don’t love

  • Can be drying

Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo is the perfect choice for blondes looking to enhance their hair’s look and feel. This shampoo works on all blonde shades, from subtle ash blonde highlights to full-on platinum blonde, to nourish and strengthen your hair while toning down brassy yellow hues and orange shadows. 

The Olaplex Bond Building technology helps rebuild damaged bonds within the hair strands, delivered with iris root extract and coconut oil that ensures hydrated locks without fading any color treatments you have had in place over time. Reviewers say they’ve achieved overall healthier looking blonde hair that feels nourished and looked toned. Pair with Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, it even comes in a bundle to save a few dollars.

Hair type: All | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: 2-3 times per week | Size: 8.5 oz

Best for hydration
Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

What we love

  • Long-lasting
  • Softens hair
  • Adds shine

What we don’t love

  • Contains sulfates

Joico’s Color Balance Purple Shampoo is a transformative hair product designed to balance out color-treated tresses. This purple shampoo helps neutralize brassiness and brightens blondes, reduces warmth in brunettes, and adds shine throughout for all shades of hair. Its unique formula with rosehip oil and keratin replenishes moisture to help reduce breakage. UV absorbers preserve haircolor vibrancy over time. 

With regular use, this powerful yet gentle formula will correct any tonal issues caused by environmental factors or chemical treatments so your perfect shade stays true. It’s the ideal choice for anyone looking to keep their color fresh and vibrant. Plus, it lasts through 12 washes. Pair with Color Balance Purple Conditioner.

Hair type: All | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: 2-3 times per week | Size: 10.1 oz

Best for silver hair
Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo

What we love

  • Great for silver, white, and platinum hair
  • Works on color-treated hair
  • Cleanses and tones

What we don’t love

  • Not sulfate-free

Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo is an essential part of any hair care routine, specifically designed to reduce unwanted warm tones in gray, blonde, or bleached hair. This powerful purple shampoo works by neutralizing yellow and brassy hues that can make your hair appear dull and muddy, while simultaneously strengthening the strands with boosted hydration. 

It’s also infused with Vitamins B6 and E for improved shine and softness as well as a signature fragrance blend of mandarin, florals, amber woody musk for a delightful scent. Use Matrix’s So Silver Purple Shampoo to achieve beautiful silver locks that look lusciously healthy.

Hair type: All | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: As needed | Size: 10.1 oz

Best for lasting results
Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo

What we love

  • Protects your color
  • Leaves a noticeable cool tone
  • Sulfate-free

What we don’t love

  • Can be drying with daily use

Redken Color Extend Blondage Shampoo is designed to cleanse and protect blonde hair from the aggressive effects of hard water and continuous exposure to daily pollutants. This powerful shampoo helps preserve colors in both natural and highlighted shades while simultaneously restoring moisture levels, increasing softness, delivering brilliance, and providing essential antioxidant protection against color-fading free radicals. 

Designed with an ultra-rich formula that nourishes the hair fiber, Color Extend Blondage Shampoo leaves strands looking vibrant for longer while leaving a luxurious lather that rinses quickly without any residue or build up. Pair with Color Extend Blondage Conditioner.

Hair type: Color-treated | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: As needed | Size: 10.1 oz

Best for coily and curly hair
SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo

What we love

  • Rice water fortifies strands
  • Sulfate-free
  • Adds shine and softness

What we don’t love

  • Not for daily use

Calling all curly, kinky, and coily blondes. SheaMoisture’s Purple Rice Water Strength and Color Care Shampoo is designed to nourish colored hair while helping restore its vibrancy. This ultra-rich formula helps boost strength from roots to tips, while deeply moisturizing for softer strands with every wash. 

It’s packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals in order to preserve your color, as well as natural ingredients like purple rice water and certified organic shea butter which hydrate and add shine. Perfect for all shades of blonde or any color-treated hair, this shampoo gently cleanses without leaving behind any residue or build up, making it perfect for those looking to keep their locks healthy and vibrant.

Hair type: Color-treated | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: 1-2 times per week | Size: 13.5 oz

Best vegan
Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Shampoo

What we love

  • 100% vegan formula
  • UV protection
  • Floral, fruity scent

What we don’t love

  • Can dry out hair

Pureology Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair is a vegan-friendly shampoo that is specifically formulated to keep blonde hair looking vibrant and healthy. The formula helps neutralize unwanted yellow or brassy tones, while repairing damage to the hair.

It cleanses without stripping color, leaving behind a mirror-like shine with each use. Infused with Pureology’s signature AntiFade Complex®, this purple shampoo delivers ultimate protection against color fading —  ideal for any shade of blonde. Plus, its luxurious lather ensures maximum satisfaction every time you wash your hair. Pair with Strength Cure Blonde Conditioner.

Hair type: Damaged | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: As needed | Size: 9 fl oz

Best budget
Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo

What we love

  • Works on blonde, gray, or silver hair
  • Balances brunette colors
  • Good for all hair types

What we don’t love

  • Strong scent

Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Shampoo is the perfect solution for anyone looking to quickly refresh their hair color. The shampoo and conditioner are enriched with hydrolyzed proteins and extracts to provide a deep and delicate cleansing of your scalp while restoring essential vitamins and nutrients into each strand of hair. It helps get rid of brassiness from gray, lightened or blonde-tinted hair in just one use, leaving you feeling more confident about your look. 

This product also hydrates as it conditions to leave behind soft, shiny locks that radiate with natural-looking highlights. With Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Shampoo & Conditioner, you can easily bring back vibrancy to even the most lackluster tresses. Pair with Clairol’s Shimmer Lights Conditioner.

Hair type: All | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: 2 times per week | Size: 8 fl oz

Best for dry or damaged hair
Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo

What we love

  • For blondes, grays, and silvers
  • All hair textures, 1-4C
  • Sulfate-free

What we don’t love

  • Recommended usage can vary

Amika’s Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Repair Shampoo is designed to repair and protect blondes from brassiness. This product is paraben-free, sulfate-free and packed with ingredients like mango butter extract, vegan proteins, borage oil, and omegas.

The shampoo also contains ultra-violet pigments which helps lock in the cool tones of blonde hair while bond cure technology protects each strand for easy styling. With continued use, you’ll notice the product restoring vibrancy and luminosity for gorgeous strands from root to tip. Pair with Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Repair Conditioner.

Hair type: All | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: Every other wash depending on hair type | Size: 9.2 fl oz

Best for fine hair
Kerastase Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo

What we love

  • Volumizing formula
  • Cruelty-free
  • Hyaluronic acids neutralizes tone

What we don’t love

  • Contains sulfates

The Kerastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet is a purple shampoo specifically formulated for blondes who want to have luminous hair. Infused with a blend of hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower extract, this shampoo also provides nourishment and hydration to the hair. These ingredients help to strengthen and protect the hair fibers, promoting softness, smoothness, and overall hair health.

Ideal for those seeking to maintain a beautiful and cool blonde, the Kerastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet delivers exceptional results for many users, transforming dull and brassy hair into a voluminous and vibrant blonde.

Hair type: All | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: Once weekly depending on your hair type | Size: 8.5 fl oz

Best for platinum hair
Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury

What we love

  • Plant-based
  • Added shine
  • 86% natural origin ingredients

What we don’t love

  • Can be drying without conditioner

The Klorane Centaury Shampoo is a gentle and effective solution specially designed for gray, white, and silver hair. This unique shampoo harnesses the natural properties of Centaury extract, known for its anti-yellowing benefits, to revive and enhance the beauty of gray hair.

Klorane Centaury Shampoo is enriched with a gentle and nourishing base, ensuring that the hair is left feeling soft, smooth, and manageable. It helps to improve the overall texture and shine of the hair, promoting a healthy and vibrant look.This shampoo is free from parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals, making it suitable for even the most sensitive scalps. Pair with Klorane Anti-Yellowing Conditioner with Centaury.

Hair type: All | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: Daily or as needed | Size: 13.5 fl oz

Best for hightlights
Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo

What we love

  • Brightens natural highlights
  • Adds softness and sheen
  • Conditions

What we don’t love

  • Very pigmented, requires a lot of rinsing

Formulated with a blend of natural brighteners and violet pigments, Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo effectively neutralizes brassy tones and revitalizes blonde hues, ensuring a radiant and luminous look. Whether you have natural, color-treated, or highlighted blonde hair, this shampoo works wonders in preserving the vibrancy and clarity of your color. 

The shampoo contains a unique blend of natural extracts, including lychee, edelweiss flower, and watermelon, which provide antioxidant protection, defend against environmental stressors, and moisturize the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and more manageable.

The Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo is also enriched with Oribe’s Signature Complex, a potent blend of ingredients that helps to protect the hair from damage, maintain its health, and prevent color fading. The formula is free from sulfates, parabens, and harsh chemicals, making it safe and gentle for daily use. Pair with Bright Blonde Conditioner For Beautiful Color.

Hair type: All | Formula: Liquid | Recommended use: Daily | Size: 13.5 fl oz

Be blonde, not brassy

As our overall pick, Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo stands out as an exceptional choice to transform your hair. With its specialized purple pigments, this shampoo effectively counteracts unwanted brassiness and yellow tones, restoring the hair’s vibrancy and coolness. Moreover, the Olaplex brand is renowned for its advanced bond-building technology, which helps to repair and strengthen damaged hair, leaving it healthier and more resilient. 

Though it’s our go-to product, all of our featured products are great for anyone looking to revitalize their locks and showcase the full potential of their blondeness.

How to pick the right purple shampoo and conditioners for you

Purple shampoos and conditioners are specifically formulated to neutralize brassiness, maintain cool tones, and enhance the vibrancy of blonde hair. Just like with shopping for any of the best shampoos or conditioners, it’s always recommended to read reviews, while considering your hair type and specific needs.

That being said, there are factors that you can consider on your own to pick the right purple shampoo to use at home.

Hair color

  • Platinum. Purple shampoo is meant to combat yellow and brassy tones. Those with platinum hair may benefit from a shampoo and conditioner specifically for platinum hair.
  • Golden. If your have blonde, golden blonde, or even darker blonde hues, you can focus more on your hair type and ingredients. There are a wide range of purple shampoos that you can pick from!
  • Grey. Even if often marketed toward blondes, purple shampoos are great for grey hair too! Grey hair can also start to yellow, and the violet tones help keep grey/silver hair vibrant.

Hair type

  • Frizzy. For frizzy hair types, consider lathering your hair with a smoothing and moisturizing formula.
  • Damaged. If your blonde hair is damaged, from things like overbleaching or otherwise, you’ll want a product that repairs. 
  • Textured. If you have curly, coily, or kinky hair, you’ll want purple shampoos and conditioners that nourish rather than dry out your hair. 


  • Argan oil. Argan oil is extremely nourishing for your blonde tresses. You also get a great shine, so this is an ingredient to look for. 
  • Keratin amino acids. Keratin is an ingredient you want to have in your purple shampoo. It helps with split ends, repairs strands, and also fights frizzyness. 
  • Sulfates. Sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are ingredients to avoid at all costs. They are used to create more of a lather, but they can cause irritation, strip your hair of moisture, and also make your color fade.


What purple shampoo does Kim Kardashian use? 

Kim Kardashian has long been a supporter of the Olaplex brand. She likely uses our #1 overall purple shampoo, Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo. 

What purple shampoo do hairdressers use?

The specific purple shampoo used by hairdressers depends on their personal preferences. However, we’ve seen products like Olaplex No.4P, Redken Color Extend Blondage, and Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet on salon shelves.  

Is purple or blue shampoo better for gray hair?

It depends. Purple shampoo is typically recommended for hair with yellow or brassy undertones. Gray hair can sometimes develop yellowish tones due to environmental factors or natural oxidation. Purple shampoo contains violet pigments that help neutralize and counteract the yellow tones, leaving the hair looking brighter and cooler.

Blue shampoo, on the other hand, is primarily used to counteract orange or brassy tones in the hair. If your gray hair tends to have orange or warm undertones, using a blue shampoo can help minimize those unwanted tones, making the hair appear cooler and more silvery.