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Krystal Vega Says Her Skincare Routine Is a Lifestyle

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At Glowsly, we love good dewy skin tips, but we’re more interested in products and ingredients that transform your skin, fads to avoid, and everything in between. What Makes Me Glow explores the truth about influencers, founders, and celebrities who have dealt with the challenges of customizing and evolving their skincare regimen as their skin changes.

Multimedia journalist Krystal Vega never lets her hectic schedule hinder her skincare routine. As a TV Host, Vega’s day starts with early mornings in the glam chair to look her best when she makes appearances on networks like Complex, BET, and Telemundo. 

That, coupled with her position as the co-founder of Fortune & Forks, a resource organization that actively works to build a community for ambitious women of color, makes her day-to-day packed. 

When she isn’t taking over our TV screens or social media timelines with her warm radiance or sparking conversations surrounding cultural similarities, she prioritizes her skincare routine to maintain her glow. Ahead, learn more about her skin, the best advice she’s ever received, and her favorite treatment when she visits the aesthetician.

Glowsly: Everyone has something they want to address with their skincare routine. Is there anything you try to enhance or minimize?

Krystal Vega: My skin is pretty simple — not oily or dry — but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed an eczema patch on my face that gets irritated when I use certain products. I’m currently figuring out what products I should avoid for my sensitive areas while learning what works best to soothe my eczema patch.

What inspired you to delve into skincare? 

Skincare is something my mother instilled in my brain from a young age. She always encouraged me to take care of my skin and keep it moisturized, so it’s more of a lifestyle for me.

What skincare step do you avoid skipping?

I never skip taking off my makeup at night and moisturizing my skin. I’d feel terrible and parched if I skipped either of those two [steps].

What’s your favorite treatment when you visit the aesthetician?

My favorite treatment to get from an aesthetician is extractions. I love removing all the buildup and dirt from my pores.

What’s the best skincare advice you’ve ever received?

Do what’s best for YOUR skin. I’m sure it was an aesthetician who gave me this advice. While it’s simple, it still created an aha moment for me. We’re often trying to force our skin to align with products because we like the marketing, but the products don’t necessarily work for us — even though they may work for someone else. Understanding that my skin is specific and unique has stopped me from spending unnecessary money and encouraged me to look at more ingredients.