Skincare » LOOPS’ Dream Sleep Hydrogel Mask Took My ‘Beauty Sleep’ To The Next Level

LOOPS’ Dream Sleep Hydrogel Mask Took My ‘Beauty Sleep’ To The Next Level

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K-beauty trends have significantly impacted the beauty industry in recent years. Aurora nails, double cleansing, and utilizing the healing properties of snail mucin are just a few of the beauty trends from Korea that’ve taken the world by storm.

Another popular skincare technique that’s received buzz in recent years is slugging, which is a technique that uses an occlusive layer, such as petroleum jelly, to lock in moisture and hydrate the skin. It’s typically the last step in a nightly skincare routine.

I spoke to the CEO of LOOPS, Meg Bedford, who explained that slugging offers water retention and hydration, leaving the skin looking soft, supple, and bouncy when done correctly. “Slugging works to restore the skin barrier and is a preventative against surface water loss,” she said, highlighting the benefits of LOOPS’ new Dream Sleep Slugging Mask.

As someone with dry skin, I’m always looking for ways to keep it hydrated. That’s why I experimented with the slugging trend when it first became popular on TikTok — although I didn’t notice any significant results then.

After learning about LOOPS’ newest release, however, my interest in the skincare technique was piqued again — especially after learning that it became actress Camila Mendes’ new favorite mask due to all the benefits!

Thoughtful ingredients make for radiant skin

Suitable for all skin types, the LOOPS Dream Sleep Slugging Mask ($35/5) is the first hydrogel sheet mask specifically designed to re-invent the way we slug. “We wanted to create a product that catered specifically to the slugging technique,” Bedford explained.

The dermatologist-approved sleep mask formula contains bakuchiol, an antioxidant that stimulates cell turnover, as well as ceramides to fortify the skin barrier and help it retain hydration, plumpness, and elasticity. Niacinamide is also included in the formula to moisturize, brighten, and protect the skin barrier. Plus, Bedford added that the mask boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

I woke up to glowing skin

After finishing my nightly skincare routine — which consists of cleansing with Complete Cleansing Serum from Relevant: Your Skin Seen, slathering on the Shani Darden Retinol Reform Anti-Aging Serum, and moisturizing with EADEM’s Cloud Cushion Plush Moisturizer — I applied the Dream Sleep mask to my face before lying down to watch my favorite 90s sitcom.

There was some minor itching and tingling, which I assume was caused by the grid pattern printed on the mask, but it was manageable. After 10 minutes, I removed the mask and allowed the serum left on my skin to absorb overnight.

While I slept, the first-of-its-kind slugging serum must’ve delivered nourishing oils, vitamins, and antioxidants into my skin because when I woke up, I was glowing. I know it sounds cliche, but I truly got my beauty sleep!

Again, because I have dry skin, my skincare routine only sometimes carries over to the morning, especially in the winter when the artificial heat can make my skin look dull. However, when I woke up after seven hours of rest, I was greeted with radiant skin that felt as soft and beautiful as it looked.

Experience a true beauty sleep

If you have extremely dry skin, Bedford recommends using Dream Sleep three or four times a week to maintain the hydrating benefits. She advises using it only once or twice a week if you have oily skin.

If you want supple skin every morning, the first-ever slugging hydrogel mask might be just what you’re looking for.