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How To Manifest a Month Filled With Happiness, According to the Manifestation Queen

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Mental visualization, meditation, and finding appreciation can ultimately improve your life. 

Everyone is in search of happiness. Although not everyone shares the same definition of happiness, we believe it’s safe to say that we’re all searching for positivity and peace in our daily lives. According to Brigham Young University, the four pillars of happiness are “loving and engaged relationships, a sense of purpose, an attitude of optimism, and a connection to spirituality.”

The latter may explain why many people have turned to manifestation to reach these pillars that may sometimes seem out of reach. Manifestation is the spiritual practice of bringing what we need into reality through mental visualization, meditation, and finding appreciation for even the smallest of things.

The term has seen a spike in recent years, with the rise in popularity of TikTokers highlighting the benefits of manifesting their biggest dreams through vision boards, affirmations, and other empowering self-care practices.

We spoke to Roxie Nafousi — also known as the “Manifestation Queen” — to get her tips on manifesting a month filled with happiness. We were impressed to learn that manifesting happiness is something you can begin from the comfort of your home.

Make a vision board

A vision board is a perfect place to start your manifesting journey. When creating your vision board, it’s important to get clarity on what you want and need. This will take contemplation and deep soul searching. To make your vision boarding exercise an exciting and sacred experience, be vulnerable and courageous with your dreams.

Repeat affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool to help us send positive messages to our subconscious, which can instantly change how we feel. Every morning, start your day by repeating one of these affirmations five times: “I am worthy of all the abundance the universe has to offer” or “I am ready to receive abundance.”

Keep a journal

Person holding a cup of coffee and looking at a journal

Committing to a habit of daily journaling is essential because it’s a powerful tool to help you get your thoughts onto paper. The goal is to let go of your worries from the day, self-reflect, and understand how you’re feeling without fearing judgment. Whether every morning or every evening, carve out quiet time to self-reflect. If you struggle with writer’s block, find journal prompts online to inspire you.

Practice gratitude

Manifesting isn’t just about reaching new goals; it’s also about making the best out of our lives. Every night write down three positive things that happened throughout the day, whether big or small. For example, it could be as small as “my coffee tasted delicious” or as pivotal as “I was proud that I overcame a challenging situation.”

Choose to be happy

While we understand that happiness is subjective, we’re confident that using these suggestions from Nafousi will simplify the process of achieving your goals. Additionally, establishing a wellness routine that works with your daily schedule — whether consistently practicing hot yoga or soaking yourself in a milk bath — will ensure that your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being are your top priorities.