Trends » Kayali Launches Limited-Edition Fragrance Perfect for the Holiday Season

Kayali Launches Limited-Edition Fragrance Perfect for the Holiday Season

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Kayali Perfume (Huda Beauty’s sister brand) introduced the world to its 11th fragrance in the collection on Nov. 16. With notes of Vanilla, Crème Brûlée, Sugared Patchouli, Brown Sugar, and Royal Oud, among other enticing scents, the new Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli | 64 Eau de Parfum Intense promises to help wearers feel like the most royal version of themselves during the holiday season. 

We spoke to Founder Mona Kattan to find out why she dubbed the new drop the “Boujee Big Sister” to the brand’s Vanilla | 28, which has been a cult favorite since its debut in 2018.

“From the very first spritz, you’re getting super rich and intense notes,” Kattan said of the beast mode notes featured in the new fragrance. “It exudes sexiness and sophistication with a touch of mystery.”

Below, learn more about the new fragrance that Kattan described as bolder and more intense than Vanilla | 28.

What’s Vanilla Royale?

The luxury experience begins with a beautiful gold bottle with an artistically designed jeweled cap that commands attention. “This gorgeous all-gold bottle screams opulence,” Kattan explained.

Inspired by Kattan’s obsession with gourmand fragrances, Vanilla Royale takes vanilla to the next level with its richness and intensity. “I call Vanilla | 28’s ‘Boujee Big Sister’ because that’s what it smells like — super sexy and rich. It’s captivating,” she revealed enthusiastically.

What does Vanilla Royale smell like?

If Kattan could describe the aroma in one word, it would be “sexy.”

“It’s super difficult to get a feel for what a fragrance smells like without actually getting to test it out in person,” she said regarding her experiences shopping for fragrances online. She suggested examining the notes of the fragrance to see if anything resonates with your scent profile. “If you’re a vanilla lover looking for a more intense, beast-mode fragrance, then Vanilla Royale is something you should try!” 

While fragrance sits on everyone’s skin differently, our analysis of the fragrance would be a spiced vanilla scent that’s the perfect balance between slightly woodsy and subtly sweet. 

When’s the best time to wear it?

Kattan said the new scent could work for any occasion or event. She loves it for a night out with her spouse. “All eyes will be on you if you enter a room wearing this scent! I love this scent at night, like a special event or date night with my husband. Depending on my mood, I’ll wear it alone or layer it with another fragrance to add a different twist.”

Layering Vanilla Royale 

Vanilla Royale is great, but it’s even better when layered, thanks to its versatility. “You can use it to play up the sophistication of a floral fragrance or intensify other gourmand fragrances,” the founder explained before she recommended pairing Vanilla Royale with Vanilla | 28 to “create a perfect blend of sweetness with a touch of wood and patchouli.” 

The fragrance can also be layered with the recent Lovefest Burning Cherry | 48. “The rich notes of Vanilla Royale and the luscious fruitiness of Lovefest Burning Cherry blend to create a hypnotic combination,” Kattan dished.

How long does the Kayali fragrance last?

Vanilla Royale is an Eau de Parfum Intense, which means it has a strong scent that’ll linger on your skin and clothes for an extended period. To make it last longer, Kattan highly suggests moisturizing before applying the fragrance and spritzing on your pulse points: the insides of your wrists, elbows, and nape of your neck.

We’re certainly adding to our holiday shopping list of must-haves for our besties! The limited-edition Kayali Vanilla Royale Sugared Patchouli | 64 fragrance is available to shop at and Sephora.