Makeup » 19 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors in 2021: Mirror Lights for Makeup

19 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors in 2021: Mirror Lights for Makeup

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  • Location, lighting, temperature, brightness, magnification, and your budget are the aspects to consider when choosing the best makeup mirror with lights.
  • Natural light is the best lighting for makeup application.
  • LEDs are the best mirror lights for makeup application since they closely reproduce the natural light color spectrum.
Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights

For most of us, we first began applying makeup in the bathroom, standing up in front of our bathroom vanity mirrors. And while this certainly works, it’s not always the most comfortable. And let’s be honest, bathroom lighting isn’t always the greatest for makeup applications. So, especially if you’re a serious makeup enthusiast, you decided to transition your makeup station from the bathroom to your bedroom.

And that means that you’re going to need a lighted makeup mirror that illuminates your face and is large enough that you’re not struggling to see your entire face in the reflection. With that in mind, we’ve done some sleuthing and scoured the Internet to find the best mirror lights for makeup for a variety of needs.

Lighted Makeup Mirror Guide: Contents

19 Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights to Try

While everyone’s needs are different, we’ve checked out a range of lighted makeup mirrors that are perfect for travel and at-home use, whether in your bedroom or bathroom. Keep reading for our top picks!

1. Best Inexpensive Travel Mirror: Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to apply makeup in a hotel bathroom with questionable lighting. Regardless of whether you’re staying in a luxury suite or a modest room, hotel bathroom lighting is notoriously bad. This Fancii 10X magnifying lighted makeup mirror is designed with three major features that make it perfect for travel.

This lighted mirror offers daylight LED that’s ideal for makeup application. A compact design that measures 6.5 inches wide makes this perfect to slip into your carry-on or even in your purse. And this battery-operated mirror means that you won’t need to worry about outlet compatibility – especially if you’re traveling abroad.

We also like that the mirror can rotate a full 360 degrees, meaning that you’ll never struggle to get the perfect angle. And finally, the powerful suction feature means you can position this portable lighted makeup mirror into any angle for the perfect makeup application. Buy it on Amazon!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

2. Best Temperature Customization: AirExpect Makeup Mirror with Lights

Even if you don’t aspire to be the next social media beauty guru, you know that lighting matters. And specifically, we’re talking about temperature control. If you’ve ever noticed how some white lights appeared cool or bluish while others appear warm or yellow, that change in color is caused by temperature. And for some people, they prefer to apply their makeup with a warmer or cooler light effect.

We think you’ll like the AirExpect makeup mirror vanity because you can choose between three color temperatures – white, yellow, and a white/yellow mix – and a dimmer to adjust the brightness. Aside from the lighting customization, you’ll like that this large fold-out vanity features four mirrors, three of which offer a magnification ranging from 1X to 3X.

This is the best makeup mirror that also swivels up to 90 degrees to give you the perfect angle and features built-in storage in the base for your makeup essentials. And as is similar to many of the lighted mirror vanities on our list, this model is also battery powered with the option to charge it via USB. Find it through Amazon!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: AirExpect Makeup Mirror with Lights

3. Best Rotating: Easehold Makeup Mirror with Lights

We think you’re going to like the Easehold lighted makeup mirror primarily because of the angle control you can achieve. While this might not sound impressive, this important feature can come in handy if you prefer for your makeup mirrors to be in a vertical position instead of the horizontal layout, which tends to be popular.

This tri-fold vanity mirror offers dual angled positioning with a mirror that can be tilted 90 degrees up and down, as well as 180 degrees from right to left. And this means that you can completely rotate this mirror between horizontal and vertical positions. The LEDs in this vanity emit a soft natural light but you can adjust the brightness.

Additionally, you’ll like the five mirrors that feature one large standard reflection, and four magnifying mirrors that range from 1X to 10X. You’ll also like the included storage tray in the base, and the choice to power your vanity mirror with either batteries or USB. But if you do have to travel, you can detach the mirror from the base, making it a great travel-friendly option. Choose from four colors available on Amazon to best match your personality!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Easehold Makeup Mirror with Lights

4. Best Classic: Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you prefer a classic aesthetic either on your bathroom vanity or in your bedroom, the Conair makeup mirror with lights is a great contender. This heritage beauty brand offers you a straightforward solution in a sleek design that will never look dated or “of the moment”.

You’ll like that this vanity mirror features two magnifications – 1X and 7X – that are easily accessed thanks to the 360-degree swiveling action. Both sides are lit with LEDs, and you can adjust the brightness with a touch of the button on the base, toggling between high and low brightness.

While this is battery-operated, we don’t feel that it’s travel-friendly because of the design. However, it offers classic countertop appeal that blends in nicely with any decor style. Get one for yourself on Amazon now!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Conair Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

5. Best Budget Touch Screen: Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

While there are plenty of pricy mirror lights for makeup on the market, it’s not a prerequisite to spend a lot of money to find a quality lighted makeup mirror. The Bestope vanity mirror is a stylish solution that gives you all of the core features you’ve come to expect from a 21st-century vanity mirror without the excessive markup.

You’ll like that this tri-fold makeup mirror features four mirrors, with three of them offering magnification from 1X to 3X. But you’ll also enjoy that these mirrors are constructed from high definition glass for a clearer and more enhanced image that makes applying makeup easier.

The LED lights can be controlled through the touch screen dimmer, and you’ll like that you can rotate the mirror up and down 180 degrees. And like other models in our roundup, this one also offers two power sources – AAA batteries or USB. It can be found online on Amazon.

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Bestope Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights

6. Best Compact Tri-Fold: Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Tri-fold lighted makeup mirrors are ideal for home use but aren’t always best for travel because transporting them can be difficult. The Jerdon tri-fold vanity mirror solves that problem because of its compact size. When completely folded, this mirror measures less than four inches thick and is only slightly longer than one foot.

But beyond the small footprint, you’ll like that you get three mirrors – two of which have a 1X and 5X magnification. You’ll also be able to adjust the LEDs with four presets designed optimized for use during the daytime, at the office, at night, and home.

The only drawback we found with this model is that it requires electricity. So, if you do travel abroad with this vanity mirror, you’ll need to bring an adapter. Get it online through Amazon!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

7. Best Affordable Magnifying: Vimdiff 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights

If all you need to enhance your makeup application is a magnifying mirror, then it doesn’t make sense to purchase a comprehensive vanity mirror set that comes with as many as five different magnifications. The Vimdiff LED makeup mirror is a simplified option that we think is perfect for the makeup lover who just needs an add-on mirror.

The 10X mirror features a diffused LED outer ring for clearer visibility and a suction cup base with a 360-degree rotating swivel. So that feature, along with it being battery-powered, also makes this vanity mirror ideal for travel. Note though, that you don’t have the option to power this mirror via USB. You can find this one on Amazon, too.

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Vimdiff 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with Lights

8. Best Flexible Magnifying: Kedsum Flexible Gooseneck 10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Once again, if you already have a fairly robust vanity station in your home, you’re not going to need to buy a comprehensive vanity lighting system that features multiple mirrors with varying levels of magnification. But, you may find that from time to time, specific beauty tasks, like grooming your brows or applying individual lashes, require enhanced magnification so you can be precise. We think the Kedsum Flexible Gooseneck lighted makeup mirror is going to be a smart bet for that specific consumer.

The biggest draw with this battery-powered magnifying mirror is the flexible 11.5-inch gooseneck, which gives you the freedom to position the mirror in any manner that you choose. Likewise, the actual mirror can be rotated 360 degrees. And the suction cup base makes it possible to place this mirror on any smooth surface. The small size (6.8-inch diameter) also makes this a travel-friendly option if you find that magnification is the only thing missing when you’re on the road. Get it through Amazon!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Kedsum Flexible Gooseneck 10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

9. Best Diffused Tri-Fold: Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror

Lighting is everything when it comes to a quality vanity mirror. And one of the biggest draws with the Beautyworks lighted makeup mirror is that the LED lighting is diffused. This can be especially helpful because it creates a softer focus effect that best mimics natural light, helping you to nail that perfect “no makeup” makeup look.

Diffuser aside, the Beautyworks vanity mirror is fairly competitive with the other tri-fold lighted makeup mirrors on our list. You’ll get four mirrors – three with a magnification ranging from 1X to 3X, a 180-degree swivel, a base with built-in storage, and the ability to power your lighted mirror either with batteries or via USB. Pick it up online on Amazon!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Beautyworks Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror

10. Best Hands-Free: Simplehuman Eight Inch Sensor Makeup Mirror with Brightness Control

No matter how clean you are, it’s so easy to transfer makeup onto various surfaces – like vanity mirrors. Simplehuman has created a smart solution with its Sensor Makeup Mirror. To turn the light on or off, all you need to do is walk up to the mirror. Thanks to wireless technology, the light will immediately illuminate when it senses a person in front of it. And rather than putting fingerprints on your mirror, the brightness controls are on the back of the mirror.

You’ll also enjoy the 5x magnification and the fact that this lighted makeup mirror is also adjustable so you can always get the right angle for whatever beauty task you need to tackle. Plus, this is a somewhat travel-friendly mirror since it’s cordless and rechargeable via USB. Available in four finishes on Nordstrom, we think this is the perfect solution for the modern makeup lover.

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Simplehuman Eight Inch Sensor Makeup Mirror with Brightness Control

11. Best High-Tech: iHome 7″ x 9″ Reflect iCVBT2 Adjustable Vanity Mirror

Who wouldn’t want a vanity mirror that could pull double duty? The iHome lighted makeup mirror is perfect for the makeup lover who looks at her makeup time as self-care – something that should be done slowly for enjoyment. And in that case, that type of shopper would want a vanity mirror that, in addition to providing optimal lighting, could also supply other features, like Bluetooth connectivity.

Thanks to this innovative mirror, you can also charge your smartphone, play music with the built-in speaker, or answer phone calls while you apply makeup. You’ll also like that this makeup mirror supports Siri and Google Now. And even if you’re not a Bluetooth fan, the built-in aux-in line makes it possible to still play music directly from an external source.

You’ll also enjoy the hands-free mic and volume. For the actual lighted mirror, we like that the LEDs are diffused and that you can use the easy touch buttons to control the brightness. Get this smart makeup mirror on Amazon today!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: iHome 7" x 9" Reflect iCVBT2 Adjustable Vanity Mirror

12. Best Mounted Magnifying: Ovente Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Most of the magnifying makeup mirrors that we’ve included in our roundup have been portable models – options that can be moved from room to room or taken on the road. But if you want to permanently mount a magnifying mirror, we think you’re going to like the Ovente vanity mirror.

This classic design features a mounting post for a secure hold and swivel arms to shift your magnifying mirror out of the way when not in use. Much like many of the other mirror lights for makeup, this option features a diffused LED light on both sides, giving you the freedom to choose between two magnification levels.

Note that there are two different models for this mirror, a 1X/7X magnification or a 1X/10X alternative. Choose between three finishes to best match your bathroom decor. However, note that the LEDs are powered by AAA batteries. So, we recommend investing in rechargeable batteries. You can find all the options on Amazon.

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Ovente Wall Mounted Vanity Makeup Mirror

13. Best Detachable Magnifying: Fancii LED Makeup Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror with additional magnifying mirrors isn’t necessarily unique. But we like this particular Fancii LED makeup mirror because, in addition to giving you temperature controls, you also get a removable 15X magnifying mirror.

This is ideal as one of the biggest complaints we saw from the bulk of the other vanity mirrors with built-in side by side magnifying mirrors was that people found it distracting and disorienting while trying to use the main mirror to apply makeup. So, having the freedom to remove the magnifying mirror is a huge upgrade.

Aside from that, you’ll like that you can toggle between warm, neutral, and daylight LED presets as well as control the brightness levels. This model also features a 180-degree swivel for up and down and left to right controls so that you can use the mirror in horizontal or vertical positioning.

And like many of the other mirror lights for makeup in our guide, this vanity mirror also includes a storage tray in the base and gives you the option of powering it through either batteries or USB. Get it through Amazon today!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Fancii LED Makeup Vanity Mirror

14. Best Budget Removable: Waneway 12-Inch Screen Makeup Mirror

No one should feel like they can’t get the perfect makeup application just because they need to be price-conscious. If you liked the features on the Fancii mirror with removable magnification but felt it was out of your budget, the Waneway makeup mirror with 24 LED lights is a worthy alternative.

While the Waneway option isn’t as feature-heavy as Fancii’s (lacks diffuser, temperature control or USB charging), you’ll still enjoy the removable 10x magnifying mirror, dimmer controls, built-in storage in the base and a 360-degree swivel for up and down and 90-degree vertical versus horizontal positioning. Find it online on Amazon!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Waneway 12-Inch Screen Makeup Mirror

15. Best Warm Lighted: Conair 3-Way Touch Control Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Even though most makeup experts will recommend that you avoid using yellowish lighting to apply makeup, that doesn’t mean that some people won’t prefer a warmer or yellower light when they apply makeup. If you prefer warmer lighting, then this Conair makeup mirror is going to be your friend. Whereas most lighted makeup mirrors don’t default with warm light, this incandescent diffused lighted vanity does.

Switch between two magnifications, 1X or 7X, depending on your needs. You’ll also like that the controls are all located in the base, with three brightness levels. While we liked the fog-free nature of this mirror that made it perfect for use in the bathroom, the one drawback is that this is a corded vanity mirror. It’s available online on Amazon.   

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Conair 3-Way Touch Control Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

16. Best Budget Compact: Hotlife LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

We’ve covered a lot of tabletop lighted vanity mirrors that claim a level of travel-friendly portability. But the bulk of the other lighted makeup mirrors we’ve featured aren’t truly ideal for travel. The Hotlife LED vanity mirror makes this possible by creating a lighted compact folding mirror with a slim profile that can be slipped into your purse or carry-on.

We like that the LEDs are dimmable and that you can achieve a 330-degree swivel to turn this into a standing mirror. And you’ll still enjoy two magnification levels – 1X and 2X. Note that this is a battery-powered LED compact mirror, but that the batteries are included. Pick it up online on Amazon!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Hotlife LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

17. Best Glamour: Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror

Most of the mirror lights for makeup we’ve highlighted have been somewhat smaller options that are foldable or portable. But if you’ve always wanted to create the ultimate vanity table, you need a serious mirror with countertop appeal. The Waneway lighted vanity mirror is designed to make a statement – which is that makeup is life, not a hobby for you.

This vintage-style lighted makeup mirror channels Old Hollywood with 12 large LED bulbs and its overall large footprint (14.5 inches wide by 19 inches tall). But we also love that this reasonably priced large tabletop mirror gives you the ability to switch between temperatures, as well as control the brightness. This model also features a memory function, so you won’t need to constantly adjust the lighting every time you power it on. Get it online through Amazon!

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror

18. Best Diffused Compact LED Mirror: Fancii Compact Makeup Mirror with Natural LED Lights

In case you can’t tell, we’re big fans of diffusers for LEDs mainly because diffusers help to soften and don’t create harsh angles or shadows when you’re applying makeup. So, if you want a diffused LED compact when you’re on the go, the Fancii lighted makeup mirror is the perfect solution.

This handheld compact features 1X and 10X magnification and can be recharged via USB. You’ll also like that the lighting is preset to natural LEDs for more realistic applications. The only drawback we found with this LED compact mirror is that as compared to the Hotlife compact, this model cannot be inverted into a standing mirror. You can find it on Amazon, too.

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: Fancii Compact Makeup Mirror with Natural LED Lights

19. Best Smart Mirror: HiMirror Mini 32G:Beauty Mirror

If you are looking for the best makeup mirror with superpowers, look no further! The HiMirror Mini is a multi-tasking lighted makeup mirror that can also analyze your skin through its advanced technology, helping you track how your skincare products improve your overall appearance.

It still offers great lighting for makeup application thanks to its LED lights with 5 preset scenarios, as well as 3X zoom ratios. In addition, you can stay connected while applying makeup, using Alexa, browsing your Spotify account, or following an online YouTube makeup tutorial. Get this cool lighted makeup mirror on Amazon today!  

Best Makeup Mirrors with Lights: HiMirror Mini 32G:Beauty Mirror

How to Choose the Right Lighted Makeup Mirror for You

So, how do you know which lighted makeup mirror is best for your needs? With so many options – even in our roundup – it can feel overwhelming and intimidating to pick the “right” one. There are several factors that you should consider so that you find a vanity mirror that you won’t need to upgrade after just a few months of use.


Where do you plan to create your makeup space? Will it be at a dedicated table, or will you be using part of your bathroom vanity? Knowing how much space you have to work with will directly dictate the type of lighted makeup mirror you choose.

The bulk of the models in our shopping guide have smaller footprints – many of which can be folded or angled down as a space-saving measure. If your work area is going to be limited, focus on smaller mirrors. But if you have the freedom to occupy an entire desk or table, go ahead and splurge on a larger tabletop vanity mirror.


Hands down, proper (or improper!) lighting can directly impact how your makeup looks. Using a light that’s too harsh or is at the wrong angle can change how you apply your makeup. The wrong mirror lights for makeup can have you applying too much foundation or shadow, only to look “overdone” when you walk outside into natural light.

Wherever possible, it’s best to position your makeup station near a window. Even if you’re working with lighted makeup mirrors, the natural light from outside will help to give you a more realistic view of how your makeup will look when you go outside.

How to Choose Lighted Makeup Mirrors

While natural light is always considered the best lighting source for makeup application, makeup experts recommend opting for LEDs if you need to supplement lighting. LED lighting more closely mimics natural light as opposed to incandescent (traditional) light bulbs.


You’ll note that on select lighted makeup mirrors, we highlighted whether or not you could control the temperature. When we talk about lighting and temperature, we’re not referencing whether the actual bulbs are hot – although that is important. We’re talking about whether the light being emitted is more white (cool) or yellow (warm).

Generally speaking, for makeup application, warm light is not considered ideal because it can create weird illusions that could make you apply too much or too little makeup. However, if you know that you will be spending a lot of time in places that are primarily lit with warm lights, then having a lighted makeup mirror that can be adjusted to warmer settings can help you create the perfect look no matter what lighting you’ll face.


Just like with temperature, the wrong brightness or illumination level of your vanity mirror can affect your makeup application. You’ll see that the majority of the lighted makeup mirrors in our roundup are dimmable, helping you to get an accurate view of your face as you apply makeup.

How to Choose Makeup Mirror with Lights


This is an optional feature that not everyone might need – but there are benefits to selecting a lighted makeup mirror that features additional magnification. Specifically, if you’re trying to groom your brows or create a very precise eye look like a cut crease, higher magnification can be essential. There is a wide range of options on the market, even as shown in our guide. Magnification can range from 2X to as high as 15X.


While the majority of the vanity mirrors in our roundup are very affordable, the reality is that there are mirrors for every budget. And as you’ll note on our list, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice on function if your budget is more modest.

However, if you are looking for a lighted makeup mirror that has more bells and whistles such as Bluetooth connectivity or just a larger footprint, then you should expect to spend more into the luxury price range.

How to Choose Vanity Mirrors

What’s the Best (and Worst) Lighting for Makeup Application?

Earlier, we briefly touched on why temperature and lighting are important considerations when buying the right vanity mirror. But let’s dig deeper into why lighting matters so much.

Why Is Lighting Important?

The tl;dr answer is that lighting can act like a magic trick that either blurs or exaggerates imperfections. And while some of those tricks are great for softening texture when you’re taking pictures, they can make it harder to properly apply makeup so that it looks natural when you’re outside.

The temperature (color) that a light emits can change what you think you’re seeing. And naturally, impact how you apply your makeup. Bathroom lighting, in particular, is a common culprit of giving the impression that you applied your makeup properly, only to look completely different when you leave your home.

The Best Lighting for Makeup Application

We’ve already noted that if you can’t realistically apply makeup in natural (outside) light, then LEDs are the next best thing because it so closely reproduces the natural light color spectrum. So, even if you don’t opt for a vanity mirror, simply swapping out the bulbs in your bathroom from incandescent bulbs to LEDs can be very helpful.

Position Matters

It’s not enough to just swap out incandescent bulbs for LEDs. You also need to be mindful of their placement. Specifically, proper makeup lighting should face you head-on with no overhead angles. This guarantees that there are no shadows, and no chance of you trying to correct imperfections that aren’t there.

Best Lighting for Makeup Application

The Worst Lighting for Makeup Application

Many offending lights should be avoided if you’re specifically creating a makeup vanity – whether in your bathroom, bedroom, or a studio.

Fluorescent Lighting

As a general rule, avoid fluorescent lighting for makeup application. Just like in the dressing room, fluorescent lighting is not your friend and will lead you to apply more makeup than necessary to compensate for “imperfections” being highlighted that might not be there. Makeup errors, such as over-applying foundation, bronzer, and blush, are more likely to happen under fluorescent light because it washes you out.

Yellow Lighting

Yellow light is great for shaving, but for makeup, it’s a major no-no. Once again, it creates the illusion of imperfections – specifically dark circles and spots – leading to excessive concealer and powder use.

Pink Lighting

Whereas fluorescent and yellow lighting might exaggerate imperfections, a nice rosy light can make you think you need less makeup. While we’re not saying you need to slather it on thick, you also don’t want to leave the house with your makeup looking incomplete. Use pink lights for that perfect Instagram selfie, but stick to cool white light for makeup applications.

How to Choose Mirror Lights for Makeup

Overhead Lighting

Unless you want to see every line, wrinkle or imperfection magnified, avoid applying makeup under lighting positioned directly overhead. Overhead lighting creates weird shadows that can cause you to overcompensate with makeup when it’s not necessary.

Makeup Lighting Dos & Don’ts to Follow

Now that you know how to shop for the proper mirror lights for makeup and which lights to avoid, are there any other tips that can help you score the perfect makeup application? The answer is yes. It turns out that depending on the type of lighting you might encounter, you should switch up your product choice to create a flawless look in any light setting.

Midday Light Tends to Be the Harshest

Yes, the bulk of the daylight hours can be the least forgiving and most likely to highlight any flaws if you have them. And the more product you apply, the more texture you run the risk of creating.

• Opt for sheerer or more buildable complexion makeup, such as BBs, CCs, or even tinted moisturizers as opposed to full-coverage foundation.

• Be sparing with highlighter and skip bronzing or contour entirely.

Lighted Makeup Mirror Tips

Cloudy Days

Cloudy days are pretty forgiving because they create soft, diffused lighting that’s the most flattering. While you still shouldn’t be heavy-handed, these days are great for upping your look with a light contour and highlight.

• Pick foundations that are luminous or dewy and avoid matte finishes.

• Cloudy days are perfect for big dramatic lashes.

Soft Nighttime Lighting

If there was ever a light that was perfect for any makeup look, nighttime lighting, such as street lamps and exterior lights, is the answer. These lights pair well with almost any makeup application, especially bolder looks.

• Choose light-reflecting under-eye concealers.

• Apply contour gently.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is a tricky one, as this is a universally unflattering light source that casts shadows.

• Avoid matte finishes and choose dewy and luminous products to help bring life back to your features.

• Focus on accent makeup like blush and bronzer to infuse color.

Late Afternoon Lighting

Also known as “golden hour,” this includes anywhere from 3 PM to sunset and is considered universally flattering and forgiving for almost all makeup application techniques.

• Avoid heavy-handed applications of any face makeup.

Makeup Lighting Dos & Don'ts

Low Interior Lighting

This can include dimly lit restaurants or night venues like bars and clubs. These spaces are perfect if you want a “go bold or go home look,” as the darker lighting will complement those makeup looks that need to compensate for the generally minimal lighting.

• Avoid barely-there looks, as the darker lighting will make it appear as if you’re not wearing makeup at all.

• Highlight is best paired with low lighting because it helps to bring out key areas of your face.

• If you know you’re going to be spending time in low lighting, it’s okay to be a bit more heavy-handed in your application to counteract the minimal lighting and ensure your look is visible to others.

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