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Do Collagen Lip Masks Work? Benefits & How to Use

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Beautiful, moisturized lips are on everyone’s “want list” for obvious reasons, but what is the best way to achieve the perfect pout? Well, the tried and true moisturizing mask does wonders on other parts of skin, so naturally one specially formulated for the lips is the ideal choice, right? Whether you choose the DIY version or would rather pick up some that are ready-made and commercially tested, there are plenty of lip masks and lip gels to try.

Below, we discuss everything about lip masks, whether they are worth trying and how to properly use one. We’ll tackle whether or not collagen lip masks are better than others further into the article.

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How Do Lip Masks & Lip Gels Work?

Lip masks and lip gels work by infusing the lips with moisture through specially formulated treatments. Each ingredient in the treatment offers a benefit to your lips – so choosing the right lip mask is a matter of addressing the issues you are facing with your lips.

Some lip masks are designed to give you a plumper pucker, while others are designed to smooth lines. Nearly all lip masks are designed to provide deep moisture to your lips, and the great majority of these are gentle enough to use multiple times a week if not daily.

Gel lip masks take it a step further by putting the treatment into hydrogel masks that lay on your lips and lock in the heat in to help the ingredients penetrate further.

Lip masks have been popular in several Asian countries for years, especially that mecca of beauty and skin treatments: Korea. While it is not generally recommended to just order and go for safety reasons, if you are buying from a reputable brand that creates lip masks in sterile environments, you are likely to get good results.

How Do Lip Masks & Lip Gels Work?

Lip Masks and lip gels deeply hydrate your lips, which is really all most people need for their lips to be next level gorgeous and photo ready.

In many cases, lip masks that are worn overnight are some of the best, and gel lip masks are ideal as a lip prep. They smooth your lips out so well they act like an ideal primer.

When choosing your lip mask, pick one with oils and/ or vitamin E to help soften your lips, a humectant, which pulls in moisture, and if you looking for plumper lips – hyaluronic acid is the ingredient you want.

The Benefits of Using Collagen Lip Masks

Collagen lip masks have a reputation for being better because we all know about collagen’s anti-wrinkle and filling effect. However, aestheticians have been pointing out that collagen applied topically won’t do what you think. The molecules are too large to be absorbed with the other ingredients, but people like the concept so many of these lip masks will include collagen.

The ingredients that create a deep and visible effect are usually the extracts and oils. People have also been mistakenly identifying the tingle they feel in the treatments as the effect of the included collagen, but they are incorrect. The tingle is coming from the other ingredients working together to infuse your lips.

So, what exactly are the benefits of using collagen lip masks?

The Benefits of Using Collagen Lip Masks
  • They are designed to moisturize much more deeply than any lip balm, so you can use both the treatments and your lip balm less often. Some can be applied every day, but most are weekly or twice a week.
  • Ingredients like hyaluronic acid will help your lips look plumper and feel more moisturized. Because of the way the treatments work, you can maintain the look and feel longer.
  • The included extracts (which vary by mask) can soften and soothe dry and flaky lips as well as moisturize them. There are enough combinations out there that you can find what you want from avocado extract to cherry extract.
  • The results last all day and in some cases several days.
  • It is best to get a collagen lip mask that is larger than lips to allow the skin around your mouth to be hydrated as well.
  • They are fun to wear!
  • There are plenty to try!

How to Use Lip Masks?

As you have seen, there are a great number of different lip masks in different formulas and application methods. While they all aim to do the same thing, they are applied and worn differently. There are two main types of lip masks if you think about it, and they work the same way that conditioner does for your hair.

  1. Cleanse

    Use a gentle cleanser and exfoliator on your lips and make certain there is no lipstick or lip balm on them.

  2. Dry

    Dry your lips thoroughly – all masks must be applied on clean, dry lips.

  3. Apply the Lip Mask

    For the cream lip masks, spread it evenly on your lips and just a bit outside them, as the skin around your mouth can get dry as well.

    When applying a jelly lip mask, make certain to line the slit or hole in the center up to allow you to breathe, and choose a mask that is larger than your natural lips (be careful when you open the sachet so the liquid doesn’t spill out on you!)

  4. Remove It

    Remove the lip mask. Removal varies based on the type of mask you are using. The first type is the “leave-on” type of lip mask and the second is the “wipe off” type of lip mask. The leave-on type of mask generally includes the following:

    Overnight Masks: These you apply before bed and do not require being washed off. They treat the lips for dryness and flaking as you sleep, and you get to wake up with plumper, softer, more moisturized lips.

    Daily Lip Masks: These are usually applied like a thicker lip balm early in the day and they work like a deeply moisturizing primer.

    Jelly Lip Masks: These are not typically a daily option though they are great for prep for special occasion makeup. Gel and collagen lip masks are designed to fit over your lips and sit there while the treatment soaks in. They are technically supposed to seal in the heat from your lips as well as to help the treatment soak in. Once the timer goes off, you remove the jelly mask and rub or pat the rest of the treatment into your lips.

    “Wash-off” Lip Masks: These are usually clay or creamy lip masks. They go on pretty thick, and you let them sit for the given amount of time, typically about 20 to 45 minutes. You wash the mask off with a wet cloth or mild soap.

3 DIY Lip Masks That Work

When going the DIY route and making your own lip mask, look for one that includes honey, preferably raw honey. Honey is a humectant. Here are a few of our favorite DIY lip mask recipes, how to use them and why you’ll love them!

DIY Raw Honey Lip Mask

The simplest homemade lip mask you can use is natural, raw honey. Spread it on your lips using a spoon or makeup spatula and put a small bit of plastic over the lips. Let it sit for 15 minutes, peel off the plastic and wash the honey off with warm water.

The honey will leave your lips feeling hydrated and super soft. If you find any remaining honey, use a facial cleanser to clean it off.

3 DIY Lip Masks That Work

DIY Natural Plumping Lip Mask

This lip mask uses brown sugar to exfoliate your lips and get rid of any dead and flaky dry skin. Both sunflower and safflower oil have an omega 6-fatty acid known as linoleic acid that moisturizes lips and plumps them naturally. Honey is a humectant that draws in moisture, is antibacterial and nourishes lips.


  • 1 tsp sunflower or safflower oil
  • A pinch of brown sugar
  • T tbsp raw honey

Mix the oil and honey together and apply on and around your lips. Put a small piece of plastic over your coated lips and leave on for 5 minutes. Wash the DIY lip mask off with warm water.

DIY Soothing and Exfoliating Lip Mask

This lip mask uses the vitamins in kiwis to boost the health of your lips, lightly exfoliate and soften your lips. Kiwis have 5 times as much vitamin C as an orange, as well as vitamins A, E and K. The Greek yogurt soothes, and the cane sugar exfoliates.


  • 1 tsp. Greek yogurt
  • ¼ tsp. cane sugar
  • 1 slice of kiwi

Combine the sugar and yogurt. Mash in the kiwi slice evenly (not very chunky). Apply a thick layer to the lips and cover with a bit of plastic wrap. Let the mask sit on for 5 minutes. Rinse the mask off with warm water.

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